Glazer: Scribe Saddles Up for Pigskins

Our tired, wounded Chiefs get a needed week off before the last seven games…

With hopes of a division title, playoff wins and more to follow…maybe.

The good news is KC gets the New York Giants next Sunday, one of the league’s worst. So we will likely win get some good numbers for team stars, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill and maybe even Kareen Hunt will run for over 100 yards again. Alex Smith will have a good day against a team that has just about quit.

So Chiefs fans get to be happy again. We play no super bowl contenders the rest of the year unless Oakland can wake up, not likely. So KC should win its division and we’ll see how they look in two months for a playoff run with at least one home game. I hope.

Our college teams MU and K -State have battled to a point where both could go bowling. MU is the shocker – they looked dead a month ago and now are riding a nice win streak and facing a weak Tennessee team at home. So Mizzou should pull off a win, maybe not cover but a win.

K-State has bigger issues facing a good West Virginia squad, butr  I like their chances as well. We need not discuss KU. Let’s hope we have two area teams bowling next month. Makes us feel good for the holidays, then the Chiefs in January….fun times. I hope. Ha.







Slim pickings in the pros this week sorry

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23 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Saddles Up for Pigskins

  1. E.H. says:

    Mizzou is just killing the Vols right now in the 4th Qtr! I think these last four games are finally where Zou is past the Pinkel era.

  2. CG says:

    Yes E.H. MU looks to have done a great job in turning their season around, a bowl game looks likely. Nice comeback from a terrible start…congrats MU fans. See Chiefs you can improve, look at MU. Good call E.H. Hey I won all my college calls for once, yeah.

  3. David Nelson says:

    2-0 in college! First winning week of the year guaranteed.

  4. CG says:

    Hey hater, troll and you always have been on here, the only coward I see is you, hiding behind a pretend name. If you have an issue with me come see me in person anytime hows that.

  5. Keith says:

    .. I’ve known Craig most of my life… we grew up together… regardless of what you may think of him personally, and wrongly, he’s worked tirelessly to help local talent, while also bringing name entertainment to KC for the benefit of its denizens, for whom, and for reasons I don’t understand, he feels deeply connected. His biggest shortcomings are his generosity, his unwavering loyalty to friends, who rarely return the favor, and his misplaced devotion to providing enlightenment to a provincial backwater that repays him with petty jealousies and rancor, as if his personal life is anyone’s business… girls have always adored Craig; he looks good, he’s generous to a fault with his money, he’s funny and entertaining and oftentimes self-effacing. He doesn’t need “power of position” to meet girls. Never has, and I’ve been right there over the years. KC is contemptuous of local celebrity because its people are bland and boring haters of anyone not of the same ilk… Cowtown indeed…

  6. David Nelson says:

    First winning week at 2-1 and you celebrate by defending Louis CK’s actions. Uh boy… 9-19 for the year.

  7. Kerouac says:

    Even when the swiss don’t play, lose something in the process: the good news, only 9 games have been played… the bad news, only 9 games have been played. Nothing has been decided any team this point the season, neither divisions nor post season berths.
    Proof ‘it is rarely later than you think’, 0-9 CLEV is still eligible win it all; if that is not an indictment the teams & game itself modern NFL, then crime does pay.

    CLEV? No more likely the swiss reach an Superbowl your lifetime, still history affirms a long ‘winning’ as well losing streak can happen. 1992, SD Chargers started 0-4, then, proceeded win 11 of 12, greatest in-season turnaround ever NFL. Reward a post season shutout victory by SD vs the same team it had lost to twice regular season… the swiss.

    2017 ‘best of the worst’ include swiss betters Steelers & Patriots – both won again, now lead Hapless Hunt’s by a game each. The next contingent ‘mediocre’ includes an troika fit to be tied pretenders Jaguars, Titans & swiss. Right behind these, the Raiders, Bills, Ravens, Dolphins followed rest unnamed dirty half-dozen, plus Browns, AFC… Lamar Hunt’s dream realized, some dare call parity progress.

    ‘Silent H’ was especially so this past weekend: without a single yard gained, kareemed yet managed lose ground to other NFL RB’s. Upshot – he now leads in ‘no’ category of note, the wheat having been separated the chaff.

    ‘Best of the best’ all qualifiers, RB’s ‘most’:

    Yards from scrimmage Gurley, LAR 1160… rushing yards Bell, PIT 840… rushing tds Gurley/Elliott DAL 7… yards per carry (rookie) Kamara, NO 6.52… least fumbles lost Fournette (rookie), JAC 0… the longest run (in fact the two longest runs NFL season) Forunette (rookie), JAC 90 and 75 yards.

