Glazer: The Scribe Rocks the NFL & College Football Weekend, Bill Self, Sporting KC & The Chiefs

12659304I’ve taken some Chiefs fan resentment hits this week due to the fact I’ve recently been dunning the Chiefs for their shortcomings…

However I’m only pointing out the facts, like them or not.  Yes a 9 and 1 record is a fantastic record and there’s much to be proud of given the recent poor performances of the past.  And like most Chiefs fans I was hoping the offense would improve as the weeks rolled on.

But not only did it not improve, it got worse. 

As of the last four or five weeks, the Chiefs have the overall worst offense in the NFL.  We have no receivers and Dwayne Bowe just can’t get it done alone.  More bad news, even with the two week rest, Jamaal Charles, our only weapon, wasn’t able to spring loose on the ground or in the air against Denver.  Yes, he had one nice run but that was it.  We are not seeing Charles or Dexter McCluster hit the ball much at all on screen plays.

Quarterback Alex Smith has no time to throw, usually due to poor offensive line protection, which makes matters even worse.  Again, I want to remind you the Chiefs had a two week rest period then went backwards on offense.  

Now the Chiefs face a tough six week schedule with San Diego, Denver, Washington and Oakland.  Given what we’ve seen lately, winning three or four of these would be the best we could hope for.  Though the Chiefs defense is still playing well it too has gone backwards with only one sack in four games. And far too often they fail to put any pressure on the quarterback.

The bottom line:

If the Chiefs don’t improve we will be the Wild Card in the fifth spot and go on the road for game 1, hoping for the best.  However, this is a vast improvement over last year’s 2 and 14 squad.

Be happy about that, I am. 

sad-chiefs-fansIn fact, Kansas City has had a resurgence with both our pro and college teams this year.

Things are definitely on an upswing.  The Royals have their best team since the George Brett era and are going to be playoff contenders for 2014.  The Chiefs have made an incredible turnaround as I just mentioned and will make the playoffs, hopefully to win their first post-season game in two decades.

Kansas City will draft two top notch wide receivers the first four rounds of this upcoming draft along with another offensive line man and a stud running back…or so we should all hope.  Remember it’s the win now league.

The best news outside of the Chiefs is the spectacular year that MU has had in the SEC at 9 and 1.  Nobody, including myself, expected to see MU in a BCS Bowl, but that may well be the case.  Both the Chiefs and MU control their own destiny as it relates to a championship season.  Kansas State has improved as the year has moved on and will be in a low-level bowl game later this year.  Even the Kansas football team has won a big 12 conference game this year.

WTFThey tore the goal post down after the win. Who knew?

And finally, KU basketball coach Bill Self is the man.

He’s even out-drafted his vaunted rival at the University of Kentucky.  From what we’ve all seen, the University of Kansas basketball team is just about at NBA levels right now.  Self will win his tenth straight conference title and Kansas is a Final Four team,

Kansas is the best college basketball team in the nation amongst several talented teams and without argument this is the most amazing squad the already storied program has ever had.  They may not hope to win it all, I know they will.

Even if their superstar one and done player, Andrew Wiggins, goes down, they are still a Final Four team.  Wow.  Yes, there is much to be smiling about if you are a sports fan in Kansas City and I didn’t even mention the great year Sporting KC is having.


Duke (-6) over Wake Forrest

Missouri (-2) over Mississippi

Ohio State (-28) over Indiana teased with Florida State (-50) over Idaho


Carolina Panthers (+2) over Miami teased with New England (+8 ½) over Denver

San Diego (+11) over Kansas City teased with Carolina (+2) over Miami

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23 Responses to Glazer: The Scribe Rocks the NFL & College Football Weekend, Bill Self, Sporting KC & The Chiefs

  1. Albert says:

    Chiefs are pretty much going to the Super Bowl this year. Probably will win.

    The big question… can they do it again next year? I think so.

  2. admin says:

    Hey Albert…

    No offense or anything, but you wouldn’t be trying to pimp Craig would you?

  3. Kerouac says:

    For all the ‘feel good’ the Chiefs 2013 season, reality is it’s a ride coming to an end…

    I will be very surprised if SD doesn’t win Sunday and DEN the week after. Rest their schedule thereaft is winnable my opine, regardless the next two weeks. So enjoy the season’s conclusion because 2014 things return to normal: as in a schedule not made up cupcakes, but one made up of teams befitting this year’s 9-1 gift horse KC’s, same. Chiefs could well revert also ran status, despite the superior coaching & management that has been Kansas City biggest improvement/difference 2013.


    Chiefs need to ‘hit’ in 2014’s draft, because, their 2013 class has been nigh on a bust – productivity (#1 Fisher), availability (#3 Kelce), reliability (#3 Davis)… one their # 6 picks was an early cut casualty, their #4 & #7 picks occupy the bench. The plus side, their #5 pick returned from IR recall & played vs DEN, and looked good.

