Hearne: Scribe Says, Chiefs, Royals Will Never Win ‘Big One’ in Our Lifetimes

scriPut it back in your pants, sports fans…

The Kansas City Royals and Kansas City Chiefs will never again truly matter, says comedy club owner/sports scribe Craig Glazer.

“From the looks of things – based on our history, the current situation, ownership and management – I can’t see either organization winning a World Championship in the foreseeable future,” Glazer says. “And that includes many of our lifetimes. Not for Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers, anyway.”

Let’s start with the Royals.

“The reason the Royals have been the least successful pro franchise for the last 30 years is because of three issues,” Glazer continues. “Ownership, front office management and because of the failure to find one great player.

Royals owner David Glass and team president Dan Glass

Royals owner David Glass and team president Dan Glass

“Because I believe that in baseball, football and the NBA, the successful teams are usually built around one great player. There might be more than one, but at least one, because that person raises all boats. George Brett is a perfect example of how one great player can turn a good team into a great team.

“The current Royals are a pretty good team – they’re not a bad team – but they don’t have that ignition switch. They don’t have any stars. They have potential stars, but they’ve always had potential stars.”

And the Chiefs?

Rich Gannon The way he were

Rich Gannon
The way he were

“The Marty Schottenheimer era had at least two teams that could have won world championships,” Glazer says. “But their Achilles heel was their front office and Carl Peterson. And Schottenheimer has to take some of the blame because he went along with it.

“They made two really bad decisions. The first was firing (kicker) Nick Lowery which cost them a trip to the Super Bowl. And the second was not putting soon-to-be NFL MVP Rich Gannon in at quarterback. They benched him for Elvis Grbac. A 9th grader wouldn’t have made that call.

“People say, we’re a small market, we don’t have any money? Well,that’s horse crap. What about the Minnesota Twins and Green Bay? We live in a world where it’s always gonna happen later. Well, let me tell you something Chiefs fans, it’s going to be ugly. If they win seven games, I’ll be surprised. And if they break .500 I’ll be stunned.

“And remember in late May or early June and some of the people in the comments section wanted me to eat some crow and I did when the Royals were in first place for a half a second. It’s not a case of me flip-flopping I just gave them their props because they got hot for a short while. Now they’re back where they belong.”

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50 Responses to Hearne: Scribe Says, Chiefs, Royals Will Never Win ‘Big One’ in Our Lifetimes

  1. rkcal says:

    Hearne, are you contractually obligated to run this post once a month?

  2. Larry says:

    Can you please have that bar owner from Lawrence give his take again on how the Mizzou football season will play out? You know, since he was so spot on about last season…

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:


      Furthermore, how about checking in with the owner of Columbia’s Harpo’s to get predictions and insight on KU football?

      • the dude says:

        When in doubt go with the Lenny the psychic octopus in Fargo, ND on KU/MU win/loss records for handicapping.

    • admin says:

      Come on, Larry…

      Mosiman offered up an informed, well-reasoned opinion – and he’s far more than a “bar owner” – as in Crossroads KC, Wakarusa and theater and club shows all across the midwest. He’s also a quite successful businessman and keeps an ultra close eye on the sports scene.

      But you know, educated sports opinions are proven wrong every week,every day even. Nobody makes all the calls and Mizzou surprised mot just “some bar owner” but the entire free world last year, including – I’ll wager – many, if not most MU fans.

      Looking at the cup half full, I guess the “bar owner” was interesting and provocative enough that you still remember it and found it compelling enough to revisit.

      I’ll pass your compliment along

      • Orphan of the Road says:

        The average fan is as accurate or more accurate than the “experts”.

        Give me a Bill Curie over all these fanboys who salivate and kneel down to the teams, all legends to last a lunch time.

        • admin says:

          You may be right, Orphan but…

          It’s more fun to have high profile types to shoot your arrows at than merely the dude on the barstool next to you.

          Am I wrong?

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Well reasoned opinion? Bullshit. A guy in Lawrence claiming he has some sort of insight into what the MU administration and fans are thinking, is just pure jackassery.

        • admin says:

          Fair, enough…

          I thought it was interesting and well reasoned though.

        • admin says:

          Guy Who Says…

          Mosiman never made any claims of having more insight than anybody. He merely answered some questions and offered his opinions.

  3. William says:

    Oh go hang with your negative nabob Slanderella dude nobody gives two flips about it.

    Like this classic.

