Leftridge: Jack Harry’s Top 18 Twitter Moments of 2012

harryTwitter is a funny place. It can be a source of breaking information (Hey—did you guys hear Scott Pioli is out?! I did… about 55 times in 20 minutes), a 140 character amateur hour or an insight into the personal behaviors of those who we view as important or entertaining. In short, it’s what we make of it.

Like most new media forms, it is sometimes hard to navigate. Learning how to reply to someone, how to favorite something and how to interact takes a little getting used to. If you’re ill-prepared for the experience, you’re happily cracking jokes about waiting in your doctor’s office one moment, and in the very next, you’re posting a picture of your dingus that was solely intended for the eyes of one special lady.

And while KSHB’s leathery sports honcho Jack Harry may not have posted a schlong-shot yet, he’s not without his struggles on the Twitter. For the most part, he just Tweets shit that sounds like his lead-ins to that night’s sport segments. In fact, they probably are. These are innocuous enough. But occasionally, Harry busts the Motorola out of his Chinos and produces some real gems.

For your pleasure, I present to you, “Jack Harry’s 18 Greatest Tweets of 2012.”


I look forward to seeing what Harry has in store for us in 2013.


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7 Responses to Leftridge: Jack Harry’s Top 18 Twitter Moments of 2012

  1. Rick Nichols says:

    I was thinking about checking out some of this material while I was using the bathroom but aren’t sure whether or not my wireless connection will work in there.

  2. Rodney Jameson says:

    Other than the -4 tweet, I feel Jack has a long way to go in the twitter skillz business. Such a shame! His bouts with Kevin Keitzman are legendary and heavenly on so many levels, and if he could find a way to parlay his trademark blue collar, pro-union girth into tangible tweets, I bet Neil Diamond would come back to Kansas City. And wouldn’t that be something?

    • Rodney Jameson says:

      By the way, serious props for recognizing the Current TV Update and Al-Jazeera Day. Freedom isn’t free my man!

    • I really liked the Tweet about Neil Diamond. It was kind of cute. It also provided me with the outstanding mental image of Jack sitting in his leather chair with a fire casting light on the walls, a nearly-empty glass of scotch in his paw and “Cracklin’ Rose” playing on he hifi (no iPod for Jacky baby) while he quietly curses the angry voices that haunt his mind.

      • Rodney Jameson says:

        Ha! There’s such a classic feel to Jack. I believe he could have replaced Gene Hackman’s character in Hoosiers and won many awards. He’s gotta be watching Rudy before the national championship game on Monday. I can just see him next to that brick fireplace, droplets of scotch escaping his glass as he mimics Rudy’s swim move around a defensive end.

  3. Super Dave says:

    Jack who?

  4. chuck says:

    Funny stuff!


    I love Jack Harry.

    Grouchy pissed off old white guy. Whats not to love?

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