Paul Wilson: Your White Privilege is Showing – Pay Your Reparations NOW

professor-tweetYour well-coiffed scribe is here to tell you, if you’re reading this story you’re likely born white…

And if so, you should feel guilty about it, according to Morgan State University Assistant Professor, Lawrence Brown. Not only guilty, but so guilty you should take your money, head straight to the bank and deposit it in any black person’s account you can think of.

Why? Because you didn’t really earn it; they’re black, end of story.

You’re white and you need to make amends.

Who is Lawrence Brown, you ask?

He’s the grandson of sharecroppers who lived in the Mississippi Delta and a native of West Memphis, Arkansas. Lawrence graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in African American Studies. He went on to get a Master of Public Administration from Houston University and his Doctorate in Health Outcomes and Policy Research at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Being black in America and the descendant of share croppers has really hurt Brown’s ability to get ahead.

The title of his dissertation is, “The Multilevel, Multicultural, and Multi-temporal Eco social Framework of Population Health: How Neighborhoods, Culture, and History Impact Health Outcomes and Produce Health Disparities.”

We’re led to believe Harley’s a white journalism major; yet he can’t even tell you what the word dissertation means!

Lawrence first came to the media’s attention last year with a tweet stating the GOP, Fox News and Breitbart are all white supremacists and saying white cops lack moral capacity to do their jobs.

Personally, I’m guessing Lawrence is a little testy over having all that education and is still just an assistant professor. However that may have more to do with Brown’s obvious attitude than oppression. Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Gives Nod to The Donald

craigThe polls show that Donald Trump won the debate last night…

Only CNN had Hillary as the winner. Drudge was off the chart with Trump up 81% to Hillary Clinton’s 18%. Fortune more realistic at 51% Trump and 49% Clinton. True had it 58% Trump and 42% Clinton.

Are these polls accurate? How did you see it?

I think Donald Trump started off strong with his trade talk and how the current administration is terrible at foreign trade deals. Hillary came on strong with personal attacks on Trump about not paying workers in his bankrupt deals. By the way that’s a federal law, you can’t pay anyone in a bankruptcy.

Of course the debate moderator went after Trump on his taxes as expected.

Next came the Obama birther issue. All on Trump.

So the Trumpster was on his heels much of the time defending himself, but he did well. However it left him few openings to go after Clinton’s scandals. Trump brought up her missing emails only once, “I’ll show my taxes when you show your missing 31,000 emails.” That hit home but it was brief.

Trump scored well when he said, “Yes, you have 30 years of experience as a political leader but it was all bad experience.”

And Trump did a nice job on the war on terror, but again, only briefly.

Hillary was never shaken and looked calm, even peaceful.

Trump at times looked a bit agitated button his credit, never mean or truly angry.

The close was interesting.

Hillary wanted to leave the stage with a knockout shot so she went to this one: ” You call women pigs, you even said your Miss Universe was fat” and on and on.


Instead he said later that he didn’t want to go there with Chelsea Clinton and Hillary’s family in the audience. He said he didn’t think it was needed. Meaning he felt he was already in good shape and able to show some reserve.

Whats the truth? Who won? Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Trump Blows Out Hillary

160926213408-clinton-trump-debate-hofstra-your-own-reality-sot-one-00012411-large-169I can’t remember a thing Hillary Clinton said…

We’ve seen this movie before, when Arnold Schwarzenegger ran against Gray Davis – the lovable Terminator/Twin against the career politician/policy wonk. It was no contest, Arnold won.

And we went on a misadventure wherein California’s steam was picked up by Texas, because it turns out a celebrity debater might not be a good politician.

But don’t tell the public that.

Hillary is inauthentic.

She’s been scrutinized so long that she’s become gun-shy. She over-prepares and thinks with her head not her heart and the truth is we’re all human beings and we relate most to those who evidence their humanity.

Hillary was a smiling robot, I thought she was gonna recite the 39 Steps.

But the Donald…

He was not what he was supposed to be, a bloviating buffoon who was going to make ill-tempered comments about his opponent. We can debate whether he appeared Presidential, but he certainly appeared reasonable.

Unless you’re a Hillary supporter.

This is a game folks. Take off your blinders, cast aside your elite degree and get into the pit and try to see what’s truly going on.

