Glazer: Scribe Unleashes This Week’s College & Pro Picks

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James Franklin

 Now that the dust has settled and MU may have James Franklin back as soon as this week, they may still have a legitimate shot at winning their division.  After all, they control their own destiny and no other team in their division does.  Now that Tennessee has lost its main quarterback, I’m sorry, its first-string quarterback, the Tigers should roll over the mediocre visitors.  That will make MU 8 and 1 with three important games remaining; a likely victory over Kentucky and then two tough ones.

The Tigers will face Johnny Football and Texas A&M which is the SEC’s version of the Denver Broncos, which means likely a loss but a win is still possible.   The swing game is Ole Miss and that could go either way.  So a date with No. 1 Alabama’s Crimson Tide is still very much alive. 

The Kansas City Chiefs once again face a seemingly never ending barrage of second- and third-string quarterbacks with the Buffalo Bills.  Yes, Buffalo has no quarterback.  We’ve heard all week about their defense, their solid running game and the fact Kansas City hasn’t won there since Grant was a corporal.  Translation; the Chiefs last victory in Buffalo was the late ‘80’s.  That said, the Chiefs will defeat Buffalo and go to 9—0 equaling their 2003 start.

EJ ManuelThere’s been much discussion on whether the Chiefs are lucky or good. 

The answer is both and it takes both to win a championship.  Hey, last year was anyone on the planet even talking about the Baltimore Ravens going to the Super Bowl during the regular season?  No, and they won the Super Bowl.

I know, I know, we have two games with Denver. 

If Manning stays healthy and the Bronco’s continue to play as well as they have been, it’s likely we’ll lose both, although we have a shot at them at Arrowhead.  We’ll likely split with San Diego, could have trouble with Oakland there, but we should defeat Indy at home since they lost Reggie Wayne.

So the Chiefs should end up 13-3 or 12-4. 

And hey, those old Miami Dolphins haven’t popped the cork yet on those champagne bottles, maybe we win ‘em all including the Super Bowl.  It could happen.



Auburn (-7) over Arkansas.

MU (-4) over Tennessee teased with UCLA (-21) over Colorado


Chiefs (-3) over the Bills.

Saints (-3) over the Jets.

Oakland (+4) over Philadelphia teased with Seattle (-8) over Tampa Bay.

Indy (+5) over Houston teased with Green Bay (-4) over Chicago.

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23 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Unleashes This Week’s College & Pro Picks

  1. chuck says:

    Atlanta, a broken team goes into Carolina and recieves a divisional Coup de Grace from the Panthers. The cats are a 7.5 favorite, eat the points, take the Panthers.

    Minnisota arrives in Dallas a 10 point underdog to a smarting and still in the hunt Cowboy squad. AP has lost interest, J, Allen wants a new team, the QB situation, well, remember, Matt Cassel made this team. Take the Cowboys, eat the points.

    Cleveland is a 2.5 Home Dog to the defending Super Bowl Baltimore Ravens. Upset of the week, the Browns win.

    The all important Monday Night Game tie breaker on winner and points is Green Bay v Chicago. Green Bay is only 1 game ahead of the Bears in the division. This will be closer than folks think. The Bears are a 8 point dog and have their hopes pinned on Josh McCown, not a bad QB who can move around pretty well. Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall are pretty good recievers. Take the Bears to cover the 8 points.

    The over under on this game is 50. I think it hits 60 easy.

  2. balbonis moleskine says:

    take Iowa State +17 at K-State. Iowa State are an undertalented bunch of scrappers, don’t expect a ball control KSU team to win by more than 17.

    take Michigan -4.5 at Michigan State. Always a fun in-state rivalry game.


    take NOLA -6.5 at NYJ

    take Baltimore -2.5 at Cleveland

    Sweet Science:

    Golovkin v. Stevens at MSG. Take the under 6.5 rounds, most places are paying 2:1 if you take the under. Of Golovkin’s last 14 fights, 12 have been in under 6.5 rounds. Plus who wants to watch this knockout artist and hope that Stevens runs away? Stevens is no slouch, with only 3 losses but both of those were over 6.5 rounds (2 decisions, one TKO8). Stevens is the hometown kid but expect the Central European Roberto Duran to take care of business.

