Glazer: Dear Carl, We Miss Ya, Babe!

Once upon a time, former KC Chiefs general manager Carl Peterson practically ruled Kansas City…

He ran all things Chiefs for 20 years – from 1989 – 2008. And give the man credit, he sold out Arrowhead every week from 1990-2008. He hired head coaches Marty Scottenheimer, Gunther Cunningham, Dick Vermeil and Herm Edwards. And the team was 176-141-1 during Carl’s tenure.

The stadium got remodeled; the Chiefs became a regular in the post seasons and Carl found big stars like Joe Montana, Marcus Allen, Derrick Thomas, Neil Smith and Tony Gonzales.

Simply put Carl put the Chiefs back on the map after nearly 20 years of losing seasons.

Peterson fell out of favor with Clark Hunt after his father passed away. In part due to failure to win in the post season with a record of 3-9 in the playoffs and only one AFC title game that the Chiefs lost.

And make no mistake, Carl was not the easiest man to get along with.

He had a reputation of being, uh, difficult and was hard on those he had run-ins with.

I should know.

When I ran Stanford’s in Westport and was asked to do the Chiefs pep rallies I had to deal with Carl. Oh boy.

At first we got along until the events got so big and became a major press event.

We took over Red Fridays which had not been a big deal before Westport held the events outdoors. Bill Nigro and my staff did all of them from 1994-98.

But when the crowds grew to 20,000 plus, Carl began to turn on me.

He wanted total control of the awards and who was on the stage from players to celebrities.

In 1995 I chose the all time best Chiefs awards: Len Dawson quarterback, Bobby Bell best defender, Jan Stenerud best kicker so on.

Carl was on stage with Lamar Hunt and myself when I was bringing them to the stage to receive their plaques and Peterson was pissed cause he wanted different players given the awards than I chose. Like Derrick Thomas for best linebacker over Bobby Bell and Joe Montana over Len Dawson. I didn’t agree and the hate game was on.

Carl didn’t want Westport to have Red Fridays anymore and moved it to the River Market.

There he made it a family event = no more Playmates, movie stars, comics or Navy Seals dropping from the sky…instead they had a petting zoo and just players being introduced as well as Chiefs Cheerleaders on stage.

Westport decided to keep the event and Hearne dubbed it Outlaw Red Friday.

Carl was pissed when our events had thousand and his had just  a few hundred and only few of the players. Whereas Westport got all the players – even Joe Montana.

Peterson then asked players not to go to Westport – especially Stanford’s. Needless to say our brief friendship ended badly. We did Red Fridays until the Chiefs fell apart in 1998 and the crowds dropped off. Until recently they’ve never been as big a deal since.

But give Peterson credit…

In some ways he was the silent mayor of Kansas City.

When President Bush came to Kansas City it was Carl Peterson with George Brett who went alone to meet the president at the airport and escort him into town.

Carl ruled the Chiefs and anything else he was involved with in Kanas City with an iron fist. As his star fell with the Chiefs losing and his reputation as a bully got louder, the new Chiefs owner decided to end the Peterson era in 2008. Carl was let go and replaced by a New England Patriots executive.

That didn’t work either, did it?

Today Carl is married to KC gal Lori Larson, they lived in Kansas City Missouri and were regulars at all the top KC Plaza restaurants. In fact Carl co-owned George Brett’s on the Plaza for a couple years.

I know, because we were chosen to open a comedy club next door at the former Putch’s 210, but Carl nixed the idea.

We never made up.

I tried to a few times for Westport’s sake.

I’d run into Carl at City Hall awards events but few words were ever spoken. I guess once you cross him that’s it.

Oh well, so we didn’t do lunch.

Today Carl’s a consultant with Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and partners with Dick Vermeil Wines in Calistoga California. He’s wealthy and keeps a much lower profile.

So do you miss the man?

Hey, I give him credit as a strong businessman as well as a guy who climbed the financial and social ladders of life to the fullest. We didn’t get along, but he has my respect.

And nobody has had the impact on this city Peterson once did since.
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21 Responses to Glazer: Dear Carl, We Miss Ya, Babe!

  1. Newbaumturk says:

    Don’t miss him at all. He was an arrogant bastard that needed to go. His drafts sucked. So many early round busts. My grandma could have found Derrick Thomas. She couldn’t have found Trezelle Jenkins or Junior Siavii though. And you can’t tell me Carl didn’t have a hand in Gannon sitting on the bench behind Bono and Grbac because after all, Carl signed Bono and Grbac to big free agent contracts and couldn’t have an off-the-street free agent like Gannon be better than Carl’s high-priced signings. If Gannon starts the Chiefs win at least one SuperBowl.

  2. boom boom says:


  3. boom boom says:

    SORRY FOR MY GRAMMER…KC IS TAKING OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. chuck says:

    Very, very interesting article Glaze.

  5. Kerouac says:

    “I give him credit as a strong businessman as well as a guy who climbed the financial and social ladders of life to the fullest.”

    – an Hall of Fame ego and insecurity to match appears, based your article, CG. A man with three titles: President, General Manager & CEO… and zero football.

