Hearne: Former ZZ 99 & Q104 ‘Bad Boy’ Randy Miller Joins KC Confidential

a randy miller(1)Don’t look now but things are going to get a whole lot more interesting around these parts…

That’s because Kansas City’s original shock jock Randy Miller has agreed to write for KC Confidential. That’s right, the guy who all but invented the fine art of pissing off advertisers, powerful people and getting fired for his wayward, on-air ways is back in the public eye and will be keeping an eye on all things Kansas City (and more) via the printed word.

The good news is, we don’t even need a “dump button.”

It’s been a few since Miller last roamed the local radio dial dishing out justice and injustice to his heart’s content. But make no mistake, he’s a Kansas City icon with whom few can compare.

I’d like to think that Miller’s mellowed a bit these past couple of years while he’s continued to run Brainstorm Media but that would probably be a bit naive.

71B4FQFKAJL._SL500_SS500_A little history…

In another life, I covered Miller’s ups and down in and around the local radio scene. With enough of the “downs” that the Pitch wrote four years back while awarding Miller a “Best Of” award that, “critics, including The Kansas City Star‘s Hearne Christopher Jr., gleefully reported Miller’s fall from grace last year, when his lucrative contract with KBEQ 104.3 was not renewed after an eight-year run…

“Miller says the response has been ‘overwhelmingly positive’ and he has high hopes for the next Arbitron ratings book. ‘If they’re good, Hearne will be the least likely person in Kansas City to tell anyone,’ he says.”

The truth is – and always has been – that I did in fact “gleefully” write about Miller as often as I could because he was a local firebrand, news maker, troublemaker and more.

All of which makes him a – knock on wood – perfect match for KC Confidential.

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33 Responses to Hearne: Former ZZ 99 & Q104 ‘Bad Boy’ Randy Miller Joins KC Confidential

  1. chuck says:

    Remember when he cut the legs off of the blow up dolls and floated them down the Missouri River?

    I am so guilty of laughing my azz off.

    I tried not to.

    I really did.

  2. smartman says:

    Apparently there is a setting on the dial lower than Glazer.

    Could be worse…Toni Bones Tracy Ward, Jabulani Leffall or Steve Penn.

    Mancow must be thrilled!!!!

    I will put up $10,000 to be donated the the charity of their choice for a Mancow vs Miller “debate” to be judged by Orphan, Wilson and Chuck.

    I will take care of the venue, production and promotion costs.

    Topic, Who is the bigger asshole Mancow or Miller?

  3. Dan Saults says:

    What? No love for Urich?

  4. Duke says:

    Watch out Hearne.
    Once a backstabber, always a ……….. you get it.
    Is he going to have his lackey Rooney tag along to dot his i’s?

  5. admin says:

    You guys are so paranoid…

    BTW, memo to Harley. Since you insist on pretending to be me in the comments section I’ll be screening your IP from here on. Enjoy.

  6. smartman says:

    No parnoia, just schadenfreude. Mancow and Miller have a rich history worthy of at least a week on Jerry Springer or Dr. Phil. I remember listening to Mancow on Q101 and he used to play voice messages that Randy left him when they worked together.

    Plus Randy made Richard Simmons cry on air, In studio. A sin for which he has not apologized or atoned.

    • chuck says:


      How did that happen?


    • Orphan of the Road says:

      C’mon smartman. Richard Simmons cries when he picks up the mail.

      • Richard Simmons says:

        I know who you are, I know where you live, you little slut. I have Harley duct taped to a chair right now in little silk short shorts and a tank top that says I Love Richard. Don’t cross me, you’ll be crying little the little girl Harley next.
        Now, I have to take more pictures of my little pet. I would appreciate an apology, and in case you don’t, what size shorts do you wear, hmmmm?

  7. smartman says:

    Richard was in town for a speech as part of the Jones Store speaker series. Big deal at the time. They had Diane Sawyer, Henry Kissinger and other big names.

    Richard was making the morning radio and tv rounds and wound up getting his ass handed to him by Randy. At the time par for the course but Randy went in for the kill when he knew he had Richard on the ropes.

    It was Hitler-esque in the way he destroyed him. Pure evil, very unnecessary. Served no purpose other than to make Randy feel good about himself.

      • harley says:

        my family knew richard simmons before he was famouns.
        my familyhad an ad agency in l.a. that was the marketing
        brains behind jack lalane.
        at the time richard simmons was a delivery boy for them…
        opened a small studio and a slad restaruatnt called “ruffage”
        and then got into the informercial biz with his oldies
        exercise tapes.
        Sorry guys…he’s a great business story…outlast randy miller
        ….boycow…johnny dare…now worth well over 50 million
        dollars…not back for a guy like that.
        Maybe wilson/chuck/miller and smarmyman could learn
        some things from the guy…rags to riches story…
        a little different…buta good guy.
        Saw him at kshb when he was hererpromoting hen house
        ….richard may seem strange…but he’s got a brilliant business

  8. Mr G says:

    Who? Really? Who cares?