Donald Trump is telling people things are bad and he’s gonna make them better, that he cares about you.

And how does he do this?

THROUGH EXAMPLES! Continue reading

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Hearne: KC Star Axes Veteran Firebrand Yael T. Abouhalkah

yael-t-abouhalkah-uses-real-100-bills-to-explain-kansas-budget-dumpster-fireLast one out turn off the lights?

No way…not after the Kansas City Star laid the pipe today to longtime lead editorial columnist Yael Abouhalkah. Think one less dead tired, relic of the past, making room for new, fresher perspectives.

“Good Monday morning. I am on to a new adventure after The Star decided to lay me off this morning after almost 37 years there, including 32 years on the Editorial Board,”  wrote a glib Abouhalkah on Facebook. “Quick observations:

“1. Everything is OK! Great wife, two super kids, house paid for and even decent savings. And good severance pay (thanks, KC Star readers!) More time for gardening and running.

“2. Yes, will definitely miss writing about the local/state political worlds and miss the positive and negative reaction I got from readers.

“3. My wife already has plans for the future.

“4. Really appreciate all of the kind words – even from people who said they often disagree with me — that I’m hearing already.

“5. And FINALLY I get to say what I really think about Sam Brownback and Donald Trump.

Cheers to all.


Whereupon former Star editorial columnist Barb Shelly laid an overwrought, embittered schmooze on her freshly vanquished former stablemate.

Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Material Signifiers Disappear

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-10-27-39-amFirst they came for your watch…

Next they’re coming for your car.

Used to be he who died with the most toys won.

Now, ownership is passed  – everything’s on demand.

I first realized this 15 years ago, when I noticed Jimmy Iovine had the same Nokia phone, a tiny blue stub of a device – it was the best available, you couldn’t get one with a longer range or a better sound – functionality was king and decoration was irrelevant, we were equals.

We’re all equals today.

For those of you buying an expensive car as a status symbol, do it now, because in 10 years you won’t even own a car. And that Ferrari? The Tesla outperforms it, at least in straight line acceleration. Turns out gasoline is no match for electricity.

However before long, transportation will be an on demand item.

Not only will the car drive itself, it’ll show up at your doorstep when you need to go somewhere. And the evaporation of a need for parking lots, and parking spaces is hard to wrap one’s head around. Can you imagine a kid asking why a house has a garage 50 years from now? But you’re gonna lose your ability to stand out based on your possessions.

As for those watches, your phone tells more accurate time. They’re just jewelry. And Swiss sales are off, the manufacturers are buying up inventory to maintain prices. The wristwatch is going to be marginalized, at least that which is not computerized. And what we know about computers is they become commodities, like phones. The best is within the reach of almost all of us.

George Carlin did a whole routine on stuff.

Is anybody gonna even own any stuff in the future? Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Breaks Down Chiefs Playoff Hopes

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-1-27-12-amChiefs quarterback Alex Smith was decent but we’ve seen enough of him…

He is a GAME MANAGER – a good, not great quarterback who can’t be the man without the team playing its best. With that said, the Chiefs defense had a great day against the Jets. A record eight turnovers came the Chiefs way, the most in NFL since the mid 70’s and a Chiefs record.

Our defense was again led by our overall best player and All Pro corner, Marcus Peters.

Peters had two more interceptions to lead the NFL with four total in just three games. He is without question the NFL’s best corner and KC’s best playmaker on either side of the football.

You may not like his attitude but Peters is maybe our first superstar in forever.

He is awesome. Chiefs had six interceptions.

Here’s a stat nobody’s mentioned yet:

There are but three undefeated NFL teams in just 3 weeks.


What does it mean? Continue reading

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Glazer:Scribe Saddles Up for Week 3 Football Follies

medieval-scribeWell, we’ve identified the NFL’s top teams after just two weeks. Denver, Pittsburgh and New England. In the secondary slots there are many, including Panthers, Oakland, KC, Dallas – and too many to name.

The Chiefs are looking to be a team that will battle for a wild card and nothing more.


Many, including me, saw a very good Chiefs offense with a question at defense. Unfortunately the offense has been terrible and the D up and down.

The Chiefs at home should win a close one over the not-so-great New York Jets.

