Jack Goes Confidential: Key & Peele Take It To The Next Level

la-et-mn-keanu-reeves-cat-key-peele-20160425They made their mark during five seasons on Comedy Central’s Key & Peele

This weekend Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele elevate their persona from cable tv to the movie screen—and pull it off surprisingly well.

In KEANU the duo is cast as middle class cousins in L.A. who impersonate gangsters in order to retrieve their new pet, a small gray kitten named Keanu who stole their hearts.

They pose as drug dealers from Allentown, PA as they now enter L.A.’s underbelly in search of their precious feline.

But Key and Peele are basically dorks, and that’s where the fun lies as we follow these two goofs turn thugs-peak and downright dirty.

Along the way they hit on just about every imaginable cliche and lampoon other genre movies by name while bringing in some surprise actors to help milk the laughs.

It’s basically a major LA gang war caused by—well a little pussy….. Continue reading

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Glazer: Ladies & Gentleman, the Next President of the United States

president trumpWell folks, it’s over…

Donald Trump is gonna be the Republican nominee for president of these United States.

Tuesday night sealed the deal!

Trump not only won all five eastern states but crushed it.

He took down Ted Cruz and for good. Trump took every state by huge margins, while Cruz came in last in every state but one.

John Kasich was also a no show.

They both are now toast.

Now even the old guard fuddy-duddies at the GOP will have to back the Donald. He’s just too popular and will likely get to 1237. This will be close to becoming official after Trump takes Indiana next week.

Frankly, there’s no path to winning the nomination even at a brokered convention for Cruz or Kasich anymore. They’re just not electable in a general election and have no support to speak of.

And now that we’re done, can we dispense with all the silly, “Oh Cruz or Kasich can beat Hillary better according to some poll, while and Trump can’t?”

What a crock, that always was pure b.s. 

Those numbers were and are impossible since neither of them can get their voters to vote for them even in Republican primaries.

The flip side of which is that Donald Trump will be a formable foe for Hillary and Bill come November. And make no mistake, this election will be a battle.

Next up: Who will Hillary pick for her vice president?

And who will Trump ride with as his co star?

Clinton should look at Bernie Sanders to be her VP if she hopes to win this thing. In some ways – with younger voters – he’s more popular than she is or Trump. Without Bernie the Dems may not get enough voters out to thump Trump!

Sanders is the reason Democrats have had more voters out than the Republicans thus far. If Clinton puts Bernie on the ticket it likely would ensure the win.

Trump’s in a tougher spot.

Because there is no clear second person that makes him a winner.  Continue reading

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Hearne: New, Improved Pitch — All Dressed Up, Nowhere to Go

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 7.14.54 AMSeen the vastly improved Pitch website lately?

Not too shabby for a dying news and entertainment medium. Seriously, keeping the grim reaper at bay for print publications these days is no easy task. Especially when you’re giving away the principle product free-of-charge.

Even big city newspapers like the Kansas City Star that have the luxury of extorting readers for hundreds of dollars each year while offering less and less news product are fighting a losing battle to stave off the red ink.

When the mighty Boston Phoenix bit the dust two years ago – one of the nations top alt-weeklies – it was losing more than $1 million a year, was $1.2 million in debt with only $500,000 in assets and wasn’t even able to sell the publication to try and cover part of that debt.

Not a good sign.

The Pitch on the other hand never came close to approaching the profitability of the Phoenix in its hey day. Although it wasn’t that many years back that 100 plus page issues were the norm, where today the pub is lucky to choke out 36 pages with a small fraction of the advertisers it once enjoyed.

The problem being that the lion’s share of the Pitch’s revenues are derived from it’s fading fast print product, with but a tiny fraction coming from it’s s striking new (and likely better read) website.

The bottom line: It’s all about logistics. Continue reading

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Glazer: Will Republican Party Dirty Dealings Dump Trump?

EPA_Cruz_Kasich_01_jrl_160425_12x5_1600This just in…

Following tomorrow’s final Super Tuesday, Donald Trump should be the presumptive Republican nominee for president. Ah, but not so fast.

Because it’s likely his delegate count will be near 1000 of the needed 1237 to insure his nomination. So like him or no,  Trump has earned his spot. He has millions more votes, has won twice the states as the rest of his competitors combined and is the people’s choice. Yet no cigar.

And now in a new move to STOP TRUMP, rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich have teamed up to try and derail him. They will bow out of upcoming  state races up in order to minimize Trump’s delegate count and deny him the first ballot nomination.

