Glazer: Clark Hunt Wants Off Hotseat. Will Marty or Bill Cowher Rescue Him?

Word is that Marty is being considered as new general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs…

You know, Marty Schottenheimer.He was in town recently for his book signing and told USA Today he’s been in contact with Chiefs owner Clark Hunt.

The question being, did he talk to Hunt about a JOB?

Imagine Schottenheimer teaming with former Chiefs coach and Steelers Super Bowl coach Bill Cowher.

That sounds great, but could it actually happen?

Marty might make a better head coach than a GM. He hasn’t held that job before, but it could work. Hey, nothing could be worse than where we’re at today.

Marty would be 70 when he takes over and he’d have a ton of work to do.  Decisions about the draft, who he keeps as the new head coach if it’s not Cowher, finding a new quarterback, new system, new defensive coach, new everything.

Schottenheimer would be inheriting the worst team in modern NFL history.

Well, he kinda did before, more than 20 years ago, but has the NFL passed Marty by?

Cowher has spoken highly of the Chiefs on TV and even defended Matt THE FRANCHISE Cassel. There could be something going on there as well. Cowher actually said just three weeks ago – and I heard it – “Hey, the Chiefs could come back and get into the playoffs.”


He sounded t0 me like a man who might want a job as head coach in KC.

We all know older coaches that come back usually fail and hard. Especially guys who have been away from the game a few years. And both these men are very wealthy – multimillionaires – and are respected as winners already, especially Bill.

But maybe they’re bored and want one more shot at the brass ring.

Dick Vermeil came back after a long NFL vacation and won one for St. Louis. But he didn’t fare as well in KC with a overall poor showing. The phony 2003 year was all Vermeil had to smile about for his time here which ended very badly.

The Chiefs have been terrible ever since.

Marty had a nice long ride with good success, but couldn’t win in the playoffs. When he left, the Chiefs were never a Super Bowl threat again. So he brings back warm fuzzy feelings to the fans.

Does Cowher want to become an 80 hour a week coach again? Does he have that in him still after all these years of television, a softer life, family and a big bank account? Maybe. Bill’s only 55 and he might just be ready to rock.

But clearly going after a younger coach and experienced but hungry GM makes more sense.

Insiders say Clark Hunt is not a very decisive guy to say the least. Nor is he really a football man.

Staffers at Arrowhead have told me that, “Clark puts things off because he doesn’t like to make the big calls. Even his desk has notes and paperwork lying on it for for weeks and months (Hey, so does mine).”

Clark lacks the passion his father had.

Clark wants SOMEONE to turn the mess over too ASAP. It’s clear Scott is history, Romeo will be gone and Matt gone (maybe he stays as backup but doubt it – he wants out as well).

Fans will respond positively to either or one of these guys – Schottenheimer or Cowher.

I believe these men would get the team going again. The fan base would return. Right now the fans are in full revolt. The street fan is even saying “Our team stinks, I’m done.”

This move could heal that wound for now.

Hey, we get to watch our Chiefs on Monday Night Football tonight against the Steelers.

Some book’s have taken this one off the betting line because, you know, who’s gonna take KC?’

Enjoy the game. The watch party has begun for Marty, Bill or our next savior.

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27 Responses to Glazer: Clark Hunt Wants Off Hotseat. Will Marty or Bill Cowher Rescue Him?

  1. Rick Nichols says:

    Hey, let’s all hope Marty comes back as either the GM or the head coach – I’m pining to hear “The Schottenheimer Polka” just one more time. Those were the days! Roll out the barrel!

  2. chuck says:

    “Clark puts things off because he doesn’t like to make the big calls. Even his desk has notes and paperwork lying on it for for weeks and months.”

    Napoleon used to leave his mail from home, requesting this and that, unopened for 30 days. He thought that most problems solved themselves and his time was best spent wrecking those unfortunate countries he was busy invading.

    Then again, Napoleon Dynamite would draft fuc*ing Pedro for Matt Cassel’s protection in the first round.

    Just sayin…

  3. chuck says:

    Greg Hill just twittered, “Total Bullsh*t man!!”

    Greg Hall just twittered, “Yes!!!!”

  4. mike says:

    I would love to see that. I imagine in an arraingement like that, Cowher would have more input on the draft and other operations than many head coaches do. He would be kind of like Belichek is for the Pats. One thing that actually makes the Chiefs job desirable is the fact that they will have a very real chance of getting a franchise quarterback in the next draft. Cowher also got along well with Marty and the Hunts in the past. It would actually be plausible. I hope you are right!

    • harley says:

      hey mikey…how did that romney thing work out for you last week?
      just asking. Listen to harley next time…he’s always correct.!!!!!!!

