Hearne: A Shout-Out to Missing Amigos – Craig, Harley & Paul

We interrupt this super-serious column to bring you a lighthearted look back…

The recent angst filled comment by Paul Wilson – remember him, the comments dude-turned-writer-turned-expatriate – reminded me that we are approaching the one year anniversary of the passing of Craig Glazer.

Because I think it’s appropriate  at this stage of the game,to point out that the beloved comments dude who went by Harley was in fact our beloved Scribe.

As in, Craig.

You may recall that Craig pleasured himself by inventing characters with funny names to populate the comments sections that followed his KC Confidential masterpieces.

And like Paul, Craig measured his writing success by the number of online responses he got.

At one point I noticed that in looking at the IP addresses of Craig’s colorful comments crowd, that they originated in the Fairway area during the day (where he lived). And at night they came the Legends area in KCK after he migrated to Stanford & Sons comedy club.

When I confronted Craig, he reluctantly confessed.

Whereupon I busted him here on KCC for all to see; and they went away for all time, never to be heard from again.

And that was that…or so it seemed.

The dude who confounded readers (and writers) most though remained.

That of course being Harley.

And the guy Harley drove the most crazy – who actually tried to stage a writers walkout if I didn’t permanently band him – was none other than Paul Wilson.

Paul tried to enlist Dwight Sutherland and Glazer, then came to me with the threat that none of them would write for KCC unless I banned Harley.

Just one problem...

While Dwight had been savaged by Harley in a highly personal way, he wasn’t nearly as bothered by it as Paul.

Ditto for Craig, who, it now seems rather obvious, wasn’t going to quit writing over a character he himself had invented.

Which brings me to my overall point…

At this stage of the game, I think it’s time to bring in the jury and state the obvious.

Harley was Craig Glazer.

Somewhere out in the ethos, I imagine Craig is sporting a sly smile, knowing that the duality of his and Harley’s absences has now been fully realized.

I gotta hand it to him, too.

The time or two I really did think Craig and Harley were one and the same, he managed to convince me that they were not.

And sadly, now all three of KCC’s most colorful katzenjammers are missing in action:

Craig, Harley and the ever angry Paul Wilson.

Join me now, in mourning the losses of all three.

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18 Responses to Hearne: A Shout-Out to Missing Amigos – Craig, Harley & Paul

  1. Kerouac says:

    Kerouac, Spidey sense tingling aft having read enough ‘each’ guys narratives, believed CG/Harley were one and the same. So, asked the former if he was the latter; naturally, he denied it 😀

    As ‘Sybil’ denied faking 16 personalities, ditto CG and his (two/more?) – all for show. From Lynn Neary’s book review of ‘Sybil Exposed’: “As for the real Sybil, she fled her life and moved… lived in the shadows until her death in 1998.” CG’s case, he checked out of ‘Hotel KCC’ afore the ruse was validated; even in death, still larger than life, as another tease that always leaves you wanting more… swiss chiefs.

    Though an Chiefs fan (obvious via the delusional ‘this is our year’ annual over-hype that is typical such ilk), CG was distinguished from ordinary run of the mill fanboys via his bi-polar narrative bent – more up and down than a teeter-totter, none of that even keeled – ‘you’re on the bandwagon or you’re off!’, stuff. On or off, here or there, this year as every: much as possible CG, R.I.P. (now serving part 2019, verse 50…)


  2. David Nelson says:

    I definitely miss the good, old days on KCC. What a ride. I’ve got a lot of enjoyment over the years pretty much staying on the sidelines and watching the carnage unfold. Thanks HC for providing such a unique space.
    Without Craig it’s just not the same. Loved his football picks and calling him out occasionally on his poor record. No matter how far behind he got he kept putting out his favorite “tease” bets mostly on the favorites every single week. He was consistent and never quit.
    The fact he was Harley and was able to fool most of us was even more amazing. What a character. KC was a more interesting place with him here.

  3. Paul is NOT going to like that picture. It doesn’t even look like him.

    Glazer was so, so fuckin weird.

    I gotta believe you must have known long before your “confrontation” that Glazer was Harley.

