Glazer: Romney Backers Stumble, Open Floodgates for Obama Victory

Most Republicans have Mitt Romney winning in November…

IN fact they have him well ahead. However, according to all the major polls that’s not the case. In fact as of today the key battleground states for the most part belong to President Obama. If you believe Gallup or the other major polls. In fact Obama leads the critical state of Ohio by at least 3 points and he’s always led there.

Obama appears to have nearly a lock on the electoral college numbers.


Yesterday the Republicans went NUTS!

Republican candidate Richard Mourdock of Indiana said: “I came to realize life is that gift from God, and I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”

Well, wasn’t that special?

Romney quickly distanced himself from good old Mourdock, but the damage was done. The national women’s vote is just gonna love that one.

Sarah Palin jumped in to help out the President as well.

“Shuck and Jive” is what Barack Obama is all about, she said. Good call, Sarah. So now we have a racist comment to add to the boatload of stupid moves by Republicans yesterday

There’s more.

Donald Trump got into the act by saying,”I’ll give $5 million to the charity of Barack Obama’s choice if he shows us his college records and passport application.”

The Donald went on Piers Morgan to make sure as many people as he could reach got that little message. Columnist Frank Rich then jumped on board with, “I’ll give $10 million to Mitt’s favorite charity if he shows all his income tax paperwork.”

Yep, the hits just keep on coming.

I don’t get it.

If Mitt’s so far ahead, if things are really going that well, why the day long attack?

Why allow Palin and Trump to look like circus barkers? If you have it won, stay the course.

The course is the economy and how bad it is, right guys? This is the way to win the White House. But “shuck and jive,” “Women who are raped need to have the baby.

These are the fears of many Americans; that with a Republican right wing Christian Leader and his pals the nation may become, shall we say, mean spirited.  If you aren’t one of US, you are the enemy. Right or wrong many Americans feel that way towards the Republican higher ups.

In fact maybe more than 50% of the voters. Why say things that remind them of those possible fears?

Romney has come a long way, but yesterday, which followed a major debate loss –  two in a row – was not a good day. It would appear it’s Obama’s race to lose now. Who knows?

If I were the Republicans I’d be on all the phones, texting, tweeting and emailing saying, “WE don’t need any help. SHUT UP GUYS.”

If Obama wins Ohio it’s likely already over.

Remember this, Mitt can’t get rid of the fact he told those people he was not for the auto bailout. Trust me more than half those folks back Obama because he saved their butts and their jobs with the auto bailout – right or wrong.

That will be the toughest hill to climb for Romney and it looks like it may be too steep.
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21 Responses to Glazer: Romney Backers Stumble, Open Floodgates for Obama Victory

  1. harley says:

    mitt the twitt still endorses murdock. the guy who said pregnancy from rape
    was god’s will. And mitt the twit still supports him and won’t back off his
    support for him.
    Nice article glaze but i will say i’ve been saying this for over 2 days.
    Romneys surge is over. The obama campaign is in full swing with their
    great ads and over 10,000 volunteers on the ground in 4 states.
    The key here is that obama is routing rmoney in the “sporadic” voters..
    those who don’t vote every 2 or 4 years…and they are doing incredible with them.
    rmoney has run out of gas. He’s sendhing his lyin vp candidate down to
    alabama …yes alabama tomorrwo (hardly a swing state) to raise money.
    10 days before the election lyin ryan goes to alabama toraise money. If thats
    true…and i hope it is…how dumbare these republicans.
    Also…if obama wins ohio…its not likely ….its definitely over. But obama can
    still lose ohio and still get the electoral votes.
    GLAZE….GO read nate silver 538 on the internet. The guy picked every state
    in 2008 except for one. In2010 picked every senate race…the guy even has
    a book out about sports betting. He did the baseball player performance
    ratings that were so popular in the mlb (unfrotuantely our royals didn’t read the
    book)…but he is right on 98% of the time. He says today that obama has a 72%
    chance of winning this race….read it…its fasciniating.
    So to reiterate what i said on this site over 14 months ago…obama gets
    reelected. Icalled it when the experts/pundits said it would never happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Harley while you make some good points bro, you weren’t the only one who called it..Obama has been the favorite for some time, its only after the first debate that some felt Romney took a lead…that now seems not likely agreed. I feel Ohio is out of Mitt’s reach and with that the White House.

