Lefsetz: Time for Nancy to Wake Up & Smell ‘The Squad’

What kind of crazy, fucked-up country do we live in where Republicans can’t even admit Trump’s tweets were racist?

One in which the right is functioning like a Mafia family – where it’s not about right or wrong – but protecting its members.

This is like asking a parent or sibling to turn in a family member for criminal behavior. The Unabomber’s brother turned Ted Kaczynski in, but I don’t think you’re gonna see that altruistic behavior these days.

There will be a day of reckoning. You don’t want a formal record of egregious behavior. Today everything’s tracked, there’s evidence everywhere, so heinous choices will surface, to your detriment. You know the old saying, “It wasn’t my fault, the boss made me do it!” The truth is today many bosses do require shady behavior, or else you get fired, but if you’re a Congressperson aren’t you held to a higher standard? Shouldn’t you be guided by morality?

Oh, you right wingers, don’t parse the language, that’s what’s wrong with our nation. Bill Clinton saying he didn’t have sex with that woman. He should have just admitted it and gone on. Hell, that’s Donald Trump style, and it’s been working for him, but it seems he finally stepped over the line.

How do I know this?

His tweets are headline news on Fox News and the Wall Street Journal.

Most of the time Trump’s bad behavior is buried in these right wing outlets – if it appears at all – but this is too big a story to ignore.

Then again, if you’re racist, you take Trump’s side.

Meanwhile, the above news is eclipsed by the efforts of Al Green.

No, not the singer/preacher, rather a House member, who filed articles of impeachment Tuesday night.

Who do we blame?


Because she’s lost control of the narrative. I don’t see how we impeach Trump for his racist tweets, but this is what happens when you don’t impeach him for his law-breaking evidenced in the Mueller Report.

Oh, don’t get your knickers in a twist you righties. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘The Lion King’—A Visual Masterpiece

The news is good…

No, make that VERY GOOD for fans of 1994’s animated “THE LION KING”.

Not only has Disney expanded the telling of the Circle of Life from an hour and a half by about 30 minutes, the filmmakers have pretty well stayed true to the original story.

And that’s a good thing as they may have just extended a few scenes here and there.

But it’s still telling the story of the young lion prince named Simba fleeing his kingdom only to learn the true meaning of life as foreshadowed by his father Mufasa.

The big difference?

Under the masterful eyes of director Jon Favreau we are now treated to fabulous live C.G.I. action within new game-changing photorealistic naturality,

While that’s a mouthful, it simply translates into the film being a visual masterpiece for (just about) all ages. Continue reading

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Hearne: A Shout-Out to Missing Amigos – Craig, Harley & Paul

We interrupt this super-serious column to bring you a lighthearted look back…

The recent angst filled comment by Paul Wilson – remember him, the comments dude-turned-writer-turned-expatriate – reminded me that we are approaching the one year anniversary of the passing of Craig Glazer.

Because I think it’s appropriate  at this stage of the game,to point out that the beloved comments dude who went by Harley was in fact our beloved Scribe.

As in, Craig.

You may recall that Craig pleasured himself by inventing characters with funny names to populate the comments sections that followed his KC Confidential masterpieces.

And like Paul, Craig measured his writing success by the number of online responses he got.

At one point I noticed that in looking at the IP addresses of Craig’s colorful comments crowd, that they originated in the Fairway area during the day (where he lived). And at night they came the Legends area in KCK after he migrated to Stanford & Sons comedy club.

When I confronted Craig, he reluctantly confessed.

Whereupon I busted him here on KCC for all to see; and they went away for all time, never to be heard from again.

And that was that…or so it seemed. Continue reading

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Hearne: Star Apologists, Die Hard Chiefs Fans Aside, Tyreek Still One Bad Dude

The Great 2019 KC Star Apology Tour is in the books…

Journalistic tap dancing at its finest, by sports columnists Sam Mellinger and Vahe Gregorian over a previously missing eight minute segment of sleazebag Kansas City Chiefs star Tyreek Hill going off on his girlfriend.

Something about them being embarrassed because Tyreek didn’t fully cop to beating the hell out of her and and their son as KCTV’s original three minute edit seemed to imply.

“I should have known better,” Mellinger winced after spending four paragraphs blaming his “mistake” on KCTV and its reporter Angie Ricono.

