Hearne: What’s in a Name?

Mark Zeiman & Wife

Remember that childhood limerick about sticks and stones?

Given my high profile and penchant for flirting with controversy, I’ve fielded my fair share of verbal abuse.

Big surprise, right?

That said, this is no business for the faint of heart.

Not that they’re aren’t a lot of thin-skins in the game though, like former Star editor and publisher Mark Zeiman.

The Z Man could dish it out with the best, but when it came to criticism – especially that of a public nature – he was weak as a kitten.

I remember him telling me no way would he return former Pitch editor C.J. Janovy’s call because he knew she was gonna stick it to him.

I, on the other hand figured that since Zeiman made his living forcing other people to walk the plank, why should he duck public scrutiny?

But that’s just me.

I remember in 2008 when Zeiman told Star editor Mike Fannin to have me quit my weekly paid appearances on the 710 KCMO host Chris Stigall’s radio show.

The reason being, Stigall had KC Mayor Mark Funkhouser on every week who routinely went after Zeiman and his controversial/goofy wife as payback for the Star’s abusive coverage of Funk’s controversial wife Gloria.

Guess what?

I didn’t and shortly thereafter found himself on the chopping block of a massive layoff.

Go figure.

The bottom line: the writers and editors at the Star live in one of KC’s biggest glass houses (literally) and love to dish it out – yet with rare exception – they’re the least capable of taking it.

The other day I basically outed Star librarian-turned reader’s rep-turned editorial board member Derek Donovan. Continue reading

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Sutherland: KC Mayor Funk’s Wife Gloria Unleashes


Hearne asked me to review Gloria Squitiro‘s new book “May Cause Drowsiness and Blurred Vision.

It’s the first volume of the memoirs by the wife of Mark Funkhauser (hereinafter  “Funk”), the Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri from 2007 to 2011.

Gloria-like Cher, Beyoncé, Madonna and other superstars-needs no last name.

She is, after all, famous for two things: 1) a flamboyant, outsize personality and 2) being barred from going to her husband’s office in City Hall because she freely expressed said personality while serving as a unpaid adviser and chief-of-staff to said husband.

The first volume of a projected series, however, is almost entirely taken up with her account of a nine week European vacation Gloria took with her family in 2006, before her husband’s election.

The trip was complicated by two factors going in.

It was paid for by a teaching fellowship from the Institute of Internal Auditors. (Funk was the long time city Auditor.)

This meant Gloria’s husband had to leave Gloria and their teenage children to periodically go teach auditing techniques in Europe, away from where his family was staying.

The other complication was that Gloria’s elderly father was suffering from Alzheimer’s and his health was declining rapidly at the time plans for the trip were being finalized.

Gloria and her mother and siblings had agreed among themselves that if anything happened to her father while she was on her trip she was not expected to ruin the vacation of a lifetime by rushing home.

Gloria and Funk had an understanding that they would have to be apart at times during their European sojourn so he could pay for the extended stay by his teaching gigs. (The trip ended up costing $90,000.00)

Guess what?

Her father did die and her family withheld it from her until several weeks after the funeral. She learned of his death while she and her children were staying in France and Funk was teaching in Sweden.

This precipitated an outburst of coruscating rage, at her family for withholding the word of her father’s death and at her husband for not being there to comfort her at the time she learned of it. Never mind that she’d agreed that both these eventualities might well happen and decided to go on the trip anyhow.

Fully half of the book is devoted to this paradoxical angsting.

The rest of the book is largely taken up with Ms. Squitiro’s quarrels with other people during her trip. These include landlords, neighbors, trades people, cab drivers, waiters, restaurant owners, fellow passengers on a cruise ship, and the parents of her children’s’ friends -in  short, with every species of humanity she encountered on the trip in addition to every member of her own extended family.

I realize many people find the spectacle of bitter discord wacky/amusing.

Color me WASP but I find it exhausting. 

I won’t even comment on some of the more shocking disclosures in the book. Continue reading

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Hearne: Star Gets ‘Catty” Over LGBT Hit Job on Conservative Speaker @ UMKC

Michael Knowles

Imagine being in a relationship with someone on the Kansas City Star editorial board…

No matter what the topic, they’re always right. For each and every issue that makes the news, they and they alone know the answers.

And who doesn’t like being treated to daily doses of finger wagging?

Case in point, the recent unsigned “editorial” trashing highly regarded conservative columnist and honors Yale grad Michael Knowles speech at UMKC.