    Receptions: Kamara (rookie), NO 42… yards receiving Gurley, LAR 406… yards per reception Gurley 11.6… tds receiving Gurley 3… conspicuous his absence steal 2017 NFL draft – anointed one now a whisper but memory, become ‘Silent’. Penthouse to out, this how fast things can change NFL: ‘best team’ the league and ‘best RB’ same according [cough cough] dupe(s) some; man, woman & child, Kerouac hates being right all the time.

    Wo bist du, swiss? kareemed? Noch mit Waldo, jetzt beigetreten von dupe, apprentice and the pantload, boom boom… ‘wait till next year’, part 2018, verse 49′.


  8. Kerouac says:

    Elsewhere, ‘Pine’ Mahomes still firmly entrenched upon bench – the only NFL rookie 1st round who hasn’t seen the field: the ‘highest drafted’ QB overtaken by every other drafted save two: Webb Davis NYG (may see him on Sunday) drafted #81 and Joshua Dobbs PIT #135.

    Yesterday, BUF Peterman drafted #171 overall went 7-10 79 yards with a td pass in his debut, while #104 overall CJ Beathard (Kerouac noted preseason that Beathard would be better than Mahomes) had another big game for SF in a win.

    Trubisky #2 overall in CHIC doing well despite WR’s named Larry, Curley Joe & Moe, Kizer #52 overall now with 8 tds his rookie season CLEV and of course the greatest of them all – rookie & veteran – Deshaun Watson – ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’, NFL Rookie of the Year 2017, took the league by storm.

    Upshot: as case swiss, ‘wait till next year’ now applies ‘Pine’ as well… may his wait not mirror theirs; likelihood is… it will.


    • CG says:

      Well we went 2-1 better not perfect I’ll keep trying.

    • David Nelson says:

      Kerouac – your man crush Deshaun Watson is looking like he might be Steve Fuller. Operations on both knees now. Doesn’t seem like you are opining about the good old NFL days as much lately – or maybe you are, I can barely decifer what you are trying to say. I would point out that if Deshaun played back then he wouldn’t even be allowed to sniff playing QB. All those owners, coaches, and players you worship believed a black man just didn’t have the intelligence to lead a team.

      • Kerouac says:


        – yes, what is it now oldest bairn, ozzie & harriet?

        ” – your man crush Deshaun Watson is looking like he might be Steve Fuller.”

        – tall, darker and handsome – but already a much better QB. Of note, as Fuller owns a Superbowl ring, he was named by Sports Illustrated one of the 15 greatest backup QB’s NFL history, and was awarded a gold record and platinum video award the 1985 “Super Bowl Shuffle” for which he was one the solo singers, the sky truly is the limit for his better – ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ – Deshaun Watson!

        “Operations on both knees now.”

        – as mom & dad and swiss 1970, you’re kinda late to what’s hep: Kerouac has previously discussed Watson’s injury; he’ll be fine. Meanwhile, end the bench, how’s the ‘best QB’ 2017 draft ‘Pine’ Mahomes coming along? Parlance football, he’s developing one of the finest sets of splinters in KC history.

        “Doesn’t seem like you are opining about the good old NFL days as much lately – or maybe you are”

        – well, if you’re not sure davey and are still symptomatic/’out of sorts’ post Sunday, try this and see if it helps:

        Pour two #1 draft picks and a #3 down the drain, stir in a dash – check that – a warehouse full buyers remorse, mix a pinch – no, check that too – 100 truckloads industrial size overhype, blend well with yet another wasted year and QB, turn on the garbage disposal, swallow your pride & yell:

        “I’m mad as hell & I’m not gonna wait till next year any more!”

        Then next year: wash, rinse and repeat… you know the recipe.

        “I can barely decifer what you are trying to say.”

        – grim realization, yours… mom and dad are so disappointed in you (must have done your ‘ciferin’ with cousin Jethro.) Oh, btw (that’s short for ‘by the way’) that word you’re struggling with is ‘decipher’… make a note of it (now go sleep it off/you’re drunk.)

        “I would point out that if Deshaun played back then he wouldn’t even be allowed to sniff playing QB. All those owners, coaches, and players you worship believed a black man just didn’t have the intelligence to lead a team.”

