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Mission accomplished…

In July I went to Montreal for the International Comedy Festival where our Stanford’s cartoon pilot was chosen from hundreds for the Final Five.

Steve Kramer, a former KC guy and comic, did the animation and it was a wild week. We presented our cartoon to a packed house on a Saturday and it was easily the best programming of the festival (if I do say so myself).

Even TJ Miller, who starred in a winning short comedy film, told us our project was the best of all three divisions – short comedy films, TV pilots and Web shows.

Steve and I hoped we would land a Network/Cable deal.

Sadly, there were not too many executives there that mattered from those studios, but we did get a web deal.

So Stanford’s, and all things related, is now running on HOT SPOT BROADCASTING. It’s a series set up for and paid for on YouTube. The programming starts today and you can go see all the shows at

The middle piece is the new cartoon on Stanford’s with me interviewing Al Pacino for the part as – who else? – me  in the King of Sting movie. Kramer does the voice of Pacino. He’s so damn talented.

Steve did all the animation and set up the edits on the other shows as well. Lots of work for not a ton of dough. Hopefully a lot of people will  see it and we can progress. If not, it’s been fun.

Spoiler Alertt: It’s mostly ADULT rated – language, not naked stuff.

You can see our original pilot, the new show, CRAIG IN PRISON FROM ABC in 1988 (nice clips, ha), Grandpa Benny and Stanford and Sons on camera, Also my 1992 TV interviews about the Champions Forever film with Ali and clips of my interviews with all the champions and more.

I think you’ll find it interesting and entertaining.

Every two weeks we’ll post another cartoon update and more Everything Stanford’s clips. Including my brothers and me us as kids (very funny), clips from my acting days with Sonny Landham and Frank Stallone in the “Billy LoneBear” film and much more.

Give it a spin.
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102 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Launches – Wait For It – The Craig Glazer Channel

  1. Skeptic says:

    I like how they drew you with man boobs. Very funny indeed!

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Psssst hater boy…those are called “pec muscles” mine are kinda large so thus the accent…not man boobs, muscle, but you already knew that, thanks…

  2. harley says:

    glaze…this looks like a teenager with a
    old mac editing system did this. Really unprofessional…really minor league….
    very poorly done.
    If you’re going to do something like this it needs to be done very hip and
    with quality equipment.
    Why put this up when the animation and the video and audio looks and
    sounds really cheesy.
    I would redo the pieces then relaunch it. It has some possibilities
    but right now it looks really really poorly done on a shoestring.
    Theres plenty of quality video people in kc…like i said it could be
    really neat if you invested the time and money to make it look professional
    and upgraded.
    p.s…benny is a riot!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Really Harley, voted BEST ANIMATION, over 500 plus others, not professional, I see…you need to know how this game works, p.s. we aint’ on the air cause it sucks, huh…but thanks for your help. Animation is an A+. Look at Family Guy.

      • Skeptic says:

        Sorry to tell ya, man-boobs, but the animation is flash at best. Family Guy is Disney compared to this. These efforts aren’t laughing with you, they’re lauging AT you, along with the rest of us.

        • Craig Glazer says:

          Jack bat moron, guess you missed the word fool, its OUTSTANDING, beat 500 other shows in Montreal..might have read that in the Star, we got PAID to do this, cause its so funny and good, nobody cares what a pathetic nothing like you thinks bro…sorry son, the PROS have spoken, we are OUTSTANDING AND ITS VERY FUNNY, you don’t have that talent skill so we get it…you are the chumps we are the Super Bowl,see how that works…thanks. P.S. call Hot Carl, Super Dave, the gay programming is on another channel this is NOT FOR YOU SON….

        • Craig Glazer says:

          PS YOU DIDN’T WATCH ANYTHING CAUSE YOU ARE A BOOB…you just hate, for no reason…when GREATNESS is before you bro, just kneel and get out of the way…the train is coming through…

          I know its like my bad book, soon to be film, one of like what 25 done on a person’s life in what three, four decades…like winning six lotteries in a week..the odds..or maybe like Romney up against Obama…ooohps..bye.

          • Skeptic says:

            I watched them, jack wad. I’ve seen better production and quality come out of film classes. The sound is crappy, the flash animation is, well, what it is, simple. This is just like The Emperor’s New Clothes.

            You can’t handle critisism or insults so you result to grade school comebacks.

      • harley says:

        the edits are choppy…the editor should not have used
        cut…smooth out the video….dissolves and theres absolutely
        nothing that ties this all together….
        and theres no cohesiveness to anything….
        i think you can do better…especially with your backgrond
        i hollywood…
        don’t take it personally…its professisional criticism.

  3. mike says:

    I can already tell this is going to get LOTS of comments with as much as people love giving Glaze a hard time.

  4. really says:

    cool glaze! your a pro yuts!

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    You comment folks might want to watch the shows before you attack…someone thinks they are pretty damn funny…thats all…if you don’t want to, don’t…that’s all.

  6. Lance the Intern says:

    Glazer, I thought it was hilarious! Ignore Harley — if it’s not Felix the Cat, he probably hasn’t seen it.

