Glazer: KC’s Not So Loveable Losers Do What They Do Best

My heart goes out to the Kansas City football fans…

People who just love the Chiefs and are punished every year with a playoff loss in round one and now six straight losses at home, an NFL record.

Why do we lose?

Because our organization is incapable of winning big games. Head coach Andy Reid has had four playoff seasons out of five here and we stunk in every post season game…as usual.

We lack the needed talent to win!

Saturday KC did its usual failure, even after looking like it would be a blowout early with a 14 point lead in the first few minutes. Why did we lose? Because the Titans were tough, we were not!

Our defense can’t tackle and we were even unable to tackle their quarterback, Marcus Mariota. Hell, their only star player, a running back was out with injuries and they still ran all over us.

QB Alex Smith looked very good early on as usual, but like in most big games a la last year’s Steelers loss at home, he was unable to score any points in the second half after leading 21-3 at half, and then losing 22-21.

Was it all Alex Smith’s fault? No.

Terrible defense, save Marcus Peters and a great game from at the end of his career Derrek Johnson. Tyreek Hill was the offense as usual. Travis Kelce did well until he got hurt and out for the game. So likely Kelces would have been out for next week too.

Not available in the big games when needed…sound familiar?

The other big reason we lost and stunk, was our league leading running back, Kareem Hunt couldn’t run at all. He had only 42 yards rushing. The Titans realized Hunt was a dead dog and focused on rushing Smith who they buried in the second half.

Oddly the Chiefs discovered Demarcus Robinson for a final first half touchdown drive and he made a fantastic catch for the TD, but was never used again. Why?

We heard from the new Raiders head coach, Jon Gruden, how great Alex Smith is or Gruden covered the game for ESPN, his last.

I’m sorry Alex, you’ve had your seasons here and now it’s time to move on.

You worked hard and had some good games but in the end you can’t win when it matters. Time to move on.

That’s the only good news for next season, that we will start a young, exciting quarterback in Patrick Mahomes and hopefully we can get a few draft picks that matter to fix this terrible defense and offensive line.

When Chris Jones went out early our D line fell apart.

We just aren’t a very good football team. Let’s be honest, had we won, this was it! This team could not beat New England or the Steelers today. No way. So it’s over, again.

To be great you need a very talented winner at quarterback. Maybe that will be Mahomes. I sure hope so. Otherwise expect more of the same.

With our Royals dead ducks for a few years at least, all we have now is the Chiefs. I hope we get better and one day win some big ones.

Again, sorry Chiefs fans you don’t deserve this outcome every year in the post season. Plus $40 to park!

The game was not even sold out…I wonder why?

Well, the nation got their fill of our Chiefs this year with something like seven nationally televised games. Joy!

Maybe one day, but when?

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9 Responses to Glazer: KC’s Not So Loveable Losers Do What They Do Best

  1. Kerouac says:

    As ‘this is our year!’ morphs ‘wait till next year part 2018, verse 49, autopsy will follow aft Kerouac’s 2017 end of the year NFL Awards:

    * MVP: QB Carson Wentz

    * Coach of the Year: Sean McVay

    * Rookie of the Year: QB Deshaun Watson

    *Offensive Player of the Year: Todd Gurley

    * Defensive Player of the Year: Aaron Donald

    * Executive of the Year: Tom Coughlin

    * Receiving Champ: Antonio Brown

    * Rushing Champ: Todd Gurley

    * Most improved team: Rams

    * Most overhyped: Chiefs

    History as always the best predictor future: KCinderella’s premature coronation NFL’s best aft New England and Philadelphia games gave way premonition. The bandwagon started to come loose with losses to the playoff bound Steelers and Bills; wheels fell off completely with losses to NFL dregs Giants and Jets. Validation the slipper didn’t fit & the clock had struck midnight all practical purposes: being swept in NY. Per the usual, swiss were just not ready for prime time national stage… may they R.I.P.

    Now, findings re: the hapless swiss:

    Local excuses vary, but the most popular seems to be ‘the game was fixed’ as in ‘they gave the game to the Titans’ – as seen through the eyes red and gold colored bias lens of course. Conspiracy theorists are legion, officials playing the part of gunman on the grassy knoll, assassination the swiss season; someone call a waaaaaaaaaa-mbulance.