Neither Cruz or Kasich can get the 1237 delegates needed – that’s over.

The game is that the old guard Republicans want Trump out even if it means risking handing the election to Hillary Clinton, which it surely would.


Because Trump’s a racist? A fascist? A women hater? A phony? All of the above?

Uh, no. Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Farewell to an Icon

Prince performs at half time during Super Bowl XLI between the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears at Dolphins Stadium in Miami, Florida on February 4, 2007. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

It’s a sign of the times…

First came David Bowie, then came Glenn Frey, and then the Grim Reaper moved on to Dan Hicks, and Paul Kantner and Signe Anderson … on the same damn day!

Rock’s killing itself.

And that’s what Prince was billed as – a black guy on a white label who was gonna revolutionize music just like previous one man bands like Paul McCartney and Todd the Wizard and True Star before him.

Only he didn’t.

You could get attention in the late 1970s. We all read Rolling Stone – there were just a few music magazines – and we had to endure the story of this gremlin from Minnesota of all places with a wispy mustache who lied about his age and was gonna blow our minds.

He didn’t.

Prince’s album didn’t live up to the hype – we thought he was done – like Jobriath and the rest of the two-dimensional acts with faces but little more.

And then came, “I Wanna Be Your Lover.” An infectious one listen smash that sounds as fresh today as it did back in 1979, only this time the white people were not paying attention. Prince targeted the R&B market and hit one over the fence and most people didn’t know. Sure, “I Wanna Be Your Lover” ultimately made it to No. 11 on the Hot 100, but this was when Top 40 was at its nadir, and every market played different records. So instead of being ubiquitous “I Wanna Be Your Lover” was something you heard in a stolen moment and asked…WHAT IS THAT?

Still, Prince was easy to dismiss, the track might have been a revelation, but it was not a revolution, it was steeped in the format that anybody can hit once.

Then there were the reviews for “Dirty Mind.”

This was when the only way to hear a record was to buy it. And I didn’t know another soul who bought the LP, and that’s what it was, this was still before CDs. I went to the store and came home, broke the shrink-wrap, dropped the needle and said… HUH?

This was a DISCO record! Hadn’t Steve Dahl just blown up the format in Chicago? Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’ Foretells—and Beyond

Huntsman-Winter-Hemsworth-Chastain-1The fantastical world of Snow White and the Huntsman expands this weekend by revealing how the fates of huntsman Eric and Queen Ravenna are dangerously intertwined…

Turns out that long before the evil queen (Charlize Theron) was believed to be vanquished by Snow White’s blade, she observed her younger sister Freya’s heartbreaking betrayal and exit from the castle.

But Freya was pregnant and the magic mirror spilled the devastating news that the child’s beauty was destined to surpass that of the evil sorceress queen.

Ah, but Freya (Emily Blunt) unleashed her own secret weapon—the ability to create ice which she employed in her new land of the North and used to train children into an army of huntsmen.

Fast forward to years later.

Young Eric (Chris Hemsworth) and Sara (Jessica Chastain) are all grown up—and are forbidden lovers and, and……

Well, I’d better stop right here. After all, this is a fairytale and who am I to spill the magic beans? Continue reading

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Hearne: The Point Nails Down Top Spot in March Radio Rankings

KELLY_POINT_BIO_HEADER1Long time no radio ratings…

However with the winter of our discontent in the rearview mirror, what better time to sort out the winners and losers among area stations.

And guess what? There’s a new king of the beasts – The Point 99.7 FM.

For two months running the Hot AC station has ruled a somewhat weakened radio ratings roost in listeners 12 and older. Courtesy of perennial powerhouse, classic rocker KCFX FM that ceded the No. 1 ratings spot this past February.

Another notable change is that country radio appears to be on the wane.

KFKF-FM holds the high ground via the No. 8 slot, followed by Q104 FM in 10th and Entercom’s WDAF-FM bumping along in 16th place.

Sports talk station WHB as managed to reclaim the top sports ratings honors over 610 Sports during the Kansas City Royals off-season….but just barely.

Neither sports station is setting the world on fire, with WHB in 17th place, a couple tenths of a ratings point ahead of 610 (which actually has a significantly larger cume).

Count on 610 to power its way back in the standings now that the Royals are back.

However things may be poised to calm down this season where the Royals are concerned.