  9. mark smith says:

    I remember the Simmons spot. It was actually kind of funny. Mean spirited, but funny just the same. I also vaguely recall that Miller had that terrible friday or saturday night tv talent show 5 or so years back, maybe longer. Seems like it was filmed at a casino here. The singers were awful, every last one of em. Wasn’t he also doing a short lived A M traffic gig on one of the local tv stations. Bombed. That said, he seems to write circles around Mancow, Urich, or Glazer ,so he has that going for him.

    PS Lolrz on harley for pissing in his KCC post toasties.

    • Super Dave says:

      Most grade school kids can write circles unedited around Glazer.

      • Craig Glazer says:

        Super loser, can you stop thinking about me Super coward….I am a way better writer than maybe anyone on this site, evidenced by my average of over 75 comments per artilce with Tony….I know you know that cause you read it…when you and or your alter ego smart coward back down the way you two did…no credit left babe.

        We have covered this over a million times Super Bird, give it up already…don’t make me call you out for what you are…COWARD…AND full of it…Harley tells me you clean toilets, is that true? If so do us all a favor and just be quiet ok. Thanks.

        • whatotherpeoplethink says:

          You and your dirt ball buddy are two disgusting, self engrandizing, self promoting, self righteous blow hards. You know what, there is good in any honest work no matter what you think. Everyone is sick of the repeated, old worn out BS about germ infested hot tubs, toilet cleaning and anything else you think is beneath you, personally and your buddy’s smoke screen of what he does. There are a million jobs out there for a million people and the idea you jackwagons want to make fun of someone else for what they do is disgusting. There are people doing lesser jobs than you two and far far more important jobs than you two who are far better than either of you no matter what you do! You want to talk about cowards, a coward hides who he is, what he does, the details of his life while sitting in anonymity taking pot shots at the people who have enough testicular fortitude to not hide!

          • CG says:

            Like you. You are on it.

          • whatotherpeoplethink says:

            I know you are but what am I?
            God you’re such an illiterate douchetard.
            Who ever cleans your club is a looser. Whoever serves drinks and food is nothing more than a third class butler. And I assume someone cleans your bathrooms too? I hope you don’t get close to that feces encrusted low life. And I bet he or she is single, what kind of person would marry them? People who wait on people like a common servant? Janitors? Some minimum wage puke who sells tickets? Losers. Why don’t they do something important? I hope you don’t speak to them, they sure aren’t deserving of common courtesy from someone as famous as you and your little sidekick.

            Get my point?

            Honest work is an honor and should be carried out as such and respected. God you’re both pathetic.

        • yelrah says:

          While i’m at it and picking your dead a$$ to pieces how doe sit feel to have harley up your butt so far your gagging?

          Every time I come to this site you’re spouting off trying to pick a damn fight like some bad episode of the WWF. Ohh wait let me guess you made half of those people stars also. Your family owned comedy club exists out of shear boredom. Entrepreneurship lost nothing on you since it was awarded to you in a court of law.
          The irony is you can’t seem to see through your own tunnel vision that your ego to razor sharp stupidity and NEARLY EVERYONE HERE CAN”T STAND YOU !!.. It’s not Superdave, Smartman, PaulWilson it’s people ALL THE OVER THE DAMN BOARD.. WE GET IT YOUR ALL MIGHTY and SUCCESSFUL AND ALL KNOWING NOW SHUT THE WHOLLY F’CK UP ALREADY !!

          • Greg Clazer says:

            You are just jellous of me you coward. I have done more in my life than you ever will. More prostitutes, more steroids, more coke than a loser/coward like you ever will. You wouldnt have the guts to meat me because you are a COWARD. Meat me for a loser leaves town cage match, if you have the guts. I’ll be behind the school tomorrow at 4.30. Show up and prove you are not a coward, you jealous punk.

    • admin says:

      It was a dating show…reality dating.

  10. Duke says:

    Like a nasty STD, this has-been keeps hanging around. Surely he can’t be making any real money, or is this a favor?

  11. Fresh says:

    “Super loser, can you stop thinking about me Super coward….”

    Hilarious that his first sentence defending his writing skills is riddled with grammar errors.

  12. Mike says:

    I love it, when Glazer says he’s a great writer. If he only had the barest of sense to look at his comment. Jumbled up sentences that jump around and barely make sense, adorned with the frequently misspelled words.

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