Hearne: World Series Grab Bag – Everything You Need to Know & More

ALCS - Baltimore Orioles v Kansas City Royals - Game FourMaybe you’ve got hours to kill running down anything and everything Royals...

I’m betting though that you don’t – even if you have World Series fever – and who doesn’t these days? – you’ve still got a life, right?

Example: I totally would’ve have watched  Game 2 Wednesday, but was in transit to Chicago and lucky to catch the key parts of the 6th inning in the bar at Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab moments before I was whisked to my table.


   Did the Wall Street Journal Really Call Ned Yost a ‘Dunce’

Of course not.

While I’ve been fairly observant, I confess that I missed the Wall Street Journal’s tongue-in-cheek headline diss of Royals manager Ned Yost – the one that seemingly referring to him as “a dunce.”

However, this is one of many example where people pull things out of context to try and make a point – or make something sound sexy -which often as not, is not that simple in the game of journalism.

Because nowhere in WSJ writer Brian Costa‘s story comparing Yost and Orioles skipper Buck Showalter did Costa come close to calling Yost a dunce. Overall the piece was actually pretty flattering.

But dunce? No way! Continue reading

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Glazer: Delirious Scribe Hospitalized With Terminal Case of Royals Fever

Brandon Finnegan

Brandon Finnegan

How Royals like of them….

Last night’s Kansas City Royals win over San Francisco had it all; light-but-just-enough hitting, the best defense in baseball and stellar pitching.

Manager Ned Yost proved – for the time being anyway – that he ain’t no dummy by moving Lorenzo Cain to right field and putting speedster Jarrod Dyson in center to filed one of the all-time best defensive outfields in World Series history.

You saw the results, you just can’t drop one in on these guys – Cain made two circus catches to save the game and was just outstanding along with Alex Gordon.

Gordon and Eric Hosmer both got back to back hits to give KC what proved to be the winning margin. Gordon was on an 0-17 slid beforehand. Great timing.

Jeremy Guthrie pitched as well as could have been hoped and our new kid from the College World Series Brandon Finnegan was on fire again. As was KC’s star bullpen always is.

The Royals are showing the world of baseball a new brand of play. Continue reading

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Leftridge: In Case You Missed It, a Brief World Series Recap

World Series - San Francisco Giants v Kansas City Royals - Game TwoThe World Series featuring the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants is now 2-1 in favor of the Kansas City squad, and in case you haven’t been paying attention, here is what has happened so far.

Game One: SF starter Madison Bumgarner was really, really good. Like, probably even better than good, if there’s even a word for that kind of thing. He’s quickly making a case to be called one of the most dominant postseason pitchers ever, actually. Royals ace James Shields was not very good, though. In fact, he’s the opposite of Bumgarner when it comes to the postseason. (Insert your own “Big Game” jokes here, despite the fact the nickname doesn’t really have anything to do with his acumen in big games.)

The Royals’ offense was meager, as the Royals’ offense is apt to be from time to time.

A man wore honest-to-god moose antlers in the crowd, surely drawing the ire of those around him and probably garnered him death threats from animal rights activists.

Also in ire news, a man wearing a bright orange Miami Marlins pullover sat in the best seat in the stadium. Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Looks Past Series to Pigskin Weekend Picks

070309 snyder willie ledeLock and Load…

Once again K-State  – that nice, little team from nowheresville  – is battling to win the Big 12. Missouri is up and down but looks like a winner this weekend with Vandy. Kansas is improving but losing.

What a great coach Bill Snyder is, huh?

Speaking of great coaches, I felt that Chiefs coach Andy Reid had packed it in after last season, but I was way off. The Chiefs have improved more than any team in the league thus far. The Kansas City Chiefs now look to be a solid wild card contender. They’re the best 3-3 team out there.

A win at home against the St. Louis Rams is looking likely.

So who are the Super Bowl contenders as of right now?

AFC: Denver, Colts, Baltimore.

NFC: Green Bay, Dallas, Eagles.



NOW ON TO THE PICKS… Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: The Weak in Review



Bad Cop – NO Donut
Sean Harrington, 35, a California Highway Patrol officer, pulled a woman over for unsafe lane change. She failed a field sobriety test blowing a .29.

That’s DRUNK.