“I’ll get better from this,” Mellinger vowed…

No more jumping the gun with incomplete information like pretty most mainstream news organizations did to that clean-cut kid from Covington High with the MAGA hat on who was assaulted by a pushy Native American oldster.

“I pride myself on restraint and nuance and taking a step back in this job,” Gregorian blathered -= five paragraphs in to his cornucopia of excuses and rationalizations. “I submitted to a snap judgment on fragmentary information.”

The bottom line:

Both men apparently caved to sports talk and social media Chiefs zealots – apologists who somewhat obviously could care less about what Tyreek did or didn’t do, long as he suits up for the Chiefs first Super Bowl run in half a century.

And this just in… Continue reading

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Hearne: Missing in Action, Fallen Royals ‘All Star’ Eric Hosmer

Used to be – around these parts anyway – Eric Hosmer mattered…

Not so much anymore.

As luck would have it, I just happen to have an excellent source in the San Diego Padres organization where Hosmer now toils.

Much to their chagrin.

Cuz prior to the 2018 season Hosmer inked the largest contract in Padres history, an eight-year, $144 million deal.

Whereupon he launched his career by whiffing an easy infield pop giving Houston a walk off win and earning the Wizard of Hoz an embarrassing blooper spot on ESPN.

Flash forward to this year’s All Star Game…

Hosmer’s nowhere to be found, but his lesser known mates Whit Merifield and Mike Moustakas made the cut. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘STUBER’—Odd Couple, Buddy Action Comedy

Been awhile since the days of the once popular popular cop-buddy comedies…

Arguably the top of the line date back to “48 HOURS”, “LETHAL WEAPON” and the “BEVERLY HILLS COP” series.

Well, there’s a new one in the genre opening this weekend.

The main difference being its enhanced dose of visual violence—hence a strong R-rating.

(The ratings board’s extension warns: “violence and language throughout, some sexual references and brief graphic nudity.”)

“STUBER” is set in present day Los Angeles where grizzled undercover cop Dave Bautista gets a hot tip on a big drug delivery about to go down.

There’s just one problem! Continue reading

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Hearne: Maybe Quantrill Wasn’t Such a Bad Dude / Osceola Chiefs?

We live in an age where anybody and everybody gets to rewrite history…

Usually for the worse, depending on your politics or point of view.

For example, pretty much all of the “founding fathers” have been discredited over their tacit participation in slavery. Tear down their statues, paint over their murals, retire their mascots and – while we’re at it – remove their names from universities, cities, etc.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Singer Kate Smith‘s classic rendition of “God Bless America” – the song that won her a Presidential Medal of Freedom – is taking a bullet because earlier in her career she sang songs that have been reinterpreted as racist.

Iconic American actor John Wayne – a dude born in 1907 – was recently pilloried for his comments in an ancient Playboy magazine interview that are considered racist or homophobic today. Comments that didn’t so much as raise an eyebrow at the time.

Yet while modern day oldsters like Joe Biden – even Barrack Obama – are allowed to recant their views on controversial topics like gay marriage and abortion, the Duke, Smith, George Washington even Franklin D. Roosevelt don’t have the luxury of being around anymore to explain away their past views.

Nor is nefarious Civil War era badass William Quantrill  – the dude who burned, looted and pillaged Lawrence, Kansas.

But wait!

Turns out those primitive Jayhawks may have gotten their just desserts. Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Trolls of the World Unite!

First everybody played…

Now everybody’s pissed.

For years it was new and exciting. The connection of AOL, the gadgets of Apple, the social networking of Facebook and the arrival of the smartphone. The promise was an improved society, where we were all networked and all important.

But it didn’t turn out that way. We didn’t foresee the Balkanization. We didn’t foresee the lack of individual importance. We didn’t see technology breaking down the world into the haves and have-nots.

Social interaction online used to be cheery.

Now it’s angry.

That’s right, you were sold a bill of goods.

You’ve got that smartphone in your hands, all that power, and no one is paying attention to you. You’re inundated with mostly worthless information about successful bozos, influencers and minor celebrities. And it makes you feel like you’re worthless.

So what do you do? YOU FIGHT BACK!

Everyone can play. And everybody is reachable.

Analogized to high school, the social misfit is alone with no power…but now he can hassle the quarterback, the prom queen, poke fun at their foibles while risking nothing.