“At UMKC, a D-List conservative was sad to be squirted with the makings of a bubble bath,” reads the headline.

Talk about “catty,” it reads more like a high school hit job than a newspaper editorial.

“OK, so that wasn’t bleach that one of a handful of protesters squirted on a D-list conservative speaker at a poorly attended event at UMKC…” it begins. “Video of it shows rows and rows of empty seats at (Knowles) talk ‘Men Are Not Women.'”

Hey, nice put down!

That said, the editorial ran unsigned – which all things considered was kin of gutless – but I can tell you from experience, they’re generally written by a single writer.

For example in the not too distant past, it wasn’t hard to tell the editorials written by longtime former Star firebrand Yael Abouhalkah.

Now I’m going to inch out on a limb and tell you that the betting money on who authored this snidely snipe was Star librarian-turned editorial also ran Derek Donovan.

That’s right, because Donovan – who is gay and a huge David Bowie devotee – has the thinnest skin of anybody I ever worked with at the newspaper. Continue reading

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New Jack City: Remember the Good Old Days of Film?

What goes around comes around…

Seems like only yesterday theaters proclaimed in newspaper directory ads that certain movies showing in their multiplexes would be presented in the “revolutionary new” digital format.

(We still HAD newspaper movie ads back then.)

It was definitely an expensive transformation process for the industry.

Then before we knew it just about every major theater complex—with the assistance of the Hollywood studios—had converted to digital to the estimated tune of $100,000.- per auditorium.

A benefit for the distributors?

Which eliminated the lab costs of striking 35mm film prints, n expense which could run between $1,200.- and $1,600.- PER.

Savings to exhibitors included the cost of shipping these film prints as well as building them up and eventually tearing down the movies again in their projection booths.

The big plus for moviegoers, of course, was–and continues to be—a pristine screen presentation. No scratches, dirt,  bad splices or out of frames scenes to suffer through.

In other words the superb visual quality of “AVENGERS: ENDGAME” you saw on opening night will look and play exactly alike for weeks to come on that same screen. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Long Shot’—A Fractured Fairytale

“LONG SHOT” is a rom-com, political fantasy/satire…

She is a presidential hopeful. He is her speech writer.

So far, so good.

But you just know with Seth Rogen in the mix there’s probably more to it—and there is!

Rogen is really a loudmouth, left-wing (and now unemployed) journalist.

Charleze Theron is the current Secretary of State running for President.

You guessed it, the two run into each other only to find they have something really weird in common.

Seems that many moons ago, Theron was briefly Rogen’s babysitter. And he had a big crush on her back then.

One problem: In Madam Secretary’ s run for the Oval Office her speeches lack spice and are just too lame.

So before you know it, she hires Rogen to punch-up her campaign speeches and materials. Continue reading

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Hearne: Lawrence Journal World Death March Picks Up Speed


The painfully long slide of Lawrence Journal World took a giant leap last weekend…

From appearances, the 108 year -old newspaper of record for Lawrence – proud home of the University of Kansas and its Jayhawk sports teams – is hanging by a thread.

Over the past weekend its remaining die hard survivors suffered the indignity of an embarrassing move from the Journal World‘s proud, high profile home in downtown Lawrence to a cheesy, nondescript strip center just off Interstate 70.

No longer will its reporters and interns freely roam the heart of the city by foot as it has for decades. Instead they’ll have to drive for miles from an industrial area near the city’s outskirts and play parking meter poker with shoppers and KU students.

It’s been a downhill trajectory for the Journal World since hiring me briefly to write a weekly column in 2012 until it was unloaded three years ago by publisher Dolph Simons, Jr.

Most halfway high profile writers and editors have quietly gone for dirt naps or fled to faraway cities like Boston. Continue reading

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Hearne: ‘Tyreek Hill Ranks Among Biggest Draft Busts of All-Time’

Try this one on for size…

Disgraced Chiefs bad boy Tyreek Hill was one of the worst draft picks ever.

That according to recently departed Lawrence Journal World sports editor Tom Keegan

Amazing how sports media suck ups can suddenly grow a pair when freed of the obligation to write home team schmooze stories. The odds of Keegan nailing KC’s hallowed Chiefs to the wall the past several years when he was passing out attaboys in Lawrence:

Would you believe, zero?

