Harley: Dear Scribe, We Are Bruthas

Many of you have grown to either love or hate harley/boom boom over the years….but here are some facts that can’t be denied…

1. Harley deposited cash and credit card deposits from glaze’s place in his bank account@

2. Harley has (despite his running down of glazo/bozo’s football picks) always admired glazo/bozo for his balls to pick games ahead of kickoff. But no matter what glazo does versus booom boooom I hope he keeps his sports stories.

3. Harley/booom boom has always enjoyed reading glazo’s stories becaause kc is really a boring town and glazo pointed out the few instance that this town was something other than some cowtown in the middle of the nation.

4. Despite all my critiques about glazo/bozo’s crazy adventures ….booom boom has had more and crazier adventures than glazo could ever imagine.

5. Boom boom has traveled more…been in crazier situations and experienced far crazier situations than glazo…but there were so many I couldn’t fit them in a 500 page book.

6. booom boom has done more partying/dancing/traveling/than glazo but it makes no difference. As we both grow older…it’s just a memory we don’t want to forget because we know life is really pretty short and we only have so many years to create the memories we’ll be talking about for our entire lives. Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Predicts Easy Chiefs Win & Weekend Picks

Finally the Kansas City Chiefs get a really bad team to walk all over this Sunday…

The New York Giants are a team that seems to have quit on its coach. And QB Eli Manning looks to be on his last legs.

Meanwhile KC has had nearly two weeks of rest and should stack some nice stats on the ailing Giants. Who knows? Kareem Hunt might even have a 100 yard rushing day after being silent for weeks.

Alex Smith should try some downfield throws to Tyreek Hill, Albert Wilson and the other speedy wideouts. Travis Kelce should be dancing in the end zone as well. Most important, will our defense get well and play much better against a joke NFL squad?

The Chiefs are an 11 point favorite on the road – wow – imagine that.

Oakland will face the Pats and likely lose, almost surely ending their post season hopes and making their late season game here with the Chiefs a non factor.

KC has a weak group of teams to play over the next 7 weeks.

If they were a very good team a 7-0 or 6-1 finish would be likely. Unfortunately the Chiefs have slipped and as of today is just a OK, low level playoff team. So going 7-0 or 6-1 seems a tall order without MAJOR improvement on both sides of the line.

KC should win at least 5 more games and end the season at 11-5, possibly better. KC is likely a 3 seed, with a home game in the playoffs. A 2 seed is possible if we win 12 or more games, especially if the Pats drop one.

After last nights dominant blow out of the Titans, the Steelers look to be the clear No. 1 one in the AFC. But things do change, right?

The way KC looks, winning just one playoff game would be a solid finish for this club. A  Super Bowl looks almost impossible – we just don’t have that kind of talent today. Our hope is that only two other teams look really better for sure – the Steelers and the Pats. So who knows, maybe things will go our way in the end. Yeah, right.

On a brighter note, Mizzou looks to go bowling after a horrid start.

In fact, next year they could be a top team if their talented young quarterback stays with the Tigers instead of going to the NFL. KU is playing OU  – byy bye. And K-State is playing OSU on the road – a likely loss.

The good news is KU basketball got off to a great start by beating Kentucky.








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Hearne: Trigger Happy Highchair Hustler Courtroom Bound

Things seem to be spiraling out of control for Raytown baby furniture maker David Jungerman

You may recall it was Jungerman’s white van seen speeding away from murder scene of Brookside lawyer Tom Pickert‘s after he was shot late last month on his front porch. KC Police interviewed Jungerman afterwards but did not charge or name him as a suspect as they continue their investigation.

Pickert had won a $5.75 million judgement last summer against Jungerman on behalf of a homeless man who lost a leg after being shot by Jungerman with an AK47 in 2012 while breaking into one of the his buildings.

The latest:

In the wake of all that, Jungerman is now facing a series of lawsuits and a criminal complaint related to his trigger happy ways. Continue reading

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Sutherland: I’d Die for You and Other Lost Stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The publication of this collection of eighteen “lost” short stories represents a mile marker-if not a capstone-in the field of Fitzgerald scholarship.

