Glazer: Scribe Calls Out Royals as World Class Losers


Wil Myers

Wil Myers

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about how the Kansas City Chiefs have been a failed organization for the last half century…

 Now it’s time to talk about our other professional franchise, the Kansas City Royals.  Another failed organization, located right here in Kansas City.

Older Royals fans can remember the good old days with George Brett and company.  From 1975 to 1985 our Kansas City Royals were an outstanding young ball club.  While that decade is often referred to as the Brett Era, it was also the Ewing Kauffman era.

Royals owner Kauffman was a billionaire went there weren’t very many of them around like there are today. And he was deeply involved in trying to make Kansas City a winner.  Which he did.  The Royals played in two World Series – 1980 and 1985 – and like the Chiefs were able to win in their second appearance.  Our Chiefs would appear in the first Super Bowl and win a World Championship in 1970 in their second Super Bowl.

Both franchises have suffered the same fate since those World Championship seasons. 

They suck.

The Royals have never played a meaningful game since 1985 and the Chiefs have only won three playoff games since 1970 – worst in the NFL.

What both teams have in common is new ownership that’s been far less committed to winning a championship than their predecessors.

Mike-Moustakas5Think about it.

This year was the make it or break it year for the Kansas City Royals.

Yet general manager Dayton Moore and manager Ned Yost have failed to deliver any kind of squad that can win a division let alone a World Series.

Every year it’s the same talk.

Can we maybe be a Wild Card team?  That’s confidence, huh?

I am so sick of listening to sports talk radio.

Because everything centers around two topics regarding the Royals.  What should we do about third baseman Mike Moustakas and boy, our pitching and defense are great.

We’re playing around .500 ball and we’re in this thing, right?

My answers to both questions are as follows: Moustakas is a total bust, the guy can’t hit his weight and has no power. The defense is not so great, the pitching staff alone has eleven errors in 44 games.  The team has no power hitter and hasn’t for years.  Nobody on the team is a timely hitter including Eric Hosmer and Salvador Perez.  The pitching is above average but so far there are no heroes in sight.

The Royals best prospect, Wil Myers, was traded so the Royals could acquire James Shields.  But while “Big Game” James has been a solid pitcher, he’s been no barn-burner and has taken the Royals nowhere. It would appear Will might be the best offensive weapon the Royals had discovered in the last two decades, but now he’s gone. And this will be Shields last year with the Royals on top of everything else.

c960x540_62The rest of the Royals core players have also been failures.

Royals would have dumped out their DH, Billy Butler, but nobody wants him.

Alex Gordon was supposed to be the second coming of George Brett but has also been a big letdown.  He’s an outstanding outfielder defensively, but his batting is only slightly above average with little power.

Lorenzo Cain is also an okay player when he isn’t injured, but nothing spectacular.

In short, the Royals have only two promising players; Hosmer and Perez. 

Unfortunately, neither have shown any sign of greatness. 

They’re merely two solid Major League baseball players with just above average batting averages and average power.

why-we-suck1The bottom line:

 This Royals team will be an also ran this season and next. I see very little to build on.  Oh, sports talk radio will tell you we’re in the Wild Card hunt all year.  Who isn’t?  Everybody’s a wild card possibility.

The overall core players on this time are either busts or just above average.

To be honest the only two big time players the Royals have had since George Brett were Carlos Beltran (who’s long gone) and Zach Greinke (who couldn’t skip town fast enough).

As I end all my stories about the Chiefs and Royals, I feel bad for the fans.

We deserve so much better.

So I’m thinking, maybe in the next decade both teams move to South Johnson County with brand new owners and then things can change for the better.

No playoff appearance for the Royals in 30 years – are you shitting me?  Who would have thought that in 1985?  Hey, we have nice stadiums, so take the family out for a hot dog and a beer and enjoy the vibe cause that’s all that’s left.

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25 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Calls Out Royals as World Class Losers

  1. Curtis Blow says:

    Nice of you to show up to the party Craig.

    While it is apparent that you know little of baseball (or of anything really), your also-ran classification is apt.

    The Royals are an income earner for a rich old white guy in Arkansas. Nothing more.