      • harley says:

        i was saying this back at least 14-16 months ago…
        you have donenothing like this….
        remember therer were no pundits…no experts in
        august/july/june of 2011 making this predictions
        and using facts to back it up.
        Don’t think you can downplay this glaze.
        When everyone (i mean everyone) with obamas
        approval ratings down at 31/32…with the economy stalled
        dramatically….noone said obama would win reelection…
        he was not the favorite as late as january of 2012…
        what i have done is beyond anything you’ve done with
        the week out football bets…
        and i had my interpretation of the data that backed every
        claim up…
        no glaze…you’re another johnyy come jumped on
        the bandwagon late like you always do…
        if you go back over 14 months i was wrting that obama was
        a winner..
        noone…on cnn/fox/msnbc/nbc/abc/cbs/huff post…noone
        gave obama a chance….except for the one and only
        DON’T TRY TO JUMP THIS STORY BRO… makeyour
        football bets week by week….not 16 months out…..
        and remember thats a 50/50 prop.
        harley was right again and again !

  2. Reggin Tnuc says:

    The verbosity of Mr. Harley and Mr. Glazer is exceeded only by their lack of wisdom. It is quite obvious that neither of you follow national politics outside the realm of your minds. Look at the cover of The Des Moines Register today. See who the Detroit Free Press endorsed. Look at the Drudge Report and see all the scandals involving democrat operatives. For every Donald Trump scheme Gloria Allred has another. Until you can compare, contrast, elucidate and articulate you cannot be taken seriously in matters of adult discussion. Opinions of dull minds are wasted words.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Be that as it may, Mitt must have Ohio, I don’t see that happening right now…how do you figure?

    • harley says:

      and you Reggin Tnuc are one dumb mother F**ker.
      all the scandals…where…in your mind…just like all the rest of
      you losers writing about what you saw on fox tv.
      des moines regsissster…come on ….you’re probably the only
      one who pays attention to dead tree endorsements…
      you’ve only been on here a few weeks…go back a year and see where
      i wrote the prediction that no one agreed with…that just 2 weeks ago
      no one on here agreed with…
      and on november 7th I’ll be offering my nationally posted analysis
      of this race and future politics.
      you sir are a nimble minded know nothing…especially when it comes
      to politics.
      you picked romney and romney is going to lose. You were wrong on
      one of the biggest elections in u.s. history (according to fox hannity)..
      so you lose..
      harley is right…
      no amount of overblown dialogue on your part5 changes the fact that

    • harley says:

      hey mr. n.c.
      the route is on…
      romney collapsing in key states…
      this won’t be pretty for right wing guys like you.
      my mind is sharp and ready to celebrate.
      if you believe drudge are even worse off than you come
      off on here….
      NOW WHERE IS WHINEY???????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Rick Nichols says:

    I’m so inspired by that “picture” of Sarah and all the Republican gaffes of late that if I were a betting man, I’d eagerly double down on Obama. Yes, I’m now convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’ll easily get the breast, er, best of Romney on Election Day. After all, it’s hard to “trump” outright stupidity.

  4. mark smith says:

    I’ve avoided commenting on your eloquently worded and skillfully written essays of late, the old adage about “if you can’t say anything nice….” But with the 2 great minds of our time both expounding such vast political depth oh knowledge, the temptation had gotten the better of me. Romney is now even with Obama in favorability, which is a 16 point bump since the first debate. Ohio is close, Florida is now romney, and most swing states are too close to call. You and Harley show absolute ignorance and a total lack of any real knowledge. Two turds in a punchbowl full of douche soup. I’ll see your trump,palin, and the 2 rape idiots, and I’ll raise you a Chris Matthews, Gloria allread, and harry Reid. In other words, gaffes, stupidity, and morons aren’t confined to a single party. If romney loses, I will never post on this site again. Any of you Obama fan boys care to make the same promise, or are you really not that sure of the be you spew.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      I will post, but I think its going to be the Prez baby….sorry.