As I’ve said in a prior column, finding and publishing an undiscovered work by a literary great can lead to mixed results. Sometimes it’s a real find          (“A Moveable Feast”, Ernest Hemingway’s memoir of his early years’ as a writer on Paris), and sometimes it’s a dud (“Islands in the Stream,” Hemingway’s bogus WWII fantasy, with himself as a hunter of Nazi subs in the Caribbean).

However, this book is so varied in the subject matter and style of its stories, that they encompass the best of all the different stages Fitzgerald went through as a writer. It’s all there-the young man from the Midwest, who conquers the East Coast world of status and grandeur; the voice of his generation, who came back from the First World War, determined to make up for lost time by riotous dissipation; and the stoic survivor of his last years, who battles back from artistic , personal, and financial disaster. (The latter all converged for Fitzgerald-and the country as a whole-in the terrible years of 1930, 1931, and 1932.)

All but one of these pieces were written after the national crisis of the Great Depression and Fitzgerald’s personal crisis of his wife Zelda’s nervous breakdown. This period was made all the more difficult by the charmed decade which had preceded it, when Fitzgerald had the Midas touch as an author, and which left him all the more ill prepared for the calamity which followed.

At times it helps to be an outsider to gain an understanding of a culture.

In trying to place these short stories in their proper perspective I turned to the Italian literary scholar, Sergio Perosa. In his 1961 “The Art of F. Scott Fitzgerald,” I found the following quotes, which seemed particularly appropriate: Continue reading

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New Jack City: Sex & Accounting Hollywood Style

Those were the days my friend and I truly thought they’d never end…

They did tough.

I am talking about the lax days of the 1960’s, 70’s and early 80’s when sexism was still the norm. Especially in the entertainment industry.

Social networks ad the 24-hour news cycle would eventually change all that—REALLY?

Let me tell you about my experiences.

I was a department head at what was then one of the largest movie theater circuits in the United States. In other wards, a pretty big fish for the Hollywood studios.

On top of that my boss was also president of the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO).

So basically we were being courted by both the major as well as independent film distributors. And there were many trips to Tinsel Town. Parties. Dinners. Entertainment. You-name it.

Here are just two memories that opened my eyes of as to the workings of the industry.

The first was some sort of a celebration that the (studio name withheld) had facilitated on one of their largest sound stages.

The place was decorated to the hilt and the studio’s A-list stars were being squired around.

An orchestra was playing—and then came the dirty little secret.

Young nubile actresses under contract to this particular studio were being introduced to certain individuals in the crowd that night.

Some of these hotties may have—or would have—minor roles in that studio’s upcoming slate of films. Or they may have had small parts in the various TV series’ being cranked out on their back lot.

Was I ever introduced to such contract players/starlets?

I was. And I loved it. Continue reading

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Glazer: Why the NFL is Dying

For more than a decade the NFL’s been the most popular attraction on television…

No mas.

Viewership is dropping like a rock with ratings down 7.5% this season alone and 18.7% since 2015.

For several reasons.

First off, many fans say the games have gotten kinda boring. Are they? Some games are close and exciting like the recent Chiefs-Raiders that came down to the last play of the game (which unfortunately we lost in a heartbreaker).

Yet that game was the lowest rated Monday Night Game ever. What?

The Chiefs were picked this season to be the featured NFL team with six stand alone games at night. Sunday, Monday and Thursday Night games. KC lived up to the expectations with a huge win over the Patriots on game one before a large TV audience on a Thursday night.

And even though KC maintained a winning 5-0 record after the season began and Alex Smith and Kareem Hunt were on fire, somehow the fans were not attracted as much to the Chiefs games as expected.

Why?  Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Sixties on Six

It wasn’t entertainment, it was life itself…

I had to drive down to Rancho Santa Margarita for a birthday party, a two year old’s birthday party, the daughter of my nephew Andrew, who’s become the #3 BMW salesman in America. There I am boasting, I won’t for myself, but I will for him. And on the way down there we were listening to Peter Noone on Sixties On Six.

The world is divided into two camps, at least in America, those who subscribe to satellite radio and those who do not.