  7. Super Dave says:

    6th grade kids make better stuff than this and I watched it

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Look its not for gay men ok…I get it… I’m sorry…all the ‘real people’ love it…why we get paid…someone other than you and a couple other haters think it’s pretty damn funny…psssst, not in Canada, HERE IN THE US…so thanks Dave…there are some shows coming to cable for your lifestyle…Jim and Jimmy move in together is one…The Two Bobs…should be hot for you and Carl…are you two still an item?

      • Super Dave says:

        Yes glazer funny how you make all the homo comments then do a homo cartoon with man boobs no less.

        You cartoon sucks so bad even Adult Swim was interested.

  8. Ain't not Gangham style says:

    Well proves one thing Canadians have no taste !! must be the cold!!
    Ohh and don’t lie you liked the glass dildo.

    • Super Dave says:

      And just think there was 500 more clips worse than this

      • Craig Glazer says:

        Again everything sucks, you saw nothing, don’t know anything about comedy, TV, film, nothing but are fast to call everything you don’t do and can’t do crap. How many books have you had published? How many shows on TV or film did you write or produce? How many have you acted in? I’d guess none. What is your background on the subject? None.

        See Dave when I say something like here’s my football picks…I get them out BEFORE the games are played. I make comments, my opinion based on expertise….the result proves I know something way above the norm on the subject…otherwise, how can I be correct so often..there is no argument to that anymore on this site, NONE. Why…in time any average reader can see, even Harley, that hey the guy is sharp, he knows what he is talking about…see how that works…not just “you suck” “she’s a ho” “nobody cares about your book” so on…I never said I was the best at these things…just in the game and pretty good, not always right, but often right..more important I give good solid reasons as to why I feel the way I do and say the things I do…again some won’t agree, that’s fine…but guess what Brother, many more do agree….even though Harley predicted that the prez would win before I did…maybe he did…I gave constant, clear reasons why he would win…nobody in the media here but me saw the Vegas line and made it an issue, it sure was…and they were right..they work those numbers over more than any poll…why…THE MONEY JIMMY….so yeah that was an eye opener….see how that works…

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Ok you got me on that one…where is that girl…damn.

  9. Scoop says:

    Nothing personal, but I think I’ll stick with the Old Testament. Over the years I’ve found it to be relatively entertaining despite the occasional lists of strange names I have to wade through before moving on to the “good stuff”.

  10. Super Dave says:

    International Comedy Festival interesting how very little there is to find out about this. In fact no where does it list any shows being best top five or anything along these lines. I have fired off some e-mails guess we will see what answers I get about all this.

    Also as interesting is your so called web deal at Hot Spot broadcasting that is a site ran by Steve Kramer who well yes we know he did all the work on these cartoons. And You Tube where anyone can post things so go figure. I know a hot chick who is a killer drummer in Chicago who posts great acts from gigs she does in Chicago with no less than two different bands so see nothing to it.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Whom ever you are Dave, as we both know, you are also the guy who went on to Amazon and wrote about what a lie my book was, said it was anything bad you could think of…I don’t know you….this type of hate, and desperate attempt to harm anyone you are jealous of is of the lowest form. You know you did that. A book you never read.

      without fail anything written by me here about anything, you trash…its true most comment people are negative. Most of the thousands of readers here don’t comment. People like Harley try and have some fun with it…you are a very lonely sad person who is so mad at yourself for being whatever you are…you find pretend enemies to fire at…for no reason other than seeing someone you can’t be or measure up too. Simple as that, look at your hundreds of comments..when you proven wrong…you just go to the next hate attack. The ‘girls’ are ugly, Glazer sucks, he is this, he is that…when in fact prior to your attacks on me…I DON’T KNOW YOU..NEVER DID ANYTHING TO YOU, DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU…you are a fake name coward, as are most haters.

      IN some ways you make the site entertaining…many readers enjoy seeing the back and forth attacks. You could say hey, I didn’t like his site, the cartoon, the book and here’s why..instead, you just fire off hate…you are the guy in the white hood…”I just hate them cause they are black” no real reason….just hate.

      I could have you dumped from here. I don’t. Even an evil guy like you is entitled to your opinion. Let it be based on something real, not just desire to be a ‘real somebody’ that you feel you can’t be….now there was no top five in Montreal…see Dave the KC Star did a story on this, checked with them…they do that kind of thing…we were in the top five, did make a presentation…it was well received….so on and so on….all this article was telling people was “here’s something fun to watch” if its not for you fine. Instead you and a couple others like you are so angry that oh boy more stuff on this guy I hate…so since there is no Amazon review I can be hateful with I’ll just say it sucks, he sucks and so on….I have never in my life done something like that to anyone that was real. If I did respond it was only after a ‘real’ person attacked me first..that my cowardly friend is the difference…


      • Super Dave says:

        My comments on your book was nicer than a lot of the other reviews are. You just hate it because you can’t do nothing about it or any of the other negative reviews your book received. One persons says “Glazer’s is a classic socio-pathologic personality.”

        Funny my review or opinion of your book was liked by the same percentage of people who claim to have liked your book. As well it can be seen how people all across this country seem to use close to the same words to describe you as say people on this site. Oh by the way I did read the book, so once again you have spoken in error and in I say in anger because you can’t understand who I am . You just are not a part of the crowd or circle of people who all know me very well by the name I use in here and everywhere every day.