    Their trade a #2 for Smith was an obvious Hail Mary pass for leadership; his authority obvious, Alex is a gift that keeps on giving as well taking, as his continuing services will cost the Chiefs another #2 in the 2014 draft too.

    As CG said, WR, OL & RB are pressing areas of need (I also suspect DE and LB (due advancing age – even CB as Flowers has fallen off/plays the slot, a free agent pick up having taken his starting spot)… depth at several other spots too, as per the usual.

    As always though QB will remain the missing link, difference between an also ran, a one & done post season & one that can advance all the way to the Lombardi Trophy.

  4. bubba says:

    Since CG gets the same posted here as he does at Tony’s, so will I. As to the topic of as to what he knows about sports is highly suspect. Lets remember that he had the Chief’s winning last week. I didn’t post on any blog but if asked by my friends what I had to say about that game prior to it being played was “the Chiefs will need to score at least 30 points to win and I don’t think they will” I was dead on the money.

    I also don’t think that the Chiefs are as bad as CG has been hammering this week after they didn’t live up to his prediction. I think the Chiefs will probably win this game, but they will probably do it by holding in the red zone and keeping the Chargers to kicking for three.

    Now Hearne, I was in Lawrence last weekend and in Columbia at least 6 years ago. Why not ask me for a my opinion. I figure I am as qualified. Not sure what is lamer, you going to Glazer for sports or shit he knows absolutely nothing about. Wait since he really doesn’t know anything other than blather I guess going to him for blather when you have nothing else is fitting.

    More Paul Wilson. Less CG.

    • admin says:

      Fair enough, Bubba…

      What is your opinion of Columbia…and lawrence…and the differences between the two?

  5. balbonis moleskine says:

    Take @Notre Dame (PK) vs BYU (Magic Fingers over Magic Underwear)
    Take Illinois -6.5 @Purdue (Big 10 toilet bowl, Rockhurst QB Nathan Scheelhaase gets a win over the Boilermakers)
    Take OU +5 @Kansas State


    @KC -4.5 vs San Diego SUPERCHARGERS
    Carolina -4 over @Miami Incognitos


    Take the slightly better than 2:1 odds that Pacquiao beats Rios by Decision. (Pac must win by decision only following the 12th round)

    International Rugby

    Argentina (PK) over Italy. The Pope met with the Argentines before the big match in Rome’s Stadio Olympico. The Holy See expects a bounceback from a disappointing loss last week in international test play.

    • balbonis moleskine says:

      would have been perfect but Illinois didn’t quite cover the spread. 4-1 on the pics with a 2:1 payout on the Pac-Man bet.

      KC’s Rios lost a unanimous decision to PacMan and Argentina beat Italy in Rome this morning.

  6. chuck says:

    I was 3 and 2 last week and dead on the money on the Monday Night Game with the winner and the points.

    Detroit is a 9.5 favorite against Tampa in Detroit. Just arriving in Ford Field in Detroit is an exhilarating experience for an opponent. “I’M ALIVE!!!! I’M ALIVE!!!” This leads to an inevitable let down on the field. Take Detroit and eat the points.

    Houston is a 10 point favorite in Texas against the Jags. This sh*tty, somnambulistic, suck of a game will produce wide spread coma like symptoms throughout the South West. Don’t watch it, bet it and eat the points. Yum, yum…

    KC and The Bolts. Last year, Phillip Rivers mouthed on film, for posterity, “Worst day ever,”

    as he and the Chargers self destructed. This year, things will be different. Ryan Matthews is playing much better, Antonio Gates is a beast and the entire team looks like it is ready to make a Super Bowl run.

    Oh, thats right, its not 2009. Eric Berry slips Gates a Beef and 1/2 with extra Hot Sauce and Phillip Rivers eats turf like a sick puppy. Take the Chiefs and eat the points. Yum, Yum …

    The Monday Night Tie Breaker for all those across the fruited plains who depend on the win to break the tie at the top.

    Frisco goes to Washington. Frisco is a 5 point favorite. The Redskins are in the tank and RGIII was a pretty good Baylor QB, until the new guy came along. Frisco shreds the Skins, take Frisco and eat the points. Yum, Yum…

    The over under is 47. The Redskins score 10, then get 7 in junk time. The 9ers get 32, so the score is 32 to 17, take the over.

    Lets hope for full tummies and fat wallets!


    • dreamwriter326 says:

      How in the hell does a team end up with 32 points, Charlie? I’m sure there’s a way but math isn’t my stong point.

      On the Chiefs game, KC 24, Chargers 13, with one pick 6 by Hali or Poe in an altogether spectacular play after which Rivers is seen to mouth emphatically “goddammit!”