    He came, he failed, he was eliminated – ditto Chiefs hopes annually despite reference an ‘five year plan’ tethered the words Chiefs and Superbowl that he made (or did not, depending source.) ‘King Carl’ the name anointed him an former KC Star columnist, Peterson’s tenure Kansas City began late 1988 and ended in 2008; had he majored in mathematics college instead kinesiology, pain unmet expectations no less chronic.

    First time Kerouac ever noted a team executive claiming success won-loss record their association: Carl Peterson’s ‘Football Fortunes’ by way his bio, the Chiefs media guide. Heavy is the head same the pages read, he may not have been originator, was the first do so here in Kansas City; Peterson in charge Hank Stram was Head Coach, vainglory epic deux fois.

    Once upon a time, was a Chiefs executive named Don Klosterman, so California cool and smooth that he was known as ‘The Duke of Del Rey’. Unlike Peterson, ‘The Duke’ was both a great self promoter AND talent evaluator. Klosterman was, more anyone else, the architect the Chiefs talent haul the 1960’s after arriving in Kansas City 1963.

    Near the end of 1965 however, Klosterman punched his ticket out of KC his reported comment ‘Kansas City isn’t so much Heaven or Hell as Purgatory’. That summarizes Peterson’s time Kansas City terms football fortunes: annual hope, perennial also ran, no cigar. Only thing he accomplished 20 years was to wet fandom’s appetite for more while making Lamar Hunt richer. Nigh on an decade aft Peterson’s departure, Chiefs faithful still football Ethiopians, precipice ‘wait till next year, part 2018, verse 49’.

    Upshot: no better or worse anyone post Hank Stram, unless one considers reward as participation trophy.


  6. CG says:

    Hey I never said he was a great guy did I. K and New are right…I do hold Carl responsible for the Rich Gannon stupidity…had he faced Denver at Arrowhead in the 98 playoff game…bam on to the AFC title and the super bowl…nope Elvis and it was his contract and money that made Carl play him when he knew better…how bout firing Nick Lowery and replacing him with Lin Elliot…cost another super bowl in 95, the three missed field goals of what 20 plus yards each…? I remember asking Carl why he did that, when it was happing, I was friends with Nick who helped on all our charity events and Red Fridays…he said “kickers are a dime a dozen, no big deal” I said hmm, what if it comes down to that 3 points and your kicker misses Carl, then what? Carl hated Nick from what I could see on a personal level and didn’t want to give him any more dough back then. The rest is history.

    Funny when I wasn’t getting along with Carl, I thought maybe I was acting badly…turns out a ton of folks had the same experience, even players like “Joe”…same thing…notice none of those stars come back to KC much if at all for anything..Joe,Marcus…almost never…Joe never…long list of players who felt ill feelings towards the Chiefs and Carl. Lots of stories..

    Hey my point was still with all that Peterson got the last laugh, rich, famous, powerful and respected in the business world and sports…by many…so he won. We didn’t.

    • Kerouac says:

      “Peterson got the last laugh”

      – isn’t there a name for women who operate as described? 😯

      “firing Nick Lowery and replacing him with Lin Elliot…”

      – of note, 1989 Chiefs did the same thing to 37 year old Stenerud, who was barely a 50/50 proposition on fg’s by then. Yet, he went on to even greater success terms his fg % (if not team success GB/MIN) elsewhere, including perfect 4/4 two post season games 1982. Case Lowery, he too was 37 and actually coming off his worst season in nigh on half a decade time his exit, post 1993.

      “he said “kickers are a dime a dozen, no big deal” I said hmm, what if it comes down to that 3 points and your kicker misses Carl, then what?”

      – would’ve bought a bag of popcorn & ringside seat to watch his reaction that statement yours, post Colts game Elliott’s misses 😀

      Thing is, Peterson is right this case re: kickers: they get old and hinky enough that when their kicks start to stray, any age, often need a change of scenery… or different avocation.

      Still recall Stenerud’s big misses: not only vs MIA 1971 but before that even a 24 yard miss ’67 vs SD his rookie season, :19 seconds remaining; cost KC the win and for all intents & purposes ended the season defending AFL Champs.

      Elliott we know about vs the Colts – but Lowery too had his share failures. His miss 1990 vs MIA post season turned out be the difference between an 2 point win and 1 point loss (he also missed what would’ve been a game-winning fg vs PIT 1994 post season end regulation; fortunately, Chiefs prevailed overtime.)

      • Kerouac says:

        Kerouac once asked Peterson an call-in radio program: why had Chiefs not returned the great gridiron artistry first implemented George Toma 1967, re: the Chiefs wondrously painted end zones yellow, red, white and blue logos/designs.

        Peterson came along post move Arrowhead its artificial turf ’72, the decision return natural grass made later. He could have said ‘was a matter economics vs asthetics’. Instead, answer received was ‘players don’t like end zones painted, because they can slip’.

        Technology never rests, yet, research indicates synthetic turf costs more to install and almost as much to maintain; it also needs to be replaced once it wears out. Maintaining a natural grass field is slightly more expensive than a turf field, but not significantly.

        Considering replacement cost must be paid every decade or less artificial turf carpet, plus, it’s more expensive implement, using natural grass ends up being cheaper in the short and long run.

