Hearne: The Bizarre Tommy Morrison Funeral World Tour

IMG00141-20110528-2124This just in…

In a shocking followup to word yesterday that a family feud might be brewing over the fate of former KC boxer Tommy Morrison‘s body came this startling text from his “widow” Trisha this morning:

“Today Tommy will be cremated~as per HIS wishes,” it begins.

“Each special person that meant alot to him in his life will receive a keepsake memory neckace with boxing gloves filled with his ashes. Those that receive them will have a piece of him for the rest of their lives. Whether they are in church praying or at a fight ringside or LEGALLY smoking pot in Colorado (!)  Tommy will be there with them in every state and every part of the world and will be remembered.

“He did NOT want a funeral service or burial.

“There will be CELEBRATIONS OF TOMMY’S LIFE in old fight territories:

“Vegas~Tulsa~Atlantic City~Kansas City and as far as the UK and Australia and with hopes of also at Canastota BHOF.

“Locations and dates and times to be confirmed.

“Trisha will be there to answer every question and concern about the last few years and days and hours of his life. Even if just one fan shows up at each location Tommy would have given the time of day to that person.

“I will be bringing a “message from the Duke” that we were unable to get out before his passing.

“His BOXING shoes are off ~and his GLOVES are not “hanging up” but will be worn by special people.

“Your support to get The Duke remembered in Canastota would be appreciated.

“GOD BLESS The Duke.

“Trisha for Tommy Always.”

A photograph of Morrison’s boxing shows accompanied the text.

StoryMorrison pal Stephen Bayer was floored when he received the text.

“I was just shaking my head,” Bayer says. “When I got that first text message, I couldn’t believe it.”

Fortunately Bayer received a followup text from Trisha a few minutes ago.

“I have stopped all cremation arrangements and Tommys wishes,” it begins. “This is due to pressure from ‘loving family’ and from ‘Tony Holden.’

“I will be signing cancelation notice today and Tony can coordinate with his ‘loving family” on all their wishes.

“I’m sorry Tommy ~ but I don’t want to be a part of this. I didn’t give up on you. I just couldnt stand the evilness of it all.

“Trisha for Tommy.”

Hust like that one of the weirdest world tour funeral services ever was stopped in its tracks.

“My take is that Tony Holden came through and saved the day for the family,” Bayer says. “I don’t think there’s any question about it that he’s going to be handling this thing now and that brings tears to me eyes. When I got that first text I couldn’t believe it.

“You know what, man. People can say when they want about Tony Holden but he came through today.”

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30 Responses to Hearne: The Bizarre Tommy Morrison Funeral World Tour

  1. The Truth says:

    TM Did desire to be cremated at his death !! He did Not want anyone to resume his body after his passing… He said that there would be those whom would never let him rest, so his wishes mean nothing in death , like his word meant nothing in life

    • One Who Knows Better. says:

      So there is a copy of his death certificate on the TMZ site. Shows he was cremated..
      And you don’t die from aids .. You die from the silly shit AIDS (acquired immune deficiencies
      syndrome ) makes your body to weak to fight.. People die from preventable things everyday… Give it a rest. Stop writing the BS and respect the life that has passed. He made his way like the rest of .. Anyway he could ..

      So much for your texts…and coming to the rescue…

      No activity at the butler creek cemetery to see. However nothing would stop the family from putting some ashes in the ground and a marker by the Rest of his family .

      And let’s put to rest “the Duke” that is a story with no legs, except the his father started saying it to the family and once that started how does a kid erase a lie his family put out in public so often. It means nothing. Like so many things in life. They were started by others and tommy just lived with it. Made a good story.

      Tommy was a small town kid with a lot of trauma and a abuse in his life and he took that “life of shit that was dealt and made fertilizer out of it. ”
      He faught hard. He won the WBO title that says he was the best there was at that Moment of history . So he is a champion.. Deal with it.

      When you leaches like hearne etc pay some respect, just shut up.
      As far as today goes . what is good tor tommy?. it doesnt matter. you like him or you didnt. some parts if every story you hear are true or someone telling them believes they are true. but he is gone . you lost him…. he lost everything.
      I pulled the weeds and cleaned off the family gravestones as a sign of respect for what tommy loved and cared about. He realized he could not change things in the end. It is time you all realize it too.
      Dedicate a beer of a piss to him. Your choice.
      You can’t change who he was.,you can’t take away the good or bad. You should just hope if there is an after life, most you lying bastards don’t see him there, because I am sure he will kick your ass.
      Rock on tommy.

  2. Jay Ok says:

    I hope that Tommy’s family can make peace during this difficult time and find a way to truly come together and give much a much deserved tribute to an amazing man, and an extrodinary life. It makes times like this even more difficult when there is conflict within a family. I hope they can all set that aside right now, and focus on what’s really important. It does sound like his wife is trying her best to carry out his wishes, as she understood them to be, but it would seem his parents, siblings, and children should also be involved in the process of honoring their loved one, if possible. Hopefully a compromise can be reached and they can focus on what’s really important. My thoughts go out to them all. Rest in peace Tommy, you were one of a kind.