    • harley says:

      The route is on mr. smith. Get ready. Putting all your heart and soul
      into a liar and cheat like mitt is tough and when you lose badly it really
      hurts for a long long time.
      Rest assured i was right in everything i said. I have seen the seismic
      shift in the polls…have seen what “real ” pollsters are saying…have
      evaulated those polls and thier outlier stands and know that they
      are out of line with the wisdom of people who are pros at this thing.
      dream on. See ya november 7th.
      As they say “that’s the way the poll bounces…and the poll is bouncing
      for the president!”

  5. Markus Aurelius says:

    “These are the fears of many Americans; that with a Republican right wing Christian Leader and his pals the nation may become, shall we say, mean spirited.”

    Glaze, the democrats think that way about republicans because that is the way they (most democrats) actually think/are. It’s like the jealous husband who doesn’t trust his wife because he himself is not trustworthy. Generally we tend to assume others motives/reactions/good will (or lack thereof) is the same as ours. I agree with you that many, if not most, democrats think this about republicans. What you fail to point out is that they think this because it’s who THEY are. The democrats are the kings and queens of proclaiming how tolerant they are while being completely intolerant of anyone that doesn’t hold the exact same beliefs, values, morals that they profess. This is not the definition of tolerance. It’s the definition of close-mindedness wrapped in a high-minded shell of self-anointed moral superiority.

    I can see how the comment by Richard Mourdock was misunderstood by non-Christians and chastised as a result of this lack of understanding; however, the personal attacks and vitriol spewed out yesterday on twitter and elsewhere after his comments hit the wire were further evidence of the democrat’s underlying premise that if you don’t believe what they believe then you’re worthless. This dehumanization of those who are not like-minded is despicable and it’s destroying our country. In fairness, it’s coming from the lower class and uneducated on both sides of the aisle but what is more disturbing is the frequency it is coming from middle-to-upper class, educated democrats.

    Libertarians are tolerant. Democrats and republicans are anything but tolerant.

    • Reggin Tnuc says:

      Very well stated Mr. Markus. I could not agree more.

    • harley says:

      wow…is a pregnancy after rape gods will?
      is there legitimate rape?…and if a woman wills it she can turn it off?
      how sick and disgusting have you people become?
      Have you no decency. Have you no heart.
      What event in your life caused this belief?
      If it happened to someone you love I’m sure your outlook would change.
      God please have mercy on these people. It is unchristian…uncatholic..
      un mormon…un judaic….un islamic its just plain animalistic to support that
      type of reasoning. How low can a human being go?
      if you don’t get help…please stay off the streets.

      but then you add this…
      The democrats are the kings and queens of proclaiming how tolerant they are while being completely intolerant of anyone that doesn’t hold the exact same beliefs, values

      we are tolerant. It was our opposition who hated the muslims and other religions in this nation and throuout the world. it was the opposition who
      cried that obama was the anti christ…it was the opporsition who said
      consistently stated the hattred of blacks and other minorities.
      We want to bring them into the tent. You want them out. How can you
      not see this.
      Mr. markus and mr. reggin (how can a man with that name even discuss
      tolerance and love)…the world is changing and you are mad. The world
      is changing and you can’t handle it. Young people have taught the parents
      and adults tolerance and love. You can’t handle it because you see yourself
      losing a grip. You see america changing and you can’t believe that the
      complexion and makeup of the world is changing. NO…markus and reggin
      we are tolerant. But not of your lies and hate. I never hear a democrat or
      black or brown person talk of rape like republicans do. They minimlaize
      it. They throw it out like we’re talking of everyday occurrences.
      You can’t handle change. Its staring you inthe face. No words or actions
      will change it.
      30% of the world is under 35 years old. The makeup of america is chaning
      and you cna’t understand so you use your old time religion and your
      vile comments. The twitter words would never have come up had mr.
      murdoch said the words “gods will”. He even said it was wrong. Don’t
      express those opinionsand theres no brushback. But we saw the hate
      and the vile opinions held bynot just asenate candidate but a candidate
      for the head of the free world and his underling. and we willnever sit
      stillfor it.
      Get used to theworld mr. markus and r…you can’t stop it. You can look
      backwards and cry or embrace the greatness of this country and the
      people and as the sign says “lean forward!”
      You’re cranky and old and can’t understand why your little world is
      changing. Wake up…its a whole new beautiful world.