Allegedly, Harrington asked for the lady’s cell phone and password, which she provided. The scum bag is on jail-surveillance footage showing his ass while trying to see hers, downloading pictures of the woman in a bikini and “in various stages of undress,” and forwarding them to his own phone.

“The woman, 23,” the Contra Costa Times reports, “discovered that the photos had been sent to Harrington’s phone because they were also synced to her iPad.”

“We’ve been investigating this for quite some time, the investigation is coming to a conclusion and we expect to make a charging decision this week,” Contra Costa County Deputy District Attorney Barry Grove told the Contra Costa Times.

“We’re confident that the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office is committed to determining the scope of this matter, but it’s clear it’s not isolated to one victim or one particular officer because we believe multiple search warrants have been served,” Rick Madsen, the attorney representing the woman, told the Contra Costa Times.

Harrington has been put on desk duty until the investigation has concluded. The woman’s DUI charge will not be prosecuted because of Harrington’s alleged behavior.

Hey, asshat, the Supreme Court ruled this June that police can’t search a person’s phone without a warrant. My guess is Harrington will be fired and reappear on the Ferguson, MO police force within 90 days. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential:  Sad Sack Bill Murray Scores As ‘St. Vincent’

MV5BMTk5NzI5OTA4MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjc4NTM3MjE@._V1_SX214_AL_I’ll admit it…

I had a smile on my face throughout most of ST. VINCENT’s one hour and 42 minutes long running time. That doesn’t make it a great movie by any means—but certainly an enjoyable one. I defy anyone watching it not having his or her heart strings tugged.

Having said all that, I DID feel a bit manipulated by the film.

In ST. VINCENT Bill Murray plays Vincent, a down-on-his-luck grumpy Vietnam vet. A cranky, drunken old coot asked by his new next door neighbor to watch her kid for a few hours after school—which he accepts after negotiating a $ 12.00 per hour fee.

She’s Melissa McCarthy who’s going through a divorce and is putting in long hours at her hospital job.

Bill Murray as a babysitter? Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Ferguson Will Not Go Gentlly into That Good Night

35121359001_3850103779001_arrestedThe Michael Brown autopsy is out…

And of all the pertinent facts regarding the young man shot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson last August, the most damning is that Brown suffered a close range wound to his hand. In other words, he wasn’t mowed down by the officer 30 feet away as some have suggested.

It also said he had marijuana in his system, which to me is irrelevant. I’ve yet to see someone get stoned and go off on a cop. They’re far more likely to stumble into a convenience store for snacks.

Most disturbing is that the autopsy contradicts all the “eyewitness” and Internet troll accounts by people who obviously never saw a bloody thing.

Meaning the scuffle does appear to have started in the officer’s squad car. Continue reading

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Glazer: They…Could…Go…All…The…Way!

mlbf_36845543_th_45It’s on…

The Royals smashed the San Francisco in game two at Kaufman Stadium last night. We got a bit of ‘tough guy’ stuff going on out there.

Yep, Giants pitcher Hunter Strickland wants a piece of Salvador Perez. The Royals tagged him and he got pissed at the way our guys crossed home plate, or so it seemed. Strickland’s a big boy and looked like he wanted to fight. Maybe next time, but hey it was fun.

The Royals did what they needed to do.


Royals starter Ace Ventura did his job and  the Royals bullpen proved once again they are the best in baseball. In fact they are the main reason the Royals may just win a World Series. Continue reading

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Star beams: Kansas City & San Francisco Are the Same

journey-075-c-moa-steve-perry-jpgSan Francisco and Kansas City are basically the same city.

They have the Golden Gate Bridge.  We have the Kit Bond Bridge.

They have Alcatraz, we have Leavenworth.

They have Steve Perry.  We have Perry Lake.

They have Rice-A-Roni.  We grow rice. Continue reading

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Hearne: AMC Puts Kibosh on Cinetopia World Series Promotion

takethecrownaTalk about getting ratted out…

For three weeks the new Cinetopia Overland Park 18 has been hosting free watch parties for Kansas City Royals baseball games during the team’s playoffs run. It started with KC’s wildcard win over the Oakland A’s October 1st and continued through the the weekday games against the California Angels and Baltimore Orioles.

Between 200 to 300 fans showed up for each game – free of charge – to watch the Royals’ successful clash with the MLB titans. Attendees chomped on gourmet cuisine, cocktails and movie fare on otherwise slow weekday movie nights.

