Lefsetz: ‘U2’s Manager Responds to Backlash: If You Don’t Like This Gift, Delete It’ 

1410262160130Speaking of tone deaf scumbags…

The spam problem is all over the news – I have to delete hundreds of messages a day – but when U2 does it it’s legitimate.


It’s almost like the band doesn’t live in the real world, like they think their crap doesn’t stink, like since their intentions are good, we can’t question their actions.

Ever think of the consequences?

Meanwhile, they’re spinning plates at warp speed. They get Rolling Stone to write about old U2 music climbing the iTunes charts and then trumpet this b.s. all over the Internet.

Give me the volume, not the chart number.

If you think being on a sales chart counts today, you probably don’t have a Spotify account, never mind children addicted to YouTube.

But there you have America in a nutshell. If I just say something long enough and loud enough I win. Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: Men’s Rights Shocker; Women Shouldn’t Hit Men Either

man_attack_10500317504_xlargeThis just in…

Say what you will about Ray Rice, but women do not have the right to hit men…

Ray Rice was wrong and I am not addressing what he did.

What I am concerned about is the vilification of the women who support him – not because of what he did – but because they have other reasons, such as the punishment doesn’t fit the crime and that Rice and his wife should be left alone to solve their martial problems, etc.

The women and men who wore his jersey to Baltimore’s football game have a right to their opinions of Ray Rice’s family situation. 

The people who are also wrong here are the ones who feel that if others don’t agree with them, then they need to be made out to be devils or just plain ignorant.  Continue reading

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Glazer: Looking for a Smoking Hot Midtown Dance Club? Check Out ‘Aura’

trlogoStuart Saloman may not be a household name…

That said, the owner of the midtown nightlife Aura’s success is nearly unmatched. However, he’s a low key dude, like his counterpart Shawn McClenny, the owner of Fuel, One Block South and Kanza Hall in South Overland Park. What these two highly successful club owners have in common is the ability to stay current and change dramatically with the times as the needs of their nightlife customers evolves.

Today there are few notable, busy dance clubs here.

Yes, the Power and Light District has a couple, but they’re not nearly as consistently busy as Aura, Stuart’s club at 38th and Main. Stuart also owned and ran Fallout, XO and the Beaumont Club in Westport in the 1990’s when I was running my infamous Club 504 also in Westport.

Over the years Saloman’s been successful at changing the looks, names and redoing his clubs every so-many years. He’s made a great living all the while and migrated his urban concept out east near the ballpark for another hit club.

His pride and joy today though is Aura, in the space formerly occupied by the Grand Emporium. It’s an eye-catching, eye-candy laden, smash hit. Continue reading

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Glazer: Close but No Cigar for Injury Riddled, Talent Poor Chiefs

Alex+Smith+Minnesota+Vikings+v+Kansas+City+xOjq9QqKSqClI have to admit it…

Chiefs coach Andy Reid and QB Alex Smith put out a hell of a game plan.

Yes, they’re still 0-2, but at kleast they found their soul today. Taking the AFC Champion Denver Broncos down to the wire at Denver and losing by just 7 was a moral victory. For sure. Alex was damn good, he found new targets. And Jamaal Charles may be lost for who knows how long, he seemed hurt last week. Dwayne Bowe was his usual ok but not overpowering self and the Chiefs defense with a bunch of no names played very well.

And Denver is probably guilty of looking past KC.

But hey, the Chiefs more than showed up.

Maybe they’re not the worst team in the NFL after all, we’ll see.

It sure did cost me on my bets, but I did win on my picks with them on teases. Still a 7 point loss was unexpected. Hey, the world champs lost to San Diego for today biggest upset. Continue reading

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Hearne: Woe Be to the KC Star if it Loses Sam Mellinger

image1In journalism – as in most businesses – everybody is is expendable…

In the case of the Kansas City Star, one need only flash back six years to when frontline columnists Joe Posnanski, Jason Whitlock and myself were practically the face of the newspaper locally and paid double or more what most  other reporters and writers made. I remember the FYI editor FYI joking that she practically needed a separate line for me in her annual budget proposal.

Anyway, life goes on, right?

That said, in its current state, the Star would have an extemely hard time recuperating from the loss of Sam Mellinger.

