Glazer: Scribe Unleashes Thanksgiving Weekend Football Forecast

i-7bdd8e82b16d5b5ae6d797a2dc26af00-football-turkeyWell, what was supposed to be THE big game this Sunday at Arrowhead has lost a bit of it’s luster…

Chiefs fans are down in the dumps after two losses in a row.  Now Denver and Peyton Manning are coming to town with what is likely to be the gutshot that gives them the western title and forces the Chiefs into a low level wild card game.

We all know the Chiefs lost their top two defenders in the loss to San Diego.  And without their two stud linebackers, the Chiefs’ defense is horrible.

What’s odd is that QB Alex Smith would have gotten all the praise nationally and locally had the Chiefs won last week since the victory would have been chalked up to his passing skills.  Having said that, with Denver’s severe injuries to their defense and a couple of receivers, the boys in a red now have a slight chance to pull off an upset victory that otherwise would have been nearly impossible.

For the Chiefs to pull off the miracle victory, Smith will have to have a repeat passing performance from last week, plus a strong attack from Jamaal Charles on the ground.

Hey, it’s nearly Christmas, maybe we get an early gift. 

Remember what I always say, when you are not confident and your team has no identity (which the Chiefs don’t anymore) winning against elite teams like Denver is unlikely.  Given the fact the AFC is either mediocre or poor once you get past Denver and New England, technically our Chiefs are still are a threat.  Not a big one.

Look for the Broncos to win this shootout 34 to 28.  Remember they still have Peyton Manning and it’s supposed to be warm enough for him to dominate. 

On a brighter note, the Missouri Tigers will prove Saturday that they have become one of the top three or four teams in the nation.  I expect them to defeat Johnny Football and Texas A&M and then face the Alabama Crimson Tide for the SEC Championship.

Should they pull off this minor miracle – which they could – Missouri could be in the mix for a national championship appearance against Florida State.  I know, I know, Ohio State is undefeated and ranked above MU. I just have this feeling that a victory over two-time national Champion Alabama could force MU into that national championship game against Florida State.  It could happen.

the-16-most-outrageous-things-johnny-football-did-this-offseasonHey, I wanna be one of the first media people to tip my hat to MU and I was dead wrong about them being mediocre during the pre-season.  I only picked them to win six or seven games and be a low-level bowl team.  Should they defeat A&M and play well against Alabama, which they may, I would have to rank them the best Missouri football team of all time.

On a far less important note, K State will smash Kansas in that somewhat meaningless game. 

Now on the picks.

College Football

Missouri (+2) over Texas A&M teased with K State (-9) over Kansas.

FSU (-27) over Florida.

Alabama (-4 ½) over Auburn on a tease with Ohio State (-7) over Michigan.

Pro Football

Denver (+1) over KC teased with Tennessee (+10 ½) over Indy.

Giants (-1) over Washington.

Lions (even) over Packers teased with Cowboys (-2 ½) over Oakland.

Footnote:  Someone asked last week since Ohio State pushed and I won the other bet, isn’t that a loss for me.  You must win both games to win your total bets.  However, if you win on one and push on the other you win half your bet in Vegas (though some bookies call it a push and you win nothing, but you lose nothing either). 

My overall record stands at 41-27, let’s keep the momentum.

Happy Thanksgiving. 

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23 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Unleashes Thanksgiving Weekend Football Forecast

  1. balbonis moleskine says:

    Egg Bowl in the Land of Cotton

    Take Ole Miss, a university that spells it’s name wrong like Mizzou, to beat Mississippi State. Rebels -3.


    Take Bowling Green -1 over Buffalo. BGSU has a really good passing attack this year.


    Take the upstart Washington State Cougars +14.5 against Washington at UW. WSU recently blacklisted all the ‘haters’ from bowl tickets that criticized their slow turnaround under Mike Leatch. If Craig was a college football team this is probably something he would think up.

    Obscure Sports bet of the Week– International Test Rugby

    Take Wales at home +1 in Millennium Stadium vs the Aussies who have had a horrible year of international and touring matches.

    And a tip of the cap to the Irish national rugby team who lost in extra-time to an undefeated NZ All Blacks. They lost a 19 point lead but gave a more talented squad fits. The Irish hadn’t beaten New Zealand in rugby in 104 years.