I’d say 23-14 Chiefs. Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Death of the E-Book

ebooksThey’re killing the book business…

The old guard – the ones married to paper and indie bookstores, the publishers afraid of big bad Amazon – have achieved their goal; they’ve killed the e-book.

That’s right, e-book sales are down by 21.8%.

The entire book business has declined by 2.7%. This is what happens when Luddites living in the past refuse to enter the future. This is what would be happening in music if the insane artists screaming about streaming were able to get their way.

Alas, music is far ahead of the book business. With everything available for one low price, with streaming burgeoning, sales are up by 8.1%.

Daniel Ek single-handedly saved the music business.

And for that he is Public Enemy Number One.

What has happened to our country? Is everyone so afraid of moving backward, losing what little they have, that they refuse to enter the future and cling to the past? Is this about income inequality, where there’s always an enemy and change is anathema? Or is this just fat cat Baby Boomer businessmen who are riding out their contracts and want to receive their bonuses and are holding back the future.

But not in the music business…

Universal Music might be home to Taylor Swift, but it’s Lucian Grainge who’s spearheaded Spotify, who decried Swift’s anti-Apple, anti-free-tier comments. There’s no one as ignorant as an artist, never forget that. And I’d worry they’d be offended, then again, I’d have to ignore the venom directed at myself every single day online.

We’ve come so far in the music business. The means of production are in the hands of the proletariat, distribution is nearly free. Yet somehow the vocal minority which controls the airwaves cannot stop bitching.

Probably, you wouldn’t have been able to play in the old system. You would have never gotten a deal, never mind get your indie album into the record store. Never mind coming up with the money to record to begin with.

And if you made a record, good luck getting it on the radio; gatekeepers ruled.

Streaming playlists are the new gatekeepers but they’re much broader in scope than radio playlists. That’s the dirty little secret of the major label world. Everybody pays fealty to radio, even though it means so much less and is out of touch with today’s times.

The future’s so bright you gotta wear shades. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Black Racism is Alive and Well – Film at 6:00 p.m.

gerrys-houseOn my way to Lawrence yesterday to smoke cigars with a friend and former KU and NBA player, I got a call from a real estate investor I’ve known for years…

He probably handles more Freddy Mac foreclosures than anyone in the city and is representing a home on 40th Terrace in 64130. He had a closing scheduled for yesterday with a white, single mom, desperately trying to reestablish a life for herself and her son.

However prior to having sold the house, there was a good deal of clean up and maintenance to be done. His first visit to the home found him in a conversation with the next door neighbor, a middle aged black man, who informed my friend,

“I hope none of your types buy this or make it a Section 8 rental.”

Bear in mind, this zip code is the home to more convicted murders and more crime than most of the rest of the metro combined.

Now move the clock forward…

My friend had met this mother at the home site on multiple occasions and she’d had conversations with the neighbors. We’re talking about a woman trying to buy an $11,000 home and start over.

Their closing scheduled for yesterday, but yesterday morning, my friend got a call telling him that he should come look at the house. Overnight, it was spray painted the entire length of the back of the house with: Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: Denzel Washington Fronts ‘Mag 7’

magnificent-seven-2016-castResurrecting a movie franchise after its final chapter made its debut some 44 years ago seems like a financial stretch by any definition…

The original MANIFICENT SEVEN—the western remake of Akira Turosawa’s SEVEN SAMURAI—first rode across American screens in 1960.

And what a cast it sported: Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Eli Wallach, James Coburn, Charles Bronson, Robert Vaughn and a young Horst Bucholtz.

To re-imagine THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN for today’s audiences, director Antoine Fuqua needed box office bait to attract REAL interest in the project—and he got it by landing Denzel Washington to lead the cast.

All the elements of the original are here.

Land baron Peter Skarsgaard and his goons intent on plundering a small town village but offering the locals next to nothing—OR ELSE!

Their only hope is to hire protection!

And they get it in the form of warrant officer Denzel Washington who rides into town from Wichita and is financially persuaded to offer it.

But to face an eventual showdown with the bad guys would require some hefty gun power—hence his recruitment of a handful of mercenaries willing to put their diverse lives on the line.

Misfits including a gunslinger, marksman, knife thrower, archer—you get the picture. A gathering of rogues who become THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN.