That’s right, there are no guardrails, few laws affecting online behavior. Furthermore, when you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Societal interaction has flourished as a result of the internet. But twenty-odd years later, when the promise has not been delivered, the hoi polloi are fighting back.

Look at Amazon reviews.

Read the one star ones and it’s always someone complaining not about the product, but Amazon and customer service. Believing if they just scream loud enough, they’ll get a response. And if the product itself is taken down in the process, who cares, they’re deep pockets and can afford it. Continue reading

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Chuck: Crime, Punishment & Robert Mueller

We’ve all seen the video…

Again and again over the past 2 years, there they are – Robert Mueller and wife Ann Cabell Standish – coming down the opposite side of the street. crossing, hesitating to let a jogger run by, then stepping into a church.

But Robert Mueller will sit in front of Congress – not God – in a few weeks.

And there he’ll explain yet again, his findings in the Mueller Report.

So we’ll be looking forward to a more detailed explanation of “Not, Not Guilty”.

Mueller’s prosecutorial sins are legion.

Which in no way cover his more recent transgressions, ethical and moral.

His legendary, documented suppression of Brady Material (Exculpatory Evidence) in pursuit of convictions vis a vis the truth has literally resulted in the death and incarceration of however many innocent defendants. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘SPIDER-MAN’ Does Europe—and Beyond!

“SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME” covers three bases – and that’s a good thing…

Number one: It’s the sequel to 2017’s “SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING”.

Number two: As the 23rd film set in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe it’s a natural progression of recent events in the series.

Number three: It’s a welcomed travelogue to places and settings which not only add to and broaden the storyline but make for fun eye candy as well.

So you just knew that “AVENGERS: ENDGAME” wasn’t really the end.

Hence putting the follow up on the shoulders of bashful web-slinger Peter Parker (a.k.a. Spider-Man) who is still in mourning over the death of his mentor Tony Stark.

And you just know there will be NEW threats to deal with.

So why a Spidey European vacation? Continue reading

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Hearne: The ‘Real Reason’ Kevin Keitzman is No More

The handwriting was on the wall…

Ostensibly, newly axed WHB sports talker Kevin Kietzman took a bullet for likening Chiefs coach Andy Reid‘s failures to keep wayward football stars like Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt out of trouble, to the personal tragedies of Reid’s sons.

But according to local promoter Brett Mosiman, that was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“People didn’t like Kietzman the last year or two,” Mosiman says. “And the minute he went after Reid, it was over. I think he got what he deserved; he’s a tool.

“He kind of went off the rails and became more and more of a dickhead,” Mosiman adds. “He got kind of nasty; but it’s one thing to stir the pot, but another to do character assassination and he paid the price. Continue reading

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Hearne: The Fall of Kevin Kietzman; What Are Friends For?

Everybody loves a winner…

Up to a point – or maybe in the case of controversial media types – love to hate.

But where fallen WHB sports radio personality Kevin Kietzman is concerned, it would appear that next to nobody has anything approaching even like, let alone love at this point.

It’s a fairly safe bet that Kietzman is still shaking what’s left of his now fully-exploded head and wondering whatever happened to the friends and admirers he once took for granted. Friends who now seem more likely to speak publicly about how much they like Donald Trump or walk around in “Make America Great” caps, than admit Kietzman maybe got a rough deal.

One false move, a single slip – and a stellar career and superstar broadcasting status – was wiped away for all time. Every positive thing Kietzman ever said or did, is now a moot point, forever obscured by this single, unforced error.

Gotta be a tough way to go.

Cause like the song says, “Nobody loves you when you’re down and out.”

Not even Kietzman’s longtime friend and partner Chad Boeger, who apparently had little choice other than to fire his founding partner and broadcast superstar, then buy out his interest in WHB after untold numbers of advertisers and listeners threatened to boycott the station. Continue reading

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Hearne: The Kevin Kietzman Saga; Take One

Kevin Kietzman

The bigger they are…

Into a world where people start GoFundMe pages for waitresses who spit on the president’s son and applaud the heckling of politicians they disagree with in public places, crash landed legendary WHB sports talker Kevin Kietzman.

Much to his complete and utter chagrin.

Face it, taking shots at wildly popular local sports heroes like Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is risky business…especially in a town like KC with a bad case of over-the-top Super Bowl fever.

No Chiefs fan in what passes for their right mind wanted to hear or read anything truly awful about the team, Reid – not even sleaze bag star Tyreek Hill for that matter.