    If all the people who hated it here left this town would be much better off.

    There’s the door.

  4. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. It’s a lazy, unoriginal and meaningless prediction to say who WON’T win the World series or Superbowl. Tell you what, you pick a team to WIN and I’ll take the “field”. I’ll win that bet 95% of the time.

    Not re-signing Nick Lowery was why KC lost to Indy? Good Lord! Chiefs scored ONE freaking touchdown and that was in the 1st quarter. Bono threw (3) INT’s and KC had another fumble. KC turned the ball over (4) times. INDY turned it over once. Have any idea what the odds are of winning a game where the opponent has a +3 advantage in turn-overs?! Yeah, it was the kicker.

    • CG says:

      Elliot missed three short field goals, three. Sorry that’s the reason we lost.

      • Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

        OK. Your world, buddy.

        Tell ya what. At the end of the 2014-2015 NFL season, let me know how many teams win a game when they turn it over 3 times more than their opponent.

        As a gambler, you KNOW this. But, don’t let facts and statistics get in the way of your argument.

        • admin says:

          Your guys point about the deficiencies in the Chiefs play that game are on target, but so is Craig.

          The fact that they gave up on Lowery and kept Lin Elliot was THE critical factor in losing that game to the Colts. I was on the field for that one.

          Here’s the deal:

          Lowery was a pompous ass – an outspoken one at that – and Peterson hated him. It was an ego thing.

          Had Lowery been doing the kicking as he would had not the Chiefs wanted him gone, they’d have made one of those and won that game.

          Craig was pals with Nick and he’s on target with this one, boys

          • Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

            I know what angle CG is coming from. That is evident. Bottom line, Chiefs played like crap that game. No mention of Indy’s TWO missed field goals? Only KC’s missed field goals count? How many games do you expect to win when you turn the ball over 4 times, don’t have a rushing touchdown, don’t have a 100 yard rusher, score 7 points and don’t have 300 yards in total offense?

            But hey, keep beating the Lin Elliot drum. Nothing else happened in the game that mattered.

  5. PB says:

    These posts like most by Glazer are tiresome.

    • CG says:

      Yes like my Plaza story last week that got over 100 comments, nobody cared right.

      • Orphan of the Road says:

        Seventeen by harley, 20 replies to harley’s diarhetoric.

        • CG says:

          Ok lets have it your way minus Harley and responders to him about 75 to 80…ok you win.

          • Orphan of the Road says:

            I was referencing it was a lot of comments even taking away the Suburbonics of the off-tangent remarks.

            But I’ll take the win if you insist.

  6. CG says:

    Here’s the deal comment guys. Nobody in sports will tell you the real truth. It’s always sugar coated in KC. Our two teams, who I once loved dearly, are jokes. Just grist for the mill, nothing more. They have been for a lifetime. You know it, I know it. To pretend the Chiefs have something going…PLEASE. It’s another rebuilding year, give Drosey a few years, give Andy a few years…Dorsey’s draft last year was an F. Lets see if this one is better.

    Don’t be mad at me, me be mad at our two pro teams owners and leadership. It’s been an F. They know it, you know it so do the players, I do talk to some of them. We have no recent past to build on.

    Hey maybe it will improve. Couldn’t get worse. Chiefs 45 years since a Super Bowl, only three teams match that. Detroit, Jets and Cleveland…that’s it. Royals baseball’s worst franchise since 85…30 years no post season. Again I rest my case. Yeah, I don’t know anything. Right.

    • PB says:

      Yeah, CG bringing it strong because the the Royals/Chiefs decades long post-season woes get nary a mention (besides pretty much DAILY) by the KC sports media and the team’s fans. What would we do without you reminding us of a dubious record that is firmly attached to our local sports teams the way championship rings are to Michael Jordan?

      While the string of playoff losses for the Chiefs is worthy of criticism, to call the organization a complete “joke” is as wrong as you calling Brandon Flowers an “All-Pro”, but I’m guessing you don’t even realize that there is a distinct difference between that designation and the much lesser-regarded Pro Bowl. The fact is that while a long time ago, the Chiefs were the winningest team (win totals) during the decade of the 90s and have made the playoffs (as recently as last year) and even won division titles since. Sure, that’s not the coveted Super Bowl, but it hardly screams “joke” either.

      The only real joke in this space is you continually trying to pass yourself off as some sort of all-knowing sports expert when your posts generally prove the complete opposite to be true.