Think Denzel and the village people……. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Don’t Kid Yourself – Trump Can Win

maxresdefaultFor proof that I’m right, let me first turn to my primary source for this story, local comedy club owner and media mogul, Craig Glazer…….

Now that I have your attention, I’ll continue.

I tend to pay attention to three polling sources I’m partial to. I like Real Clear Politics, FiveThirtyEight and Reuters. For the first time they agree this race is tightening. On August 26th, Reuters called it Clinton 295, Trump 171.

Last week, that looked more like Clinton 242, Trump 243.

There are 10-12 states that can still be swing states – two of which split the Electoral College vote instead of the common winner-take-all. Seven, in particular, are having unexplained shifts, but I think we can determine the genesis with relative certainty.

In the past few days, Florida has had an 11 point swing towards Trump. Pennsylvania, the state I personally think will play the biggest role, has had a 5 point swing. Nevada comes in at 5, South Carolina, 5, Colorado 8 and Iowa 11.

All are slowly shifting towards Trump, the “unelectable” candidate.

Personal opinion only, I see two factors coming into play.

First, the true effect of Johnson’s numbers on the polls, how they are accounted for and how it helps or harms.

Second, Trump polls completely different in on-line opposed to live phone calls. It first looked like an anomaly but too many polls now agree, people seem to lie about whether or not they support Trump during a phone interview.

On the flip side, Clinton polls 5 points stronger in phone polls over on line polls.

While not a science, pollsters seem to agree if an issue is controversial – let’s say, whether or not you’d vote for Trump – the truth is far more likely to appear in online questioning. A second thought into the psychology of this may be the anonymity offered in online polling which far more closely resembles the voting booth.

You’re more likely to make your true feelings known in privacy.

Continue reading

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Edelman: Cyndi? She Bop-ped the Uptown

img_1164Girls just want to have fun, right?

Even at 63. That’s the message Cyndi Lauper delivered to a sold out house at the Uptown Theater last week. And KC couldn’t get enough.

Sure, there was a political message interlaced with the kookiness.

Ms L has long advocated showing your true colors, raising money and getting out the vote. But from the first twang of that pedal steel, promoting her new  rockabilly-tinged album Detours, the girl delivered to a crowd that came for bi-partisan loving.

Country gave way immediately to the hits– first “She Bop,” later on “When You Were Mine” and “Money Teaches Everything” from her iconic first LP (remember those?) She’s So Unusual. Continue reading

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Hearne: The Plaza’s Ear Splitting Urban Street Scene

maxresdefaultThe new owners of KC crown jewel the Country Club Plaza have to be cringing…

That in the wake of a front page story in today’s Kansas City Star about “urban hipsters” who’ve been laying down dance party grooves and open mic concerts on a Plaza courtyard near Helzberg Diamonds and the Apple store.

Just what the upscale shopping Mecca needed.

So now, after more than 15 years of doing everything humanly possible to uh, discourage black kids from hanging out on the Plaza, some dancing dudes with car battery-powered speakers “blaring” Michael Jackson music have settled in on one of the shopping center’s highest profile corners.

Check it…

“Welcome! That is not Michael Jackson, that is Christian Robinson from the Battery Tour,” says the man behind the keyboard, an urban hipster in red and black, his fedora tipped casually to one side,” the Star story reads. “He shoots a megawatt smile to a group of starry-eyed teenagers who scream their approval. ‘My name is AY, and this is my tour.’ ”

Nothing like a high profile Plaza courtyard packed with screaming teens to set the mood for affluent shoppers.

“Someone’s down there almost every day,” says frequent Plaza flyer Kyle Yoder of Overland Park.“Normally it’s later in the day – around 4 p.m. – and then at night until the 9 p.m. curfew for people under 18.

“You can hear it at the Cheesecake Factory. They’re usually break dancers and aspiring rappers. One guy tried to sell me a mixtape for like five dollars.”

How loud is it?

“It’s loud,” Yoder says. “So loud that when you drive past it vibrates your car windows. Like if you’re in Helzberg trying to buy an engagement ring or something you can hear it in there.”

Which brings us to the noise ordinance portion of the story.

“We have not gotten any noise complaints about them at all,” says Kansas City Health Department public information officer Denesha Snell. “Nor have we gotten any complaints about the three young people playing Metallica on the Plaza either.”