  2. hot harley says:

    you’re never right glaze…youre like the weather in kc….changes every
    doesn’t take much to write a column like this…its your lack of expertise
    in everything that makes you look like a fool.
    sorryt…get out the stats and see whats really wrong with the royals.
    I said it before you ever brought it up….without a winning attitude they
    go nowhere. Yost couldn’t even have the authority to send mouse to Omaha.
    It’s time to change the manager and the coaches.
    May is their knock out. they can’t play in may….why????????????????????????
    it was the killer last year and kept them out of contention for the rest of the
    year even though they played incredible after the all star break.
    You know nothing about sports…as other commenter pointed out.
    Its easy to throw your hands up…but the problem is from the top.
    They have the talent….its just that yost can’t keep them mentally prepared
    day after day.
    and yes they are a money maker…and when you hit glass for wanting
    to make money you sound foolish.
    You’re a business man…whydon’t you pay lewis black $250k (or whatever
    he gets and bring him to your joint. You’ll lose money…but bring him
    in anyway. Same with glass…he can’t afford to bring in 100million dollar
    player…too much risk…especially with the way pitchersare dropping like
    flies this year….HE’S A BUSINESSMAN…get that in your head.
    And there’s nothing wrong with that! Or is there you right wing free
    market bull sh*tters who believe in not letting people run profitable
    get rid of yost…bring in a winner….what about larussa (formerily coach at
    st. Louis)….Arizona got him. Why couldn’t glass bring him in as
    director of the team..keep Dayton…but tony knows talent and how to
    win big time. Yost has lost more games with stupid calls/bad moves so far
    this year than all of last year.
    This team is not mentally prepared to play. They have the talent…but
    need consistentcy to win games.
    Glaze…your tirads are old/worn out/. We could take the same crap you
    wrote in every spring of baseball for 5he last 20 years and its the same
    old song…just a different cast of characters.
    You were wrong last year…you may be wrong this year.
    Why can’t you be more positive with our teams…or ore you just a grumpy
    old white guy hiding in a younger mans suit???????????????????????????????

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Harley and other dude. Problem with you attacks on me is that I’M RIGHT, THEY ARE NOT A GOOD TEAM, HAVEN’T BEEN AND WON’T BE. Been 30 years, hello. Enough said.


      • Alphonse Tooty says:

        Well, since you put it in all caps, I might have to reconsider my position. Maybe you’re right.

      • hot harley says:

        all caps doesn’t mean you know anything about sports…
        you change your mind…like you did last year at
        royals all star break….
        you’re wishy washy and that’s spells trouble for gamblers….
        and you say the ssme thing that 5 million other people
        get some real stats and show why what you say
        is correct because most of what you say is not based
        on science/numbers/stats/… never played the
        game so you know nothing…
        and your fuzzy math with your football picks are
        pure unadulterated b.s. you did not go 65%…
        refigure the math then call me!

  3. chuck says:

    “hot harley says:

    May 23, 2014 at 12:47 pm

    you’re never right glaze…youre like the weather in kc….changes every
    doesn’t take much to write a column like this…its your lack of expertise
    in everything that makes you look like a fool.
    sorryt…get out the stats and see whats really wrong with the royals.
    I said it before you ever brought it up….without a winning attitude they
    go nowhere.”

    Harley/ Jo Jo, we are 3 years into your insistence that Glazer is an idiot and you are a sports maven akin to Ace Rothstein. Your insults with respect to any and every subject, sports, politics and current events et al, is establised, with regard to those whom you dissagree with. Stomper thinks you are the shit, so, let me ask you this–

    Your proclamations, with regard to your expertise, in any and all subjects is in no way in dispute. Actually, in my opinion, that is pretty cool. Your confidence and hubris is appreciated.

    Here is the rub, again, in my opinion. Glazer, can’t attack you for your opinions, right or wrong, because he is a contributor and a writer on this blog. His response to your insults and defamation, with regard to his sports takes, must, must be tempered and edited by Hearne. Who knows what he actually says to Hearne when he reads your screeds.

    I am not that interested in Baseball, and I have no idea if you are correct in your assessment of Glazer’s take.

    Here is what I do know. For the last 3 years, you have dodged the repeated effort by Glazer and myself, to bet on the NFL. You have offered weak sister (My name for you, because, in fact, you are now, have been and, I bet will continue to be a weak sister pu##y who will not take this bet on the NFL, in spite of the fact, that you have run your fuc8in mouth, insisted on your expertise and in fact insulted personally and metaphorically any one who does agree with your Bets/Takes.

    For now, the 3rd year in a row, I offer you this, you weak sister.

    Bet the games on a week to week basis, put some money into the Charities (In my opinion, you are a liar, or, you would not dodge, again and again this repeated effort to contribute to the Charities you, YOU want.

    You mentioned once, that you liked the movie “Reservoir Dogs”.

    Are you gonna bark all day little doggy, or are you gonna bite?

    • Stomper says:

      Chuck, thanks for the mention. My nod to Harley was with regards to his political views. I think his view on the role of government is very much in sync with mine. You, on the other hand view the government as the organization of Satan. I do love taking issue with you on those topics. I don’t comment on sports (other than professional wrestling 🙂 ) because my opinion is worthless. Don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

  4. chuck says:

    No tease bets, not because I deny the validity, but because the winners and losers must be crystal clear.