Ah, but now that Keegan is safely ensconced in Bean Town – home of Chiefs rivals Tom Brady and the New England Patriots – he flat laid the pipe to KC’s favorite sports franchise.

“NFL doesn’t need once convicted, twice accused talent in its ranks,” shouts another headline above Keegan’s column in the Boston Herald.

“Every list of NFL draft busts brims with quarterbacks chosen in the first round: Rick Mirer, Heath Shuler, Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, Vince Young, JaMarcus Russell, Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel,” Keegan begins. “The misses never stop.

“But not all the worst picks in NFL history were taken on the first day. Sometimes they’re selected in the fifth round, even though the scouting reports scream to run in the other direction as fast as possible.”

To wit:

Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill, a first-round talent taken in the fifth round, was one of the worst picks in the history of an NFL draft loaded with bad choices.”

Hold it right there… Continue reading

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Hearne: Fix Is In On Chiefs ‘Gangsta’ Culture

Newest Chief Frank Clark’s domestic violence mugshot

We’re starting to find out how Clark Hunt’s Chiefs differ from father Lamar’s.

And judging from the way the team has spent the past month tap dancing around facing up to the obvious sins of Tyreek Hill times have big time changed.

The bottom line being the home team is more interested in cashing in on a Super Bowl than setting anything akin to amoral examples.

And hats off to KCTV for its intrepid reporting that did not require ad nauseam reminders that they’d scored some minor scoop..

In direct contrast to the Kansas City Star’s endless reminding readers they were first to report incidental details of Hill’s transgressions – transgressions that paled in comparison Channel 5’s monster scoop busting Hill for threatening the mother of his abused three year-old son in a Dubai airport.

And while the newspaper has done a decent job of guilt tripping the Chiefs, they’ve stopped short of calling out team management.

Where are the tough questions, putting the team and owner Clark Hunt on the record for beating around the bush and hiding in the shadows for weeks, hoping Hunt might somehow dodge the bullet.

And don’t forget, Kansas weak-as-a-kitten child abuse laws still could give Hill an ungraceful out.

So are the Chiefs still looking for excuses to give Hill a zillion dollar contract?

You have to wonder…

Because when it comes to learning from past mistakes, the Chiefs are brutally bad. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Avengers: Endgame’—Climax to Decade of Marvel

So here it is, finally….

The conclusion to one of filmdom’s most successful superhero series ever.

But is it really the end?

There really isn’t a blatant sign to that effect in “AVENGERS: ENDGAME”—not to mention that this is Disney movie making and marketing at its best.

Reviewing this juggernaut of a superhero movie isn’t exactly the easiest task for a critic.

Especially if one wants to honor co-directors Anthony and Joe Russo’s request of not spoiling the comings and goings in this “unprecedented narrative mosaic spanning eleven years and eleven franchises.”

So I won’t do it here except to tell you,  it works!

“ENDGAME” is the epic showdown in Marvel’s cinematic universe and delivers on just about all fronts.

You will recall that after the devastating events of “INFINITY WAR” the universe laid in ruins. But now with the help of the remaining allies, the Avengers assemble once more to undo intergalactic titan Thano’s (Josh Brolin) devious actions and finally restore order to the universe.

“We are the Avengers—not Preventers!”

So welcome to the Avengers time machine as we reconnect to Marvel’s long list of participants who have shaped its heritage. Continue reading

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Hearne: Chiefs Continue to Tap Dance on Tyreek Hill Controversy

Local media jock sniffers gave the Chiefs a slap on the hand when they drafted Tyreek Hill

After which they spent the better part of past two seasons pretending everything was fine and dandy – that Hill was a changed man – and celebrating his spectacular on field accomplishments.

Unfortunately that’s not how things tend to go with women beaters and domestic abusers

“In discussing why abusers abuse , it’s clear that a lot of the causal factors behind these behaviors are learned attitudes and feelings of entitlement and privilege — which can be extremely difficult to truly change,” according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline. “Because of this, there’s a very low percentage of abusers who truly do change their ways.”

Got that, a “very low percentage” change their lowdown ways.

Even when they happen to be National Football League superstars. Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Dems Face Uphill Climb Against Trump

I saw Mayor Pete on CBS Sunday Morning…

I was not impressed.

Actually, this is the first time I’ve watched the show. And now I get it, it’s appointment television for those who still remember appointment television. Oldsters. Youngsters expect the world to operate on their own schedule, on demand.

