Hearne: Tommy Morrison Mom to Family & Friends: ‘We Got Him’



In death, as in life, the Tommy Morrison saga soldiers on, weird as ever…

That said, what was to have been a Tommy Morrison locket wearing party and world funeral tour is no more.

“I just got a text from Tommy’s mom Diana saying, ‘We got him,’ ” says longtime Morrison pal Stephen Bayer. “We got Tommy back, man. He’s in the family again. He’s coming home. Everything’s a done deal.”

lat-foreman-wre0005604319-20130904Bayer’s take on the news: “My prayers have been answered. This is huge, bro.”

Then again, the thought of friends, family and celebrities bouncing about the globe and smoking pot while wearing boxing gloves lockets filled with Tommy’s ashes sounds like a chapter straight out of Morrison’s bizarre life story.

I dunno. Knowing Tommy. it seems like something the Duke might have embraced.

“He would not have liked to have been exploited any longer,” Bayer says. “He’s been exploited for long enough in life, you know what I mean?”



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  1. the dude says:

    Eh, families can be such wet blankets.
    I was looking forward to LEGALLY smoking the reefer in Colorado (!) with some ash filled gloves around me neck. I would have gladly paid $5 for a pic and a toke.

  2. Mysterious J says:

    Sure seems like he is still being exploited to me.

  3. admin says:

    I don’t know, but Tommy sure had a penchant for bizarre publicity when he was alive.

    Hard to imagine him frowning on something like this, but I suppose anything’s possible. He wanted to be center stage; he craved attention. And certainly this would be one (last?) way for him to get it.

    We’ll see though. Looks like the family put the kibosh on it.

  4. chuck says:

    Harley, who used to run around with Ted Williams’ head and do “ex” penned an impasioned plea on Tony’s Kansas City Blog. He thinks Tommy should be creamted on the next Red Friday in the pizza ovens at Kellys in Westport.

    “…allu hatrz frum kCCCofuhdenshul will.. pr….bably
    wanna coom an here tOmmys good frend Waltd Isney…he is
    the mastER of Cirimoney, i have lots of mony in my hous…
    but ur no t….invided, u..ar frozen out… tahtis what u get hatrz….”

    It goes on, but that is the money line.

    • harley says:

      you’re a loser chuckles the sad clown…fat…bald …old and
      a racist….and a loser.
      you were born a loser…and a cheap sob.
      When you grow up after being 65 and on social security give me
      a email….I can show you have to live life in grand style…because
      your life is miserable and horrid.
      no wonder you have to spend your weekend nights on kcc and tkc..
      no one wants to be with you…you’re lonely…even the dog hates
      good luck…any time you can get a few bucks together driving that
      beater truck contact me….you’re lower than whale sh*t…

      • chuck says:



      • chuck says:

        TED WILLIAMS’ HEAD: “Goddamnit Harley, I hate this plastic Aldis bag! It is so stuffy in here!! Where is that Tom Ford Croc Skin handbag you promised me when we were doing coke in the VIP room with no condoms?”

        HARLEY: “Shut up!! The counter chick at Taco Bell is staring! Besides, even Oprah couldn’d buy that bag.”

        TED WILLIAMS’ HEAD: “You told me and I quote, ‘If Oprah can afford that bag, so can I and if you go to Hearne’s Christmas party with me this year, I will get it for you.”

        HARLEY: “I tried to buy the fu*kin bag but the sales clerk was racist! *Shifts the Ted Head to the other arm* I will have the Gordita Supreme with extra sour cream and one mild sauce.”

        TACO BELL CHICK: “Anything for Ted?”

        HARLEY: “Sure, some water and an Alka Seltzer.”

        TACO BELL CHICK: “Azzhole, you’re lower than whale sh#t.”

        HARLEY: “Hey I like that whale sh#t crack Ted.”

        TED WILLIAMS’ HEAD: “Don’t change the subject, how could the chick be racist, you’re white and she was white too?”

        HARLEY: “Exactly, there were no minorities selling bags, so obviously, there was racism in the air.”

        TED WILLIAMS’ HEAD: “You found her on Craig’s List.”

        HARLEY: “Doesn’t matter, she should have been black. By the way, why would you need a condom?”

        TED WILLIAMS’ HEAD: “AIDS dumbazz, did ya hear about Tommy Morrison? How about that bowling bag in your closet, it would be a lot more comfortable that this plastic bag.”