And I really can’t understand those who don’t. Right now the buzz in L.A. is about this terrestrial station flipping format, I’m getting e-mail about all the great tracks they’re playing, haven’t they ever listened to Deep Tracks?

So we’re in stop and go traffic, and I hear “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”

My mother bought that single. When parents were ancient and out of touch. But in reality, my mom was only 36. Oh, how times have changed, now 36 year olds consider themselves hipsters. But my mother was infected by that track and I played that single into the ground. My dad bought every one of the kids record players, he got them on closeouts, all-in-one devices, so we could have music in our rooms. He loved music, he played the violin, and there was a console stereo in the living room for music acceptable to all, usually show tunes, sometimes classical. That’s how we spent our Sunday afternoons, gray in Connecticut, listening to show tunes.

I once made my mother play all of her albums until I finally found a song that was stuck in my brain, it was “With A Little Bit Of Luck,” from “My Fair Lady.” I can still sing it in my head, that’s the amazing thing about music, you NEVER forget it.

And then Herman spun “Itchykoo Park.”

What did you do there? I GOT HIGH! Funny how they had that in a song, that was limit-testing back in the sixties, and believe me limits were being tested.

The Beatles came along and blasted all the doors open.

The only thing similar in my lifetime is the Internet. It didn’t exist, and then it did.

Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Saddles Up for Pigskins

Our tired, wounded Chiefs get a needed week off before the last seven games…

With hopes of a division title, playoff wins and more to follow…maybe.

The good news is KC gets the New York Giants next Sunday, one of the league’s worst. So we will likely win get some good numbers for team stars, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill and maybe even Kareen Hunt will run for over 100 yards again. Alex Smith will have a good day against a team that has just about quit.

So Chiefs fans get to be happy again. We play no super bowl contenders the rest of the year unless Oakland can wake up, not likely. So KC should win its division and we’ll see how they look in two months for a playoff run with at least one home game. I hope.

Our college teams MU and K -State have battled to a point where both could go bowling. MU is the shocker – they looked dead a month ago and now are riding a nice win streak and facing a weak Tennessee team at home. So Mizzou should pull off a win, maybe not cover but a win.

K-State has bigger issues facing a good West Virginia squad, butr  I like their chances as well. We need not discuss KU. Let’s hope we have two area teams bowling next month. Makes us feel good for the holidays, then the Chiefs in January….fun times. I hope. Ha. Continue reading

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Hearne: Tap Dancing @ 18th & Grand


“Never miss a local story. Subscribe now.”

That’s how the subscription come on reads at the end of a story this morning about a “slain KC lawyer” on the Kansas City Star website. A story with basically zero information about Tom Pickert‘s killing or a trigger happy older gent named David Jungerman who some suspect may have had something to do with Pickert’s offing.

Because for most of the past two weeks since that fatal morning last month when somebody breezed by the Pickert family home in Brookside and blew him away on his front porch, the local newspaper of record has been pretty much missing in action.

So locals have had to turn to – of all things – their televisions to learn interesting details about the case. Things like the recent Fox 4 News piece about a dude named Justin Baker who broke into Jungerman’s abandoned building five years back and found himself on the receiving end of a load of buckshot courtesy of the baby furniture maker.

“I don’t have vengeful feelings towards the guy or anything but to do what he did is just excessive, you know,” Baker told Fox 4.

“Baker says he was in the warehouse standing on a shelf that his uncle was holding steady, when he saw Jungerman walk through the door with a shotgun.

“With his hands up, Baker describes the moment he saw Jungerman, ‘I can see him like this, but I am not wanting to move because I don’t want to spook him. But, I can see out of my peripheral, as he comes up, he raises his shotgun up and that is the last I saw.’

“The first blast hit Baker’s uncle, and the second one took Baker down.” Continue reading

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Glazer: Dear Carl, We Miss Ya, Babe!

Once upon a time, former KC Chiefs general manager Carl Peterson practically ruled Kansas City…

He ran all things Chiefs for 20 years – from 1989 – 2008. And give the man credit, he sold out Arrowhead every week from 1990-2008. He hired head coaches Marty Scottenheimer, Gunther Cunningham, Dick Vermeil and Herm Edwards. And the team was 176-141-1 during Carl’s tenure.