I’ve got nothing against Pete Buttigieg – it’s just that he lacks EXPERIENCE!

There used to be two threads in the music business:

Overnight sensation pop stars proffered by the major labels and radio and acts which practiced, rehearsed, wrote their own songs and made it over time.

Now we primarily have the former. Overnight sensations. Who we’re supposed to give credence to because they are young.

Let’s take 17 year-old Billie Eilish.

The youngest performer we had in the classic rock era was there 16 year-old Peter Noone, aka Herman. It was believed you had to have experience, you had to have lived in order to have something to say, in order to be great.

Let’s be honest, America has lived through a tech revolution the past 30 years.

And most Baby Boomers are not up to speed.

They can post to Facebook, they can iMessage, but they don’t know how the software works. As a matter of fact, they’re still into hardware and gadgets.

Whereas youngsters have grown up in an era of no tech help – where you figure it out by yourself and the landscape always changes. The youngsters don’t know everything, but they ride the tiger, unlike the ignorant congressman who complained to the Google exec that his iPhone didn’t work properly. The answer was obvious, it’s a different OS, Android vs. iOS, but this oldster didn’t get it.

And Joe Biden doesn’t get it.

He doesn’t realize that unwanted touch is taboo – he’s just saying he didn’t mean it, and that it was meaningless. Kinda like someone who employs epithets against blacks and Jews and claims as an excuse that they’ve never met one before.

And Bernie Sanders has experience, but he’s old too.

Let’s be honest, if you’re in Congress you don’t have time to play Fortnite – you’re so busy you oftentimes don’t know how the world truly works. You’re aware of the big concepts, but not the little events that burgeon and change society.

So where do we go from here?

Somehow, experience has been denigrated, and fresh and new exalted. Continue reading

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Chuck: As the World Turns

The Mueller Report will move no needles in either Democrat or Republican silos…

Places where long standing biases are life sustaining sustenance.

Case in point, approximately 30% of the country thinks anti-Trump Dem Adam Schiff is Diogenes and disgraced MSNBC anchor Brian Williams the last honest man in America.

Another 30% think House Republican (and pro Trump guy) Devin Nunes should be canonized in the ruins of Notre Dame…right after fired FBI head James Comey and twin CNN flaks – former CIA head John Brennan and former director of national intelligence James Clapper are burned at the stake.

There’s just no convincing anyone on the far left or right that ANYTHING has changed.

The far lefters still believe Trump and Putin are BFF’s forever. Continue reading

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Hearne: Lax Kansas Child Abuse Laws May Benefit Tyreek Hill, Chiefs

More evidence that the Star is dragging its feet on the Tyreek Hill child abuse investigation…

The following headline from the local newspaper’s sister daily in Wichita:=

“Kansas uses more rigorous evidence standard for child abuse than other states.”

“Kansas is the only state in the country that requires clear and convincing evidence to substantiate an allegation of child abuse or neglect,” the Wichita Eagle reported five years back. “That standard could be putting children at risk, some in the child welfare field say.”

Which may explain Kansas Department for Children and Families and the Chiefs foot dragging on Tyreek Hill’s three year-old son’s child abuse investigation.

“No other state requires such a high burden of proof, according to Child Maltreatment 2012, a study by the Administration for Children and Families, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. A survey of states found that most use a preponderance of evidence, a less rigorous standard in which evidence shows it is more likely than not that abuse or neglect occurred.”

Until 2004, Kansas also used the preponderance of evidence standard.

No mas.

“Since then, it has required clear and convincing evidence that an alleged perpetrator’s actions or inactions meet the legal definition of abuse or neglect,” the Eagle reported.

“It is concerning,” Diana Schunn, executive director of the Child Advocacy Center of Sedgwick County, said of the higher standard now in place. “It seems odd to me that all of the investigation and services that are done are focused on the child and when we get to the finding, that focuses on the offender and not so much on the safety of the child,” she added.

 Short story long: If indeed Hill is allegedly guilty of abusing his young son, he could not have picked a better state than the great state of Kansas. Continue reading

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Hearne: Which is Faster, Child Abuse Investigation or NFL Whitewash?

Maybe  it’s me…

But it sure seems like a more timely deliberation on a child abuse investigation by a known woman beater like Tyreek Hill could go down a little quicker than well over a month.

If for no other reason than to make sure that Hill’s three year-old son with the newly broken arm (from the woman Hill so beat the holy heck out of a few years back when he played for Oklahoma State) doesn’t suffer any further injuries.