    • balbonis moleskine says:

      oh yeah almost forgot NFL:

      NJ Underage Sanchez Hot Tubs -3 over the Miami Incognitos

      Take Philly Santa Clauses -3 over the Arizona Oh My God Carson Palmer is still Playing, despite the Redbirds 4 game winning streak.

  2. chuck says:

    1 and 4 last week, it is lonely in the woodshed. Not really, if you look at the picks on SI, CBS Sports Line, Yahoo, et al, the dozens and dozens of Sports hacks who colect actual checks to predict wins and losses, WITHOUT HAVING TO PICK THE SPREAD, is about 600. How do ya get that job?

    Now that I have confused the issue and 2nd partied my failure last week with straw man BS, let me address the future. The past will NOT be prologue.

    (By the way, I really liked Keroauc’s “Chiefs Roasting On An Open Fire, hilarious.)

    The Broncos are favored by anywhere from 4.5 to 5.5 on this website —

    —which changes with the action every 10 to 20 minutes or so. Lets say it is 5.00. I think the Chiefs find a way to win Pollyanna. Yep, take the Chiefs. Hoping eternally, the homer bets for the home team every time. So predictable.

    The new darling of Sports NFL Media is the Arizona Cardinals. They are 3 point dogs in Philly. Phiilly kills ’em. Take the Eagles.

    The all important Tie Breaker Monday Night game is New Orleans goint to Seattle as a 3 point dog. The Seattle Seahawks are unabashedly doing more drugs that GG Alin. I love that. Go with the HGH, take the Hawks. The New orleans D on the road is supect.

    The over under is 47, it might be 60. Take the over.



  3. cletus says:


  4. CG says:

    We are 3-1 so far with only loss the Ohio State upset yesterday so far…so record is getting stronger now at 44-28. Tough games yesterday across the board. MU is something else.

    • dreamwriter326 says:

      Didnt you miss both the Alabama and ohio State picks? Are you counting that as only one miss? I realize you teased it and it was only one bet, but you missed both predictions. Thats why people question your stats, Mr. G.

      • CG says:

        Dreamlover, people who bet don’t question anything I do, those who really bet, not the ‘hey man I’ll put a hundred on KC over Denver this week, bro.” Not those guys..I put my picks up for real gamblers. Not pretenders…of course a tease is one bet, you don’t gamble dreamer so you wouldn’t know that and don’t want to know it…if we use your example I would win TWO games when I win cause two teams are involved…but its ONE win, cause its a tease…like picking two teams who lose is still one loss, not two…of course…simple math.

        Now my numbers are correct and again very very good, people who do this to make a buck follow ME. If you do you are winning money. I am off from last year, but catching up. This time of year is toughest due to better teams playing better teams especially in college…good teams are often banged up and drop off, teams like KC who were hot are not. MU is one of the hot teams is Auburn.


        • dreamwriter326 says:

          Craig who told you I dont bet? Must be some pretty good imside information youre getting on that, huh? Im not a fly-to-vegas sports gambler, but I’ve done my share of football gambling over the years. Credibility, Craig. Look it up.

          My question to you was a fair one. You said you were 3-1 on your college bets, but listed 2 teasers and one straight up bet. I asked a simple question yet you blew up on me as a hater who knows nothing about football betting. Why do you do that Craig?

          • CG says:

            I’ve explained teasers 20 times, you could go online and look it up…of course its one bet..not two, so I explained it again. That’s all…anyone who bets much knows that, so maybe you do some light betting online, but online includes teasers you should have noticed that…you don’t have a bookie and not know that do you?

        • dreamwriter326 says:

          One more time, Craig. I’ll type slowly.

          College Football

          Missouri (+2) over Texas A&M teased with K State (-9) over Kansas.

          FSU (-27) over Florida.

          Alabama (-4 ½) over Auburn on a tease with Ohio State (-7) over Michigan.

          That’s what you have under your college picks.

          You said in this thread:

          We are 3-1 so far with only loss the Ohio State upset yesterday so far.

          In addition to being redundant, so far, you lost me with your 3-1. I read it as you were counting both the Mizzou and K-State games as one win each (even though it was with a tease), the individual bet as one win, and the Ohio St, Bama tease as a single loss.

          Are you calling the Mizzou game as one win, the K-State game as one win (even though you have only a single bet on that tease) so it counts as two?

          And screw you on your condescension (look it up.) If you can’t handle a simple, honest question with any integrity whatsoever, you deserve every word of hate that comes your way.