        Here folks follow the link and see for yourself

  11. harley says:

    glazze…there was nothing personal in my critique of your films.
    It just that the animation was very crude compared to what others are putting
    out today. I spoke with 6 students from an animation class and saw what
    they were doing with their animation equipment. I’ve worked with the
    top animators in the world who have worked with almost every major
    prosports team in theworldand seen what they can do.
    The concenpt is great…but the execution needs some work. From a viewers
    sstandpoint they do not flow…its hard to follow and with a top video/animation
    guy you could probably with a little extra expertise and experience make this
    look of broadcast quality. Even the audio needs work. It looks like it was
    made by a person with little real animation experience/
    It may have won prizes or contests but from a professional standpoint you
    and your partner could really make this big time.
    I am not out to talk about you personally but i think it could be improved
    and be on tv at some time.
    good luck…you have an excellent concept. And you know the first time you
    do something like this it evolves and changes and improvements are
    alwasy being made to make itlook better.

    • Lance the Intern says:

      It just that the animation was very crude compared to what others are putting out today.

      Exhibit A: South Park
      Exhibit B: Robot Chicken
      Exhibit C: Squidbillies

      The animation in Glaze’s cartoon is at least as good as these programs.

      “but the execution needs some work. From a viewers sstandpoint [sic] they do not flow…its hard to follow”

      I know harley may not have cable, but watch a little show called Family Guy (some of you may have heard of it) and count the number of cutaways and plot lines in a typical show. One of the biggest complaints against that show is that it’s sloppy and unstructured.

      Seems to me like you’re in good company, Glaze.

  12. harley says:

    no way this cut rate animation is equal to family guy. Whoever lance the intern
    is you know nothing about animation…video…current events or anything
    about broadcast production…you’re an intern…not a proffesional.
    See lance the intern…there are not many people on here like me. I was able
    to predict months before anyone else on here that the election was going to
    go a certain way…and i predicted the actual electoral vote span…so lance,,,
    you may think you can outsmart me…or try to debate me…but angain
    i have to go and prove you wrong.
    to compare glazes “show” to family guy is like comparing hearne christopher
    to ernest heming way….or comparing rick stanzi to terry bradshaw…just not
    ever close mr. lance. You see yin the entertainment biz content is everything…
    or if you’re lucky . Its not what you think. I know you are out of your league
    on this one. How anyone in their right minds can compare glazes show
    with family guy is beyond me…and its so far out of line that i can’t even
    spend the hours to discuss it. To compare glazes show to any thing on tv
    is absolutely wrong. From the costs…tothe the concepts…to
    the expense…tothe quality….i mean anytone who says theres even a
    .00001% comparison is nuts!!!!!
    Don’t know who wrote that but i assume its someone with not much
    experience. And the quality is flash at best. Someone tell me if that
    was done in flash…which any animation student from johnson county
    community college or devry could do.
    so before you speak again…do some research….heres what i did for you..
    heres info on family guy and seth’s work…i think this pretty disproves your
    point 100000%! there is no comparison…sorry thats nothing personal…just
    a professional opinion. And i watched some of the other stuff on that site.
    It’s nice but most of it is very 80’s look to it. video and biographies and
    animation have come light years since the 80’s when those were done
    and they were good at their time…butnow they look outdated. They have
    tremendous value because of the contents but the production wiould be
    considered old old old school today!
    here the facts/ data for you lance…i invite a civil/non personal debate about this
    but this pretty much tells the difference.
    [Family Guy] is different than the other shows of its ilk because it is so much a product of one man’s vision and voice. Seth [MacFarlane] created the show and he voices it and he’s involved in every little part of it. He’s constantly pushing himself and the show to not be stale. He’s always focused on it being bigger and better and better-looking. This coming season the episodes are going to be way more expansive and more complicated than they have been in the past. …

    [FG] … costs an incredible amount of money and it takes over a year to churn out an episode, so it’s a big leap of faith for these studios on a medium they don’t historically understand. But … if it works, animation is more profitable than any other kind of show. People don’t buy Two and a Half Men T-shirts and bobble heads the way they buy things for our shows. With our weird little adult animation niche, the sky is the limit with tchotchkes and action figures and ringtones. …

    • harley says:


      • harley says:

        nothing personal glaze…but you know that every show
        /movie goes thru countless changes…redoes…reconfigurations..
        your concept is good…content needs upgrading…
        i know you don’t have a million a show to invest but
        if you massage this deal you have a winner….
        no doubt…but loo k at it from the vieewers standpoint
        and in tv either youget lucky (like seth and pawn stars)

        or you take a concept and rework it…improve it…
        to make it better….you know that the first time out
        a script isn’t accepted…its reworked and redone and
        changed…from pre production even in post prodction.

    • mike says:

      What amazes me is how sucessful South Park has been with it’s extremely crude level of animation.

    • Lance the Intern says:

      Harley – Read my post again. Slowly. I’ll wait……. Now, read it again. More slowly. I’ll continue to wait.

      Done yet? Good. Now — you should see that I AM NOT comparing the animation to Family Guy. I compared it to 3 other successful (well, successful in that they are all on broadcast TV) cartoons — South Park, Robot Chicken, and Squidbillies.
      I understand you may not have heard of 2 of these — that’s OK. Are you going to argue that the South Park animation is better than Glazer’s cartoon?