      • mike says:

        I’ll give you your props on the election, but you are not always right about everything. Nobody is.

        • Craig Glazer says:

          agreed nobody is..always right..thats why they call it a prediction…a maybe based on information and football…2 of 3 calls is an A+ nobody goes perfect for long, not even a week, its tough…Harley just likes to get eveyone’s goat thats all.

  5. harley says:

    sorry glaze…but you’re late to the party again.
    You were late to the biggest election of the century having called the
    election 15 months after i called the winner. And you were never in the
    game as I called electoral vote almost 3 months before the final count.
    In a statisticians viewpoint…harley ‘s amazing accomplishment far outweighs
    any number of football events you will ever get right.
    But as i reported ….with my sources inside arrowhead…and my sources
    inside the chiefs organizatiton…long beofre this column…that clark is opening
    up the wallet big time. He’s not going to fool around again. His embarssment
    at the game this weekend could be the straw that breaks the camels back..
    a beating by steelers than the blackout at arrowhead.
    My sources tell me that clark is ready to putup big money. Getting a big
    name coach very quickly. I’m leaning towards cowher. ONly becau
    he has a common bond with marty. also…the cheifs have dtermined
    that their 2 areas on the offense need to be addressede. #1 the qb.
    They’re looking at any backups with promise in the nfl…i will provide
    tht info at later time. And they are looking at Steven jackson from
    st. louis who becomes a free agent thinking that the jamaal and the rest
    of their backs lack long season viability
    also…from agent i am getting word that a reassigning of duties will be
    possibly coming for pioli in the team. Hunt has serious ties to kraft family
    and may be hesitant to cut pioli so quickly…but if the situation deteriotartes
    further…he may have to cu t him quickly.
    Look for marty as an interim person to do some research for clark because
    clark understands the severtiy of this mess. He is in trouble of losing
    huge season ticket holders and as the next 3 home games play out it could
    look horrible for the founder son to have to be involved in ablackout
    tv game.
    plus…my other sources tell me that hunt is making big bank on anorther
    investment in care facilities and is now concerned that his piggy bank
    at arrowhead could be in serious financial danger. worse than ever before.
    so glaze….mark these words…they’re from my sources…not from the
    palm readers you get your info.
    have a great day and as always remember…HARLEY IS THE GREATEST

  6. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Cowher will NEVER come back to coach the Chiefs. Forget it. Now, a GM job with the Carolina Panthers might fit him well.

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Guys nobody said it was a ‘done deal.’ It’s fair to assume Clark would like one or both of them, make an offer of interest…the GM job is the plumb post, you can stick around along time as the NUMBER ONE GUY, and only have to compete to stay…the head coach has 3-4 years to get it done…so yeah Marty is maybe only interested in GM, if that, Bill who knows…KC is not the garden spot job it?

  8. Rick Nichols says:

    Hey, I’m still waiting for Harley’s prediction for the end of the world, that way I’ll know how much beer I need to buy so I’ll have something to drink every time I do “The Schottenheimer Polka” down at the Elks Lodge. Moving right along, today The Star reminds its readers (and on the front page no less) that the Chiefs will set a dubious record for football futility if they fail to lead Pittsburgh at any time during tonight’s game. I think the Steelers could pretty much sleepwalk their way through the contest and still beat KC by at least two touchdowns, so there’s a good chance this “honor” will exclusively belong to the Chiefs before the night’s over.

    • harley says:

      NO problem rick….i’m predicting the end of the world on december 20………3090…long after we’re gone.
      so don’t worry about beer….inbev has plenty to serve…
      and i appreciate your noting that i am the top prognosticator on kcc
      and in the nation based on what outsiders are calling one of the
      most incredible predictions since….Y2k…
      thanks…stay tuned…i ‘ll be posting my post analysis of the 2012
      election within 72 hours…so get ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hot Carl says:

    No way is Marty coming back as coach or GM. Consultant at best. Marty is merely doing Clark a favor by giving him good advice right now. People are reading way too much into this.

  10. Craig Glazer says:

    By the way the weather in Pittsburgh is horrible, like Chicago last night…shocker: I’m taking KC and 19 under 46 and 1/2 for a small one…but the wind and rain should slow this one down…no blowout…Pittsburgh wins like 23 to 10 or 7…Chiefs cover the tease…hey nobody called out these clowns, KC, like me early and often, nobody in the media, nobody, it started last year…THE CLOWN SHOW…but hey even a clown can cover in the wind and rain…’maybe’…God this team is awful.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Looks like a great call by me….likely a cover…in third 10 all…Steelers have the quarterback in we didn’t want as back up…he will likely beat us..the Chiefs are showing up, brave, but so poorly coached its so awful, they likely can’t win…no coaching at all, too bad…Romeo is a lost cause, Junior my puppy is better…not a clue, none….time to go fishing Romeo.