      • CG says:

        LOOK, like Bill Maas says, “we can find stats to back any loser in pro sports somehow.” Come on now PB..lets keep rolling. The Chiefs have 3 post season wins since 1970, worst in the NFL. Two in one year, 93 and the last, over 20 years ago. They are losers. They have no pedigree at all. None.. The Royals even less so. YOU ARE WRONG NOBODY AND I MEAN NOBODY IN THIS MEDIA IS AS HONEST ABOUT THE STINK AS ME…IF SO WHO? All radio and TV sports guys pretend that things will be better and soon. Liars…Only Binkly at 610 finally agreed with me this week “rebuilding year” and we stink…but then he said however next year ‘look out.’ Really? They will stink next year too.

  7. CG says:

    By the way look for whats left of the Peterson/Pioli era to be all but gone next year. This year they dumped ALL PRO BRANDON FLOWERS a complete bust as a corner, a C player. Next year Tamba gone, Eric Berry likely gone, Derrick Johnson likely gone…there are 15 left, next year maybe 7 will be here. How are those 5 or 6 all pro defense players looking. A joke. YOU CUT ONE OF THEM NO TRADE CUT…HELLO.

  8. Kerouac says:

    Even the best fail: Stenerud missed multiple field goals Christmas Day 1971, just 1 of 4 in a 3-point KC loss to MIA… Lowery made 3 post season 1990 vs MIA, but the one he missed likely cost KC the game in a 1-point loss. To whom much is given hype /shekel, much is expected.

    Elliott missing his kicks was probably less egregious in light the a ballyhoo afforded the more ‘hyped’ Stenerud & Lowery. I recall Elliott was kicking in not so ideal weather in Kansas City, compared Stenerud & Lowery (the former in unseasonably good weather for Kansas City and the latter down in a warm Miami.)

    As for the Chiefs circa 2014, they’ve as much chance to win a Superbowl this season as the Cubs have a World Series since 1908…it could happen but don’t bet on either them, anytime soon.

    • CG says:

      K in defense of Nick the kick, they moved him back on a fake holding call in the Miami game, he missed that 48 yarder by a foot or two..without the fake call we win. As for Jan, I agree but we played well that day, and it would be our last hurrah, EVER.

  9. CG says:

    Can’t one of you comment guys outside K or maybe Chuck…just say…Glazer is right. How hard is that. “I agree” we are a big joke to this point…cannon fodder, nothing more. Agreed.”

    • chuck says:

      Mr Glazer agrees with Bill Parcells, you are what your record says you are. The Chiefs have a desultory playoff record for many years. You always bet on the champ until the champ loses and you always bet against weak teams until they win. Glazer is right for the most part in my opinion, however I gotta think giving Dorsey an F on this years draft is way premature.

      The Chiefs are in really big trouble this year, even though I think the team will be marginally better. The NFC West is fielding the best 4 teams in a division I have seen in 20 years. Top to bottom, wow! The Rams are so much tougher than you think, the Cards would have won 12 games in the AFC West last year and Seattle with Frisco are the two best teams in the NFL.

      We won’t beat any of them, We also won’t beat Denver or New England. That is 7 losses right there. We split with SD and the best we can hope for is 8 wins.

      The NFC West will just eat us alive.

      So, that means that, oh yeah, the winner of the Super Bowl will be–

      New Orleans.

      Yep. Their division is weak and the Saints got much better on defense. The NFC West will beat each other up and someone will come out on top with 10 or 11 wins. New Orleans will have 13 or 14. Home field advantage for the Saints is the world.

      New Orleans and Denver in the Bowl, Peyton chokes, Drew gets another ring.

      • CG says:

        Chuck good one, however I meant LAST YEAR’S draft was an F for Dorsey and Chiefs, this year remains to be seen, might be decent..don’t know yet…didn’t like our number one pick but maybe they will prove me wrong..don’t like projects..QB is interesting and running back..lets see. Not enough to change this season’s poor ending.

    • Hot Carl says:

      Craig, what you’ve offered up there is correct. The problem is that you’ve made the same statements here too many times to count. We get it. The Chiefs and Royals suck, they’ll always suck and we have no superstars. How many times do you need to repeat what every reasonable fan in this city already knows? Tell us something we don’t know and you won’t get a bunch of sarcastic comments.

      • PB says:

        “We get it. The Chiefs and Royals suck”

        Exactly right, HC. Literally EVERYONE in this town not only has known this fact for years, but we’ve all said as much and yet Glazer acts like he’s some football Nostradamus running this same tired crap out there time after time after fcking time.