  3. the dude says:

    Meh, I was looking forward to LEGALLY smoking pot in Colorado (!) with a little Tommy sprinkled in for good measure!

  4. PB says:

    “Your support to get The Duke remembered in Canastota would be appreciated.”

    Is she actually talking about enshrinement in the International Boxing Hall of Fame?! You’ve got to be FUCKING kidding me! Now his family is just embarrassing themselves.

  5. Rich says:

    Put his body on display in a glass box at Union Station. It’ll make up for all the years of operating in the red.

  6. chuck says:

    Harley, who used to run around with Ted Williams’ head and do “ex” penned an impasioned plea on Tony’s Kansas City Blog. He thinks Tommy should be cremated on the next Red Friday in the pizza ovens at Kelly’s in Westport.

    “…allu hatrz frum kCCCofuhdenshul will.. pr….bably
    wanna coom an here tOmmys good frend Waltd Isney…he is
    the mastER of Cirimoney, i have lots of mony in my hous…
    but ur no t….invided, u..ar frozen out… tahtis what u get hatrz….”

    It goes on, but that is the money line.

    • The Real Harley says:

      eye remeber…
      teds head.
      we was freidns because sum …..
      of my family was inn baseball….. is used to
      take his head to
      work out at
      balys on 110th.
      He was a good head knot like
      ewe loosers on KCC. He was a good firned
      not that anyone cares on here. He had
      so little in the end, but would give you head any time
      and thats all he had, jus his head.

  7. mark smith says:

    I like the glass box idea. They could construct the box from his jaw, which was 100 percent glass. I’m sure Morrison’s dying wish was to spend his eternity in an Oklahoma double wide, sitting atop the fake fireplace mantle, right next to the poly drift wood Wolfs head and the obligatory dream catcher. I’ve got it on good authority that Harley will be giving the eulogy followed by thunder foot thurman giving a demonstration on smashing a busch can with his forehead.

  8. Ronnie Spicer says:

    Very cruel comments about a good fighter. The glass jaw comment was stupid even though Mercer did knock out Tommy. If you watch that fight Tommy was beating Mercer every round and he got caught with a good shot and was defeated. Mercer was a great fighter so he has nothing to be ashamed of because Tommy’s record speaks for itself. Great fighters get knocked out too, Tyson s Douglas and so on. Tommy got sick and passed away with a disease that many good people have died from. In all these comments you never mentioned his fine performances against Foreman and Ruddock. Rest in peace Tommy because these cruel people that slammed you will be faced with a fight in the end. You should be in the Hall of Fame.

  9. mike says:

    WOW!!! really steve???? Im a friend of Tommys and i wouldnt go talk to reporters about something that non of my business to air on the internet.This is between the family let them handle this privately and stop talking to the media!!! R.I.P Tommy

  10. PB says:

    Mercer just caught him with a good shot? Are you fcking kidding me?! He damn near MURDERED the man in the ring that night. Literally one of the worst beatdowns in the history of the heavyweight division. It doesn’t matter that you think he may have been ahead until that point when the fight only lasted FIVE rounds. Jeezuz fcking Christ…Michael Bentt…that’s right, I said Michael Bentt!…knocked him senseless in ONE round and you think he didn’t have a porcelain chin? My comments about Tommy are strictly from a boxing standpoint and somebody has to defend the honor of the sport from his family and groupies like Ronnie trying to create some sort of revisionist history for their favorite son’s uneven career.

    • the dude says:

      PB is right, Morrison beat beer tab fighters, toughmen haymaker throwers, and washed up once greats. He didn’t beat anyone with any boxing merit when he fought them. How old again was Foreman when Morrison beat him? Oh, yeah, THAT OLD.
      Morrison may have been winning the fight until the fifth round but Mercer beat him like a red-headed step child and then some to give him some nappy time in the middle of the round. He didn’t hit him with a single good shot, he hit him with a half dozen great shots that knocked his ass out cold. Morrison didn’t have a chance in that fight.

    • At PB and all the otha jealous lowe lifes ! Tommy was an excellent boxer who only lost 3 or 4 times . Look how many he won and destroyd u pathetic scum bags !! And yeah he was ruffing mercer up every round mercer said hed neva been hit so hard so just cuz he lost a few u cant say shit as fighter he was quality and wud eat u alive ! R i p Tommy and Godbless x

  11. Dale peeples says:

    Ok for pb and the dude I happen to hear this out of ray mercer own mouth that tommy was hurting him and winning the fight and ray said he caught tommy with a good shot that’s what turned the fight around other than that ray admitted to coming close to losing , now when I was in NYC I had a chance to see micheal bent we talked about him fighting Morris and he told me tommy had him out on his feet but tommy threw another punch and woke him up out of his stupor so with that being said dont bash a man that has made some poor moral choices because at the end of the day that’s still someone’s son and father and u know what the George foreman he beat was the same one that knockout micheal Moore and I bet u either one of u gentleman would not climb in the ring with either of them

  12. PB says:

    Great, I stand corrected, he was winning FOUR freaking rounds of what turned out to be a 5 round bout, kudos to Tommy, they can add that achievement to his boxing epitaph. And Bentt beat him in the FIRST round, so that’s truly amazing that Tommy stunned him so bad that he was able to knock him out a mere minute later. Jeezuz, look at the Mercer fight film, one punch may have started it, but Tommy was almost killed in the ring that night. That was the problem with Tommy’s career, it seemed like “one good shot” was always his downfall. Not a good recipe for sustained success as a heavyweight boxer.