    • harley says:

      glaze…in preseason you specifically said this was a good team..
      lets not get carried away…
      you do have a tendency to ‘FORGET”…
      go back to the preseason and you s.aid the cheifs were a good team…
      oh and if i was bill cohwer…marty…i wouldn’t set foot inside arrowhead
      stadium after tonight even if clark promised me a 20 million/year
      contract…well maybe 20…but nothing less.
      a terrible…terrible team..
      and they’re still trying to make a nfl player out of mc cluster f*k…
      baldwin….missing in action….
      breaston…i never saw this guy play…how is he inactive?
      glaze you were wrong about the chiefs early
      on…..they stink!

      • Craig Glazer says:

        Harley my friend and sometimes odd guy…NOBODY and I mean NOBODY in the media has been down on this franchise like I have…I dubbed them THE CLOWN SHOW LAST YEAR…I gave Matt a well deserved Nic-Name..THE FRANCHISE, and after the early pick ups and one preseason game I said they might compete, I picked Denver to win the division….Hearne posted a joke headline about super bowl contender, my article said nothing of the kind, maybe 9-7 best…I wrote, “let me see some more pre season games to decide”

        After their third game …BRING IN THE CLOWNS this team is a joke…huge, last place…check it, you can go back and read it…

        NOBODY IN THE CITY SAID THAT, NOBODY…all said lets see, give them a chance, it’s only preseason…Harley I flew to Vegas to bet against them game one of regular season…nobody to my knowledge did that…SO MORE THAN ANYONE IN THIS CITY THAT IS ON THE AIR OR IN PRINT I WAS FIRST, STARTING LAST YEAR TO SAY THIS TEAM IS A JOKE, years before I was on the air with Jones of 610, “this is the most underachieving franchise in the NFL, that was with Trent Green…I have been on them for years…as they deserved….sure there was a glimmer of hope in 2010, I said in the end quote,”one of the worst teams in the NFL by seasons end” the next year I said I took the under 7 1/2, I was correct….


        • harley says:

          glaze…wrong again…buddy…
          i mean you’re just like the other 1.5 million people
          who’ve been down on the cheifs for the last
          10 years…thats nothing…you follow the crowd
          you said they would have a good year after the
          preseason game…go back and get your qoutes..
          then come back..
          i pulled up the comments from other sties…and
          seriously glaze…you were late to this party..
          after thep re season even the regular people
          were sying this team sucks.
          remember…harley reigns supreme.
          you’re always late to the party …you’re always
          late to the predictions.
          you’re johnny come latelyllll
          you said chiefs would be 9-7…wrong
          you said they’d be competitive…wrong
          you said they had a good team…wrong..
          so lets stopthe crap…go back and pull your
          qoutes and lets see what you said…
          you were wrong again…however…i will be
          starting football picks soon and will be showing
          you how to do that
          let me make this perfectly clear…noone…yes..noone
          can equal harley ….harley is the perfecta winner.
          take all your football picks..and may i say that
          those are very weak…put them all together…and
          nothing..nothing equals what harley just did
          in the election and the electoral vote.
          SIR…LET THE TRUTH SET YOU FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Craig Glazer says:

            Baby put your money up or SHUT UP…I’ll bet you one grand I can show you right here on KC confidential what I said…after preseason THE CLOWN SHOW, LAST PLACE, STINKERS…that’s a fact and readers here all know that…why do you do such silly things? It’s not are a funny guy but Harley….when you do this you lose all credibility. I am a guest on radio even sports, cause people listeners and the hosts KNOW THAT I AM DAMN GOOD AT WHAT I DO,MY COMMENTS ARE WITH MERRIT, dig. That’s why…no millions have not been down on the Chiefs, the stadium was bull cause fans believed in 2003, 2010 and Scott for a long time…now they don’t. So stop being a silly shmuck. OK….thanks.

          • Craig Glazer says:

            P.S. I know you just do this to get I guess it’s funny…you doing picks, yeah right…ok you pick six games the next 8 weeks college and pro til college ends and pro ends…post them with the spread, you can tease…lets see how that looks…really you want to go against the best guy in this area…try it, you have my persmission, I say you won’t do it.

  11. mike says:

    No matter what, this is not a good sign for Pioli and Crennel. Hunt sought out Marty’s advice when he made all the changes last time. Why would he want Marty’s advice unless he was thinking about making a change very soon. Up until now, Hunt has been mostly hands off with Pioli. I think something is going to happen whether we end up with Cowher and Schottenheimer or not.

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