Starbeams: Storm Make Joco Even Whiter & Oscar Beams


The latest storm projection shows that by this time tomorrow Johnson County will be even whiter.


Up to 16 inches of snow predicted for the Kansas City area.  Kansas City is the only place where officials encourage residents to keep a neighbor in the trunk for better traction.

My Oscar party was a complete dud this year.  It’s hard to throw a good party without Hostess Twinkies.


Kristen_Stewart_6,_2012Argo is making a lot of people think of Canada as more than just America’s attic.  But we’re still not quite ready to drink Canadian water in our hotels.  Too soon?


Kristen Stewart was seen hobbling on stage at the Oscars.  She thought it was the Oscar Pistorius Awards.


Missouri Loves Company.  The new Forbes list of Most Miserable Cities is out and Detroit ranks #1.  Flint, Michigan was #2.  St. Louis ranked #12.  St. Louis dropped in rank this year because they’re doing all chalk body outlines in lively pastels.


A 22,000-square-foot Save-A-Lot store is coming to the Argentine district.  They’ should do quite well if they sell aluminum foil and plastic seat covers.

Kelly Urich hosts the morning show on The Point 99.7 FM


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6 Responses to Starbeams: Storm Make Joco Even Whiter & Oscar Beams

  1. chuck says:

    Ok, those were funny!


  2. chuck says:

    Ok, those were funny!

    Thumbs up.

    KC whiter? I’m all for it.

    I hate dem rotten immigrants.

    My people were here before they were. This is my
    city. My town. My land.

    Don’t eat yellow snow. Only pure white driven snow.

    Smiley face. White is power!

  3. paulwilsonkc says:

    Good point, Chuck; ask the Native Americans what happens when you don’t control immigration!

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