Concerned Citizen: Anonymous Reader Weighs in on Tom Pickert Slaying

Kansas City’s biggest mystery: Who shot and killed lawyer Tom Pickert on the front porch of his Brookside home…

Two weeks have passed since a white van was seen outside Pickert’s home and a dude seen leaving the scene of the crime is thought to have murdered the local attorney who had recently procured a $6.75 million judgement for a homeless dude who had been shot by baby furniture builder David Jungerman. Jungerman was questioned by police and released and since then mum’s been the word…until now.

That’s because a reader identifying him or herself as “Concerned Citizen” contacted KC Confidential with the following:

“Jungerman tried to pay the second homeless guy to lie and say that the first homeless guy was charging at him. The second homeless guy refused the money and testified against Jungerman. Both homeless men were outside of the building when he fired five shots; three hitting the mark. The judge presiding over the case was able to put two and two together and sealed the records from the case. Looking down the road, I surmise it is also to limit potential jury bias when Jungerman is charged. This would negate a possible appeal, once he is convicted.

“It is unfortunate, with as many murders that happen in Kansas City MO, that higher socioeconomic areas such as Brookside would receive a higher profile and priority. However, this is the reality and you better believe an arrest will be made in this case. The police came out and said that the public has nothing to fear as this was a targeted shooting. Tom Pickert was a good man and if anyone other than Jungerman had motive to kill him, they would have done so sooner than the day after Jungerman had levies served against several pieces of real estate owned by him.

“Jungerman is a complete crook. He is trying to hide his assets and monies so he does not have to pay the poor man whose leg he took. If responding to an alarm at his EMPTY warehouse by charging down there with two pistols AND an AK47 rifle only to unleash a five bullet barrage on the first homeless guy he sees OUTSIDE of the warehouse is not the sign of a trigger happy maniac, I do not know what is. Jungerman has a long history of violence and threatening violence. The police are going to arrest and charge him before all is said and done.

“If you were able to read Jungerman’s testimonies bragging about having 8 million dollars and how it was a good shot to land three out of five bullets on an unarmed homeless man, you would see why the jury so despised this man to award such a large verdict. With this in mind and all the evidence that at least points to Jungerman, I can promise you that whoever is representing this man will suggest that Jungerman not take the stand.

“When the jury considers all the facts and takes a look at the grieving widow and two young kids who lost their father, they will make the right decision. David Jungerman will go to prison for the rest of his life and whatever wealth he was so ready to shoot any and all that threatened it will be rightfully awarded to Jungerman’s latest and hopefully last victim’s family.

“I pray the police expedite this investigation sooner than later as he poses a violent, clear and immediate threat to all involved in the judgement against him.”

KC Confidential neither endorses nor supports the above claims by an anonymous reader.
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5 Responses to Concerned Citizen: Anonymous Reader Weighs in on Tom Pickert Slaying

  1. chuck says:


    Jungerman’s fortune looks maxed out at around 7.5 million. The proceeds are probably now stalled in court, as Pickert’s family seeks redress, ironically, to divide, or, euchre it in pursuit of their own claims and damages.

    ““It is unfortunate, with as many murders that happen in Kansas City MO, that higher socioeconomic areas such as Brookside would receive a higher profile and priority.”

    Your “source” watches too many CSI TV Dramas and thinks that cops can solve crime with no help from the neighbors. In Brookside, snitches DON’T get stitches. One of my best friends lives on Grand, just North of Morningside Drive. If it is any comfort to your “source”, he takes his pistol out to get the paper since several people have been robbed at gunpoint in his “hood”, one of them right across the street last year.

    • CG says:

      Hearne is the ‘watch-dog’ on this one…one would think the shooting/murder had something to do with that case right?

      • admin says:

        The odd part is that the Star is taking a distant backseat to covering this, to asking probing questions…

        Guarantee you if I was still there I would have had at least three columns by now probably more.

        The TV news has actually lead the charge here – KSHB in particular.

        Too bad because there is a ton more to be told…just not as easily gathered as a beheaded little boy story

        • Goose13 says:

          Does the Star have any connections to Jungerman? Business dealings? The victim maybe?

          • admin says:


            It would;d be very surprising if there was a conflict of interest large enough to disqualifying them from reporting on a major news story.

            But there is sooooo much background to be plumbed from the many court records of Jungerman’s exploits. KCTV 5 even got a security video of Jungerman keying some person’s Lexus outside a walmart…allegedly for parking in a handicap zone and taking up too much space.

            Clearly this dude is a piece of work!

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