        The reason the KC media sometimes tries to sometimes put a more positive spin on things is because it’s their job to actually discuss all aspects of the teams prospects in any given year, past performance and track record be damned. Sh!tting on EVERYTHING, is apparently what this space is for, thankfully, not everybody has or wants that particular “luxury”.

      • admin says:

        I don’t disagree with you, Hot Carl.

        Not entirely, anyway.

        Craig is so passionate about sports that he winds himself up every so often and there is a degree of repetition to the “we suck” aspect of his rants.

        However, I thought he made two unique points in this outing.

        One, going out on a limb and saying there will be no championships in Baby Boomer’s and Gen Xers lifetimes.

        That’s far more extreme than merely saying, we suck and there’s no end in sight.

        And two, I thought he made an interesting point in saying that what both teams have lacked for so long is a single superstar player to jump start and inspire the team to greatness.

        I can’t think of any superstars that we even came close to having. One could argue, I suppose, that the Royals missed the boat on Albert Pujols, who went to high school in Independence and attended Maple Woods college!

  10. Kerouac says:

    Time for some extended Kerouac windage… pull up a chair, grab a sandwich & a soft drink

    CG, I liken Elliott missing kick(s) to current kicker Succop missing them same. No one should be surprised: neither was or is among the elite their era, despite how ‘numbers’ suggest they’re head & shoulders better than their forefathers, KC kickerdom.

    I give as much credence ‘greatness’ modern era kickers as I do modern era QB’s same – take a look at some of the names on the all-time QB rankings NFL’s official ‘measure’ – you will laugh yourself silly. Matt Schaub (yup, that one) ranked 13th all-time NFL career passer ratings (oww, my sides.) David Garrard (que?) ranked 21st (cue ‘Aflac Duck’ – “ah-hah!?!” or maybe Judy Collins ‘Send In The Clowns’.) Marino ranks 17th, Favre 18th while Dawson & Jurgensen are tied at 35 (I’ll take Lenny & Sonny in their primes over any of the aforementioned others.)

    Sports is full of it, double entendre.

    Numbers suggest Barry Bonds hit more homeruns than Babe Ruth, hence Bonds must have been ‘better’, whatever that means. That Bonds needed 837 extra at bats beyond what Ruth had an identical point to even ‘tie’ Ruth at 714 is an number you won’t often hear referenced. It highlights the errancy crafted by media, players & fandom re: the modern athlete’s superiority, compared those who played earlier.

    More opportunities at bats, games per season, rules in effect, # of teams and talent – the lack thereof – participating, field conditions (domed stadiums/artificial turf, nod kickers) & PED’s among other factors that render modern age ‘stats’ questionable if not downright irrelevant, trying to compare them to the players/stats before. Many folks look back at the early days of sport & stats with a dubious eye, but the fact is every era has advantages and disadvantages compared another era. Thus, the plea ” ‘players’ & the ‘game’ today (sports variously) is better, hands down!”, is known the parlance as ‘horse puckey’. Pure stats on their face have no personality, no way gauge the flavor an era, namely the one they were formulated in.


    Back to the Chiefs and their kickers: KC fandom was spoiled by the likes Jerrell Wilson and Jan Stenerud, a Hall of Fame caliber duo. There’s still not been a better pair in KC, with apologies Raquel’s turn in KC Bomber, 1972.

    To wit, I’d still prefer Stenerud to Elliott, Succop or Lowery despite all 3 latter’s having a better career FG success % than Stenerud. Jan’s 1970 Superbowl hat trick 3 for 3 vs MIN (one a 48 yarder not so good field conditions, same distance as was Lowery’s) the difference 23-7 KC and 14-7 same, as Stenerud’s misses 3 vs MIA the difference 1971.

    Or were they? The numbers may not lie, but they do not provide context. You can say Lowery was forced to move back 5 yards farther on his kick vs MIA 1990, and one can also say Szott’s holding call that negated Okoye’s long run too played a part. Context or excuse? Bad officiating or choke job? Fate or Providence?