      My point with Family Guy was that, with the multiple plots and cutaways in each episode, the “story” doesn’t “flow….it’s hard to follow”. That’s all.

      You get that? Do I need to type slower?

  13. Craig Glazer says:

    Gee glad we have all the opinions on the animation…by the way its pretty damn funny stuff…check out the older clips of prison, Grandpa Bennie is priceless, my Champions Forever interviews, the Ali comments from Champions, Steve Kramers political cartoon, the original pilot and the new 3 minute cartoon…thats the 98.9 studio…Kramer did a fantastic job on redoing the offices, the city buildings, studio, I think its pretty impressive, so do a couple others…enjoy the fun…that’s what counts..


  14. mike says:

    I actually thought the animation was pretty decent. What was interesting to me was that the content of it was really not very complimentary to Craig and his brothers. The people on here who don’t like Glaze should have liked this more than anybody.

  15. Vern Miller says:

    Does it pay more than being a snitch?

    • Craig Glazer says:

      I wouldn’t know those guys get chicken feed, I know I paid them, guys like cowards who ratted on their buddies to stay out of jail…not brace tough mother’s like me who stood trial twice, and once was snitched by people like you with no guts…I am considered as tough and brave as they come, but you wouldn’t know you my friend are the type when I was a cop we counted on to bust bigger guys…little rats like you….we gave them dope, money whatever, small amounts, they still do…way game works…see because I was a bad ass, I got to eventually run my end of the joints I did time in, we used ‘rats’ like you to make our beds…cops pay is not too good either. Next question…

  16. Craig Glazer says:

    AND MY FAVORITE …if thats what you want to believe you low life punk ONE person I ever gave up….end of story…go back to your little hole.


  17. glazophile says:

    Wow this glazeophile (sorry, along with all the others who post here, I’m not of the bizarre mind to reveal my birth name on such a reputable locale) is delighted by the relevation that there is a perhaps-varifiable glazo-factoid of modest amusement……. What’s the middle initial “N.” stand for?

    BTW I’m gonna rite an UNauthorized bio of C. N. G.

    “Pierre Meynard, Author of The Quixote” would be a great guide for you if and when I send you a draft or two. “Chuck” can probably explain its significance, but if he’s not around, you are stuck googling “Borges” which will, unfortunately, lead to literary philosopsy over your head, mr. “scribe”…..

  18. Richard Cranium says:

    Horrendous. And the cartoon was not good either.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Agreed it wasn’t good, it was outstanding, especially the pilot…simply great…funny as anything in the genre…yes it’s over the top, on purpose…this is the TODAY’S funny…nobody is funnier than the Glazer boys…so say 99% of those who watched it over the last few months…and evidenced by our being invited to Montreal…

      Again you are entitled to your opinion…hey I don’t like NBA Basketball Wives…myself, or Honey Boo Boo, like maybe you do, but that’s me…millions do like it.

      • Skeptic says:

        It was NOT over the top. All dialogue with no setups leading to a payoff. All insider stuff. Only interesting if you are among those of the inner cirlce. It just doesn’t appeal to a broad audience.

        • Craig Glazer says:

          Really, guess all those people in a sold out auditorium at Montreal really lived in KC, huh…near standing ovation bro…and more than proved it was funny to everyone…agreed there was some thought by exec’s who looked at it that while funny isn’t it inside…answer is NO…Just like 30 Rock isn’t…funny is funny…but in this case I see why you might think that….

  19. really says:

    god glaze your are the biggest shmuck!

  20. Craig Glazer says:

    Nice to have such loyal fans..huh!

  21. fred says:

    glaze if you were really so ” great ” you wouldnt be on here blasting everybody with a negative comment. your a famous big shmuck!

  22. black barbie says:

    now craig you really have a small. all the girls you ever had sex with no it. they all call you needle dick bug screwer. when someone calls you a big shmuck i NO there not talking about your big one. its little!

    • Craig Glazer says:

      This is not Barbie, this a hater…the joke is NEEDLE DICK THE BUG FU..KER…MY JOKE…yep, I have more hot girlfriends then EVERYONE on here put together..NO ARGUMENT…I’m not that rich…I am that handsome and cool though, my body is A+ and that’s that…sorry haters

  23. chuck says:

    I watched the “Pacino” episode.

    The animation was ok. I am not qualified to review it anyway, but it certainly won’t stand in the way of the show’s success of failure.

    It wasn’t terrible at all, and considering that it is an advent effort, what the heck. 🙂

    The “Pacino” imitation is excellent.

    Here is the deal.

    Remember when the writers went out in Hollywood? The movies sucked for 2 years. HBO and Showtime aquired a death grip on consumer’s wallets during that ill advised lacuna and have not let go. That is just my opinion.

    Glaze, ya need a better writer, or the writers that you have will have to get better.

    Once again, it wasn’t bad. Every now and then, the firts Seinfeld episodes are on TV and they are average.

    The humor, in my opinion again, is centered around the Glaze, but that should require more explanation of the Glaze’s foibles, adventures and personality.