    Not to mention, Harley has said again and again, that “Tease Bets” are bullshit.

    Lets have some fun and contribute to our favorite cause!!!!


    • hot harley says:

      chuck…what no anti black/brown/Hispanic/gay/lesbian racial slurs
      sure i’ll bet ….never said tease bets were bullshit….its how glaze counts
      them in his 65%!!!!!
      no ones ever approached menor written to me about this bet…
      I contribute to many charities and do more charitable work in
      one month than you/glaze/hearne have done in the last year~~if you’ve
      done any…
      great plains spca/big brother/big sisters/….jewish federation/ IAVA/
      CITY UNION MISSSION……FREE giveaways to needy families…
      was featured for 7 years for my dedication to Iraq/Afghanistan
      wounded and kia…….at least 3 or 4 walks/runs per year….parkinsons
      foundation…and many many more!!!!!
      come on chuckles….who give a f*ck about nfl bets…what have you
      done….beside spew hate and vile comments against human beings
      of every race and color!!!!!!!
      lets get real here.

      • chuck says:

        Harley, your defintion of a racist is anyone who notices the blood simple, death grinding violence that results in bodies stacked like firewood in inner city abattoirs exsanguinating into the gutters by way of the Hip/Hop/Holocaust.


        Your postion with respect to ANY discussion with regard to race is in lock step with the indefensable, willfully impercipeint liberal, knee jerk talking point, I say “Point” because the only response in the face of the unambiguated evidence presented, is to scream “RACIST!”

        • Stomper says:

          “in lockstep with the indefensible, willfully impercipeint (sic) liberal knee jerk talking point”

          Really Chuck ??? Well, I guess at least you’re consistent.

  5. CG says:

    Poing well taken Chuck. As you well know I post my picks weekly BEFORE THE GAMES. My winnnig % has been over 68% all three years and one year over 72%, outstanding on NFL/college football. I don’t pick baseball games.

  6. CG says:

    I also believe my predictions are usually correct, not always. I have missed on a couple Super Bowls. I have always felt the Chiefs and Royals were weak. I supported them doing better and wanting them to succeed. My favorite phrase “Clown Show” and they are and were. Harley I gave you stats. no playoffs for the Royals in 30 years, not one meaningful game. None. Chiefs are the worst NFL post season team ever…3 wins in post season over 45 years. That’s the worst. I rest my case. They both stink.

    • chuck says:

      You know the NFL period.

      I am not very interested in baseball, because I don’t gamble on Baseball.

      Your “Tease” bets make cash and if you apply the strategy and pay attention, it works. People I know want more clarification, by way of humiliation. 🙂 Trash talking with your friends is what makes betting fun on the golf course and watching the NFL.

      I don’t care about “Tease” bets because I like torturing my friends with wins and losses on a weekly basis and with Fantasy Football. That in no way, detracts the validity of “Tease” bets. You are a serious gambler, I am a bullsh*t guy having a good time. Harley/JoJo’s incessant insistence that he is metaphysically correct about politics and life in general, can, in the end, be argued (If the glove don’t fit, you must aquit.) by shills for the “Narrative”.

      What Harley/JoJo can’t bullshit, is wins and losses on a weekly basis in a sport, the NFL. that he has repeatedly claimed, over the last 3 years, to be an expert in.

      By midnight, on Monday, every week, the truth is the truth.

  7. Kerouac says:

    How sad a sporting venue, tales of woe but no Championship recent memory…

    Now that Seattle can claim a World Championship, 2013 the Seahawks, what city with both pro baseball & football teams in residence has gone the longest number of years / seasons without ‘making it’ to (let alone winning) a World Series or Superbowl, what’s known as a Championship the forgotten parlance, theirs?


    Three cities can be eliminated due but one pro team a sport: expansion 1995 Carolina Panthers played in the 2003 Superbowl & 1995’s expansion team same, Jacksonville, Jaguars have not played in a Superbowl. But MLB-less New Orleans their Saints have and did, winning it all.

    The former MLB residents Seattle, the Pilots became the Milwaukee Brewers/played in a World Series 1982. Of course, Milwaukee/Green Bay’s Packers are old hat, terms Championships, their last after the 2010 season.

    The expansion Tampa Bay Rays MLB recently played in a World Series 2008 & their fellow city residents the Buccaneers won a Superbowl, 2002.

    San Diego, the Padres 1984 & Chargers 1994 arrived at but did not prevail Trophies, but surely it be better to have tried and lost, than to accumulate prostrate horizons, failures ad nauseam recent as well long-term memory.

    Colorado Rockies & Denver Broncos have played in or won multiple Championships, 2007 MLB, 1998/2013 NFL most recent.

