Glazer: Scribes Says Westport, Plaza on the Rebound Big Time

Here’s a story that needs to be on the front page: the Comeback of Westport and the Plaza...

Both areas have seen major increases in traffic in the past five months. Especially Westport.

Westport started its comeback with the closing of America’s Pub last December. It led to not blocking the streets to shut down the hip-hop crowd and their cars from cruising this summer.

The urban crowds left with Westport’s hip-hop and rap music dance clubs. Replacing them in a very short time were the hipsters of today’s be-cool, go out groups. Mostly white, post college, ages 22-40. They have money, jobs and are no trouble. Much of that crowd is now also on the Plaza in larger groups, though the Plaza still has little to no late night traffic or anywhere to party.

Westport has that nailed down.

I’ve been in both areas several times as of late. I’ve eaten dinner during the week at Kona Grill on the Plaza and Gram & Dun. I was shocked to see a wait at both on a recent Wednesday and a week later on a Thursday.

The food at Kona was solid as always, my meal at Gram & Dun was at best average again, however the place was jammed. On weeknights no less! Damn. The Plaza has added Bo Lings recently and I understand they are busy.

But Westport now rules with the upper scale, white, young techno crowds. Nice looking groups.

I was stunned to see Westport damn busy on a Sunday DAY. Wow. The new restaurant Port Fonda on Pennsylvania was full and it was cool to see people sitting on a patio that far down in Westport for the first time looking nice. The area was clean and crisp.

Westport is continuing to move up the food chain in business. The Block-run small shopping mall to the west is filling up as well. Westport is hot again.

With low crime on both the Plaza and Westport lately things have picked up. I look for a continued upswing in business for both.

Nice to see. A positive story on the economy right here in Kansas City.

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20 Responses to Glazer: Scribes Says Westport, Plaza on the Rebound Big Time

  1. Rick Nichols says:

    That is, pending efforts to keep the Plaza’s apparent bed bug problem well in check and as long as none of those pesky fleas escapes from the Westport Flea Market. Bed bugs and fleas on the loose – God forbid! -sure would take a real “bite” out of the bottom line.

    • Craig Glazer says:


      • harley says:

        glaze…don’t have much time…
        the blonde facing you…did you get her number…
        figure that with your game thats easy pickings!!!!!!
        good luck..
        don’t listen to pauly…just bitter!!!!!

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Not bitter at all! Just calling a spade a spade. Oh, another interesting point where you were… ahh… how do they say it? WRONG!!
          “An audit of the University of Missouri‘s athletic department finances uncovered credit card charges of more than $7,600 at a Las Vegas strip club. Ironically, you still can get better odds at a Vegas strip club than you can for MIZZOU beating an SEC team.”

          So much for your “powerhouse” team that was going to show the SEC what for!!

          • harley says:

            gotta love that guy…$2000 tip at a strip joint.
            Never said they would kick ass in the sec..
            and i’llgo get the qoutes…if you remember
            old man i said it was a great move financially/
            academically/and athletically….takes time (as i said in my comments)…
            as far as the $7600 at a strip club in vegas…
            olympic gardens….thatshows that teh universitys got so much cash comingin they
            don’t know whatto dowith it….
            mu’s got millions coming in..while ku has to
            get donations from the students to keep the
            athletic department running…i mean they can’t scratch enough money in lawrrnce for self and
            fat man weiss to get a lap dance at the bird!!!!!!
            come on old man…you better be able to do better than that…because you’re freaking

  2. harley says:

    glaze….again late to the story. I talked with kyle kelly and his daughter over
    8 months ago and they told me this. Back in february!!!!!!!!
    why are you so late to this news. If you go to my new national website coming
    in january you will be able to read this information IN REAL TIME!!!!!

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Craig, Im sorry…. this gets REALLY old even if you’re wrong on every last word of every last story you ever write!! It’s just tired, old, petulant and repetitivly redundant. Maybe Mr Always Right will focus on something else, at some point. Everyone would be a lot happier about interacting on here if that was the case.

      I’m SO TIRED of hearing how everyone is always wrong, no one says anything worth hearing, no one’s facts are ever correct, no story makes sense… unless its his idea, his thoughts or his version of the truth.

      • Craig Glazer says:

        No clue what you are referring to Paul…as for this story, it’s my second or third on the areas…which started last year, as the FIRST ONE to say things were getting much better…this is a follow up as to what I have seen in the past couple weeks…I will continue to update these areas moves as time moves on…I think its important. I report on whats going on right now…with sports and the prez race, KC area biz and people…I know you love the Craig/girls updates..but then everyone gets all upset cause of the nature of those pieces…so moves the news.

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Craig, Im sorry, that may not have been too clear. I was apologizing on behalf of your friend Harley! I was talking about his constant barage on every story, every comment. It just gets old when he attacks everything all the time and thinks HE is the only person who has a clear and accurate view on anything.
          That post was ME in support of YOU… saying I was just worn thin with the constant Harley corrections and negative comments on ANY story, ANY topic, unless its HIS idea.
          Wasnt anything against you…
          I dont always agree with a lot that you say, but for the love of god… if he could just give it a rest. It makes me come back here less and less to read anything, because sooner or later there is going to be 47 inches of negative attacks on you, Mike the mental Midget, Chuck, Dude or whoever cleans nasty hot tubs… and yes, ME for being a fat, dried up has been.
          It. Gets.Old.
          Oh, yeah, and he’s the first to say its all just fun and games….

