Glazer: Scribe Says Chiefs Can Lose to Broncs, Still Go to Super Bowl

460xWell, the good news is the Chiefs are off this weekend…

That gives the team time to lick its wounds.  The Chiefs have been the healthiest team in the NFL and many think, the luckiest.  They haven’t played a single team with a winning record, thus far.

That changes next Sunday night when they face the Denver Broncos in Denver. 

The 9 and 0 Chiefs are truly a Cinderella story to this point.  The team scored zero touchdowns last week and their offense is below average at best.  Their great defense is also fading with only 3 sacks in 3 games and numerous huge running and passing plays being given up against second and third tier quarterbacks.  Hopefully, that will come to an end Sunday in Denver and they will improve.

A win – or even a close loss – will make them a legit Super Bowl challenger. 

I’ll wait to see what Denver quarterback Peyton Manning’s health looks like after the Chargers game but at this point, Denver is a seven to eight point favorite, I would have to bet on the Broncos and give up the points.  Hey, I want the Chiefs to win, I just think it’s going to be up hill.  Go Chiefs!

antlers3MU will defeat Kentucky.

K-State will lose to Texas Tech.

KU needs to find a football team, thank God they have one of the best basketball programs of all time.

College Picks

MU (-7) over Kentucky teased with Auburn (-1) over Tennessee.

Alabama (-5) over LSU teased with Florida State (-28) over Wake Forrest

NFL Picks

Indy (-3) over Saint Louis teased with Denver (-1) over San Diego

New Orleans (even) over Cowboys teased with Tennesse (-7) over Jacksonville

Eagles (+8) over Green Bay teased with Tennesse (-7) over Jacksonville

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8 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Says Chiefs Can Lose to Broncs, Still Go to Super Bowl

  1. Hraek says:

    I’ll go wake Forrest and tell him but in the meantime it’s WAKE FOREST, goddamn.

  2. balbonis moleskine says:

    at Miami -6.5 over VT
    at Florida -7.5 over Vandy

    Denver -7 over at Sandiego
    NOLA -7 over Romo Nation

    Sweet Science of Boxing:

    Take the over 8.5 rounds in Donaire v Darchinian.
    International rugby end of year tests:

    South Africa Springboks -4.5 over Wales

  3. chuck says:

    I am back in business after last week (4 and 2), a steady climb over the entire season, punctuated in the middle by 3 weekends of a “Push”.

    The NFL is changing dramatically, right in before our eyes. Before long, Olypic Ice Skating Judges will determine the scoring. All aspects of this game are being spotlighted, mental and physical on every broadcast in every venue. This story has “”Legs” as they say and the game as we have known it, is self destructing in a PC paroxsysm that has a societal correlation in my opinion. That said, before the refs are required to grade triple axels in the Red Zone, the portents and auguries reveal home dogs, having their days.

    You can never predict injuries, but I do think it wise to pick 4 to 6 bets each week to cover contingencies. Arron Rogers going down, killed the over under last week. Megatron’s pre game warm up injury 3 weeks ago, killed the Detroit bets, etc etc.

    Atlanta is a 6 point dog to the suddenly sputtering Seahawks. Take the Dirty Birds. Matt Ryan is under no pressure to win, so the Falcons cover in a close game.

    San Diego is a 7 point dog to the visiting Broncos. Usually teh Chargers find ways to lose games they should win, unless, they are supposed to lose. Take the points, the Chargers will give the Donkeys all they want and more.

    The all importatn Monday Night game, that much of the betting public, MUST bet on is Miami V Tampa, who is O Fer. Tampa is a 2.5 Dog. Tampa will win the game flat out. The over under (Again, a must bet for many folks.) is 41. I think it is under, at about 36.

    Baby needs new shoes.


    • CG says:

      Good breakdown Chuck and Balb, like your picks as well. It seems to be that we have more and more upsets this time of year, huh. Injuries, teams wear down, so on, and bad teams become decent teams with more and more experience. Lets see what happens. Last week we ended up 31- 22. The pros set me back a couple wins. Lets hope this week is good.

  4. CG says:

    Needing Bama to win by 5 to go perfect in college today, four wins but will only count as two…that’s a good start..go Bama. Balb I too was high on the Florida game, shocker. How the mighty have fallen.

  5. CG says:

    33- 24…record, off last years mark, but we’ll keep battling to win. Decent. As we end the seasons final weeks it gets harder, good teams play other good teams…many more upsets due to injury, fatigue so on…NFL is getting really tough to call, Jacksonville wins a game, Indy blown out by lowly Rams at home. Both considered can’t miss, but they did. Not so easy is it.

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