          • CG says:


            Look when this was set up three years ago it was for people who wanted to learn how to win money…not a game of ‘who wins’ my favorite team is..or being on a bandwagon…this is for pro’s not people who cheer for their hometeam no matter what man!!! Those are fans, fans can’t bet they will always lose, lose, lose,lose always…an old man in Vegas told me this years ago, “kidd want to win money, what teams do you know best…I said Chiefs, MU, KU, K State..he said you know when the can’t against them, you will clean up….he was right.

            So you are hating on me, why, I did nothing to you my friend…you called me out as a liar, a cheat, no credibility…etc…yet I am on radio, online as THE BEST AT THIS…for a reason..look at my numbers..imagine if I didn’t have to pick against the spread like the DJ’s and TV shmo’s I’d be at 90 per cent…most of my picks win some just don’t cover…still I am way up..ok sorry if I was hard on you, but you called me a full of it guy, I’m not.

  5. CG says:

    Missouri, not the Chiefs, are THE team this football season. WOW, OH WOW. THE TIGERS are on the verge of their finest football season in the schools history. For the first time since 1969, this team will play a huge national game with hopes of going to the national title contest if they beat Auburn. Much like the Chiefs, their David Chase season 5 years back was over rated, as was the Chiefs 2010 run. THIS MU team is for real, they beat some tough opponents this season, Georgia, Florida, Texas A and M, Ole’ Miss, and should be undefeated with a good kick or two over S.C. but they lost that one in double overtime. I think a win over Auburn puts them into the championship with FSU. It won’t be easy, MU will be likely a 7 point dog. I think they can pull it off. Hope so…more on MU later and yes Harley I didn’t pick them early and yes I was wrong. P.S. nobody picked MU, not even their players parents…its the feel good story of the year, I think, in college ball. Next week will tell the tale. Will an area team be in the ‘offical’ title game for the first time in our cities history, KU never has, K State never has and MU never has…yes MU and KU had a shot at Penn State in the Orange Bowl half a century ago, but it was not the ‘offical’ title game, they didn’t have that then, a win likely would have given them the number one spot…they both lost.

    • Jess says:

      Unless they lose….then you will flip flop on them too.

      • CG says:

        As all people who call game tell you dude, the winners and power of teams changes weekly..only a moron or a dumb ass fan will not change with the reality of wins, losses, injuries etc…it changes things. Again only moron’s who are just fans stay with their team no matter what…they are people who just love their team like you..that’s fine but you can’t bet that way..the Chiefs were a top defense and a winner, now they are a poor team who will struggle against any team they play..a team that will limp into playoffs. Way it goes. Could that change? It could but not likely they don’t have the talent base..anywhere..the offense looks like it can get better but we are back to one of the leagues poorest Defenses, I mean bad. The team has no identity, this time..

        As for MU flip flop, they became a very strong team and nobody on the planet thought they would be this good, they didn’t. Sooo..that’s how it goes.

        • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

          For the record, Mizzou WR L’Damian Washington predicted an 11 win season for the Tigers at SEC Media Days this past summer.

          • CG says:

            OH sorry, ONE of the team members said they’d win em all, huh…yep that counts…I meant media members. Of course players think that. KU players thought they’d be in a bowl game too. Nobody thought MU would do this well, NOBODY. I was one of them. My hat is off to them, they are having the year of years with little fanfare from media or even the local press, they deserve better.

  6. CG says:

    As I explained in this story above to a TTEEE…the Chiefs are a limp it in team..a low level playoff team…they have no defense…the offense is better, Alex is a good QB with little help…maybe next year they become a real contender…we need help…receivers, backs, lineman…clearly another corner, and Safety, ours are overrated, Flowers is average, Cooper is young but has talent, Eric Berry never came back from his ACL is average…they all get beat deep weekly…poor backfield, Manning killed Albert is out for the year I suppose…another phony playoff year…the Chiefs big Defense, what defense…as I write this Manning has just bombed us with five TD’s in a row, we trail by 14 early in the fourth quarter…game is over…it ended at the beginning of the third quarter…Chiefs will struggle to win two more…likely now 10-6…sorry.

  7. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    What the heck is the “David Chase season 5 years ago?”

  8. CG says:

    46-28..damn good weekend. 5-1, only losing the Ohio State/Alabama tease. We got all three pro games correct. Again some of you knock the tease but, we had to win ten games to get the five W’s. Damn, that’s very tough, but we did it.

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