    If the scenarios and personalities are fleshed out in conjucntion with humor, vicious yet self effacing, then it would be worth a look.

    Best wishes, break a leg and all that.

    • harley says:

      you can take david naster…smartman….harley….chuck who has
      some great writing skills….and some input from lewis black…
      and put us together in a room and we’ll write the best god
      darn animatin script ever.
      seth…move over…the kc gang is coming to hollywood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Craig Glazer says:

      CHUCK watch the pilot next to it, it answers all those questions…I think you will write that you find that one very funny…watch it, ten minutes.

  24. chuck says:

    Again, to make sure no one is offended, I think the writers are ok, but need to be sharper, quicker and, I think they can be with some effort.

  25. chuck says:

    Hey, I just thought of Lefty.

    Have him script one.

    Wouldn’t be that hard, ya could do it in 4 or 5 hours over a couple of beers.

  26. chuck says:

    Hearne, give Lefty a groupon for a Pizza.

    There ya go, it’s all settled.

    You’re welcome.

  27. blackbarbie says:

    “its above average” hahahahahahahaha!

  28. Craig Glazer says:

    I’m gonna step out guys have at it…I have to go back to planet Earth the other shows…Grandpa Bennie is very funny with the little black Bookie…Kramers other political one is hot…prison is interesting…the Ali interviews are very good and interesting…watch them on HOTSPOTBROADCASTING.COM

  29. Paulwilsonkc says:

    I happened to think the Stanford’s Comedy Club bit was hilarious!! Funniest of them all.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      thanks for being real Paul

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Craig, I’m never anything BUT that. I use my real name; I make real comments, something most people don’t have the nerve for.

        I’ve now watched each episode you have out there. Each one have a great deal of possibility!

        What some people miss in their seemingly over the top professional ability to know all the major animators in the WORLD on a personal basis is this;

        South Park is horrible animation. They know that and it plays to what they do!!

        Family Guy is all over the map, it plays to what they do! The herky jerky scene changes, the 500 divergent plot lines, all plays to the point of the concept for the show!

        Bevis and Butthead, well, it was all of those things and many more, but it PLAYED TO WHAT THEY WERE TRYING TO CONVEY!!

        This concept you have is much the same. I APPRECIATE the not so perfect animation. I APPRECIATE the all over the map style, it’s indicative of message of the scenes you are watching, for god’s sake! It speaks to the overall plot.

        Anyone who misses that little gem of “how and why” it’s done that way, likely needs to back up and give it another look, leaving preconceived notions behind.

        I hate to go up against the people I usually agree wholeheartedly with, but hey, it is what it is…. this has some real possibilites.

  30. harley says:

    another one will bite the dust…another one tried to discredit me…but again…
    as always…that individual gets theri foot in their mouth.
    I have worked with some orf the top animators in the nation…i’ve worked with
    some animators in dallas who now design some of the most successful games
    online…don’t try to put me down…you always lose.
    and again to say that south park and family guy is a simple animation procedure
    shows again that people on here just are not getting it. They try to go away from
    waht they do best (which i don’t know) and try to delve into areas that they
    have no knowledge about and which makes them look bad.
    but in this instance i will forgo their being wrong…
    but heres what goes into south park…and which is much more complicated in
    100000000 ways than the simple animation that glaze has done.
    To think that those national shows have anything in comoon with glazes
    home animation is absurd. Let s make that clear….i asked if glazes
    shows were in flash…never got an answer…but to verify that the animation
    on tv now is about 10000000000000000000000000000000times
    better than what is on glazes sight lets see what goes into the makeing
    of a south park episode.