That’s right, because even though the sports columnist who stood in for Posnanski and Whitlock didn’t take the world by storm like his predecessors had – Mellinger’s body of work in just a few short years has actually surpassed them in quality.

As evidenced by his column today- “Goodell Fumbles on Abuse Issues” - dissecting how embattled NFL commission Roger Goodell and the league blew their chance to set an example worth following on “domestic abuse.” Continue reading

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Leftridge: A Startling Confession

Pumpkin BeerA few years ago, for reasons I still do not claim to understand, I became a white, 20-year-old sorority girl…

Seemingly out of nowhere—overnight and with no warning—I decided that I loved pumpkin shit.

You know, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin candles, pumpkin cupcakes and perhaps most egregiously, pumpkin beer.

Disclaimer: I am still a man. I’ve impregnated a woman and I have a beard and I own a ladder; my masculinity is present and thorough.

That said, I love pumpkin beer. But to be fair, I love all KINDS of beer, actually. I like shitty, watery domestics and I like simple, noble pilsners, and I like thick, deafening IPAs and I like crisp, hearty wheats. You name a beer, and I’ll at least give it a shot.

That said, August-October is becoming my favorite stretch of time. Well, even more so than usual. I love the fall. I love football and chili and hooded sweatshirts and all of that happy horseshit. But now, as much as I enjoy any of those things, I look forward to pumpkin beer. Continue reading

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Lefsetz: How U2 Blew Apple Launch

Tim Cook & Bono

Tim Cook & Bono

News for a day…

No different than a rape or a murder, but with even less legs, in today’s world it’s not about making an impact, but sustaining it. Could it be that Bono’s been living too long in the echo chamber, hanging with 40 and 50 somethings who think they rule the world but truly don’t?

Yes, older people build the tools, but it’s young people who utilize them.

The older bloke will lament the loss of the record shop, the younger person has never been. If you want to make it in today’s marketing culture you must be online 24/7, picking up the nuances. Because it is about cred and it is about cool but if you think the old rules apply, you probably can’t name a YouTube star.

The Goth Rock band Evanescence

They’re an analog of the above. Here today, gone tomorrow. How could the band be so stupid as to believe anybody would actually play their music, especially the 500 million it was pushed to. Where’s the afterplan? Nonexistent. Continue reading

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Glazer: Time to Move On & Leave Roger Goodell Alone

1101121217_600-3_4_r536_c534Let’s talk about the Ray Rice deal…

So now NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is the bad guy? Did he hit somebody too? Is he a federal judge? WTF.

Again we have another race scandal so naturally we have to have good guys and bad on both sides of the issue.

It’s pretty simple though; Rice is a punk and should be punished.

Goodell has helped make billions for the NFL and he lightened up on Rice and his wife early on after the incident happened.

Goodell was being a decent guy, so what?

Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Saddles Up for Weekend Football Picks

BBPCDmLCUAASFpf.jpg-large It’s still too early in the season to get a great read on all of the teams…

And college football is much tougher early on this year than usual. The top teams are winning, but not as many of them are covering the spreads.

Missouri is looking solid and ready for a run at a nice bowl again.

Kansas is its usual horrid self.

Kansas State came off a closer game than expected but looks to be bowl bound once again.

I think both K-State and MU will win 8 games or more this year.

I also think the pro football picture will get clearer after this weekend.

There are lots of close match ups but the ONE that will not be close is Denver vs. Kansas City. Unless Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe have the games of their lives, I see a three touchdown loss coming – maybe worse.

Because the only thing that’s going to stop Denver Sunday is Denver. Continue reading

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Sounds Good: The Schwag @ Granada, Mudhoney @ Riot Room

Friday, September 12th

The Schwag at the Granada in Lawrence

Remember when the Feds busted Schwag lead man Jimmy Tebeau for owning the property that hosted the annual Schwagstock festival?  The law man came down hard on Jimmy because people were selling drugs (gasp) at a camping and music festival (double gasp).  And he happened to own the land it was on.  Total bummer, right?  Well, he spent his time in the clink and he got out a few months ago.  So now the band whose goal is to “preserve and perpetuate the music and vibe of the Grateful Dead” are back with a vengeance.  And Jimmy kept his dreds!  Should be a chill night… Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: President Obama Decides to Use Some ‘Calvin Sense”

p.txtDoes everybody realize President Obama must be reading KC Confidential?