        Co$t-saving understood, it is true that painted natural grass can increase slickness, but propensity players slipping ‘did not’ amp up visually in years 1967-1971 Municipal Stadium compared the years afore or aft; a check with players elicited ‘yea’s and nay’s’ a preference if any, my queries.

        Upshot: freezing cold and hot weather Kansas City understood, why not say was more economical to ‘not’ paint end zones that being the case, instead of something other moreso to do with… what… player preference? Safety?

        Maybe Peterson’s answer had merit… non-Toma-esque expert Kerouac’s impression tilts direction moreso an matter ‘dollar$ and cents’, in lieu common. Regardless, as case their uniforms changed too 1968 to date, nothing since has replaced the look glorious uni’s and field was once ours Kansas City Chiefs.


    • Newbaumturk says:

      It drives me crazy when people blame this game on Lin Eliot, he is about 5th in line of blame. Start with Carl behind the scenes insisting Bono start over Gannon. But Turk, Bono went to the Pro Bowl the year. That’s right, he did. He also had the 2nd lower yardage per pass attempt, ahead of only Boomer Esiason who was on one of the NFL’s all-time terrible teams in the 1-15 Jets. Boomer was running for his life every game. Next the coaching staff. I was at that game and watched pregame warm-ups. The game was freezing cold and the ball was a rock. Neither team was making any kicks before the game and it is the coaching staff’s job to be cognizant that the ball is hard as a rock and kickers aren’t going to make much. Yes, I know the Colts kicker made one but he missed also. The same coaches go along with Carl and keep Gannon on the bench. Third person is Paul Hackett and his oh-so predictable offense. The old run,run, swing pass to Marcus Allen on 3rd & 7, punt is pretty easy for opposing coaches to figure out. Fourth is the Chiefs offense in general. Seven points is not enough but Marty’s favorite offensive play is the punt. Then maybe Lin Eliot but the game should have never come down to that in the first place.

  7. E.H. says:

    Don’t miss him at all. He overstayed his welcome by at least 10 years. Plus, I really hate guys like Carl Peterson anyway. A guy that looks like crap but because he’s a Chiefs GM he gets away with being an arrogant ass to everybody: “Don’t you know who I am?!”

    Yes, Arrowhead’s attendance was fantastic during his tenure but all you have to do is give starving KC fans hope by being 8-8 or above and you’ll sell out every week. Obviously we weren’t built for the playoffs yet this D-Bag kept his job for 20 years?

    Lamar Hunt/Carl PETERson really was a bad combo. Good old boy network: They teased us KC fans all the while jamming our dollars in their pockets. Sitting Gannon was the final straw. Heck, Shottenheimer got a gal pregnant. All these guys are a bunch of hypocritical morons. What they needed to do was to concentrate on winning a superbowl, not just fill seats and go around town acting like their super special.

    Big fish in little pond scenario.

  8. Sick of this shit says:

    Craig Glazer is an assault apologist. Even after Louis CK released a statement admitting the charges, Glazer writes “Now Louie CK is caught up in the new national witch hunt of who slept with who and touched who 20 and 40 years ago…All I know is he was a great guy when he was here in KC with us in the late 90’s couldn’t have been nicer always a kind class act. Sad to see all the attacks. It’s a social media storm all everyone these days.”

    • CG says:

      Lets see ‘fake name guy’ sick of this sh..t guy…I am a what assault apoligist? Oh cause I wrote on facebook a friend of mine under fire was caught up in a new witch hunt…..I didn’t say he did or didn’t do anything wrong…there was no rape no assault…from what he says now he is odd and I don’t agree with doing things like that of course….but those two ‘groupies’ could have simply got up and left the hotel room where they were doing what at 3:00 AM with Louie a comedy interview yeah right…he asked if it was ok to do what…masterbate? Guess if they didn’t want to stay and watch they could have GOT UP AND LEFT…oh I forgot CK is so dangerous, he is build like a heavy set kid not tough and they could easily have just walked out…don’t think he’d of stopped em, huh…so they decided to watch the show I guess…if it was assault call the cops and have him arrested..oh I forgot he was powerful and their careers as ‘what’ would be in jeopardy huh..what careers…was he casting ‘Bat Man’ uh no…he was a comic on the rise without power much…so lets hang him right.
      Look I doubt you care much fake namer brave heart, you are just a troll looking to start crap and nothing more. Get a life and off mine and this blog that was about Carl Peterson not CK. Start your own blog and let your fans all two of them read it. Grow up. It is a witch hunt out there for any ‘somebody’that anyone will point at with a sex story, anyone no evidence is needed or arrest, just go online and say its so.

  9. Ritchey says:

    Good article Craig- call me

  10. Dave Austin says:

    Nice Job and agree. Met with him and some associates once in Lees Summit. He strolled in 30 minutes late in his fur coat. One word, Arrogant. Offered nothing to our conversation. His “I’m the smartest guy in the room” attitude was a big disappointment.
    My next door neighbor at the time, Tracy Simeon, Middle LB, helped set it up. Tracy was pretty embarrassed. Hope you are doing well.

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