    With the characters constructed, Stough and company then tap into the Expressions function of Alias to manipulate specific body movements. “We animate all the visibility—the front heads, the side heads, the mouths—they’re all on these little sliders you push back and forth which make different mouths visible.” To keep up with the fast turnaround needed, the production department relies on a variety of SGJ boxes.
    Stough remembers: “When we started, people asked us why we were using Alias for such a 2-D show—it’s like swatting a house fly with a nuclear bomb. But it was the package that made the show look as much like construction paper as possible. And if you watch the pilot, there’s a lot of shadows that stick out. Alias has the best shadow and ray casting, so it looks like construction paper sitting on a camera stand.”
    The animators will occasionally use Alias for effects, as well. In the Halloween episode, Pinkeye, Kenny becomes a zombie and bites a chunk out of another student. The boy’s blood was treated to a pulsating glow effect. An Alias effect also enhanced the much-heralded Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride, in which Stan’s gay dog is outcast and finds sanctuary at a refuge for other persecuted pets. When Big Cay Al shows Stan his disco club (obvious, yes, but undeniably funny), a complex scheme of lights electrifies the dance floor.
    “We used the lighting effects in Alias for that scene,” says Stough. “One of our technical directors took about half a day to set that up.” The same Alias function supplements a musical number by the school’s Chef in the episode “Damien.” Voiced by Issac Hayes, Chef might be the only levelheaded adult in town, a guru in a greasy apron. His only caveat (excepting, perhaps, that he calls the kids his “little crackers”) is spontaneously breaking into sexually explicit song while the boys wait for his wisdom. In “Damien,” Stough explains: “It breaks out into a ’70s-type psychedelic thing. He gets into it so much, disco lights come on.”
    Stough also recalls PowerAnimator’s role in the “Mecha-Streisand” episode, in which Barbra Streisand procures two ancient mystical triangles to become a 20-story-high menace—only to be foiled by mecha-version of The Cure’s Robert Smith. “It involved some cheesy Godzilla effects—laser beam-type stuff—and we added a glow to those in Alias, too.”
    “Mecha-Streisand,” which aired in March, beamed into 3.2 million households, according to Nielsen ratings. Not surprisingly, Garefino reveals the series has been picked up for 20 new shows. The first of the new season aired in April, followed by six more new episodes starting this month. All of which means things are getting busy at South Park headquarters.
    Here’s how the work takes shape: After each script is complete, the storyboard process begins, which typically takes from a week to a week and a half. Simultaneously, Parker will draw the new characters and backgrounds introduced in the episode (Stough will often realize the construction paper versions). From there, Parker and Stone record the voices while animators cut an animatic, scanning the boards into the Avid and cutting storyboard frames to the voices. That provides the template for the show.
    “Then I get the boards cut to the animatic,” says Stough. “I go through the boards to make sure all the staging is going to work right and all the backgrounds match. Then I write notes for the technical directors, telling them what backgrounds they can recycle from previous episodes.”
    The animators inherit layout, backgrounds, and props from the technical directors (the TDs typically take about three weeks to set up all the shots for a single episode).
    At this point, the mouths have also been animated by the lip synchers, who work with the exposure sheets (dialogue cut down frame-by-frame) to decide which mouths are to be used and how to time those out correctly. The animators then refine the timing and breathe life into facial expressions, walking, and head bobs, for instance, about a three-week process.
    The frames are then rendered out, sent through an Accom WSD Extreme 1 and loaded into an Avid Media Composer for assembly. Everything but color correction is e in-house, and not once is the animation filmed or videotaped.
    “The helpful thing about doing it in the computer rather than under a camera stand is that Trey will fix things—he might want a character to turn his head halfway through a shot—and we can reuse all the other animation—all we have to do is change that one head,” says Stough.
    Besides Alias, the animators also rely on Adobe Photoshop, most noticeably for the kids’ classroom. The writing on the chalkboard is created in Photoshop, as are the real photos—although all people and things in South Park appear spawned by a third grade art class, all photographs are actual filmed images. Says Stough: “Every once in a while, I get out of the office and take pictures.”
    Photoshop also figures in Kenny’s oft-seen blood, although that wasn’t always the way. “Originalt we would take a Sharpie underneath the camera
    the work done by glaze is nice…for a first time deal …but nothing even close
    to the immense work done on full feature animated tv shows…
    sorry…just the facts..
    glaze has a nice idea…but unless you understand the inside details which
    he puts on kcc…it make almost no sense to the audience….
    i’m sure glaze will refine it and make it better…its got potential!

    • mike says:

      The video that Mike Judge made for the “Sick and Twisted Animation Festival” that led to Beavis and Butthead was fairly crude also. If this project takes off, there will be more money put behind it and they will have acess to all of the technology you mentioned. This is afterall, really just a pilot at this point.

      • harley says:

        oh mikey…didn’t realize you were an expert on he
        beavis and butthead serial animation.
        I never watched it…but ican see how a guy like
        you can be entertained by such a low iq program.
        Whatelse is on your favorite tv list”
        sesame street?

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Good, G-d Harley, its NOT a criticism of YOU! Get over yourself for a minute.

      South Park, Bevis and Butthead ALL major successes and each ONE left a whole LOT to be desired in several departments but that became part of the charm. I am F’ing fed up with everything being about YOU! My comment TO GLAZER was that I enjoyed it and that its got a POINT behind its flaws, from the character (personally) to the animation to the back and forth scene changes. Its all for a purpose. I dont care WHO you have worked with and I dont care HOW MANY ways this could be BETTER, you missed the point of what he is trying to achieve. You MISSED the point.

      Sure… a LOT needs to be cleaned up, but over all, I like it.

      THAT IS MY PERSONAL OPINION and Im welcome to it without being asailed by you and your MOST excellent thought process and always right all the time point of view. You’re just one person. Honey Boo Boo makes a ton of money. Ive never seen an episode. Im betting you havent either, but that white trash ho bag mom is making money and the show is a success. I can’t find ONE redeeming reason why. Thats NOT the point of what I said.

      Moonshiners, is making someone money. Jersey Shore is making a boat load of money before it was cancelled and it will again in syndication. Most everything on Adult Swim is too. Just because I’ve never seen one episode of any of those doesnt change that fact. Everything ISNT for everyone.

      I can SEE where Glazer is going with this. Thats MY opinion. Got it?

      Go exhault your greatness elsewhere and let SOMEONE have an OPINION on something. We all have points of view, thats all we were discussing and I dont need MY point of view minimized because it isn’t YOURS.

      Go read your email again, son, you arent getting the F ing message.