I bet even Hearne didn’t realized how many powerful people visit this site.

Below are excerpts from some of my previous postings which the President in his speech about ISIS said he would be enacting.  Don’t interpret this post as bragging, we’re all just having fun:

Calvin Sense: “Let’s Bomb Everything & Let God Sort it Out”

Some readers took my phrase “Bomb everything” as meaning indiscriminate bombing. However, that’s not what I meant, I meant bombing just the military part of ISIS.

Then I added:

“As I’ve written before, the US should stay out of any conflict in this area and only help the countries there who are friends of America through military aid.”

In other words follow the Arabic saying, “My friend’s enemy is my enemy, and my enemy’s enemy is my friend.” 

Hopefully through our system of spy satellites, drones – and I hope spies on the ground – the terrorist training camps and activities can be monitored and destroyed once and for all. ”

Last night in the President’s ISIS speech he mentioned several allies who will be helping in the fight against ISIS, just as I’d suggested.  However, in the end once ISIS is destroyed, the people who are in ISIS now will simply move up and take charge of things or form a new organization with the same philosophy but a different name.  Continue reading

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Hearne: Star ‘Opinion’ Scribe Steve Paul Steps Up to the Plate

Steve PaulBravo!

Thumbs up to newly-minted Kansas City Star editorial page editor Steve Paul for his piece Sunday, “American Royal Needs to get Real on Kemper Issue.”

I’ve known Steve for years and in short, he’s a brainy, artsy guy who isn’t really the type to go around cornering people and spouting off about civic issues. So other than having tons of time-in-service and the fact that he’s a longtime Kansas City guy, Paul wasn’t exactly an obvious choice to leave the comfortable confines of the FYI and Arts & Entertainment sections for the Opinion or editorial section. Let alone run the whole show.

“He brings a wealth of knowledge to the role, as well as a critical eye, keen curiosity and deep appreciation for the importance of opinion work in our community,” publisher Mi-Ai Parrish said last month in a canned comment attached to the newspaper’s announcement of Paul’s promotion.

Get real, Parrish barely knows Steve Paul.

She’s spent more time fussing with decorating duties for her office and the newsroom makeover the past three years since arriving here than she has plumbing the depths of Steve’s body of work at the Star. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: “THE DROP” – A Mob Drama With Heart  

the-drop-bannerTHE DROP is not so much a mobster movie as it is a character study…

And make no mistake, that character is Tom Hardy playing the part of a Brooklyn bartender caught in the middle between the mob and the law.

The film also marks James Gandolfini’s final performance playing the Hardy bar’s previous owner who now oversees the daily drop—sort of a money laundering process for the watering hole’s new Chechen owners.

But a robbery of the bar complicates matters as the Chechen crime lord doesn’t seem–or want—to understand.

Then there’s that matter about an abandoned and beaten pit bull puppy Hardy discovers in a garbage can and which soon becomes his new companion. Continue reading

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Sutherland: Villains, Victims & Self-Loathing, Among the Well-Informed

kjongdamonThe key to understanding much of liberal thinking is to grasp the interplay between the concepts of guilt and victimhood…

We are told, for instance, that all of us are guilty as Americans of consuming a disproportionate share of the world’s resources, as well as polluting and despoiling the planet.  This guilt is shared by other rich, white, nations; who are equally beholden to the Third World; thus the need for, “A North-South Dialogue.”

That the actual pollution generated by China, India, and other developing countries exceeds that of Europe and the U.S. is ignored by most schemes to limit global warming/climate change, like the Kyoto Accord, which exempts those developing countries from its limits on carbon emissions.

To the “progressive” mind, the record of reaction and repression abroad of the U.S. is more than matched by the actions of the American government and business here at home.

As a recent letter writer to the Kansas City Star said, we need to remember “our country’s dark and shameful history” (as if this form of national self-loathing was universal among all thoughtful and well-informed Americans!).

But what good does seeing yourself as the villain do unless you have victims to feel guilty over?  Continue reading

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Hearne: IKEA Short Sheets KC on ‘Grand Opening’ Meatball Schmooze

100578578-162639610.530x298Would you believe KC is actually bigger than Miami?