    Beyond a pandering local media & an fawning fandom their clueless football I.Q., the usual suspects/on-field prima donas did not disappoint: P*ssy Peters threw an cheap shot punch that – like the swiss – missed the mark… Kelce the Klown called it a day / took an early siesta… ‘Hand Jive’ Wilson started the game playing to the crowd, his ‘push push push’ routine; he ended it his encore dropping a potential game tying or winning pass 4th quarter that hit him in a bad place (his hands).

    Too, there was 4.2-40 ‘Gadget’ Hill (alas, his hands clocked 10.0; no peace sign, only the tell-tale sign he had eaten ‘Buttafangers’ his pre-game meal… last but never least, Andy ‘The Empath’ Reid: his post game routine intact – dying as he nailed himself to the cross yet again for his team’s sins. Not to worry, he’ll resurrect for another go six months hence, St. Joseph.

    As always, questionable calls and/or non to the detriment BOTH teams – swiss with no monopoly on said. Course, that is considered sacrilege round about these here parts, if only because ‘IF’ kelce the klown had not gotten his oversized bell rung, and ‘IF’ ‘Pine’ Mahomes would have started for KC, and ‘IF’…


    Half a century of this is not accident… not trend… is second nature. Reality: they’re the great pretenders, pretending that they’re really good. swiss had it all on a silver platter: playing at home, several starters rested a week, an opponent was the worst team in the playoffs post season, by all indicators.

    Yet, despite KC having the best players in the entire NFL (we know this because keep hearing it here KCC as well other venues locally) – best QB, RB, WR, TE, CB – as well wins over playoff bound Patriots and Eagles, it wasn’t enough. 0-6 post season @KC last half dozen, 2-7 all-time post season games played @KC; back to Andy’s drawing / off-season scheming board.

    For the Titans, it’s on to New England: the better team won Saturday afternoon in KC. The typically premature infatuation, overhyped swiss/their fandom as always found a way to prove Kerouac as every critic theirs correct ,yet again. As stated beginning this season, swiss didn’t have the horses and would succumb to demise a 48th consecutive season; mission accomplished. 2018 season, Kerouac seeks to tie another undefeated great, Rocky Marciano, at 49-0… the smart money is on me.


    • CG says:

      K most of what you say is correct, I think much more of Hill than you do…but the rest hard to argue.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:


      Not much to add. Other than a big “told ya so” to all the unwashed rubes thinking Tyweak Hill was some sort of elite wide receiver. Please. He’s a gimmick player and not a true every down wide receiver like Julio Jones, Antonio Bryant, Larry Fitzgerald (in his day) etc… Hill had what, 3 or 4 brutal drops? Big time elite receivers don’t do that in the playoffs.

    • Kerouac says:

      Reality: swiss have ‘no’ NFL-caliber te or wr (exhibits klown 87 and gadget 10)

      Exhibit 1:
      More than semantics kelce is a te in name only. Appears cannot/will not block, least effectively; he could take lessons from Titans QB Marcus Mariotta whose effort allowed TEN’s rb put that game on ice Saturday.

      Still recall 6’0 180 Len Dawson (10 lbs. lighter than normal that day) managed get in the way/tried to block BUFF’s 290 lb. de Ron McDole in the 1/1/67 AFL Championship Game, helping Mike Garrett score the clinching td: ‘TEAM’ and ‘EFFORT’ afore ‘HEY LOOK AT ME’ pose & preen but not block my way out of a wet paper bag.

      The swiss overhype (listed 6’6 260, likely closer 6’4 7/8 245) is big enough to try, unaccomplished or disinterested enough not succeed, appears; he would better serve as a wr ala BUF’s Kelvin Benjamin. kelce might make a good #2 for the swiss (is split off the line enough now, should probably play out there permanently.) There’s your ‘big’ wr target Smith or ‘Pine’ Mahomes. Acquire an ‘actual’ te to help KC’s less than stellar run blocking; alas, another hole in the swiss dike for another blog topic article.

      Exhibit 2:
      Other end the spectrum, gadget/gimmick hill, KC’s version of/a poor man’s Mark ‘Super’ Duper. Not a true wr any moreso than klown a te: undersized, inconsistent and always one hit away from IR.

      Speed has a shelf life and as the hits mount, the games add up & season’s pass, impact his will wane. Bob Hayes (World’s Fastest Human) was done by age 29, end his 7th season. gadget hill turns 24 in a couple months/year three ahead… enjoy him while you can, his hit or miss hands and inconsistent route running.