Until last night when they showed up for the Royals World Series debut only to be turned away. Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Crosses His Fingers, Conjures Cup Half Full

Lee-SungwooBehold the talk of the day in Kansas City…

Did the long layoff hurt the Royals momentum? Can the team start hitting again? Does the first loss of the post season spell trouble? Can KC still win it all?

Hey, it’s just one game right?

Well, in the last 15 years only two teams that lost game one came back and won the World Series. However these Royals don’t follow conventional rules, do they? So it’s just game one, relax, tonight is the NEXT BIG ONE.

That said, the Royals are in an almost must win in tonight’s game at home.

If they go down by two games with five left and three in San Fran, OUCH. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Ebola Czar Has No Clothes


Kim Kardashian

I can’t get the Faux-Ebola panic off my mind…

Fortunately more Americans have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died of Ebola. And frankly, I’m not sure which would be more painful, but that’s another story for another time.

Ebola Czar Ron Klain is our man. To show my prejudice right up front, I have no use for the term “czar.”

Actually, “tsar” was Russian term, referring to the emperor. Webster defines a czar as a tyrant, autocrat, emperor or king, an autocratic ruler or leader, or, a person with great authority or power in a particular field.

According to factcheck.org, there are 32 czars ensconced in the White House, but only eight are Obama-appointed – the rest just picked up the nickname from the media.

An abundance of news stories have questioned Klain’s qualifications for the job since he really doesn’t know anything about Ebola. Continue reading

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New Jack City: The X-Rated Upside of Unemployment, Old Age & Going Green

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 10.41.17 PMForget about legalizing marijuana, that’s childsplay…

While many Americans wrestle with unemployment, the cost of going green and Medicare, their German counterparts are getting off…literally.

Senior’s discounts at Denny’s are one thing, but they don’t compare to Germany, where prostitution is legal, and retirees can soak up early bird and off hours discounts at brothels where ads proclaim, Life Begins At 66.

For example, a 50% discount on sex services between noon and 5:00 p.m. on proof of age.

Beats free coffee at McDonalds, right? Continue reading

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Sutherland: The Kansas Moderate Old Guard Meets Its Waterloo

Nancy Kassebaum

Nancy Kassebaum

The most elite unit in Napoleon’s army was the “Old Guard.” 

Its members were the longest serving veterans and those with the fiercest loyalty to the Emperor.  Last weekend I went to an event where the Old Guard of the Kansas Republican Party was gathered.  Nancy Landon Kassebaum Baker was there and I was breathlessly assured by one of her former staffers that if I played my cards right I would be granted an audience with the Queen Mother of “Moderate” Republicanism in the state.

I quietly demurred, having had unpleasant dealings with “Nancy” over the years.  In 1978, her opponent in the Republican Senate primary was Wichita businessman Sam Hardage.  Hardage, his wife, and two children were badly injured in an airplane crash two days after the primary. (The night of the primary, I had gone with Hardage to Kassebaum’s headquarters to congratulate her.  He held her arms aloft for the cameras, like the victor in a prize fight.)

Hardage and his family were medivacked back to Wichita from Colorado where the plane crash occurred.  While they were in the hospital there I got a call from David Bushong, Kassebaum’s campaign manager, asking me to release Hardage’s list of campaign contributors.

I called Hardage in the hospital to get his permission and was startled by his angry response.  Apparently at the exact moment her campaign manager was telephoning me to get the “Glengarry leads,” Kassebaum was holding a press conference on television, claiming she’d just visited her defeated rival in the hospital, along with his family, and that they were all going to be fine but to join with her in her thoughts and prayers for their recovery.

Kassebaum had made all this up and Hardage saw this press conference from his hospital bedContinue reading

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Hearne: Midland Uses World Series as Excuse to Dump Ducats

"Sure I want half price Susan Boyle tickets, who wouldn't?"

“Sure I want half price Susan Boyle tickets, who wouldn’t?”

Let’s see, you’re sitting on a you-know-what load of soft ticket shows and you want to save face – what to do?

Well, there’s always the option of “papering the arena” as they say. Concert biz insiders are all too familiar with that term. In short, it’s when promoters and artists quietly flood the marketplace with freebie tickets to a show or event to try and save face. Because the last thing an artist and its management want is to play to a half empty (or worse) concert hall.