    Obscure sports bet of the week:

    Take the Leicester Tigers, defending Aviva league champs to cover the 6.5 points against the London Harlequins. The Harlequins, normally a mediocre to bottom table club is having an okay year and pushed the spread way down.

    • CG says:

      See how that goes, good concept but K State won by a million points. You never know in this thing….pros bet big on maybe one or tops two games a weekend cause its so tough…the big bets…

      • balbonis moleskine says:

        I feel like with the 5% you have to make back on what the house takes, very few people actually make any significant money. Luckily for me, I havent actually bet in years–not in the wink wink nudge nudge way either.

        I lost the Rugby game too, Harlequins won.

        FSU looks to be dominant in their win over the U. Perhaps we will have an interesting national title game after all?

  3. balbonis moleskine says:

    all major las vegas books are giving Chiefs -3.5, with MGM and Caesars going as high as -4.

    • chuck says:


      This site here-

      is pretty accurate I think and changes as the bets are placed.

      I wouldn’t touch the Chiefs – Buff game.

    • CG says:

      Balb, I use it even has the Vegas line and about six major hotels lines, they do change and vary. So when I looked in Thursday, the Chiefs were a 3 point favorite. It has gone to 3.5 and 4. Sometimes I make a call on Thursday with my picks and it gets better for my number but its too late for me to change it. Goes both ways. If you look at Indy thats been -1 to now -2. It changes. When you make a serious bet in Vegas, best to bring your laptop. So you can see what I see, and in a game like Seattle v. Rams last week, I was very, very lucky to see MGM had Seattle -11 for a few hours, the other hotels were 12 at the time. I got it on a tease at 7 points, max tease in Vegas for Packers -1/2 and Seattle -4.5…wow that half point made me a winner instead of a push. Latter it went all the way up to Seattle -14.5. Wow. So it matters when you bet and how you place the wager. Course now wish I had just had the Packers -7.5 and that was all, payday would have been better. And the Seattle game had me on my knees for real on the lst and goal series with the score 14-9. I was more than lucky Rams didn’t score. Or I lose. Makes it exciting but would rather win easy and not be driven nuts.

      • CG says:

        Today the Auburn at -7 1/2 over Arkansas looks too easy. Always worry about those seemingly ‘easy’ wins. Just like everyone thought Seattle would run over the Rams. Still I like the Auburn game and win a ton. Best bet of the day I think.

  4. CG says:

    Well off to a good start with Auburn wish I coulda flown back to Vegas on that one. Oh well, MU looks to be a winner too…good start.

  5. CG says:

    Are you like me? Ever feel worse about a team that is 9 and 0? The offense and defense get worse each week, no sacks, only a couple the last several games and we are playing bad teams with no quarterbacks, none. Todays was a practice squad guy. I have to say it, the Chiefs look like almost last years team….I know, I know we are 9 and o..I know…but they look terrible at nearly all levels. I can’t see them winning a play off game on the road anywhere. I believe Denver will smash out lights out. Kill us. Say YOu?

    • chuck says:

      They won 2 games last year. The over under for the season was 7.5. The Cooper kid played great today, we got him for nuttin. The Offensive line is getting better.

      Look, they probably are one and done in the playoffs. Did I mention that they were 2 and 14 last year? Next year is the true litmus test for this team, which is an ascending team. This year is total gravy and house money. They are insanely lucky, but so what? The D is pretty good. I think they have a 40% chance of beating Denver in KC. They will split with SD and Oak, so if they can knock Peytons molars loose and shake him up in the pocket, you could be looking at Home field advantage.

      Quit whining about the lemons buddy and have some lemonade.

      • CG says:

        Chuck I’m with you but damn they are hard to watch and I don’t blame the national sports coverage for so little attention to the one and only undefeated team, KC. They are hard to talk about. They are. Today was not ugly it was almost sad. I just wish it was for real and not this crap. It’s like “and oh yeah Kansas City is undefeated and …uh…they are uh….well they play Denver in two weeks and uh…so The Cowboys…” Nobody wants to talk about this team or interview any players…they think we are luckiest stink team ever and as of today, I sure see why. It’s unreal that we are undefeated. Unreal. We have almost nothing.