Were someone  to complain, “Then we would go and investigate if they were in violation and it was too loud.”

“They’re setting up on the street with power and the Plaza’s letting them do it?” adds a head shaking area businessman. “Oh, boy. I can’t help but laugh about it, but if they were doing that in Westport I’d be going crazy.”

The Plaza has a long history of running off “urban youth.”

Via curfews, shows of force with police and private security,  flood lights, cops on horses – you name it.

Anybody remember a handful of years back when the Plaza booted McDonald’s to keep the urban kiddos from congregating? Continue reading

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Edelman: Puppet Possessed at Unicorn’s ‘Hand to God’

tim_tyrone_and_jason-1Once you get past the puppet sex — regular, oral and anal– playwright Robert Askins has a lot to say about faith, hope and charity in his hit Broadway play HAND TO GOD, now thru October 2 at the Unicorn Theatre, 3828 Main in midtown KC.

Not for the faint of heart or tender of ear, Cynthia Levin‘s fine production does Askins proud, which means you’re in for a helluva ride thanks to Tyrone, a puppet so demented he makes the South Park kids look like Kukla, Fran and Ollie.

We meet Tyrone in a church basement. It’s after school, and Margery (Heidi Vann)  has recruited son Jason (Bob Linebarger) and several misfits to join her puppet ministry, spreading the Gospel Sesame Street-style. Jason’s dad just died, leaving him and his mother easy prey for the stoner kids in class. That is until the sock puppet he’s donned– yep, Tyrone— starts to kick some ass.  Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Penn State Jumped the Gun on Joe Paterno

paterno-bookStories like this make me happy because I’m sports agnostic…

Penn State honored deceased football coach Joe Paterno during its game against Temple Saturday. The weekend marked the 50th anniversary of Paterno’s first game as Penn State’s head coach in 1966.

It was the school’s first positive public mention of its former coach since it fired him in 2011 over assistant coach Jerry Sandusky’s sexcapades with young boys.

Paterno died months later. 

At a private event Friday, a video about Paterno’s career, narrated by his son, Jay, said of father’s career and legacy, “No one, no one, can take that away.”

That’s true.

Forty-six years is a substantial legacy, but where do we draw the line between legacy and character?

There’s little doubt Paterno knew of the abuse for the entirety of its existence.

The FBI conducted over 400 interviews and amassed over three million documents on the subject. Their final assessment; not only did Paterno know, he was an active participant in keeping it covered up.

Court documents showed Paterno virtually ignoring a complaint by a 14-year-old boy who had been abused by Sandusky, in 1976, saying, “I don’t want to hear about any of that kind of stuff, I have a football season to worry about.”

There were countless incidents, boys and victims between then and when Sandusky was finally arrested.

Paterno had but one defense; being a mandatory reporter, he legally had to say something if he had any knowledge or suspicions.

So he reported it to University officials exactly once. Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Rolls His Eyes, Squints, Rubs His Sweaty Paws Over Chiefs

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-5-26-20-pmNot much good to say about our KC Chiefs yesterday…

They were beat wire to wire. Never really in the game with no offense. They were a turnover machine. Hey, it’s lucky they weren’t beat even worse.

The KC defense showed up in the second half to keep it close.

Marcus Peters is nearly our entire defense now. He’s like the only real playmaker on the D. Yes, he gets burned now and then, but I believe he’ll soon be considered the best corner in the NFL.

Peters makes plays; he’s always giving it his all.

This guy might keep KC in the playoff hunt as the season moves forward.

QB Alex Smith looked like the Alex of old – getting sacked, zero good runs – though he had chances to make big ones. Uh, and zero touchdowns in the air or on the ground.

In brief Smith was terrible.

He started the year with a great game and comeback against the Chargers, but in this one he looked liked the return of Alex Smith past; too slow, missed passes and confused.

I think Alex will improve and lead KC to the playoffs but a Super Bowl team this just ain’t ready.

There was precious little pass rush again.

My lord, Tamba Hali is the Chiefs only sacker and he’s nearly crippled.

We just don’t have any playmakers on the D save Peters. And that won’t get you to a championship.  Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Saddles Up for Pigskin Week Two

you-will-be-nearer-to-heaven-through-footballWith our area teams down and the Royals out it, everybody’s all over the Kansas City Chiefs

With dreams of Super Bowls in our heads!