        HARLEY: “I have a rep to maintain and can’t be seen with a bowling bag idiot. High finance guys never bowl.”

        TED WILLIAMS’ HEAD: “They don’t shop at Aldis either. I wanna go home.”

        HARLEY: *munching on a pee drenched Gordito* “Back to your styrofoam cooler with the empty Schlitz keg in the garage freezer? Sheesh, you will never amount to anything if you set your sights so low. Hey! How could you get AIDS anyway? You got no body anymore.”

        TED WILLIAMS’ HEAD: “It’s feels like my body is still there, It really does. Don’t you imagine yourself having a brain?”

        HARLEY: “Yes.”

        TED WILLIAMS’ HEAD: “There ya go buddy, take me home.”

        • mark smith says:

          Ha! Chuck riffs like a cross between Don Rickles and Johnathan Winters. Both of whom harley knew personally.
          Funny stuff Chuck.

          • Aldi's Bag says:

            Harley’s brains could explode and it wouldn’t even mess up his hair. He’s just a tool, a little tiny tool. Like the kind you repair your glasses with. Good thing he’s a self made man. That way we know who to blame. He’ll never be half the man his mom was.

      • Murray Goldhoarder says:

        fat…bald …old and
        a racist….and a loser.

        Didn’t you used to go on long winded rants about Jews on here, Harley? Go outside, pal.

        • harley says:

          no murry that was smarmyman whos eating dirt
          right now…
          he said “burn the jews”…probably died from
          a getting bit by a kosher mosquito.
          he and chuck belong in the same class…all low….
          lets get this straight you goyemdreck like
          paul/chuck/murry and of course gay dave…
          you allare controlled by the jews….we run the
          world…the chosen people….
          wake up because each of you is being given
          a few bucks to keep the underclass down and
          happy newyear…harley

          • SmartmanFromBeyond says:

            Sorry, Harley, no Jews in heaven, I’m here to report that first hand. Not only does Jesus hate you, we all think you’re an A-hole.

      • Orphan of the Road says:

        From a secret bunker, located deep inside the Overland Park Sewage Treatment Plant, the protoplasm formerly know as Jojo sez!

        • harley says:

          hey orphan the 30k a year man…or paully the
          down and out guy…or chuckles the sad clown
          with a beat up truck…or dave (now referred to
          by the people on tkc as gay dave)…
          why don’t all you blue collar guys get $10,000
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          I’llget a fair appraisal of my 600K house and prove
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          so lets so who’s right and put your money
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          But neither of you got $250 to your name i’ll bet.
          put upor shut p…
          can do the same about mu degree…my connections…
          but you losers aint got a pot to piss in that’s
          why no one sues someone with no money…you
          can’t get blood from a turnip or a buck from
          a broke down old worn out loser.
          lets see who’s right here boys.
          and I meanboys!!!!!!!!!

          • Orphan of the Road says:

            WOW, more month than meds already?

            Once you make good on your gazillion other bets you blew off with folks here, you can talk.

            I’m sure the sludge-drying bed you live under cost more than $600,000.

            As usual you are writing checks with your mouth your ass can’t cover.

            Meet me at the oldest, family owned bar in Northeast and we will put your wager into writing.

            Otherwise finish eating your bag o’dicks, Jojo.

          • Orphan of the Road says:

            How would you like to have to tell your momma a boy kicked your arse? For like the bazzillionith time?

          • Aldi's Bag says:

            Funny that he wants to put up anything that looks like an obstacle before he will come clean. He can prove his national blog writing for free, he’s promised links to that for months, still no proof. One step at a time, Harlinator, one lie at a time. Post your blog links and we’ll move on from there, ass.

          • mark smith says:

            Kudos Harley I didn’t think it was possible for you to be a bigger $hit heel. I was wrong. I can’t wait for the story from hearne, the one that reveals the real Harley. The obit is coming. You are just one meltdown away from sucking the tail pipe on your 98 Nissan. Just for the record, you couldn’t carry a blue collar man’s lunch box.

          • chuck says:

            Harley, first of all, I do have more that $250.00. I am a hundredaire 4 or 5 times over. It’s hard to keep track, you know, market and day to day dollar against the beer fluctuations.

            You have made a number of personal attacks against me, that I feel I should address.

            You have called me fat, old, ugly and bald for starters.

            Lets move on.