      • harley says:

        come on pauly…i didn’tmention your name. You write
        a coment trying to deiscredit me and my work with
        animators.. YOu just got to get you poor opinion into the
        conversationcause you can’t stand it when someone
        is making valid points. You have no data…just opinion. Go search and get some information..
        then come back with a sensible response.
        Your record here is poor in analyzing things. You predicted
        a huge romney victory while harley hit the numbers and
        the winner.
        give credit where credit is due…then come back with some
        legitimate stuff.we’re tired of people acting like they
        know everything when they know everything about nothing.

  31. Lance the Intern says:

    I showed the 2 cartoons to my 16 year old son and a group of his friends (6 young men in total) — They have no frame of reference for either Craig Glazer (sorry if that’s a blow to your ego, Craig) or KCC.

    They all agreed that the cartoons were very funny and could easily be on Adult Swim.

    These young men are well-versed in both video game and cartoon animation, as I’ve seen them spent countless hours occupied with both.

    I’d consider their opinions well before I’d consider those of “gravel road Metcalf” Harley.

    A couple of them did ask why your character had boobs, though.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Careful, Lance…… you’re about to be attacked for having a positive opinion. You KNOW you dont know the world of annimation! You KNOW your opinion doesnt MATTER! Only ONE does… and its not yours or mine, apparently.

      I wish this site could just go back to people expressing their own, personal thoughts on topics without being told they are WRONG, for the 1,000th time and that only ONE person see’s the light or possibility of something being valid!

      One of my best friends is illustrating a story board for PBS and a new series there. I know what Im talking about, but in the end, its just my opinion. Im just not willing to call YOU a broke dick, angry white looser male who lives in the past…. just because YOU maybe like something that I dont. I figure that makes us two unique individuals. And in the end, you may be right, or I may be right; Im not interested in being right ALL the time or making sure its shoved down your throat that I AM. Even though Im not.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Thanks for being honest Paul…yes we know its universal, thats how we got the deal in the first place..before Montreal there was fear that it was inside and maybe if you didn’t live in KC, they wouldn’t get it….I knew or believed we are funny, no matter what…and when we got that response in Canada on stage I was all smiles so was Steve…they asked me if we even had a comedy club, was I ever really in jail and was there a book King of Sting…they didn’t know much if anything about us…it was CANADA…so that was great..I think that’s one reason our reality show didn’t go in 04, on Comedy Central…fear it was inside….its not.

  32. Lance the Intern says:

    Paul — I know. I made the mistake earlier of replying to one of Harley’s rants. What an angry old man!
    Here’s my mental picture of him after his most recent postings.

    • mike says:

      I love it! That is hilarious.

      • harley says:

        let me reiterate…
        if lance has the time to congregate 6 16 year old kids
        to look at a comic….lance is a loser…in the middle of the
        day no less…what else do you have lance to do in the middle
        of the day beside show cartoons to 16 year old…serioulsy
        lance…get a life…please…and if your 16 year old kiddie
        freinds are home from school on a friday….what kind of
        adult are you…and they all said glazes carttoon could play
        on adult swim…thats what they and you do during the
        weekdays?????????????????????seriuosly lanceBU…if i
        was the parent of one of those 16 year old kids..i’d be SCARED SH*TLESS TO LET THEM NEAR YOU….
        LANCE…SORRY…your weekdayacctivities are very very
        odd for a grown man…carttoons with 16 year old kids…lance
        seek some help and stay away from day care centers!!!!!!!!!!!!
        pauly…i never mentioned you in a single comment…havent
        since your letter…but you had to put in a comment about
        my saying i’ve worked with some of the top animators
        because you can’t stand it!
        I made no mention of you paul…not a word …but you are
        so scared that harley made a statement that you have to
        come out and try to minimze what is a 1000%ly true statement..
        and you’re wrong again pauly….i don[t make comments abou
        topics like moving…the kauffman…things i have no idea
        about…but you’ve got to show everyone that you have to
        come on ..wtihout any facts or data…make another rude
        comment about me…go on…your act is very very very old!!!!
        THEN THERES MIKEY…sticking his foolish ideas in.
        mikey is a sucker…he’s a mental midget…we saw that in
        his many comments about the election. pEOPLE like
        mikey are sorry excuses…
        Sorry mikey but you have been wrong on every comment
        made since september…yes wrong…so go hide like you
        did right after the election…or shut up!
        You’re an embarssment on here…makeing b.s. lies
        about stuff you know nothing about.
        present some intelligent material…present something besides
        whateger those guys DO when watching cartoons (ugh…hello
        lance…wtf are you doing????????????????? aND LANCE ASKING THEM THEIR OPINION.
        and pauly….wow……

        • mike says:

          Who are you to tell other people that they are not allowed to have an opinion unless it is the same as yours? You have a bigger ego than Donald Trump and are even more thin skinned. You like to dish out crap on everybody on here, then throw a hissy fit if someone even dares to disagree with your opinion on anything. Get over yourself, buddy!

          • harley says:

            mikey…its one thing to express an opinion.
            Its another to express one of the dumbest
            opinions in the last 20 years.
            You were a sucker fell for the
            romney/republican lies aboutthe election.
            You’re a chump.
            I don’t argue with your ppostions..but when
            you are off about the most important issue
            of the century…you don’t carry much weight
            with your opionon.
            Sorry mikey but you’re not the best one
            to evaluate anything.
            I have said some nice things about your
            opinions but for the most part i’ve got
            to look at your election proedictions which
            were so far off from reality.
            sorry…you lost. Stop trying to make excuses!