    Glazer should have had Harley challenge him to a fight and then not show up, then call Harley a pussy etc. etc. complete with pics of Glazer standing in front of a bar with that days edition of the KC Star.

    Smartman used to tear Glazer and Harley both new buttholes every day, THAT’S who I miss.

    • admin says:

      Doesn’t look like him? Does to me.

      Plus he’s the one who posted the pic.

      Sure you’re not looking at it wrong? Paul’s the one to the right.

      Honestly, there was only one brief time where I was borderline convinced Glaze and Harley were one and the same.

      And to the best of my recollection, neither Paul nor Dwight ever really thought they could be the same.

      In fact,Dwight and Paul joined forces in an effort to track Harley down and put the kibosh on his commenting. They did a lot of work/research but came up empty. And the trail did not lead to Craig.

      I agree with you on smartman though.

      How about a moment of silence now for the smartman aka Marti Dolinar (speaking of dudes who went long before their time b because he didn’t go to the doctor soon enough to get rid of an infection that unexpectedly blossomed in a bad way and took him out!

  4. Snappietom says:

    Talk about a guy who would comment after every comment on his column, big Paul Wilson. The guy with the thinnest skin.

    • admin says:

      Let’s just say he was a very sensitive man…

    • Paul is a great guy who suffers fools if at all, at light speed.

      • admin says:

        That’s one way to put it…

        Don’t disagree necessarily.

        He’s also a guy with a hair-trigger temper, who wants things his way or the highway, regardless of whether his way is the right way.

        He broke things off here because he didn’t like being edited and not having complete control. And that’s just not the way most businesses operate. Even on the infinitesimally small scale of KCC or the Platte County Landmark where he also wrote briefly.

  5. Roger says:

    should of left with the kc times

  6. wayne says:

    should of left with the kc times

  7. Super Dave says:

    Oh there is a lot with emails included as evidence and witnesses that I could add to this dilemma. The kind that would make certain people stroke out if expose.

  8. Tony's comment section says:

    I remember when Paul threatened to sue TKC’s comment section because someone said jokingly he was the bathroom stall backroom darlin’ of Springfield, MO.

    Did the lady protest too much? He tried to claim all his big time investors wouldn’t invest if they heard such libel that he gargled man juice down at the flyin’ j. he did go belly up maybe he was right?

    Sometimes I think this website should be called Boomer Dead Weight

  9. Snappietom says:

    I also recall that he had investors all lined up and they were going to take over Jardines. He was going to clean it up, have Dave Stephens sing and his wife on a regular basis.

  10. Rick says:

    Someone lying on KCC….nooooo say it isn’t so. Like how Craig’s book was a true story. Paul Newman wanted to do a movie of his life. He was a millionaire who had tons of women falling for him. In the end it all turned out to be BS. due was close to food stamps once he had no money to pay to get dates.

    I go back to before Harley was Harley and Dr. Phil was analyzing him. He once got so mad at my comments he challenged me to a fight. Needless to say he didn’t show up. Yet I would hear all these stories on KCC about Craig never backing down. Of course their was the time I visited his club and he hid by the trash dumpster and asked a waitress to tell him when I left.

    Yeah, rest in peace Glazer those that r shocked u were a fake were shocked in grade school to find out the emperor had no clothes on. U ran a lot of people a way from this site with ur ramblings. Hearne lost years of his life from editing ur slop.

    Speaking of Harley. That is the reason I have made a rare return. Hoping to see something about the real Harley. Harley Race. Hearne always had respect and appreciation for pro wrestling. Disappointed KCC has nothing.

    • admin says:

      Hey Rick,

      Hearne here. I’m on my first vacation in like four years and am constantly lon the move in areas where I barely have cell service – let alone internet.

      So give me until say Thursday probably.And I’ll have plenty of Harley tales and more.

      • Rick Murphy says:

        Enjoy the vacation. I just came back. In Waterloo (lol) for the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame.

        • admin says:


          You’re dragging me back to the times I went to the Wrestling Hall of Fame inductions of people like Bob Geigle, with Harley there to bear witness.

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