        – Kerouac is doubtful you could “point out” the letters ‘I’ and ‘Q’ let alone “decifer” what was happening back the “good old days” 1960’s, let alone before then.

        Fritz Pollard, Willie Thrower, George Taliaferro, Marlin Briscoe & James Harris black as the night QB’s (KC had its own hopeful too, named Sandy Stephens.)

        Likely also a mystery to you: ‘Pine’ Mahomes is a black QB, one stuck on the bench (cue the old ‘Band Aid’ jingle: ‘I am stuck on this bench, swiss fandom’s stuck on me’!)

        OK, your turn ninny…


        • David Nelson says:

          Not going to lie, decifer is a little embarrassing. My bad. Regarding the “black as night” QBs only one I know is James Harris, and he played in the 70’s. Come clean, you know black QBs did not get a fair shake in your glory days when everything was so much better than it is now

          • Kerouac says:

            “Regarding the “black as night” QBs only one I know is James Harris, and he played in the 70’s.”

            – time to eat some more humble pie, da-vid: James Harris debuted in the AFL with BUF, 1969…

            “Come clean”

            – bone up of history…

            “you know black QBs did not get a fair shake in your glory days when everything was so much better than it is now.”

            – Kerouac always calls ’em as he sees ’em, which is to say ‘with integrity’: reason everything then was so much better than now… and it was.


          • Kerouac says:

            One last thot mine which addresses a contention or inference yours that ‘color’ was the only thing that ‘kept the black man down’ in the 1960’s, re: becoming starting QB on any pro football teams. Nod Paul Harvey ‘now the rest of the story’: case follows, reading between the lines the only place you’ll find the truth.

            Eldridge Dickey was black – drafted #1 by OAK 1968. Some recall him a QB (was in college, but in fact was drafted as a WR and allowed to play some QB during preseason.) Epitaph before the meat & potatoes: Dickey never officially threw a pass his career AFL/NFL, 1968-’71.


          • Kerouac says:

            The QB career that wasn’t, Al Davis was vilified, and former KC Head Coach Hank Stram exalted by Dickey adherents, result the (now) late QB’s career played out… and didn’t.

            Whether one is of the opinion Dickey’s failure a pro QB result racism the times, due to personal problems his or a combination said/something other, one is left draw own conclusion ‘why’ aft reading/viewing available info, statements and video (links submitted your approval, or dis)



            Keep reading, for my take.

          • Kerouac says:

            Here’s what Kerouac knows/remembers:

            Dickey was selected 25th overall ’68 NFL draft, chosen ahead future Hall of Famer Ken Stabler – also taken by OAK round #2 – the same Raiders already had a great young QB and the AFL MVP who had just led them to the Superbowl, Daryle Lamonica.

            OAK also had backup George Blanda & former starter Cotton Davidson on the roster; Al Davis needed another QB like General Custer needed an few more Indians at the Little Bighorn.

            Davis arrived OAK ’63. His career affirmed what he cared about wasn’t color, ‘just win baby’. This exemplified taking rejects & malcontents various colors/stripes before turning them into winners.
            Notables Otis Sistrunk who played at no college & multi-team washout John Matuszak; color nor resume dissuaded Al Davis.)

            The time Dickey’s arrival OAK Davis had drafted no less 9 QB’s and traded for 5 more to add ones already on the roster. Upshot – Al Davis wanted to win: didn’t care what color you were or which college (or prison) you came from.

            Conclusion to follow.

          • Kerouac says:

            So what’s the issue? Eldridge Dickey ‘was’/‘was not’ wasted, taken advantage of, complicit, or a big Al Davis fan. Dickey is on the record (video) praising Davis, while off the record some claim Dickey felt otherwise.

            What/who to believe? Sometimes personality clashes can impact relationship (Al Davis and Marcus Allen reportedly) but shy ‘being there’, confirmation ‘why’/culpability trumps rumor.

            My take: why would Davis his demonstrated track record allow ‘color’ stand in the way of ‘winning’? He wouldn’t my opine. 1960’s big picture as today, be heroes & villains, liars & men of principle, both sides the divide.


    • Kerouac says:

      BUF QB Nate Peterman has been named their new starter… that leaves just #81 Webb Davis NYG, #135 Joshua Dobbs PIT and the #10 overall (10 OVERALL!?!) BUST- er pick, Mahomes the only drafted QB’s who made an NFL team, yet that have not gotten onto the field 2017 ((cue Evita: ‘don’t cry for me Argentina’…))


  9. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Mizzou still has to beat Vandy to get bowl eligible. And with a look to the future…with Drew Lock shredding every defense he goes up against, the NFL draft is a REAL possibility after this season. And Barry Odom has NO ONE capable of taking over. Their big qb recruit recently opened his recruitment back up.