          • mike says:

            I haven’t made excuses, Harley. I am probably the only one on here that was for Romney that gave you your props and congratulated you after Obama won. I still think he is and has been a bad president, but you were right that he would win. However, that does not mean you are always right about everything. Nobody is. We all win some and lose some. I am not going to be bullied by you from now on because you were right about the election. If you want respect, give respect.

        • Lance the Intern says:

          You’re a sick man, Harley. Get your mind out of the gutter for just a moment. I know it’s been a while since you’ve been 16 (or even around teenagers)…I get that. the “angry old man” shtick isn’t really “shtick” for you.
          So here’s the deal. My son and his friends get together after school to hang out, play video games, and all the other things 16 year old boys do. So while they were hanging out, I showed them the video (get this Harley — you can actually access YouTube from your XBOX these days! Incredible, I know, but hey, welcome to the 21st century.).
          I get you Harley, I really do — you’re the kind of guy that hates to be proven wrong, and HAS to be right 1000%. An asshole, in other words.

          • Don B says:

            Sorry lance. You are not okay. I suggest some serious evaluations. Denial is a problem at this stage. I hope you see someone about this.

          • mike says:

            So Don B., Is this anywhere near as bad as duct taping women’s mouths shut?

        • Lance the Intern says:

          Learn spelling, grammar, and proper punctuation and maybe someone will take you seriously.

          Then again, maybe not. Moron.

          • HARLEY says:

            while the boobs at kcc were posting
            their comments on kcc on saturday monring..
            harley was kickboxing…weights…even
            20 mintue intervals…
            maybe the boobs on kcc need to getout
            and maybe work out and get all that crap
            out of their heads…maybe lose some fat
            and get in shape.
            While lance the “intern” was playing iwth the
            young boys and their video games (hint.hint)
            harley was getting in incredible shape.
            come out boobs…get some air…get some
            exercise…get yourbody in shape…
            old guys need to stay in shape and ican
            guess youmight not have so much pent
            up anger and denial…

            and lance you can bring the “boys”…

            take care..headed to see the boss tonight…
            see ya………………

    • paulwilsonkc says:


      • Lance the Intern says:

        Yeah…But South Park and Family Guy did it better 🙁

        • Paulwilsonkc says:

          Lance, my BEST FRIEND’s second cousin knows a guy who talked to a guy who used to be friends with the guy who writes South Park. Don’t act like you know ANYTHING about it. Sorry dude, I’m the man; all the connections all the time, you angry white (most likely) loser has been. Get out of your recliner and into your feces infested hot tub and call me when you get back on your feet. I’m going to do an Animation For Dummies class. Ill even loan you the .75 cent tuition. I’m just here to help the little guys. Email me at paul4life1,000,

          • mike says:

            You need to work on making your spelling, punctuation, and grammar worse. Then, and only then will I think that you are always right!

          • harley says:

            paul…sorry but your ability to evaluate and
            analyze issues was put on display during the
            election. And we saw that you and mikey
            and whinery made the biggest and worst
            predictions and comments.
            so take it for what its worth…
            harley is right..he knows about this subject
            …and when it comes to areas that you
            have knowledge i will trust your opinions.
            Its just that again you have to stalk harley
            and try to discredit me because you
            have a problem with the truth.
            sorry…the tru th hurts.

          • HARLEY says:

            i’ve been one of your biggest supporters on
            kcc. when the rest of these lazy old men attacked you for bullsh*t…i supportedv you.
            you are an great example of someone
            who got knocked down and got back up again..
            to come back big time.
            Unfortuantely on this site…some guys get
            knocked down and stay down. They don’t
            come back. Thats fine…but its not for guys
            like you and i.
            The concept of these shows is excellent…just
            the execution is limited. I know you dont have
            a million bucks for animation but with some
            simple adjustments..with some really strong
            writing…with some top flight production which
            is not all that expensive…this could be reallyt
            As i said in my very first comment this has
            possibilities. But you know all too well the
            first time out of the chute usually needs fine
            tuning and some adjustments to make it
            really good.
            As howie mandel said on tv one time…its
            all in the content…. take on e of your comedians
            from the club…have them get inovlved in something thats more topical…more
            up to date…something that people can relate
            to…and you could have a winner….
            no doubtabout it…
            keep going…because while some of the people
            on here “have given up” on keep
            keep the faith…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. says:

    Ok, so Glazer and Hearne post a lot. Its their blog. But this Harley character is another story. Hearne, who, in God’s Grey Earth, could your audience for this Harley stuff be? How many people do you think read his massive ramblings?

    Perhaps what you are doing is an attempt at comic genus. Maybe this is some cutting-edge attempt to reconjure the “A. Kauffman-annoy-on-purpose” comic technique. Perhaps Glazer discovered and stole this technique when he eavesdropped some actually-funny comedians at a comedy club owner convention in Laughlin. If he then handed it off to Harley, ya’ll should realize the ground can’t cause a fumble and the play’s blown dead.

  34. black barbie says:

    but craig when it was up there it tickled. i always faked it for you. you gave me money.

  35. mike says:

    This is the 100th comment. Do I get a prize?

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