      • harley says:

        can you read? this is old news. I had many comments back
        in february and march about the revival of westport.
        I had comments about the business boom in westport before
        anyone else did.
        while others were saying the economy was dragging..i
        was saying its starting to come back.
        See wilson…when you’re right and on top of what’s
        happeninig…when you’re making future predictions based
        on analysis and data…then you can do what i do.
        I didn’t say craig was wrong…i just said thatthis story was
        old old news… Craigs notwrong…he’s just late. Craigs stories
        usually are timely and give us info we didn’t know. I think he
        just mailed in this article but he didget a niceshot of some
        nice legs.
        i wasatkona grill…spoke with the manager and he said
        business was good…the weather helped…but that
        weeknights were still kind of light.
        Talked with one of the waitresses who said there’s lots
        of people not tipping. She showed me a $32 tab at a table
        in the bar where she got no tip. Were you down there
        last wednesday night?
        stop trying to dog me wilson. I thought you were headed
        on vacation to florida….have a great time!!!1
        remember to wear sun screen!

  3. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley, youre dead wrong on the election and THOSE predictions!! I dont know how you are going to walk that back… but its clearly NOT a EC blow out. No, Romney may not win, he may win popular and not EC vote…. but its in NO WAY what you claimed it was going to be. Im just tired of the constant personal attacks and no one knows anything BUT you. YOU are the only one with anywhere NEAR and accurate view of anything. Its tired. Its old, its petulant.

    • harley says:

      we’ll see pauly….you didn’t take the bet…so that means you have no
      reason to talk….
      i am right…and i’ve been proven to be right…with my comments.
      sorry pauly but noone has proven me wrong…
      when the polls and experts and poeple like you and whiney baby
      said there was no way obama would win…i came out with
      hundreds of facts/data/polling/information. This was not just
      recently …but this goes back to over 16 months ago…when noone…not
      you or the pundits on msnbc or fox or mikey or chuckles or hearne or
      glaze…i went on a limb.
      this was not like a football game bet…this was based on facts/data/
      polling/ etc….and i backed up every claim with information that
      backed up my predictions and calls.
      I have been right…and i am strong enough to point out when right and
      when i’m wrong i’ll point that out.’
      So why don’t you sit back and shut up and lets see the truth on
      november 6….stop being a cry baby….own up to what you and the rest
      of the zealots said here on kcc…..don’t try to bck out now….
      don’t try to hide behind what you said before….thts what chicken shits
      do…i know you’re not a chicken so MAN UP…don’t hide from the facts
      you put out here…don’t run from your comments…don’t try to
      obfuscate what you and whiney and chuclles and mikey have all said…
      you said obama would lose….get ready for the stomping you and the
      rest of your gang have coming…..
      i have gone against every expert/political hack/every pollitical pndit..
      i’ve correected you and whiney and chuck and reggin and mikey etc…
      so don’t take anythaing away from what i said.
      ON november 6…i’m either tyhe smartest person OR I’LL BE
      until someone proves me wrong on what isay on here…so far i’ve
      been right 100% of the time…and noone can deny taht HARLEY IS
      THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
      now…go back to your desk and cry because this race is about to turn
      bad for right wingers/republicans like you and whiney…
      see ya november 6…at 9pm central time…when the winner is
      get ready….its going to be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jim says:

      +1, PWKC. But, a word of caution……..

      “Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”____Mark Twain

  4. chuck says:

    Kinda surprised to see Harley/JoJo posting today.

    Usually on Wednesdays, Harley/Jo/Jo is busy taking pictures of his dick and sending them to himself.

    • harley says:

      CHUCKLES….remember we’re trying to cleam up this site…
      hearne…take thatonedown….you don’t need that kind of trash.
      But…if you consider the source…another cranky old bald guy spewing
      out x rated language…then you understand why they write such trash.
      chuck…hows that revolution gun thing working out for you. How is the
      prez race working out for you? see the maps chuckles? not good
      for your boy…
      take care….you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • mark smith says:

      ha. Now that was funny. Every time I read a harley comment I picture him in front of the puter, eating cheeto’s and sniffing his own brand from his fingertips.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Mark, whats funnier is HARLEY trying to clean this site up, when he’s the biggest hater EVER!! NO ONE comes close to having done and said the things he has.

        He wants to overlook his MU comments about the POWERHOUSE they will be in the SEC. Im not a sports guy and I know he was wrong THERE!! But, he still claims 100% right.

        Interesting, he claims when he’s wrong he admits it. Has anyone ever seen him say he was wrong? Lets just take MU – he was wrong there and knows it. Has he admitted it?

        As of this morning, he’s still RIGHT, the KING, always right 100% of the time. I guess as long as the rest of us know thats bullshit, its ok.

        He’ll respond today, since its Thursday. Nice one, Chuck.

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