The stadium got remodeled; the Chiefs became a regular in the post seasons and Carl found big stars like Joe Montana, Marcus Allen, Derrick Thomas, Neil Smith and Tony Gonzales.

Simply put Carl put the Chiefs back on the map after nearly 20 years of losing seasons.

Peterson fell out of favor with Clark Hunt after his father passed away. In part due to failure to win in the post season with a record of 3-9 in the playoffs and only one AFC title game that the Chiefs lost.

And make no mistake, Carl was not the easiest man to get along with.

He had a reputation of being, uh, difficult and was hard on those he had run-ins with.

I should know.

When I ran Stanford’s in Westport and was asked to do the Chiefs pep rallies I had to deal with Carl. Oh boy.

At first we got along until the events got so big and became a major press event.

We took over Red Fridays which had not been a big deal before Westport held the events outdoors. Bill Nigro and my staff did all of them from 1994-98.

But when the crowds grew to 20,000 plus, Carl began to turn on me.

He wanted total control of the awards and who was on the stage from players to celebrities.

In 1995 I chose the all time best Chiefs awards: Len Dawson quarterback, Bobby Bell best defender, Jan Stenerud best kicker so on.

Carl was on stage with Lamar Hunt and myself when I was bringing them to the stage to receive their plaques and Peterson was pissed cause he wanted different players given the awards than I chose. Like Derrick Thomas for best linebacker over Bobby Bell and Joe Montana over Len Dawson. I didn’t agree and the hate game was on.

Carl didn’t want Westport to have Red Fridays anymore and moved it to the River Market.

There he made it a family event = no more Playmates, movie stars, comics or Navy Seals dropping from the sky…instead they had a petting zoo and just players being introduced as well as Chiefs Cheerleaders on stage.

Westport decided to keep the event and Hearne dubbed it Outlaw Red Friday.

Carl was pissed when our events had thousand and his had just  a few hundred and only few of the players. Whereas Westport got all the players – even Joe Montana.

Peterson then asked players not to go to Westport – especially Stanford’s. Needless to say our brief friendship ended badly. We did Red Fridays until the Chiefs fell apart in 1998 and the crowds dropped off. Until recently they’ve never been as big a deal since. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: Ulterior Motives Engulf ‘Orient Express’

Fans of classic thrillers rejoice!

Producer, director and co-star Kenneth Branagh have revisited Agatha Christie‘s best loved murder mystery.

MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS is a clever tale of colorful characters all of them suspect on one of the world’s most luxurious trains. It happens when one of the passengers is killed in his compartment as the train speeds through the night.

Making matters worse is that the Orient Express gets stalled in a major snow drift.

Against that backdrop ace detective Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) employs his masterful deductive, whodunnit skills. It’s one man’s race against time to solve the puzzle before yet another potential murder goes down on the rails.

The 1974 version of the movie starred among others Albert Finney, Lauren Bacall, Martin Balsam, Sean Connery, Jacqueline Bisset, Ingrid Bergman and Anthony Perkins and was directed by Sidney Lumet.

I believe it’s fair to suggest that Branagh has done a credible job in re-staging the mystery complete with its funky conclusion. Continue reading

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Concerned Citizen: Anonymous Reader Weighs in on Tom Pickert Slaying

Kansas City’s biggest mystery: Who shot and killed lawyer Tom Pickert on the front porch of his Brookside home…

Two weeks have passed since a white van was seen outside Pickert’s home and a dude seen leaving the scene of the crime is thought to have murdered the local attorney who had recently procured a $6.75 million judgement for a homeless dude who had been shot by baby furniture builder David Jungerman. Jungerman was questioned by police and released and since then mum’s been the word…until now.

That’s because a reader identifying him or herself as “Concerned Citizen” contacted KC Confidential with the following:

“Jungerman tried to pay the second homeless guy to lie and say that the first homeless guy was charging at him. The second homeless guy refused the money and testified against Jungerman. Both homeless men were outside of the building when he fired five shots; three hitting the mark. The judge presiding over the case was able to put two and two together and sealed the records from the case. Looking down the road, I surmise it is also to limit potential jury bias when Jungerman is charged. This would negate a possible appeal, once he is convicted.