            You have stated that I am a loser. I drafted the very best fantasy football team in 20 years of playing just last Sunday. If I spend 2 or 3 hours a day sweating over the schedule and the players I drafted over the next 16 weeks, I could bring in $500.00. Thats right, you wanna talk investments with a mench like me, you better know exactly what the 2nd string guard on the Carolina Panthers has for dinner every night.

            The beat up truck I drive only has 120,000 miles on it and when I win the fantasy football league I will buy new tires and won’t you look stupid then.

            This is the one that really hurts, you said my dog hates me.

            My dog loves me. Of course, he isn’t trying to suck every one he meets into a Death Star Tractor Beam of narcissism and insecurity and leads a simple life.

            Finally buddy, I DO read everything you write, I wouldn’t fu*kin miss it. That Magnum Opus you penned the other day was my very favorite.

            Keep your pencil sharp pal.


        • harley says:

          I made the deal orphan the loser…
          you get chuckles the clown…bald liar……dave…
          and dude….cash your pennies in and lets
          see who’s for real and who’s not.
          $10,000 cash winner takes all.
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          You’ve written enough sh*t about everyone that
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          Independent appraisal/arbitrator makes the
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          Noneof you got a pot to piss in….if ya did
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          come on loud mouth bullshiters..
          chuck aint got nothing.
          little fat man aint got nothing…
          dave…cleaning pools don’t cut it.
          and dude….come out and lets play.
          time is now….bring it on….hearne
          covers the entire thing…
          we’ll see who’s the leader and who’se the
          who’s got it…who aint.
          put up your money behind your big lying mouths
          and lets see what ya got.
          you ain’t got shit…section 8 houses…beater
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          you got what you wanted….bring thre cash little
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          I ‘d love 5o see you 10 guys get $10,000 cash
          together and to prove you’re all full of shit.

          • admin says:

            Not sure what brings this rant to us, but for what it’s worth…

          • Orphan of the Road says:

            Meet me at the oldest, continually-family owned bar in Northeast. Game on.

            It’s your home turf, jojo. Remember?

          • the dude says:

            Oh sweet Lord I am willing to see this one through and possibly pay some cash to see THE REAL HARLINATOR and where he may really live.

            C’mon guys, we can’t wait for wilsun to sack up and expose this turd.

          • SmartmanFromBeyond says:

            So much feces comes out of your mouth I’m confused about offering you toilet paper or a breath mint.

  5. The ASPCA says:

    Please stop beating that poor dead horse!

    • Aldi's Bag says:

      I’m confused. Are you talking about Tommy or Harley?

    • the dude says:

      This horse will be considered thouroughly flogged and done when Hearne JR says so!! And he reserves the right to change that stance should higher page reads happen!

  6. Dreamwriter326 says:

    The first two verses of a Michael Brewer song (he’s the Brewer of Brewer and Shipley… you know, One Toke Over the Line, Sweet Jesus) from his 2004 Retro Man album that fits neatly to the whole cremation idea:

    Burn one for me
    When the force that makes things happen
    Finally sets my spirit free
    When the last bell has rung
    And the ships are all at sea
    Burn one for me

    Light a candle
    Raise it high above
    Pass my ashes out in zip lock bags
    To the ones I love
    To the ones I love
    And burn one for me…

  7. Stephen Bayer says:

    Anyone who knows me knows I would never say anything bad about my friend. I did not say anything bad about him for this article. Anyone that would suggest that doesn’t know me. Trisha would not let his family and friends see Tommy or speak to him on the phone for over a year. That’s wrong. My only intention was to put a public spotlight on the person hurting my friends family and mine. All I want is for is for Tommys family’s wishes to be honored. Is that to much to ask?
    I would of liked to have had the opportunity to have held his hand and whisper in his ear I loved him before he passed away. Everyone else that loved him would have wanted the same opportunity and more importantly so would have Tommy. That experience was taken away from all of us and it wasnt by me. I am not the person holding Tommys body hostage. Tommy needs to be put to rest please give him and his family some dignity.

    • DR says:

      Bayer…I talked to Fitts the other night. Do you think there will be a memorial in KC for him, or should we all just get together & celebrate his life?

  8. Amy says:

    Stephen, I met Tommy . I was dating someone who was in the local KC boxing scene. I always found Tommy to be a typical arrogant, cocky boxer (aren’t they all. 🙂 ,,,,,))).
    No one deserves to go through what he did and for you his faithful friends/family to not be allowed to see him and tell him one last time what he meant to you all.