    Nod the blame game, that Jan missed those FG’s vs MIA 1971 I put as much upon the head of Coach Hank Stram, who decided forgo going for the jugular (as say the Raiders would have, for example) & scoring possible TD’s in lieu running out the clock to set up FG tries; Stram did a similar thing in a 1967 game vs SD played in KC, and Jan missed that chip-shot 24 yarder too 19 seconds to play, after the Chiefs ran two running plays that lost yards in order to run down the clock for a ‘winning’ Chiefs FG. As it happened instead, a loss & elimination the ’67 AFL Title chase. “Yeah but he (Stram) played the percentages, and if he would’ve made it”… but he didn’t make it, they didn’t win, and so much for those percentages, FG’s/other, yesterday as today. That’s one thing that I always respected about the Raiders – they went for the jugular, take no quarter.

    Hindsight or failing to remember history, KC got burned twice going the conservative route; interesting in that the 1970 season was a disaster for KC, as they were as timid as a mouse on offense & resigned to playing for FG’s. They failed to defend their only World Championship and looked pathetic doing so. A reason why 1971 was such a big turnaround, as the ‘big play’ and TD’s were back en vogue KC… until Christmas Day.

    ~ Back to Lowery: he hit 6 of 7 40+ yard FG’s 1990 regular season, so missing from 48 the post season (career, he was quite accomplished at 50+ yard field goals too) doesn’t excuse his miss vs MIA, my opine, any more than any of these other guys their misses.
    In conclusion: Stenerud is the only pure kicker in the Pro Football HOF, but his career 66.8% success pales next to Elliott 75.8%, Succop 81% & Lowery 80%… go figure.

    • CG says:

      K its when they kick the big ones that matters. Elliot did lose that game more than anything else, chip shots. 3. end of story.

  11. Kerouac says:

    Steve Bono’s 3 misses (ints) that 1995 game match Elliott’s 3 same… too, KC had 4 turnovers that day to INDY’s 1. Remember too that Elliott’s last missed FG would have merely tied the game for KC and not won it. The way the Chiefs were playing, victory wouldn’t likely have been theirs anyway; KC had home field advantage, and the Colts were without Marshall Faulk & Tony Siragusa, yet IND got the job done.

    Probably KC’s continuing post season failures magnified their mistakes in the INDY game; ‘timing’ too is moreso what casts the bigger shadow history on Elliott: his last miss had finality, as it came near the end of game. It’s a good thing Grbac wasn’t the QB, otherwise, before Elvis left the building he might’ve said, “hey, I can’t throw the ball, catch it AND KICK IT TOO!”… uh huh-huh.

    Back to the kickers, there is pressure & there is PRESSURE. If ‘when’ is the measure and ‘post season’ the stage, consider that Elliott in 5 games hit 5-9 (he was 5-6 career before going o-3 for KC vs IND in ’95.) Lowery in 7 games 8-12… he missed at least 1 FG in 3 of the 4 post season games he attempted FG’s. Stenerud in 7 games hit 13-21; but in the biggest game of his career/KC’s history, went 3-3 in Superbowl IV. Succop? In post season he is a perfect 3-3 in 2 games.

    All that to say, as only Stenerud kicked in a Championship game and was perfect, my choice in the one big would still be Janski…

    • Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

      K-Man, I’ve tried to make all these points to CG but he can’t see beyond his lick-the-nick glasses. You DON’T win games when you turn the ball over 4 times and only score 7 points. His view is that nothing else mattered. Not the dismal offensive numbers, not the fact that Indy missed 2 FG’s too, not that fact that the Chiefs were 8 pt fav’s in the game and only managed 7 points total. None of these factors had anything to do with the loss. It was ONLY Elliot’s missed kicks.

      Ironically, it WASN’T Lowery’s fault for missing a 48-yard kick in MIA. Strange. If it’s only the “big” kicks that matter, it seems like that 48-yarder might have been in the “big” kick category.

      • admin says:

        There’s a difference between kicking one 48 year field goal and missing and missing it and missing three in a row from the 35, 39, and 42 yard line, Jim

    • admin says:

      The point that the Chiefs team blew that Indy game is well taken.

      But when it came down to nut-cutting time, one guy and one guy alone had three relatively easy shots at winning the game singlehandedly.

      And that was Eliott, and it’s highly unlikely Lowery would have flubbed all three

  12. Kerouac says:

    Kerouac would also be remiss if he didn’t make mention another guy: Marty ‘I’m A Risk Averse Offensive Neanderthal’ Schottenheimer; the term ‘you can’t get there from here’ is the epitaph will be written upon his headstone, reference getting to a Superbowl. Even if he got there, what do you think he would have done?