Just last night the evening sports personality on 610 – the radio home of the Royals – did a segment suggesting that this year’s Royals seem to be mailing it in. That the exuberance and excitement of the past two seasons is missing. The implication being that Royals players are playing for paychecks now, rather than the love of the game and Kansas City.

Which actually makes sense. Continue reading

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Glazer: They Could Go All The Way

kacieJust 12 games in and the Kansas City Royals are in first…

And with the American League’s second best record, no less. Their pitching looks outstanding (outside of Chris Young) and their defense is fantastic. With 8 wins and 4 loses everything seems to be on track for postseason part THREE.

There are issues, of course.

Nothing is easy and the Royals bats have been pretty quiet. Last year the offense took off with half the position players hitting over .300 as the season began. This year hitting has started off slow to say the least. Only starters Omar Infante and Eric Hosmer are batting over .300. The other position players, including Alex Gordon, Sal Perez and Mike Moustakes, have struggled. Everyone else is below .256. Only Moose is hitting with good power so far, with four homers, but a batting average of just .217.

Hey, I know its early. Continue reading

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Lefsetz: The Steve Jobs Rules

725-520x355DESIGN COUNTS

Would Tesla have sold a fraction of Model S’s if it looked like the electric cars of yore? No, it looks like a Ferrari, and therefore early adopters, who want to look cool, purchased it. Few knew it goes like stink, with acceleration times exceeding all but the highest performance cars, but that was secondary to the looks.


It’s not only Steve Jobs –  Beyonce dropped her new album unannounced a couple of Christmases back. Sure, if you’re a nobody you’ve got to get the word out. But once you’re a somebody you’re better off proffering less information. Adele gets this. Sure, there was monstrous hype when “25” came out, but before that…crickets. If we can’t know what we want to know we’re ever more curious.


That’s right, Steve Jobs wore the same damn thing whenever he was in public. Whereas the fading Hollywood stars line up with designers and the public fawns at cheap fashion, which is fodder for the masses.


Functionality rules. Hell, wasn’t there that campaign “Intel Inside“? If someone is brushing up their exterior to impress you, know that they’re insecure and don’t get it. Continue reading

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Glazer: Stanford’s Celebrates Big Birthday This Weekend w/ Carlos Mencia

Carlos-MenciaThe history of Stanford & Sons is a long and winding road…

A road that stretches from its original home in Westport, to Overland Park’s Hooters Plaza, to the Legends in KCK and now Rosana Square in OP – and that’s just the KC Stanford’s.

It all began in April 1975 in Midtown when my dad decided to compete with the Plaza’ s “see and be seen” crowd that hung out at Houlihan’s. Both were cutting edge restaurants at the time with fun, food, drink and plenty of ladies.

Over the years Stanford’s graced the pages of the Kansas City Star and numerous national magazines from Sports Illustrated with George Brett to Smart Money with the story of my dad’s lame lawsuit against me and my brothers.

Stanford’s has been a Kansas City staple for four decades.

We’ve been on TV shows ranging from the Tonight Show,  Entertainment Tonight the Today Show – on and on. We’ve even been mentioned on shows like Louie CK and Dave Attell‘s Insomniac.

And weve been in the news on everything from  Stan Glazer‘s run for KC mayor to my run-in with the law. It never ends. It’s been a real- life, decades-long reality show – some of it good, some not so good. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘The Jungle Book’–An Instant New Classic

maxresdefaultCan the Disney empire do no wrong?

Sure seems like it.

With ZOOTOPIA still performing at the box office after six weeks in release, the Mouse House this weekend serves up yet another certified winner.

Almost 50 years after Disney’s timeless THE JUNGLE BOOK, the Burbank hit factory serves up director Jon Favreau’s new adaptation of Rudyard Kipling‘s writings which instantly becomes an adventure filled masterpiece.

Favreau has turned it into a live action classic which works beyond imagination and takes it to new heights thanks to its photo realistic visuals.

It is a stunning rendering of real live animals – or are they? – combined with incredibly advanced CGI technology that dwarfs anything we’ve ever experienced—making even the tiger in THE LIFE OF PI seem outdated by comparison.

Mouth movements of the animals here—all of whom speak—are flawless and the jungle scenery is incredibly life like.

And yes, enjoying THIS film in 3-D IS worth the up-charge at the box office! Continue reading

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Hearne: A Tale of Newspaper Woe in Two Cities

entreprises-classiques-traditionnels-startups-technologie-web-internet-sumo-géant-enfantTalk about David v Goliath…

Is hard to imagine that the vaunted Kansas City Star would be upstaged by a neighboring, small town daily, but it’s happening.