      Reality is, hill isn’t Hayes and never will be; the swiss need a legit wr (to pair with kelce, example.) They need a wr who has it all: one with hands, moves, speed & size – another Otis Taylor by definition, not a Conley who as Henry Marshall and others same, ‘just another guy’ compared what Taylor was.

      Defense is in shambles: no pass rush, aged lb’s, db’s who can’t cover any legit wr; people who are certain eric dinkle-berry will return ‘effective’ aft achilles tendon injury approaching age 30, might want to reign in expectations.

      Offense is missing the referenced true wr and te, which will continue to keep them pretenders instead of contenders annually – now Nagy is gone; sounds like a recipe more also-ran-ism. The line an mish-mash mediocrity, aging qb or a rookie with no experience ’18; get your tickets, swiss Superbowl tickets.

      An rb who runs hot & cold, an old punter likely gone, a kicker who as peers same, has a shelf life and who’s star has already started falling as 2017 wore on. After kicking 22 fgs in a row, 100%, finished the season thereaft at 77% missing 4 fgs including a potential game-winner Saturday vs TEN (finished 11th NFL fg %, placing him as the swiss just above average 32 team NFL.)

      Upshot: a team considered in total, average is not good enough when winning a Superbowl is the prize. Until the swiss obtain better players and manage the cap better than they have, ‘wait till next year’ ad nauseam will be the reward.


  2. E.H. says:

    Welp, that was horrible but not surprising. I still think our season was lost when we lost our best overall player in the season opener. Let’s face it, our defense absolutely sucked without Eric Berry.
    Thank god we’re going with Patrick Mahomes now. Alex Smith is a very good QB, we need an excellent or outstanding QB to win in the playoffs.
    Honestly, I like Andy Reid but when you don’t run the NFL rushing Champion Kareem Hunt in the 2nd half of a playoff game, you suck and you should be fired.

    • CG says:

      Good points E.H. as far as Kareem Hunt, he was not doing well with running the ball, that’s an issue when you really have but one back, nobody will argue that he is NOT the best rusher in the league, though he had the yards mostly from the first five games…since he has not been very good save the Chargers game…is it the line? It’s everything…but hey we just weren’t very good all year after the first 5 games….way it is.

      • E.H. says:

        We’re a good team with Alex Smith, just not a playoff winning team. Is Patrick Mahomes the answer? The way this league is now with no huddle and all the rule changes to protect the QB we definitely need a player like Carson Wentz, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Big Ben, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Andrew Luck.

        See? Right there is EIGHT QB’s that are way, way better than Alex Smith. There’s no doubt about it we need an upgrade, if it’s not Mahomes, who? If not now, when?

        Finally, we all knew KC wasn’t really going anywhere in the playoffs. Yes, we probably should have made it to the Division round but we were going to be spanked by the Patriots. Still, it would have been nice to find out.

  3. Boom Boom says:

    K erowacky is an idiot except for one point.
    All these unknown wide receivers and their circus clown hill are not for real.
    We need the big receivers with big hands who can catch the ball.
    Why did Gruden take 100 million….he has the super arm (although never
    shown) of Carr and 2 big big outside receivers and a running back thats brutal.
    We did not lose this game.
    The refs called the worst game in chief history and then they retired.
    According to 300 fps video marriotas pass to himself had the ball over the line
    of scrimmage along with his body.
    Forward progress on a hit? sure!!!!!
    the facts remain that this crew never worked together before and they look so
    confused most of the time. More conferences than ever. Trying to decide which
    one of the ref stooges was actually the one who threw the flag.
    But it should not have been close.
    And what about smith? As we filed out of the stadium Hunt and his brinks truck
    drove back to dallas with millions of kc dollars. He’ll go cheap next year and dump
    smith for mahoomes who defenses will eat up.And what will we do with GLAZO BOZO THE CLOWN. He goes out a loser as
    he came in a loser. Picked kc “for the win”…..time to cut his strings and let him
    move to the Pitch. He can only help that paper pick up 2 or 3 readers as they too
    struggle to get it right.
    Okay…I’m ready for some football. That college final was great and the announcers
    on espn2 (although) out of hand were fun to watch from the sidelines.
    Good bye glaze…what are you gonna write about now and be wrong again and again
    and again again again again.
    Happy new year to all my fans/disciples and readers.

    • CG says:

      Boom, get hold of yourself…you are a hopeless fan and have no real education on any of this or experience, you just blow hot air as always.

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