My first direct experience with the papering phenomena went down in the mid 1980s when Frank Sinatra played Kemper Arena. The smart money would have been for Old Blue Eyes to rock the Midland or Music Hall – venues that seat between 2,400 and 3,800 as opposed to 17,000 or more.

Never underestimate the power of greed though – or you know – over-optimism.

Sinatra could have easily sold out the smaller venues, put on a more intimate show and charged darn near whatever he wished. Instead he chose a venue that shortly before the show date appeared would be well under half full. Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Belly’s Up for Second Helping of Crow

AFL-preseason-game-program_1964-San-Diego-Chargers_Kansas-City-ChiefsTalk about eating my words…

With a monster win on the road against a very good team, you have to count the 3-3 Kansas City Chiefs in the hunt for post season play. Just about everyone who mattered agreed with me after the Titans loss week one. That the team was among the worst in the NFL. They had a ton of starters hurt, poor off season moves and a horrible preseason, mixed with the league’s worst defense that this season needed a rebuild.

The Chiefs looked like they’d be lucky to win six or seven games – or far less even.

However beating the San Diego Chargers on the road has fans thinking, “HEY KC ROYALS PART TWO.

Who knows? I don’t think so, but I thought this team was toast and one of the league’s worst. Head coach Andy Reid has done an excellent job of holding together a patch work team on both sides of the ball. Continue reading

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Hearne: ‘Losers’ @ Sports Illustrated Forecast Royals Rumble

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 8.35.30 PMDoes Sports Illustrated still matter?

A handful of years back the editor at the Kansas City Star told me in no uncertain terms that it did not. It was a joke, the dying embers of an outdated dream.

Seems SI had been doing a bit of fishing in the Star’s pond – and a year or two later it actually succeeded in catching big fish, sports columnist Joe Posnanski. So it must have mattered even then – at least to Joe – back in 2009 when the newspaper was hemorrhaging both journalists and journalism in a free fall that continues to this date.

Posnanski has since moved on from SI, although he was quoted not two months back in a somewhat prophetic SI cover story about the MLB team the entire world is now breathlessly talking about – so much for the so-called cover jinx.

And with a circulation of more than 3 million – versus the Star’s 200,000 – one could make a case for Sports Illustrated still mattering. Continue reading

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Leftridge: The Royals Have Turned Me Into a Big Pussy

sweepSo I was wrong about the Royals

Look, I’ll admit it. In the piece I posted before the ALCS, I suggested that Kansas City would win the series, but Baltimore would rack up two victories in the process.

Jesus, Mary and JoJo is my face red.

Apparently I failed to realize that the Royals were some sort of unearthly juggernaut incapable of failure. (Call me crazy, but I don’t think I was the ONLY person who was a little surprised by a second series sweep.)

I mean, they were still the ROYALS, right?

THE KANSAS CITY ROYALS. Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Whips Out Ouija, Lays Down His Picks

f04a62d3f071b6a9050493aef71907a4What to do while we all wait on the Kansas City Royals

I know! The Chiefs have a big game in San Diego, a place they’ve had very little luck winning any games the last 10 years. Most of the scores lately are very high so I will put my dough on the over here at 44 1/2.

I think the Chiefs, who have improved way beyond anything I expected, have a shot to win. They have the best ground game in the NFL and their short passing attack is dangerous as well.

The Chumps defense has improved getting rid of dead weight like Eric “Over Rated” Berry. However, I see San Diego winning a close one and sending the boys in Red to 2-4. However if the Chiefs get to 3-3 look out they could end up with 8 wins. Way better than I expected but I would still win with my under bet of 8 1/2.

Sorry. Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: The Naiveté of Ebola & Our Military

p.txtConcerning the Ebola crisis…

I use the word crisis because if President Obama is canceling appearances at fundraising events to meet about a problem it must be a CRISIS!

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Chief Thomas Frieden danced like a politician avoiding the hard questions before the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Frieden’s reasoning as to why travelers from West Africa should not be allowed in the USA made absolutely no sense and provided plenty of fodder for comedians.

America has sent over 3,000 military personnel to Liberia.

And to think that none of our military personnel has a chance to be exposed to Ebola is unrealistic.  Continue reading

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