Just yesterday the lowly Lawrence Journal World choked out 26 pages of news and information to the Star’s meager 18 puny pages. That’s an incredible 44 percent more content.

Which by practically any measure imaginable is unthinkable.

Seriously, it’s not like the Star is alone among daily newspapers losing the battle to sustain profitability. Not at all. The Journal World is just as far up you-know-what creek as the gang at 18th and Grand…if not worse off.

However page count aside, what sets the Journal World apart is two fold. Continue reading

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Glazer: My Dad Stan Glazer Was KC’s Donald Trump

aa61_42929.0Can everybody please calm down about Donald Trump?

Speaking of which, a handful of years back when my dad Stan Glazer ran for mayor of KC. He was basically Trump without the umph – a poor man’s version of the Donald. Stan decided to run when former KC mayor Kay Barnes was going for a second term in the early 2000’s and wanted to rebuild downtown KC with a new, taxpayer funded arena.

Naturally my dad’s campaign slogan was, “No New Arena.”

Stan felt it was a waste of money at a time when our city was nearly broke and needed to fix the schools, roads and upgrade Midtown. He explained that downtown was too far gone to make it our centerpiece.

And his message was well received…at first.

Well enough that Barnes backed off her arena campaign until the election was over.

Like Trump, Stan the Man was a showman extraordinaire.

He’d been in the comedy and restaurant biz for years. And like Trump, Stan was a big guy with strikingly handsome features and a booming voice. He made a great first impression, that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, Barnes was kinda like Hillary Clinton, only far less popular.

She was viewed as someone who’d gotten little done in her first term and didn’t ‘t want to debate Stan because she was no match his overpowering speaking ability and larger than life persona.

And like Trump, Stan believed in Stan. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘The Boss’—A Rags-To-Riches Misfire

Pasadena, CA - Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell and professional wrestler Dave Bautista brave the L.A. heat and get into character for 'The Boss.' AKM-GSI         October  12, 2015  To License These Photos, Please Contact :    Steve Ginsburg  (310) 505-8447  (323) 423-9397  steve@akmgsi.com  sales@akmgsi.com    or    Maria Buda  (917) 242-1505  mbuda@akmgsi.com  ginsburgspalyinc@gmail.com

Can we talk?

When it comes to Melissa McCarthy movies you pretty well know what you are in for.

Some, of course, are better than others.

Her best—and breakthrough film—definitely was BRIDESMAIDS.

In-betweeners include her buddy-cop comedy THE HEAT opposite Sandra Bullock and IDENTITY THIEF in which she co-starred with Jason Bateman.

And SPY opposite Jude Law and Jason Statham also delivered some raw laughs.

However let us not forget the dramedy ST. VINCENT in which we finally saw another side of her talents played out opposite Bill Murray.

At the bottom of Ms. McCarthy’s filmography has to be TAMMY which she co-produced with her husband Ben Falcone who also directed the unfortunate comedy in which Susan Sarandon was cast as Melissa’s grandmother.

Comes now THE BOSS which is also co-produced by the McCarthy-Falcone team and yes, directed by her husband—again.

So how’d they do this time out? Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: Gyllenhaal Off-Kilter In ‘Demolition’

Demolition Movie (3)Once upon a time, there was Brando

And then came De Niro and Pacino.

To my way of thinking, today it’s Jake Gyllenhaal who combines the best of all three masterful actors in almost every new motion picture he associates himself with.

From BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN and ZODIAC right on through SOUTHPAW and to his frightfully creepy NIGHTCRAWLER, the G-Man delivers on all cylinders.

You may think that I am suffering from acute signs of a bromance with Gyllenhaal.

Well, that would be correct—at least when it comes to his movies.

Gyllenhaal’s latest, called DEMOLITION, is further proof of his terrific acting abilities.

Here he plays a successful investment banker who is apparently living the good life.

Being married to the boss’ daughter (Heather Lind) has its privileges. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Midnight Special’—Riveting Supernatural Thriller

midnight-special-test-xlargeIt’s not a big picture – what’s more, Wolfman Jack is nowhere to be found…

Instead MIDNIGHT SPECIAL is a terrific supernatural thriller that plays intimately.

Trouble is, not much can or should be given away in reviews of the film since one tip too many would result in unforgiving spoilers.

So let me tread lightly with a general overview and allow you to experience the movie on your own terms.