  6. Kerouac says:

    CG, I’ve no idea who will win the election… neither do you/anyone else. Sponsio, homo that you are (relax, that means ‘betting man’), how much are you wagering Las Vegas toward your public proclamation’s reward?

    ‘GM-manship by Pioli’, do you actually believe this narrative ‘meadow muffin’ you are trying to pass off as manna? Your opportunity political mea culpa or grinning Cheshire cat affect yours thy belief confirmed comes less than a fortnight… ought to be RSVP : )


    “according to all the major polls”

    – Dewey defeated Truman & Roman Polanski said “normal love isn’t interesting. I assure you that it’s incredibly boring.”

    So much for the ‘lamestream’ media…

  7. chuck says:

    Some very interesting points of view here in my opinion.

    I think, at this point, Kero is right, it’s in the wind.

    Markus Aurelius-

    “The democrats are the kings and queens of proclaiming how tolerant they are while being completely intolerant of anyone that doesn’t hold the exact same beliefs, values, morals that they profess. This is not the definition of tolerance. It’s the definition of close-mindedness wrapped in a high-minded shell of self-anointed moral superiority.”

    Succint and to the point, a bullseye.

    The self-righteous, sanctimoneous condescension of the left, personified by Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Bill Maher and company is the most powerful weapon of the Right.

    Mark Smith, we, all of us, would be diminished by, and jealous of your absence by way of a wager made, during an infrequent flight from compos mentis. By the power invested in me by God, I Knight thee KCConfidential Defender Of The Faith, and do here by, rescind and revoke all bets made by you, and, therefore void and set aside all wagers and benefits expected by winners and losers of said bet.

    See ya Nov. 8th buddy (Copy and Paste this for those who, frequently demonstrate selective memories in this room.)

    Appreciative today are we all, of Harley’s intent to “bring into the tent” Muslims and my inference of his comments on hate, as directed towards those, like me, who dissagree.

    Hate, as I have mentioned before, is a necessity, an underused commodity in America, that is honed, sharpened and cherished unbiquitously all over the world, especially in those Islamic counties filled with citizens who would, more than anything else, on a Thursday afternoon, love to cut our Jewish Scribe’s head off on You Tube to a multicultural cacophony of “Allah Akbar” with the girls from “The View” singing Kumbaya acapella in the background as the knife grinds away at it’s grisly work.

    Obama has been the most polarizing president in my memory. His selection of Eric Holder, and, Holders subsequent intiatives, are a dramatic and unambiguated statement on his position and the President’s position on Race. The “Shuck and Jive comments are ill advised peccadillos by an out of favor politician, Holder’s intiatives are a declaration of war on America and everything it used to stand for.

    Obama’s knee jerk response to the Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman incident, prior to ANY semblence of evidence, logic and reason–“If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” was a disgrace and a look behind the curtain at the president’s true north.

    There is, of course, enough criminal DNA on both sides of the aisles in Washington to fuel affective thought in simpletons on both sides.

    This election is, as are most elections, a selection of the candidate who you think will do the least amount of harm, to the ideas and principles you hold dear.

    Have a drink, hold your nose, and, take your medicine.

    • middle aged men in kc says:

      As always, a very articulate essay, Stan…. Too bad regression so masterfully presented a textbook case in your offspring.

  8. Worse than 2 evils says:

    Voting for either is like pissing in the wind.

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