Welp, first we need to find  a defense to make that possible, right? It’s no secret that we have no clue who will rush the passer, if anyone. Dee Ford our No. 1 draft pick a couple years back, has not shown much yet. He did have a key sack last week against the Chargers and Philip Rivers.

The Chiefs’ offense is there.

QB Alex Smith is now a top 5 or 6 quarterback in the NFL now that Payton Manning and Tony Romo are gone.

The Chiefs are a 2 point favorite on the road against a good Houston team. The team they dumped in their first playoff win in nearly a quarter century. Lets roll these guys again.

Chiefs 27 Houston 17.

Missouri has an outside shot at home against an average Georgia team who is just a 6 point favorite (still I’d pick Georgia.)

Kansas got its one win already so don’t get greedy.

K-State is likely the only bowl area school and they have zero shot at a MAJOR BOWL.

This week will tell us a lot about the Chiefs defense.

Let’s see if Spencer Ware is the real deal.

Has he made you forget about Jamaal Charles yet? Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: The Plaza’s Intercontinental Hotel – 4 Stars of Blight?

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-3-53-32-pmEarlier this week I had the pleasure of having lunch with Kelvin Simmons and a couple of the largest names in Kansas City commercial real estate. If you don’t know Kelvin, you should. He’s an intensely bright, interesting guy.

Among his achievements, Simmons has served as senior staff member to the late Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan and was twice elected city councilman in Kansas City. He has been the Commissioner and Chairman of the Missouri Public Service Commission, Director of the state Department of Economic Development and Vice President for Governmental Affairs at Swope Health Services, as well as President and CEO of Swope Community Builders and founder and owner of A.M. Development Company. Currently, he serves as the principal of Denton law firm at 45thand Main in KCMO.

Kelvin Simmons is kind of a big deal.

The table talk came around to TIF, CID’s and urban project financing. Since lunch was on the Plaza, against a solid glass window with a great view of the Intercontinental Hotel, I asked Simmons,

“I understand blight or deferred taxes for a building that’s sat vacant, turns in no tax contribution, but if revitalized, becomes a tax generating property. That makes perfect sense. But as we look out over there at the Intercontinental…what’s your thoughts on it as a “blighted property?”

Simmons laughed, covered his face with both hands and said, “I was so hoping that wouldn’t come up!”

He went on to add his personal opinions that were summed up in a single comment:

“If the Intercontinental is blighted, all of Kansas City is blighted.”  Continue reading

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Starbeams: Flyover Land, Soria Eye, Streetcar Stretch

iAlibaba just bought Kansas City based EyeVerify for a reported $100 million.  EyeVerify uses veins in the human eye to recognize people for security.  For example, people with thick, red veins are identified as former Soria fans.



Vogue Magazine just picked Kansas City as the top city to visit in flyover territory.  We were picked for our food, music and collection of Asian artifacts.  Namely Sprint, AMC and EyeVerify.



Dan Marino turns 55 today.  Every year I relish in the fact that we both have the same number of Super Bowl rings.

                                                     ******* Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘SNOWDEN’—NSA Abuse & Government Overreach

57210ef9c46188fe228b45c3Just imagine…

An espionage, bio-political thriller from controversial filmmaker Oliver Stone that’s actually fair and balanced.

That’s what we have with SNOWDEN, the fascinating politically charged and heretofore untold personal story of Edward Snowden who blew the lid off National Security Agency’s massive surveillance operations.

Set between the years of 2004 and 2013, we follow Snowden’s rapid progression within the CIA and NSA where he became a polarizing wunderkind bordering on genius.

But what he saw and experienced in the process—the NSA abuse—filled him with great doubts.

Snowden’s top secret life had become an architecture of oppression.

“Either I am wrong or there is something in the government that is REALLY wrong!”

What follows chronicles Snowden’s ever building concerns about the procedures and tactics within our government’s most secret and clandestine operations which finally led him to become one of America’s most infamous whistle-blowers.

He did it by leaking highly classified, incriminating documents to Great Britain’s THE GUARDIAN newspaper that revealed massive surveillance operations of both Americans and foreigners.

“This is about social and economic control.”

Controversial? Absolutely.

It almost compares the NSA with the former feared and hated East German Stasi. Continue reading

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