    If Lock sticks around for his senior year, a 10 win season could be in the offing for Mizzou.

  10. Kerouac says:

    Yesteryear as its players still and always best, comparison:

    Mike Garrett vs Kareem Hunt, each player’s rookie season

    RUSH, REC, PASSING, PUNT & KICK RETURNS (* led league)

    GARRETT 1966 (14 games)
    147 / 801 / 6 /5.5* / 77td*
    15 / 175 / 1 / 11.7 / 36
    1 / 0 / 0 / 0-0 / 00.0% / 0
    17 /139 / 1 / 8.2 / 79td
    14 /323 / 0 / 23.1 / 62
    194 total touches / 1,438 total yards / 8 tds

    HUNT 2017 ~ up to the moment (9 games)
    155 / 800 / 4 / 5.2 / 69td
    32 / 331 2 / 10.3 / 78td
    0 / 0 / 0 / 0-0 / 00.0% / 0
    0 / 0 / 0 / 0.0 / 0
    0 / 0 / 0 / 0.0 / 0
    187 total touches / 1,131 total yards / 6 tds

    With two post season games added – Garrett had 228 touches / 1,638 yards /10 tds in 16 games. Hunt has not returned any punt/kick (did the latter preseason), nor has he attempted an HB option pass. He may yet do the latter, if for no other reason than he can’t look any worse Tyweak Hill was on his feeble attempt; too, the HB pass can be a nice change-up throw at a defense… stay tuned 🙂


  11. Kerouac says:

    Yesteryear as its players still and always best, comparison… part deux:

    Otis Taylor vs Tyweak Hill, each player’s second season

    As Garrett & Hunt were their rookie season’s, second year WR’s Taylor & Hill when each their teammates Garrett/Hunt were rookies, same season the former’s.

    REC, RUSH, PASSING, PUNT & KICK RETURNS (* led league)

    TAYLOR 1966 (14 games)
    58 / 1,297 / 8 / 22.4* / 89td*
    2 / 33 / 0 / 16.5 / 19
    1 / 0 / 0 / 0-1 / 00/0% / 0
    0 / 0 / 0 / 0.0 / 0
    2 / 0 / 0 / 0.0 / 0 (two opposition onside kicks recovered)
    63 total touches / 1,330 total yards / 8 tds / 21.1 yards per touch

    HILL 2017 ~ up to the moment (9 games)
    40 / 617 / 4 / 15.4 / 75td
    13 / 31/ 0 / 2.4 / 12
    1 / 0 / 0 / 0-1 / 00/0% / 0
    15 / 152 / 1 /10.1 / 82td
    0 / 0 / 0 / 0.0 / 0
    69 total touches / 800 total yards / 5 tds / 11.6 yards per touch

    With two post season games added – 9 catches 135 yards and 1 td, Taylor total was 72 touches / 1,465 yards /11 tds in 16 games, an 20.3 yard average every time he touched the football year two. Of note, second year WRs Taylor/Hill each attempted a pass, in both cases intercepted. Taylor did not return a punt or a kick while Hill to date career has made his biggest impact not as an WR or RB where he is gadget/gimmick, but via returning punts, and in 2016 kicks.

    Final tabulation shows despite all the ‘hype’ re: his speed, Hill falls a distant second to Taylor impact afield, each player’s second year:

    Taylor 72 touches / 1,465 yards / 11 tds / 20.3 yards per touch
    Hill 69 touches / 800 yards / 5 tds / 11.6 yards per touch

    Hank Stram said in 1966, ‘we used to travel by bus… now with Otis (Taylor) and Mike (Garrett), we travel by jet.” Speed kills – yet, for all his ballyhooed speed, Hill’s impact
    pales comparison Taylor’s.

    Factor in the reality was no penalty Taylor’s time DB’s mugging WRs all day long/all over the field no 5-yard bump limit, and the greatness of Otis Taylor is affirmed. Hill as Kerouac has stated before, falls the general direction if even short the ‘poor man’s Mark Duper’ category, not the WR ‘Super’ Duper was but of similar size/speed.

    Once again old school rules… modern day drools, comparison 🙂


  12. E.H. says:

    Anybody know how Mizzou turned it around?

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