“It is unfortunate, with as many murders that happen in Kansas City MO, that higher socioeconomic areas such as Brookside would receive a higher profile and priority. However, this is the reality and you better believe an arrest will be made in this case. The police came out and said that the public has nothing to fear as this was a targeted shooting. Tom Pickert was a good man and if anyone other than Jungerman had motive to kill him, they would have done so sooner than the day after Jungerman had levies served against several pieces of real estate owned by him.

“Jungerman is a complete crook. He is trying to hide his assets and monies so he does not have to pay the poor man whose leg he took. If responding to an alarm at his EMPTY warehouse by charging down there with two pistols AND an AK47 rifle only to unleash a five bullet barrage on the first homeless guy he sees OUTSIDE of the warehouse is not the sign of a trigger happy maniac, I do not know what is. Jungerman has a long history of violence and threatening violence. The police are going to arrest and charge him before all is said and done. Continue reading

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Glazer: Chiefs Super Bowl Dreams Die In Dallas!

A slightly above average Dallas Cowboys team set the Kansas City Chiefs straight on what’s what in the NFL…

The Chiefs ain’t no Super Bowl anything, the Cowboys said while shoving KC’s overmatched team all over the field. Dallas handed the Chiefs its 3rd loss in four games to end any pretend hopes of being a big time post season anything.

Chiefs fans learned the hard way that not only does our defense stink, but our once high scoring offense has run out of gas as well.

The reality is we just don’t have many talented players on either side of the ball.

Not only that, we have very few young guys on the rise where it counts.

Our running game is back to being nothing as Kareem Hunt‘s numbers prove. Its over, he’s over. Hunt had just over 40 yards against the lowly Broncos last week and this week less than 40 on the ground. He’s looking more like a bust than MVP or Rookie of the Year.


Kareem is at best an average NFL running back.

Travis Kelce did his disappearing act again.

Kelce did have one huge (kidding) 2 yard TD reception and 70 yards in that mattered little.

When needed Kelce was on vacation as usual.

Our only superstar is TYREEK HILL

And he proved his value with a last second run to the end zone on a short throw from Alex Smith to end the first half and keep us in the game…barely.

From there KC stunk it up and got waxed in the second half.

I know I have little good to say, but… Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Ventures Out on Another Limb

Kansas has improved slightly and has a real chance to win their first Big 12 game since John Kennedy was president…

Uh well, maybe not quite that far back. However KU could beat a fading 0-8 Baylor and perhaps save their coach’s job for another year.

And Missouri Is actually a one point favorite over Florida. Oh my lord, a win here a and a couple more (which are possible) would put lowly MU in a shmo bowl. Nice upgrade.

K-State is done for this season – just not good enough to get six wins and a shmo bowl.

So go MU and KU have a great weekend and let your fans have some rare smiles.

The NFL is just a real mess, huh?

ACL injuries are ruling the league today with Houston’s Watson going down like our Eric Berry with a torn ACL and out the rest of this season. Hey Watson had one on his other knee in college, maybe thats why the Chiefs passed on him and took Pat Mahomes…hmmm.

Remember with two knee operations even though he is young, it will effect his career, more than likely slowing him down a bit and ending his playing days early with another injury. That’s a shame. Watson clearly was going to be rookie of the year and had a shot at MVP if he could bring the Texan’s to a division title and then some – he sure had the talent.

Dallas got their super star running back handed to them for Sunday, so it’s a very uphill battle for KC in Dallas.

This will be a keep away game for the Chiefs: can we score early, keep a lead by keeping the ball for long drives, somehow slow their running game down and get Kareem Hunt picking up some badly needed short runs of 4,5 and 6 yards per carry.

I hope Chiefs coach Andy Reid involves Tyreek Hill much more in the backfield. PLEASE – seriously – give him the ball on jet sweeps not fakes and play fake to Hunt on first downs.

And throw to our only two receivers Hill and Travis Kelce downfeild.

If I had to bet on the game I would have to take Dallas at home.