True story – a population of 467,000 versus 419,000 – although there’s more to the tale-o-the-tape when you factor in the two “metro” areas. That’s where the Florida city smokes Greater KC, with 5.5 million people to our 2 million.

Which still doesn’t explain why Kansas City came out on the short end of the stick with “the world’s largest furniture seller’s” meatball schmooze promotion.

That’s right, IKEA Merriam plans to give away but a fraction of the much-ballyhooed  yet you-probably-can’t tell-em-from horse meat – Swedish meatballs that IKEA Miami gave away two weeks back at its grand opening.

Yet both giveaways were described as “meatballs for a year.” Continue reading

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Starbeams: Death by Asteroid or Chiefs? iPhone 6 Snobbery & IKEA

asteroid3An asteroid barely missed the Earth Sunday. Scientists say, if it had hit, it still wouldn’t have been as bad as the Chiefs disaster.


Apple just announced that the new iPhone 6 will come with a free, “I’m Better Than You” t-shirt.


First my virginity, now my credit card info.  What else will be stolen at Home Depot? Continue reading

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Donnelly: Sporting KC Needs Playoff Push After 4th Straight Loss

Embedded image permalinkOver the weekend, Sporting Kansas City dropped its 4th game in a row, this time on the road at the New York Red Bulls.

The boys in blue have been in a death spiral for the better part of a month now, though to be fair, they were a bit sharper against NY than they have been lately.  Not that it mattered, because Thierry Henry sealed the 2-1 Red Bulls’ win with a right footed rifle shot that blasted the top corner of the net.

“I mean it’s a world-class finish,” said Dom Dwyer.  “He puts it right in the top corner, but we’d like to close him down quicker…”

The KC defense gave the still-dangerous Frenchman way, way too much space at top of the box on the play, but like Dom said, the strike was still world class. Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: Fundamental Politics & Ferguson, Mo.

ob-1Class is in session…

The President has delayed issuing executive orders concerning the immigration issue, stating he needs more time to figure out what to do.

Obviously the real reason is President Obama doesn’t want the Democrats to suffer in the mid-term elections for what will probably be his unrealistic approach to dealing with the immigration issue.

His solution will be whatever can garner more votes from the Hispanic community for the Democratic Party, regardless of the detriment it causes American taxpayers.

This is fundamental politics, people!

Speaking of fundamental politics, this leads to the question of how could it happen that in Ferguson, Mo. two-thirds of the citizens are African-American but the political leadership is 99% white?

The answer is simple, African-Americans in Ferguson, Mo. have gotten away from the fundamentals of American politics. Continue reading

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New Jack City:’ The Identical’ – Faith-Based Bomb Offers Up Bogus Quotes

"Bad to the Bone"         J.C., Heaven

“Bad to the Bone”
J.C., Heaven

Faith-based movies don’t by definition have to be bad movies…

Yet time and time again these low budget “message movies” lack good writing, direction, production values and/or acting.

The word cheesy often comes into play when reviewing them.

And since much of the marketing for such films is done via churches and religious organizations, minimal marketing dollars are usually spent on mainstream TV, radio, newspaper or on digital outlets.

Happily the quality of faith-based movies has improved in recent years.

Several of the newer titles in the genre didn’t just simply hit you over the head with their intended messages. Movies like HEAVEN IS REAL, GOD’S NOT DEAD, SON OF GOD and the recent football / message drama WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL.

Which brings me to the new Christian Elvis-like musical drama THE IDENTICAL. Continue reading

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Hearne: What to Expect @ IKEA Merriam’s Wednesday Wilding

Royals White Sox Base_Schu(6)About the only thing missing will be Star staffers and celebs hawking papers on street corners to commemorate the grand occasion …

With local media tripping over each other trying to kiss up to the new IKEA store here, it’s somewhat surprising that nobody’s hinted at what to expect on opening day when the Swedes throw out the first meatball in Merriam.

The $64 million question: will IKEA draw more opening day than the Royals?

Guess we’ll see, and if anything is to be gleaned from the grand opening of IKEA’s 39th store opening in Miami two weeks ago here’s what’s likely to be fueling pandemonium when the doors open at 9 a.m. Wednesday: Continue reading

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