    Look, I’m a longtime boxing fan, I really don’t give a shit who you talked to or that maybe you shared needles or a skank with your buddy Tommy at one point, but to heap unwarranted, revisionist praise on a very average heavyweight does him just as much a disservice as all those being scolded in this space for slamming his lifestyle. Stick to defending his honor outside of the ring because I really don’t know or care about that stuff, but his fights are recorded history so it’s needless to try and sugarcoat what many of us actually witnessed.

  13. jg says:

    Hey all you little tough talking guys what have you done in your lifetime to be able to judge someone elses life and comment on how someone else lived? What have you done with your life and didyou become famous at anything? T.M accomplished in a few years what people only dream of in a lifetime. Show respect you never know how you might end up!!!

  14. PB says:

    Thanks, Drama Queen, your post was very insightful and caused me to reflect on the error of my ways in attempting to OBJECTIVELY assess a post-mortem BOXING career. The nerve of people talking about Liston falling to Ali’s phantom punch or the Tunney v. Dempsey long count as those fighters are now dead and we should only speak with respectful reverence towards their careers. I will now leave it to Tommy’s seemingly endless parade of relatives and other assorted groupies that have shown up over the last week or two to more accurately portray his ring achievements.

  15. Dawg says:

    Even the best go down.the reff in the mercer fight should have not let it go that far. Tommy was clearly nailed about 9times to many .I believe eccesive pounding stoped the fight. Other wise the out come might have been different. I like Tommy he was great. Most fighters that get caught just right get knocked down or ko.all i have to say i feel for the fans friends and most of all the family. I wish them the best in these hard times. To the sh.t talkers doughters and those that don’t believe he was a great a fighter in and out of the ring.he had unmatched Hart and never gave up all the way to the end. No matter what the odds against him were. THAT’S A TRUE CHAMPION. IF YOU DON’T LIKE TOMMY THE DUKE MORRISON U CAN KISS OUR ARSE.

    • Bonnie says:

      I seem to recall that Mercer hit him about 17 times, 10 of those hits were AFTER Tom was obviously knocked out. It was literally sickening to watch him be hit over and over again when he could no longer defend himself.

  16. JTD says:

    The Legacy of Tommy Morrison, will be that he came along at a time when boxing needed a great white hope, tough kid, and a poor kid, just like most of the other black fighters coming up, but Tommy was white, and he could punch! Stallone made Tommy famous, and like any poor kid with some money, trouble started to crept in, Tommy was destined to be a fighter, he loved the lifestyle, and the riches it could bring, the Mercer fight was the turning point for Tommy, in my opinion, it was speculative at best in every fight after that, wether he would get knocked out or not, Mercer, was losing the fight, Tommy was getting tired also, not used to going deep in fights, he was pretty gassed, and got caught with a good punch, not being in that situation before, he tried to hold himself up by grabbing the ropes, thinking the ref, would step in, but he didn’t, thus leaving Tommy open, and Mercer just t’d off on him, and in boxing, when you suffer a knock out like that, your never the same! Your suspect from then on, Tommy had to turn to the sweet science, and that was, sticking and moving, not his style, but to get threw the punchers, he was going to have to do it, but he was having a problem with stamina, he was getting tired way to quickly, breathing thru his mouth, ownestly Tommy was probably sick then, he stayed it was diagnosed, in one of his interviews, as nervous energy, causing him to deplete minerals quickly, but again, I think he was sick then. Tommy’s fight, with Big George, was nothing short of amazing, not in the sense of, him beating George, but to go 12 rounds with his condition, and put on a boxing clinic, he hit George with some great shots, I sometimes wonder if Big George, didn’t let Tommy take that fight, he seemed to really like Tommy, and later in the Bent fight, Tommy full of confidence, was winning the fight, he hurt Bent, and was starting to T off on him, and left himself open, got caught with a desperation haymaker right, and then down goes Tommy, and all of his hopes and dreams, things headed south from there, he did eventually get the fight with Lewis, but he wasn’t the same fighter, again, I think he was already sick, he just ran out of gas way to fast! For anyone to sit here and judge another man, and not to have walked in his shoes, is simply juvenile, Tommy did what he had to do, and dealt with it, the best way he knew how, just like Tyson, and countless others,, if my grandson comes up to me, down the road and asks me who was Tommy Morrison, I’ll tell him, he had the best left hook, I ever saw, and ive seen a bunch! R.I.P. Tommy Morrison….

  17. Leroy says:

    Nice JTD, a pity some other posters don’t show the same integrity.
    R.I.P Tommy.

  18. jay town says:

    Is aaron schriver still alive?

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