    Arizona 2008, Atlanta 1998, Philadelphia 2004 – even Cincinnati 1988 (the Bungling Bengals?) have all played in or won a Championship, more recent than ancient.

    Washington Nationals, born 2005 (formerly Montreal Expos) haven’t won or visited, though the NFL’s Redskins have done both, winning in 1991 most recently. Canada’s other MLB team has done so too, the once & still Toronto Bluejays playing in a World Series and winning said – twice in succession – 1992 and 1993.

    Texas Rangers (nee Washington Senators) and Houston Astros have placed, 2011 & 2005, while the Oilers did so in 1999 aft becoming Tennessee Titans…the expansion Houston Texans have yet to do so in their mere 12 years of existence.

    Cleveland Browns (expansion ones 1999, not to be confused the ‘morphed’ Baltimore Ravens, who have gone to & won a Championship, 2012 most recently) have not, but even the ‘mistake by the lake’ Indians made it to the fall classic MLB, 1995.

    The Detroit Tigers made it the World Series in 2010, if their fellow denizens the Lions have not since winning the Championship in 1957.

    So there you have it. So who does that leave? What city has with both NFL and MLB franchises have lagged behind the rest the pro sports brethren theirs, as a duo?

    The usual suspects. Familiar names. Tale of a divided city, a Championship river ran through it if not more than two it, last 1985 and first 1969… no more added to it, since.

    “I’m talkin’ ’bout Kansas City, ‘Championships’ they just won’t come… they got some long-sufferin’ fans there Chiefs/Royals they can’t, get er done.”

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    K I love you buddy.

    • Kerouac says:

      Yes, thank you (I don’t mean on behalf Kerouac, rather for acknowledging the remarkable ineptness of our pseudo pro teams.)

      Inept as the expansion ’69 Royals have been, they are novices take a backseat to the Chiefs, terms the latter’s ineptitude. 6 Championship series & 2 World Series (including a World Championship) for the Royals since 1976, compared 1 AFC Championship match & 0 Superbowl’s for the Chiefs, same period of time.

      Reiterating, Kansas City is the ‘worst’ pro sports city US in terms success their football & baseball teams, as measured in Championships of more recent than distant past (the upside, KC’s lack of an NBA team prevents their winning the losers trifecta.)

      The football stinkers the NFL number three, really: Chiefs (no Championship since 1969, Jets (no Championship since 1968) and Lions (no Championship since 1957). Save for 3 expansion teams (Jaguars 1995, Browns 1999, Texans 2002) ‘every’ team in the NFL has (at minimum) played in a Superbowl since KC, NYJ and DET* last did (* was no Superbowl before the 1966 season.)

      When one considers how long the Chiefs have been around, how long Kerouac has followed them & is able to recall that KC was in fact once an trendsetter in pro football & not a follower, it is truly embarrassing.

      Am certain I’m not alone when I say that on the afternoon of January 11, 1970, prescience could not have fathomed that Sunday would in fact be “as good as it gets”, nod Nicholsan. 44 years later it seems but a dream in hindsight, one that never really happened… that’s how long ago it was.

  9. Can’t take the chance Chuck, this operation is very expensive.

  10. Rainbow Man says:

    Glaze has written some great pieces and I am a fan but this was not his best work.. another Royals suck piece… Ho hum… There is only one thing that will change the Royals and that is a new owner. Someone needs to make an offer. Until then we can lament and lament. Glass gets a lot of perks being a member of the owners club, and he makes good money. Why should he feel compelled to win? Now a guy like Mark Cuban…. that guy is going to have a winner… and he is going to be accountable to the fans. I differ totally on The Chiefs… They have made bold moves, they do make the playoffs, and they hire proven winners.. Vermeil, Reid… No comparison between the two.

    • CG says:

      Rainbow Man..well I don’t see the Chiefs improving this year. I am with the under 8 wins Lets see.

    • hot harley says:

      glaze…why do you get so upset when these dogs bag your comedy store
      with outright b.s….? Why do you want to fight them when they
      bitch about you or your clubs?
      But you’re the first to constantly bag and criticize the royals/chiefs…
      you’re a hypocrite.
      find something positive e.
      If everyone bagged on your club your head would explode!!!
      try understand the business aspects of running a baseball/footall
      team in relation to your running a night club tyring to survive aned
      make money.
      don’t be a hypocrite dude!!!!!

  11. Richard Cranium says:

    Ugh. Someone should tie this dudes fingers inside a hungry pig’s cage so they gnaw off the stubby ‘roided out fingers that he may never waste anyone’s time with this blight. Of course then he’d just dictate it to some other hapless victim to have to transcribe it. Ugh. It’s all I can say.

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