        • chuck says:

          Take heart, most teams play up or down, to the competition. See today’s Seahawks. The same reasoning that says the Chiefs are unproven for not playing anyone, also says, that we really don’t know how they will do agains the Donkeys.

          I think it will be a hell of a game and the most exciting sporting event in KC since KU and MU played those games at Arrowhead.

          I betcha the Donkeys will be a 4.5 favorite.

          • CG says:

            good points Chuck. Hey nobody gets out alive and hell I can’t believe they put the Super Bowl in the east in an outside stadium in February. WTF? Who paid off who on that one. Christ…that will be unfair to someone…and the fans will pay thousands a tix to sit out in the what 15 degree weather, likely maybe snow…WTF. Stupid..another subject though…I think you are talking bout when Denver is here, we are there in two weeks, likely they will be at least 7 point fav. Sounds like Vegas trip…I hate to say it, but I see a three touchdown win by Denver there. Here, we’ll see lets get there first…Maybe we can find an offense, but not likely its 9 weeks in and its worse and worse.

          • chuck says:

            Yes, I did mean that we had a 40% chance of winning HERE. Out in Denver, they may as well send their wives and girlfiends.

            The Super Bowl in cold weather, favors the DEFENSE.

            Oh well, we will see.

  6. rkcal says:

    Geez, you sound like a manic-depressive. “The Chiefs are awesome! Finally something to cheer about in KC…No, wait…they suck….they’re so sad and pathetic!” This was a road game before a bye, in cold weather, against a motivated team with pumped up fans; a team with great running backs that are getting healthy, in a place no Chiefs team has won since ’86. And they won. They did what they had to do and they won. Who is the pressure going to be on in the Bronco game? Everybody will be expecting the Chiefs to get pummeled. The spread will be 7-10 pts. Reid has a great record after a bye. The Chiefs are a united and strong-willed bunch. I like their chances.

    • CG says:

      Cal can’t really argue with that, I see and agree with much of it, BUT… this big play D can only take you so far with one of the leagues worst offenses. We are near the bottom in every offensive ranking, bottoms…not a good thing. If we had say a number 15 passing attack and number 10 running game, ok. We don’t. Cooper is the find of the year, right now he is close to the MVP of this team..I know Tamba and Charles are huge factors, but without this kid your pass D is not so great…He is the number one out there, no question. Makes huge plays as well. What a find. Too bad we can’t find a weapon on offense. Again we tried Bowe, he got 7 catches BUT… was o.k. not where you want him and did have at least two drops he should have caught.

      Again I think Alex Smith is good enough with weapons, giving him so little and a questionable O line makes his job oh so much harder. I also was a bit surprised he ran so little in the game, that is his bread and butter. In the red zone he could have gone in at least twice and didn’t try, missed both passes. Lack of tight end is also becoming glaring…

      Look maybe after the bye and some rest and a fresh start the O will improve, but on the road at Denver…oh brother…and then comes all the “I told you so’s”…hey the Chiefs have a heavenly ghost on their shoulder..maybe, just maybe it will be there in the upcoming weeks. If KC wins at Denver than, man oh man..look out. I don’t see it, neither do you, but hey…”it could happen.”

      • Lance The Intern says:

        KC is ranked 13th in rushing — that’s a lot closer to your “number 10 running game” than it is to the bottom of the offensive rankings.

        • CG says:

          Yes that’s true I see, all Charles and if that’s gonna get this offense where you think it needs to go, fine. I say its not enough. Hey our special teams have been outstanding, the punting, field goals, a few returns…but outside of being in the teens in rushing, that’s it. Not enough in most cases.

          We all know Charles is banged up, his feet etc..and the O line is so best, he has no huge break runs all year. Strange huh, he has become that 3-6 hard yard guy between the 20’s, less yards, less TD’s that are flashy but its working and most of our offense.

          • Lance The Intern says:

            I was simply pointing out your error, Glazer. I’ll also note that the Chiefs lead the league in turnover margin. They create a lot of turnovers, while they do an excellent job protecting the ball.

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