  13. Richard Cranium says:

    I just realized what that pile of excrement Glazier is all about (sorry, must have thought he had a rational thought in his head). He thinks because people call him stupid, unoriginal, worthless, loser and all the other words, that he’s being edgy or that he’s relevant. Essentially because people are talking “about” how terrible he is, he must be useful. That’s the end of it. You people can feed is assbackward “ego” to his heart’s content. I’ll have no more of it. Also when the smoke clears on the last of his failed attempts to be “someone” in Kansas City, he will remain the washed up coke head felon who never actually succeeded in anything that his father didn’t build for him in the first place.

    • CG says:

      Rich you are the classic hater/troll. I doubt I even know you, fake name coward.
      One: My father NEVER GAVE ME ANYTHING PAL. My brother, Jeff and I, along with my Grandpa and God rest her soul, mother, bought Stanfords out of bankruptcy in 1990 from Shawnee Bank.

      Jeff and I made it the biggest success it had of all time, Comedy, Nightclub,restaurant, bar, pool room, game room, 16,00 square feet. We added nearly half that footage.

      TWO: MY DAD and I opened Stanfords together in 1975. I owned part of that club and helped finance it. I worked there from day one. So did my brothers.

      As for Dad giving us clubs. Stan had nothing to do with the club at Hooters or Legends. In fact he tried to open a club at Metcalf to compete with us. Lasted a year, we stayed at Hooters for 9 years before moving to Legends.

      THERE my dad is 82, in good shape and we are all back together now. He even comes down to the new place and helps out every morning. I love my Dad. He isn’t perfect who is?

      FOUR: I’m not going write my resume again. It’s been done in the media a zillion times.

      FIVE: Look you will go on hating me no matter what I say or do. If I died tomorrow I’d like to think I’ve accomplished more than most. I don’t even know what value that has in life. Like our pal Harley says, “Glazer never stops fighting and trying to make the next thing happen” he’s right. I am still out in LA with projects, some get made, some don’t. Opening a new comedy club and restaurant in OP, hoping everyone likes it and it does as well or better than our past clubs. I even have a project in the US Virgin Islands going on today.
      I never know what will happen. One just keeps on firing away. At my age less and less folks do that Richard.

      So with all your hate and anger towards me, a man you don’t know, what say you old son. What do you do? What have you done with your life so far? Tell us your ups and downs. Most know mine. I get to spew my stories out and opinions in the media cause enough people believe I have lived enough life in varied situations to have a few qualified answers. That’s all. Hey I’m not right all the time. Nobody is my friend.

  14. chuck says:

    The Chiefs DID blow the game against Indy, but here is, what I think is a valid point. The TEAM can suck all day and the kicker, who is not really part of the blood sweat and tears on the field, can win or lose it. Ya see it all the time. The efforts of the TEAM do not really mean the kicker can or can’t make a kick.

    So, even though the Chiefs sucked, if dumbazz can make a kick, the Chiefs win.

    Does that dog hunt?

    • CG says:

      Simple as that Chuck. We had Marcus Allen that year, he was outstanding. I believe he was our best overall weapon after the Dawson Era. Yes that includes Tony G. Allen made big plays to win games. More than any other Chief, when it counted. He gets my vote as the best Chief after Dawson and company in 72. At least on offense.

      Just spoke to Bill Maas, he agrees with me on this years team. NO WAY. Tough year.

  15. PucKChaser says:

    32 NFL teams. Every year 31 don’t win the Super Bowl.
    30 MLB teams. Every year 29 don’t win World Series and the deck in MLB is stacked against KC more so in MLB.

    Whew. Really going out on a statistical whim, aren’t you? That’s like saying “I’m not going to get struck by lightning in my lifetime. Deal with it.”

    • CG says:

      Yes that’s true. BUT YOU NEED TO WIN ONE ONCE IN A LIFETIME OR BE IN ONE. The Chiefs and Royals are the two overall worst franchises in pro sports the last 3 decades. They overall are nothing. They don’t matter or show up. As mentioned the Marty era did have some good teams for KC, but in post season they were also a joke. The Royals are not worth mentioning. Last night they pretty much ended any real hope of a wild card season. They don’t HAVE ONE OUTSTANDING EVERY DAY PLAYER. Just potential. NO power from anyone and nobody that can hit when it matters. NOBODY. Thus a third place finish. Yes a team that can finish over .500 but not by much. A no show. Chiefs are worse and neither team sees an end of this in sight. Not next year or the year after …. so yeah it matters.

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