However, I’ll say Chiefs 31-Cowboys 24. PLEASE. Continue reading

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Glazer: There is After All Life After Football, Chiefs Fans

Some of you are old enough to remember those early Chiefs days in Kansas City…

My dad took me to games when the Chiefs got here in 1963, I was a little kid and didn’t understand the game at all, but I learned fast and became a huge fan by the time KC was in that first Super Bowl in 1966.

Nobody much in my school cared about the Chiefs back then. They were not a big deal at all.

It was even hard to read much on them in the newspaper and just here and there in Sports Illustrated. By the time the Chiefs reached Super Bowl some people in KC were pretty into it, but nothing like today.

A couple years later I went to a party after the game outdoors near the Plaza and maybe 5,000 fans were there…AFTER WE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP.

Boy how things have changed, huh?

Our Red Fridays in Westport had bigger crowds than the Super Bowl bash of 1970.

The Chiefs and the Raiders ruled the AFL and the early AFC.

The teams hated each other and those games were THE Sunday afternoon delight of the late 60’s and early 70’s.

The Chiefs were of course led by Len Dawson, Otis Taylor and defenders like Bobby Bell and Johnny Robinson. We were always one player away from winning it all until we found cornerback James Marcellus in 1969. He was the one guy needed to give us a championship, put us over the top. He’s now forgotten by most fans sadly.

Who can save our Chiefs today? Continue reading

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Hearne: Brookside Shooting Death Remains a Whodunnit

David Jungerman

Where’s the beef?

One full week after 39 year old KC attorney Tom Pickert was gunned down on the front porch of his Brookside home by a dude some of his neighbors thought fled in a van owned by 79 year-old baby furniture bigwig David Jungerman.

Yet while what may appear to be a case of two plus two, may not in real life add up to four.

We soon shall see.

Meanwhile, there certainly are some interesting coincidences and connections.

For example, Pickert was the attorney who represented an elderly homeless dude who lost a leg courtesy of Jungerman’s unleashing his AK47 assault rifle on him. That after two homeless gents broke into one of Jungerman’s buildings.

Pickert prevailed at a civil trial against Jungerman this past summer garnering judgments to the tune of $5 million in punitive and $750,000 in compensatory damages.

“That’s pretty intense for punitive damages,” says one legal expert. “I mean, to get a $5 million punitive judgement – and my God, those kind of compensatory damages – the jury was really trying to send him a message. You never know if the jury didn’t like (Jungerman but)…he sure didn’t win any points with them.”

Still Jungerman was protecting his reportedly “empty warehouse” and wasn’t charged with a crime.

So why the big money hit in the civil case?

“You never know what exactly came out in testimony,” says the source. “Was it excessive force? Did (the homeless dude) really threaten (Jungerman) – was he in danger? But if he was, the jury probably wouldn’t have given such a large judgement. You know there are two homeless people there and he goes apeshit with an AK47.

“It wasn’t like they had broken into his home and threatened him physically. They broke into his business and he gets in his car  with an assault rifle without calling the police and goes after them.”

For the uninformed, an AK47 is a gas powered rifle developed in the Soviet Union capable of firing at a combat rate in bursts of 100 rounds per minute.

As for Jungerman, from the get go, he appeared determined not to lose this case, says the source. 

“He represented himself for a long time. Then he went through a couple of attorneys…And in the initial lawsuit they only asked for $100,000 plus costs. Which makes it interesting because it raises the question of why Jungerman didn’t settle the case before it went to trial?”

To that point…

“There are some clients who absolutely refuse to settle a case – they think they’re entitled. And sometimes an attorney says, ‘This is what they should do’ and the client says no. Then the attorney says, “Well then you need to get another attorney’ and the client fires them. And that appears to be the case here.”

The court seized Jungerman’s real estate on October 16th – just days before Pickert’s  shooting.

So what kind of guy is Jungerman? Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Bad Moms’ Take On ‘Thor’ & Company

The box office Thor, that is…

No doubt about who is going to win the movie ticket race this weekend, but don’t underestimate Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn and Kristen Bell as they are about to tackle the most wonderful time of the year.

That is until their mothers (Christine Baranski, Cheryl Hines and Susan Sarandon) enter their daughter’s holiday zones bringing a whole lot of crazy and anxiety.