  7. Bob says:

    “Yes a 9 and 1 record is a fantastic record and there’s much to be proud of given the recent poor performances of the past. ” Craig

    Does anyone edit his posts? They are impossible to read.

  8. CG says:

    Good college start this week on numbers…won all three bets, only got half on Ohio State bet since it was a push and a we only claim 2 1/2 wins…but no losses. Now if we can get pro down well we will be back on track for a good finish to the year..Have been winning overall all the way but last years record was outstanding and better, lets just win more than we lose from here forward.

  9. CG says:

    Now 39-27 overall on picks..lets get into the 40’s with pro today.

  10. CG says:

    Well I hate winning this bet, hate being right, wanted to see the Chiefs win…its not over, but the Chiefs defense was been exposed, not too great huh. No pass D, injuries hurt, but the no pass rush has Chargers doing whatever they want…good news is Alex Smith proved he can throw and deep, in this case they got Donnie Avery going and holding on to the ball. Fun game, so far, its not over as I am watching but this D can’t win many games and with our linebackers hurt, etc…no sackes, none, ever….bad. Chiefs are much improved for sure, but unless they pull this one out..yikes likely will win maybe one or two, thats it…no can’t beat Denver…so it all ends next week, should Denver win it…we are the five spot…sorry…you can’t fake talent.

  11. CG says:

    Welp, with 1:23 the Chiefs off another Alex Smith td throw… may pull this out…best O of the year, Avery, Smith, Charles and even Bowe…big win, to 10…next week is the story…maybe New England can beat Denver and then a win may just do it next week, but I would be surprised…but happy.

  12. CG says:

    EXPOSED, no defense, no identity now…. going to be rough going rest of season…lucky we have the 9 wins…getting one more could be tough…its now over as far as division….Denver will walk us next week and that will be loss number 3 in a row…we could beat Oakland and have a chance with Washington…lose to SD there for sure and well being 10-6 will be an adventure…sorry Chiefs fans…way it is…hey we found an offense but lost the D…and it likely is gone. No sacks other than a safety sack again no identity now…none…just Charles…he is the team…bye. Again sorry. Go MU.

  13. Kerouac says:

    New NFL math: 4-6 > 9-1, one of the worst teams (aren’t they all really, the 32 them mediocrity-ville) whups the latter in their own backyard, SD’s not so ‘Superchargers’.

    ‘Best team in the NFL’ was the war chant locally, just an couple weeks ago. Now, third loss of three straight appending next Sunday vs Denver, a gauntlet becomes garrotte; KCinderella’s unbeaten season has been terminé (double entendre) .

    41 points, six failures hold a lead and almost 500 yards of offense vs suggests that the new name for the Kansas City defense be ‘Swiss Chiefs’.

    Offensive highlight, KC? Charles? No. Smith? Uh uh. It had to be Bowe pointing to the back of his jersey/name tag… such a rush of memories engendered, that maneuver his. That #82 imagines (appears) that he alone facilitates TD’s is an old tune; fans continue suffer the ‘Bowe Show’ and now as well PE (premature exclamation, his).

    38 points (vs a sub .500 Chargers team ranked 27th in the NFL; success said relevant as that 9-0 start by the Chiefs, my opine.)


    Chiefs had someone other than Berry covering Gates the majority of the day; a good move, as #29 has proven he can’t cover Antonio himself. The few times Kerouac saw Berry vs Gates, Antonio was screening him off nicely for a big SD gain, and was open for a nice 15 yard reception another time (that Rivers overshot Gates the only thing saved the great overhype #29 from another embarrassment afield.)


    Chiefs lost because they didn’t have Hali and Houston the second half?

    As if.

    They couldn’t get any sacks ‘with’ those two guys the first half, nor many with them the last few weeks vs the NFL’s other cupcakes, KC schedule.


    “Phillip Rivers eats turf like a sick puppy.”

    – Chuck, Chuck, Chuck… close; carves up/eats Chiefs defenders (Berry, et al) like a surgeon/hungry wolf… nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

    San Diego ‘Superchargers’… not my team or yours, but a better one than ours, appears.

    : )

    • CG says:

      Ker you are on the nose, again. The Chumps are a 6 or 7 win team pretending to be more. They are average, at best. We all hoped for more, but…Smith has been a nice addition, but that’s about it, SAME OLD CHUMPS, just a fake record, one and done. Course the rest of the league is so average, maybe one win in the post, who knows.

    • chuck says:

      I got killed today.


      I never, I mean NEVer expected a 79 point game. Wow!

      I hate it when Kero and Glaze are right. I am gonna go sulk.

  14. CG says:

    Won both pro games so we went clean. Finally. 41-27. Sounds much better, more like last year.

    • Bill says:

      Didn’t you push on Ohio State, not cover? That means your tease would have lost since you have to win both, correct?

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