MIDNIGHT SPECIAL is about a father going on the run to protect his 8-year old son and attempting to uncover the truth behind the kid’s special powers.

What starts out as a race from a religious commune in Texas quickly escalates to a nationwide manhunt involving the highest levels of the federal government. Continue reading

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Hearne: Will This Year’s Royals Continue to Lay Waste to Local Economy?

KANSAS CITY, MO - NOVEMBER 03: The Kansas City Royals' mascot Sluggerrr waves to the crowd during a parade and celebration in honor of the Royals' World Series win on November 3, 2015 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

They say it’s lonely at the top…

Well, make no mistake, Craig Glazer of Stanford & Sons comedy club isn’t the only lonely, local businessman to take note of the financial toll the success of the Kansas City Royals baseball team has taken on the area economy.

Pizza and beer sales have likely soared with the tens of thousands of locals who settle in night after night to watch Royals games on television.

Face it, watching baseball in the comfort of one’s own home has to be among the world’s cheapest dates/family freebies.

And clearly for sports bars, taverns and restaurants with multiple televisions, showing Royals games is a plus. Grocery, liquor and convenience stores have probably fared reasonably well as well.

However, woe be to the restaurant, bar, nightspot, movie theater, comedy club, mall or retail store that’s had to muddle through while a sizable chunk of the population hunkered down in front of their big screen televisions.

Now I’ll let you in on a not-so-secret secret. Continue reading

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Glazer: There’s Only One Indispensable Player on This Year’s Royals Team


December 12, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Royals pitcher Wade Davis displays his jersey during the press conference at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

December 12, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Royals pitcher Wade Davis displays his jersey during the press conference at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals have a fantastic defense, solid offense and above average starting pitching…

However, there’s ONE superstar player that the Royals must have to win the division and compete for a third trip to the World Series.

Eric Hosmer, some say.

Others point to Sal Perez or Lorenzo Cain. Nope. Those are all very good position players and no doubt important to the Royals winning, but the one player this team must have all season is relief pitcher Wade Davis.

And Davis is not even one of the Royals highest paid players.

We’ve all been hearing about how important it was to sign Alex Gordon and the concern about Eric Hosmer leaving the team after this season. Or how happy fans are about signing Perez to a longer term deal.

And that’s all true.

However even if one of those guys goes down – and they’ve all been out for parts of the last two seasons – it’s Wade Davis who is a MUST. Continue reading

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New Jack City: U.S. Elections a License to Print Money


zekmnDon’t try to explain the American way of electing a president to a foreigner…

I’ve tried but usually get little more than a blank stare.

And as an immigrant—a legal immigrant mind you—I feel their pain. It took me many moons to understand it.

The biggest confusion seems to be the length of our presidential campaigns.

In other democratic nations like Canada, it’s all completed within a 10 week cycle.

As for costs associated with campaigning oversees, Great Britain puts a ceiling of $30 million that each party can spend. And in free Germany political parties can release just one 90 second TV ad to convey their message.

The air time is supplied free of charge by the top two public TV networks and is based on a formula agreed upon by all parties.

Additional broadcast time can be purchased for more ads but spending is limited and negative ads are rare. Continue reading

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Lefsetz: The Long, Slow, Impending Death of Rolling Stone

Justin-Bieber-Cover-Rolling-StoneYes, I still subscribe to Rolling Stone...

I have since 1969. And I still haven’t gotten over the lack of a fold, never mind moving to New York and ultimately going slick.

But this binding issue is the last straw.

So what killed Rolling Stone?

The refusal to regenerate – it got old with its audience – as opposed to MTV, which jettisoned the VJs and continued to play to the same 12-24 demo. You could still pay attention after aging out, but MTV was no longer targeting you.

Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner was the techie of his day, a Jeff Bezos-like figure who instead of starting an online bookstore started a magazine. He figured he could do it better than the established outlets which featured a few reviews if they had space for the music revolution at all. And in Rolling Stone you found all the news you were interested in – not just about musicians, but politics, about culture. It was the bible of the younger generation.

And with its peaks of Hunter Thompson’s “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and his and Timothy Crouse‘s coverage of the 1972 election the magazine earned respect. And with the breaking of the Patty Hearst story Rolling Stone toppled the establishment, it was where you went to find out what was going on.

And then Wenner took his eye off the ball.

The magazine had gone through financial ups and downs, but now Wenner was more interested in being a man about town than an outsider poking those set in their ways.

Happens all the time. Continue reading

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