Especially given that two – not one – incidents resulted in police being called.

“The first incident occurred March 5 when Overland Park police were called due to a report of child abuse or neglect at home, KCTV News 5 reported Friday. Hill’s name was apparently listed on the report and the case was closed three days later when no one pressed charges against Hill,” reports Fox News.

“Police were then called to the same Kansas home Thursday to investigate a battery against a juvenile, according to KCTV News 5. Hill’s name wasn’t listed on the second police report, according to the station.

“A source familiar with the second incident told the Kansas City Star the incident resulted from the son breaking his arm. Hill’s fiancée, Crystal Espinal, was reportedly listed as ‘others involved’ on the police report. The Kansas Department of Children and Families told the paper it was investigating as well.”

Espinal you may recall was Hill’s girlfriend that he kicked and hit in a fit of rage while she was pregnant with the toddler son now with the broken arm.

The $64 million question: why is it taking so long to make a determination as to what the Chiefs superstar did or did not do?

Might it be because everybody involved – the Chiefs, police and area child services – are reluctant to pull the plug on what  some suspect may be the team’s first Super Bowl in decades? Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘The Best Of Enemies’ Pits Black Against Wrong!

Did we not see this one before?

It sure would seem that way. Especially following last year’s ‘BLACKKKLANSMAN’ and ‘GREEN BOOK’.

But ‘THE BEST OF ENEMIES’ stands on its own two feet. And just as the other two films is also inspired by true events.

The setting here is Durham, NC circa 1971.

The town is still very much segregated and making no bones about it.

Against that backdrop racist gas station operator C.P. Ellis also serves as leader of the local chapter of the Klan which is still in recruiting mode. He is played by Sam Rockwell.

On the other side of the tracks is outspoken civil rights activist Ann Atwater played to the hilt by Taraji P. Henson. She is the only real force to stand up to the KKK’s local evil of just about everything.

And when the ‘black’ elementary school is severely damaged by a fire she sets all out for school integration—to educate the kids all under one roof.

But how to get it done? Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: Disney Soars With ‘DUMBO’ Reboot

‘DUMBO’—what can I tell you?

It’s a beautifully staged and photographed (i.e. filmed) LIVE-Action, family fantasy movie that should please audiences of ALL ages. Parents and/or grandparents taking the kids to see it will enjoy it as well.

Imagine that.

Because it’s got heart and soul.

Disney’s well oiled revival machine didn’t skimp on anything here.

It’s all up there on the big screen.

In all fairness I must admit to never having seen the original animated ‘DUMBO’ which Disney first released some 78 years ago in 1941. So my expectations were obviously in pretty low gear.

But the Mouse-House’s business plan of re-imagining  almost all of the studio’s classic animated hits into new live action adventures should propel ‘DUMBO’ to fly high this weekend at the box office.

The storyline really hasn’t changed that much. It is still basically about a young elephant born with giant-sized ears that enable him to fly and help save a struggling circus in the process, eventually landing at the glitzy Dreamland Amusement Park. (Disneyworld, anyone?)

There is of course, much more to the dramatic story setting under the big top. Continue reading

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Sutherland: The Best of Times, Worst of Times: A Tale of Two Hollywoods

Time flies when you’re having fun…

Reading the novels of Anthony Trollope, an English writer of the 19th century, one is struck by how different society is nowadays from his era. 

It’s actually not that remote in time from our own.

Let me explain.

As a small child in 1957, I remember visiting my great-grandmother in an old folks’ home.

Born in 1862, she was already an adult when Trollope died so she may have read his books as a contemporary author, especially since his books were so popular in the U.S.

Despite the overlap of this single lifetime, despite all the recognizable institutions which are outwardly the same; i.e. the business world, the realm of the professions, the two party political system, schools and universities, churches, charities, etc., to read Trollope is to enter a lost world.

It is familiar as far as its outward trappings go, but the mindset of those who lived then would be bewildering to most of us nowadays.

Though human nature has not changed how people want to be perceived, how they judge themselves has.

For example, what has been dismissed as Victorian prudery or hypocrisy is simply a very real understanding of how one’s reputation could be compromised with terrible consequences. Thus people might not always behave but at least they tried to be discrete, i.e. they didn’t flaunt bad behavior.

You don’t have to go back to the 1880’s when Trollope died, however, to be struck by the contrast between how people felt they should lead their lives, then and now.