    Did Trisha think she was protecting him? There has been a lady on here who says that Tommy gave her best friend HIV and the girl died. Did you know anything about that or others who Tommy may have infected?

    I am sorry for the loss of your friend. Remember all the good times you shared and know that he is no longer in pain or suffering.

  9. John Kerry says:

    Chuck, do you think I look like Frankenstein?

  10. JohnnyG says:

    Stephen. What I don’t understand is how the hell he ended up in a hospital in Omaha, away from his family and friends in the first place. Plus one of the best HIV / AIDs doctors is right there in Kansas City. She has been treating the disease since the early 80s. She has spoken at many AIDS conferences all over the world. When you get into a hospital you no longer get to have an opinion as to whether you are or are not HIV+. Something seems off to this story to me.

  11. Susan Martin says:

    Isn’t it just like Tommy to make sure we are talking about him even in death. Tommy has gone to his final resting place and is accounting for his actions in life. Those that are living and continuing to perpetrate drama over his death will also have to account for their actions. Tommy needed his family and friends to be with him, they were denied this time. Tommy was denied this time. No one can change this. Friends and family are hurt, they will have to grieve in their own way. His children have not seen him, they are now without a father.
    I feel for them all, but we all know Tommy, the drama will continue and Hearne will be writing.

  12. paulwilsonkc says:

    Man, I’m dying for a story on Jardine’s right about now. Maybe a story about when Tommy spanked some chic in the downstairs bathroom. Maybe one about how Tommy was the money behind the two gay dudes, anything, please; I’m begging you, just tie to the two together somehow.

    As for how Tommy contracted it; “HIV enters the body through open cuts, sores or breaks in the skin; through mucous membranes, such as those inside the anus or vagina; or through direct injection,” not just because he had sex with some girl on her period. Any exchange of fluids will get the job done; blood carries it better, however.

    I promise you Tommy has no earthly idea where he contracted HIV. He was way too active, sometimes too many times in a single day; with people he didn’t even know their names. It happened. Sadly, it comes with the lifestyle.

    And while I’m extremely sorry for any of the girls who came in his path, while they are victims they are coconspirators. They knew the risk of unprotected sex.

    Sometimes you get something a round of antibiotics will cure; sometimes you get something nothing will cure, unless you have Magic Johnsons money. He and OJ are the only two who have escaped a certain death penalty.

    Art Bell has a new show on SIRIUS Radio, this weekend he will be interviewing Tommy from the great beyond. It’s on 328, check it.

  13. mike says:

    This writer always thrived on writing crap on Tommy so im not surpised about this one.All he has done is make a name for himself on bashing Tommy and other people through the years.Im a friend of Tommys and I WAS ALLOWED to go see Tommy when he was in the hospital.In Topeka and in Kansas City so many people dont know everything cuz its non of there business!!! I sat with him for many hours and it was sad but its something i wanted to do for my friend.So many people think they are perfect and they are not and no one hears about it cuz they are not in the spotlight.Tommy wasnt perfect either,who is???but he was a GREAT guy!!! I was with him one time and he gave a homeless man 200.00 and continued to give alittle when we saw him.All these reporters have profited off Tommy by writing about him.So what are they gonna do know??? Let my friend rest in peace Just like a article i read said at one time in KC it was the CHIEFS,TOM WATSON and TOMMY MORRISON and KC fans ate it up.Those were great times for us fans and friends.R.I.P Tommy you are my friend and I will never forget all the good things you did for your fans and friends.

    • admin says:

      No doubt about it, Tommy’s contributions to journalists and boxing fans alike were many.

      However, just as Morrison seldom dodged bizarre publicity while alive, I doubt he would decry it now in death. He lived for the attention – good and bad – and courted both.

      The last thing he would probably want right now is to fade quietly into the night.

      Look, Tommy will never go down as some kind of clean cut sports here like Len Dawson, Tom Watson or George Brett. His life was far too decadent and reckless for that.

      He lived life in the fast lane for all to see, what’s so wrong about remembering him in that same context?

      It’s a little late to be re-writing history.

      • mike says:

        Well one of your journalist wrote the CHIEFS,TOM WATSON and TOMMY MORRISON brought excitement to our community for sports fans in that time period.He wasnt writing about personal lives etc.For once someone was writing positive,you ought to try it.

  14. Jimmy Cliff says:

    Without a doubt, funniest thread ever on this site.

    Ted Williams. Wow.

    My wife didnt know the players but she did giggle.

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