And while the 2016 original was a box office hit, I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that this sequel is an even better movie.

Sure it slows down a bit in places, but then it picks itself right back up for more laugh-out-loud dialogue and scenes.

Is it rude and crude?

Let’s just say that it more than earns its R rating on many levels.

A BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS is obviously targeted to female audiences.

But guess what? Our screening crowd yukked it up on both sides of the great sexual divide—and deservedly so. Continue reading

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Lefsetz: The Miracle of Baseball & the World Series

It ain’t over til it’s over…

That’s the defining characteristic of baseball. There’s no garbage time, no running out of the clock. Until the final out is made, the other team can always win.

There was football when I grew up. I remember listening to the championship game in my mother’s Ford Falcon – where you could play the radio without the key (and also run down the battery!) – on a frigid December day while my father did business in Bridgeport.

The Giants lost.

Did you see Y.A. Tittle passed? He was a star before the perks, when in the off-season you sold cars or insurance. He was not for everybody, just those paying attention. He was not Mickey Mantle.

Mantle was our hero.

With the backstory of osteomyelitis, the knee injury sustained on a drain in the outfield. He hit from both sides and smiled and might strike out vociferously and valiantly, but oftentimes he connected, and what a sweet sound and sight that was.

Back when you knew all the players. Yogi behind the plate. Moose on first. Bobby Richardson, the choirboy, on second. Roger Maris in right. Whitey on the mound. It was an all star team before free agency.

And you counted on them making the World Series.

Expansion was new.

Ten teams per division? Sure, we went to the Mets games, but that was just for fun, to see them lose. When they got Seaver and succeeded in ’69 it truly was a miracle, unbelievable, a sports story that left New York gobsmacked.

This was when the Yankees had faded.

But I was still a fan. Continue reading

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Glazer: Same Old, Same Old Chiefs…Too bad, So Sad

The good news: the Chiefs are 6 and 2 tied for best record in AFC…

So if it ended today they would be the No. 2 seed like last year with a home game in the playoffs. Last night the Chiefs beat the Broncos 29-19 at Arrowhead.

The Chief’s defense got five turnovers including a strip fumble touchdown by the team’s only real super star on defense, Marcus Peters. Peters also had an INT.

So the team ends its losing streak at two.

Travis Kelce had the lone offensive touchdown and was the entire offense for KC with over 100 yards in the air. Alex Smith still has no INT’S  and could break the NFL record next week if he doesn’t throw one. Smith now has just over 2000 yards passing – his best start ever.

So are we happy Chiefs fans? Uh, no.

Now the bad news. Continue reading

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Glazer: Chiefs Will Beat Broncos…They Better!

Kansas City has had some real problems in the team’s recent losses…

We all know their defense is near the bottom in the NFL. That’s a big problem if you want to be in a Super Bowl.

The hidden problem though is KC’s offense.

While the Chiefs are second in the league in offense, lately there have been issues. First and perhaps most important, a horrid offensive line led by first round bust Eric Fisher.

Sorry Eric, nice guy…too nice for the NFL, just not tough enough.

When Fisher isn’t letting defenders blast past him to hit Alex Smith, he’s being penalized for holding or movement before the snap. He’s a real problem.

Second and sadly, Kareem Hunt, the Chiefs and NFL’s leading rusher by yardage only, has been doing worse and worse each week. No more 100 plus yard rushing games for three weeks. Yes, in last week’s loss to Oakland he was in the low 90’s but his short yardage pickups late in the game are gone.

One reason the Chiefs offense stunk last year was no rushing game, no short yard pick ups except by the quarterback on rare occasion.

Now we’re in the same boat with no short yard back we can count on to end a game. Hunt lately is a now show on those important runs. He needs to get going again this week against the league’s best defense.

Denver quarterback Trevor Siemian  has been off his game lately.

The Broncos defeated the Cowboys in game two 42-17, but since have had no offense. The Broncos have had 16 points or less the last four games. losing three of them. Last week they were shut out. Here’s a chance for the Chiefs defense to get well, playing a weak offense at home.  Continue reading

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