This realization of radical change in society can be found in a much more compressed time frame, i.e. in a single generation.  

I recently watched two Hollywood movies on Turner Classic Movies (TCM), both reflective of the times they were made. Even though they were only 30 years apart, they seem as remote from each other as if they were from different countries in different centuries. 

The first was 1935’s “A Tale of Two Cities,” based on Charles Dickens’s masterpiece about the French Revolution. Set during the Terror, when “The Committee of Public Safety.” decreed who would live or die depending on  class background (Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, call your office!), it starred two British acting greats in the roles of their lifetimes. Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Life Goes On After Mueller Report

It doesn’t matter…

It’s kinda like hip-hop. You either love it or hate it and there’s no track that’s gonna change your mind.

That’s America in 2019. Polarized.

But it’s even worse. Not only are we on two sides, we can’t even agree on the rules.

One side watches Fox and reads Breitbart and the Daily Caller and the other watches MSNBC and reads the New York Times and Daily Kos.

We get different facts, different opinions, and we’re not about to change our minds.

It’s like one side is playing football and the other baseball.

Oh, there are those on the left saying the right is playing unfair and employing falsehoods, but their exhortations are falling on deaf ears. Nobody on the other side is listening. Although I will say for the past few decades the left has been vulnerable to the right’s criticisms, although that is changing.

So the Mueller report is out.

Sure, we felt there might be a bombshell.

But when there wasn’t, we just switched the channel, believing the report was no different from a prize fight or Evel Knievel jumping the Snake River Canyon. Endless hype, and then the event happens and we move on.

The rank and file didn’t believe Trump colluded with the Russians anyway.

They don’t perceive him to be that smart and that Machiavellian.

Trump’s like a pinball and we keep expecting the machine to tilt but he keeps bouncing off the rubber bands and bumpers, wreaking havoc, but now we’re used to it.

We’ve got outrage fatigue. Continue reading

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Hearne: Beginning of the End for Wild Bill Self, KU?

This one’s been a long time coming…

The way overdue departure of Kansas mens basketball coach Bill Self.

Self’s already squeezed big bucks – many millions – from the tiny midwestern burg of Lawrence and University of Kansas. Along the way, some would say, he’s lied and cheated his Jayhawks way into a historic win-loss record for the school.

Not to mention, humiliating his family by engaging in a high profile extramarital affair with a well known Lawrence businesswoman that became the talk of the town. Resulting in him getting booted from the family manse and  having to hole up in a high end condo for months until he could schmooze his way back into the family.

All while Self’s wife and kids – his son playing for the KU  team he coached – suffered the  consequences via public shame as he stumbled around the town in his fabled hairpiece.

Meanwhile, rumors that Self might return to his alma mater Oklahoma State or take a big bucks coaching position in the NBA swirled.

What was he waiting for? More Final Fours? Another national championship?

All of that said, KU fans and Lawrencites could not have cared less about Self’s romantic transgressions. Let alone the sneaking suspicion that many of his blue chip recruits well might have been ill gotten gain.

Nope, Self’s winning record with the Jayhawks gave students, fans and locals a reason to believe that their otherwise small time lives in flyover country actually mattered.

You know, to the people on the coasts and in larger, arguably hipper cities that routinely fell  prey to Self’s highly rated teams. He put KU and Lawrence on the map for something besides suffering a massacre and burning of the town by a rogue Confederate guerilla during the Civil War.

However, we now know that Self’s Jayhawks – slice it and dice it as you may – have been big time cheating. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: “US”—Jordan Peele Twists Nerves

Two years ago he turned the horror-genre upside down when he unleashed ‘GET OUT’ on unsuspecting moviegoers…

This week Oscar winning filmmaker Jordan Peele  attempts to up the psychological mind games with his new terrifying thrill ride simply called ‘US’.

But the less you know about his follow up, the better off you’ll be as you master the unnerving trip Jordan Peele has in store for you.

What I WILL tell you is that unlike his debut thriller in 2017, ‘US’ is not a so-called “social horror” film.

It is instead a pretty straight and inventive creation of cinematic nerve twisting with just enough comedic relief to keep things flowing on screen—as well as for its nervous audience.

‘US’ is about a well adjusted African-American family heading to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and beach for their summer vacation.

That’s where they encounter a group of mysterious strangers. Right there on the doorsteps of their vacation home.

But hold it right there! Continue reading

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