I was listening to 610 Sports last year after the team axed Kareem Hunt and most of the caller reactions were essentially, “So what if Hunt kicked the you-know-what out of some floozy outside his hotel room?”

Given the Chiefs’ subsequent failure to make the Super Bowl in the wake of Hunt’s loss – and the Cleveland Brown’s picking him up – it appeared from the get-go that the team wasn’t about  to make the same mistake twice. And sure enough, barring yet another incident, it looks like Hill will be back on the field at Arrowhead in time for a playoff run.

So while Kietzman majorly messed up by seemingly tying the death, drug use and other unfortunate things about Reid’s sons to the handling of scumbag Chiefs players, he was pretty much right on with his point that Reid doesn’t have a very good record of keeping highly skilled football thugs out of trouble.

Then again, who does?

It’s nothing new that any number of professional athletes hale from circumstances where violence is part and parcel of their everyday lives.

And while writers at dying newspapers like the Kansas City Star are happy to muse in equally bogus unsigned editorials about things like former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach getting “kneecapped” and left by the side of a road nobody travels, they’re more than happy to award the death penalty to Kietzman for alluding to the struggles of Reid’s sons.

Poor word choice aside, Kietzman’s point was lost in the wake of his political correctness beat down. Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Second Dem Debate Winners, Bernie & Kamala

What a difference a day makes…

It was like Wednesday night was the kiddie table, and last night it was the adults, playing for real.

Marianne Williamson had it right. It’s not about specifics, policies, it’s about playing Donald Trump‘s game and beating him. The news says it’s about the weeds, when clearly it’s about the forest.

Now it’s a conundrum.

Where a couple of candidates are ahead of the public, most specifically Bernie Sanders. People attacked him for his radical ideas, but his message, that the hoi polloi have gotten screwed for 40 years and radical change is necessary resonated.

Incremental change is a thing of the past. That’s one thing Trump realized and Bernie has too. You’re playing the long game. It’s not about individual debates, you stick to your message and pray that it resonates.

That’s what screwed up Joe Biden.

He’s playing old style politics. Look at what I’ve done in the past and give me the reins.

Isn’t this exactly what snuffed-out Hillary Clinton‘s campaign?

Turns out people don’t want safe, they want change. Trump couldn’t fulfill all of his promises and Sanders or Elizabeth Warren won’t be able to either. D.C. doesn’t work that way. But the little things do count, like the appointment of Supreme Court Justices. Of course that’s a big thing – maybe the biggest thing – but it doesn’t resonate with voters. They’re interested in the veneer, not what’s inside.

Blame it on the educational system, blame it on a lack of time or interest – but just like people don’t want to know what goes into a hot dog, they just eat ’em – npeople want to turn over their problems to one person. They don’t want to dedicate their lives to politics.

But politics has become the story of the day Continue reading

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Lefsetz: 1st Dem Debate Foretells Trump Victory

Answer the damn question…

I support Elizabeth Warren, but when asked about guns, she veered into gibberish and never tacked back. Why couldn’t she just speak English? Guns are a big problem in society but they’re here forever. We’re never gonna take guns away from licensed owners, but our goal is to increase public safety.


I’ve got a friend who agrees with a lot Warren has to say, but is literally afraid she’s gonna take his gun away – therefore he won’t vote for her. I tried to convince him his gun is going nowhere, but he doesn’t believe it.

Living in the mountain west he believes firearms are necessary for protection out in the wild and he’s been convinced by right wing rhetoric that Warren is gonna round up the guns. That would be fine with me, but that ain’t America. In the land of little pink houses guns are part of the fabric, seen as freedom.

As for the Second Amendment and rising militias, that’s just hogwash, people just love their guns, end of story.


I know it’s a long road to the nomination – never mind the election – but when you waffle, when you won’t own an idea, people lose faith in you. And what we need now more than ever is faith, belief.

“Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon

Going to the candidates’ debate

Laugh about it, shout about it

When you’ve got to choose

Every way you look at this you lose”

That’s the song that’s been going through my head this week, “Mrs. Robinson,” by Simon & Garfunkel. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘YESTERDAY’ does John, Paul, George and Ringo Proud!

How to describe “YESTERDAY” – not an easy task…

In one sense it’s a musical fantasy comedy. In other, a rockin’ rom-com.

Whatever it is, it works and could become one of the sleeper hits of this year’s summer season.

“YESTERDAY” finds former teacher and now struggling singer-songwriter Jack Malik’s (Himesh Patel) dreams of fame rapidly fading.

All the while his longtime (girl) friend Ellie Appleton (Lily James) lends endless support at his side.

Then it happens. Jack finds himself involved in a freak accident which occurs during a mysterious global blackout.

What he wakes up to is a completely Beatles-free world.

Nobody’s seems to have ever heard of the group. And now trying to google the Beatles only brings up “Beetles,” as in bugs.

The same holds true for cigarettes (what’s that?) and Coca-Cola. (All everyone knows is Pepsi.)

Now what? Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Toy Story 4’ Delivers—And Then Some!

It’s seldom these days I find a sequel or spin-off that’s better than its predecessor…

But that is exactly what’s happening at the movies THIS weekend.

TOY STORY 4 is just about everything one could wish and look forward to in Pixar’s legendary series, which first took the silver screen by storm some 24 years ago.

Before getting into the meat and potatoes of this terrific computer-animated comedy I must relate the disclosure advisory that came with Disney’s screening notice of the film:

“In order to give audiences around the world the opportunity to enjoy our movies to the fullest and allow them to discover any surprises and plot twists, we respectfully ask that you as press refrain from revealing spoilers and detailed points in your coverage.”

Fair enough.

So with that in mind, back to the beloved continuation which shows absolutely no creative slippage from 2010’s “TOY STORY 3″.

Come to think of it, this new installment comes complete with a fresh—and dare I suggest —even MORE creative approach.

And the look and feel of this vivid, animated presentation here is simply stunning.

As for the story line? Continue reading

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Lefsetz: The Reincarnation of Elizabeth Warren

The mainstream media is always last…

No, wait a minute…even if you hate Elizabeth Warren you’ve got to hear what I say because it applies to you. The issue is how do you get famous and have your ideas heard in America today.

You’ve got to do the work and you must be selling substance.

Elizabeth Warren is on the road.

Most of the audiences are relatively small. There’s not a ton of press coverage of each event.

She’s just like a crack band bubbling under, that is not understood by the mainstream, is seen as an also-ran and then…THEY BLOW UP!

Can you say Bruce Springsteen? His first LP was an anomaly, not representative of his sound, the band was there, but deep in the background, “Greetings From Asbury Park” was more New Dylan than the Springsteen we all now know.

But the sound was there for everybody to hear on “The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle.” Now Springsteen was no longer the new thing. And the mix on the LP was a bit muted, it lacked edge. So the album didn’t sell and Bruce went on the road convincing consumers one by one.

If you saw him, you talked about him.

Until that famous moment when music critic Jon Landau said he’d seen the future of rock and roll and the tide turned. The Landau article was in Boston’s Real Paper, the paper of record amongst the youth, devoured by everybody. Landau’s review wasn’t first, but it was the most important.

Same deal with Elizabeth Warren.

She’s been around for years. Mostly in the background until the right started attacking her. And before you get your knickers in a twist you righties, know that she wanted to protect the populace, the rank and file, from the corporations. You can’t be against that unless you’re sucking at the tit of the corporation yourself, making seven figures, and that’s a very small number of people. You’re getting screwed and don’t even realize it. Those insane interest rates on your credit cards? Warren wanted to stop them.

But Warren was depicted as a schoolmarm and no one on the left ran to her side, to defend her, because they don’t want to get caught up in any war that doesn’t benefit them directly – they don’t want the potential stink upon them.

So Warren went her own way and ran for Senate and won.

This is the act that refuses to do what the A&R person says to. Who won’t cowrite, who won’t work with the producer du jour, who has a sound he or she wants to get down and doesn’t want any interference. But can you go on your own, do it your way, prove it yourself?

We hear about the winners, but not the losers.

The truth is most people are scared to do it by themselves, they’re convinced they won’t succeed. They tell themselves they need money, that it’s undoable. But even today, if you’ve got the goods and you play live, or release an undeniable hit like Lorde, you can make it.

Then Warren got into the Senate and spoke English.

Nobody speaks English in D.C., it doesn’t behoove you.

You obfuscate, keep the lobbyists close, it’s all about raising money for your reelection campaign. Screw the people you’re representing, you give them lip service, but your true constituency is the corporations. And when someone comes along and blows the whistle on that, says she’s for the people, you blanch.

So the shadow news is where movements start, where stories break. And if you don’t think they have power, look at Steve Bannon and Breitbart.

But when the noise becomes big enough, when it’s loud enough, the mainstream media dives in, it wants to own the story. And this is a good thing if you’re the act/purveyor, it signals to everybody paying attention that you’ve made it. Whereas if you get the publicity first, it’s wasted, today you have to have something to back it up. Continue reading

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Hearne: Quinton Lucas Romantic / DUI Question Ignite Facebook Firestorm

Uh, this would be “me”

Make no mistake, Kansas City loves its barbecue…

As evidenced in no small part by the barbecuing I just took on my Facebook page over yesterday’s Quinton Lucas piece. Check it out.

On second thought, allow me to shall share a couple of the more incendiary ones.

“Just what the hell are you doing, Hearne Christopher?” Phillip begins. “How dare you. Even hinting of outing someone who doesn’t say one way or the other is pretty evil.”

“This is ugly, awful gossip,” adds Jaime. “It is only his business, and other than how he advocates for all Kansas citians, it has no bearing on his qualifications or ability to lead. I expected better from you.”

“You ought to be fucking horsewhipped,” adds Chris. “How dare you?”

You get the picture…

Not that there wasn’t a comment or two – out of dozens – that actually got it.

“I don’t understand the uproar—the article doesn’t even remotely hint that being homosexual is bad or anything that would approach hate of a minority group,” writes Martha. “It’s just asking is Lucas authentic, is (he) really showing who he is to the public?
Isn’t journalism supposed to make us think outside our comfort zone, or should it just be a monotone repetition of popular in-vogue adherences?
I think the commenters do protest too much.”

Does it matter if Lucas is gay? Not to me, but probably to some…like the big shots and special interests backing him (of which there are many).

One point former KC First Lady Gloria Squitiro made in her new book that Dwight Sutherland reviewed recently; that Kansas City is controlled by big business and special interest groups.

In all likelihood – if Lucas is gay – those kinda people would probably prefer to keep that on the down low until after the election. Kinda like South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg did for three years after he was elected as a straight dude.

And just as the prominent Democrat political operative quoted in my story noted, the “black community” prefers to believe Lucas is straight and has a white girlfriend “tucked away” somewhere.

So why would Lucas want to hide the fact that he had a white girlfriend – or that he was gay – were either true? To avoid turning off voters who might find either one distasteful is the obvious answer. Continue reading

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Hearne: Will the Next Mayor of Kansas City Please Come Out of the Closet?

There’s a good chance the next mayor of Kansas City will be gay…

And I’m not talking about Kansas City councilman Jolie Justus.

Because according to several sources, the openly gay Justus’s opponent, Quinton Lucas, is also gay…just not out of the proverbial closet yet.

“I heard that Quinton Lucas is closeted gay,” says one prominent gay woman professional.  “And that there may have been a man in the car with him.”

That in reference to Lucas’s high profile DUI bust in Lawrence late last year.

After months of legal maneuvering Lucas made a deal with the court to write a check and dodged a bullet by getting the charges dropped. And thanks to the hush hush way Lawrence Police and prosecutors handled his case, the full  police report and dash cam video of his arrest have been kept hidden from the public.

More on that, in a minute…

Back to the the reason Kansas City, Missouri  is likely to field its first gay mayor:

“Because both candidates are gay,” says one politically active Westport businessman, Lucas supporter and donor. “That story’s been out there for a long time.”

Ditto, adds another Lucas supporter and midtown businessman: “Quinton will be Kansas City’s first closeted mayor.”

There’s more…

“You hear lots of different rumblings about that,” says one politically active woman marketing exec who asked not to be named. “And I’m not sure that he is, but I hear from the gay community that he is. But the black community thinks he’s got some white girlfriend tucked away and that he’s straight. But gay guys are adamant that he goes to gay bars.”

Knowing Lucas as well as she does, the exec’s best guess as to which way he swings:

“I think I would go with gay, because he’s lied about so many things (to me) that he’s adept at it,” she says.

Adds an openly gay woman mental health professional,  “I heard that he was (gay) from two separate people at two different functions. Obviously, no one is upset about him being gay, but they call him a douchebag because he hides it while Jolie is totally out.”

Back to Lucas’s DUI bust… Continue reading

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