Glazer: Same Old, Same Old Chiefs…Too bad, So Sad

The good news: the Chiefs are 6 and 2 tied for best record in AFC…

So if it ended today they would be the No. 2 seed like last year with a home game in the playoffs. Last night the Chiefs beat the Broncos 29-19 at Arrowhead.

The Chief’s defense got five turnovers including a strip fumble touchdown by the team’s only real super star on defense, Marcus Peters. Peters also had an INT.

So the team ends its losing streak at two.

Travis Kelce had the lone offensive touchdown and was the entire offense for KC with over 100 yards in the air. Alex Smith still has no INT’SĀ  and could break the NFL record next week if he doesn’t throw one. Smith now has just over 2000 yards passing – his best start ever.

So are we happy Chiefs fans? Uh, no.

Now the bad news.

Let’s face it Denver is not very good. Yes, they have a solid defense but no offense. Well except against KC with nearly 200 yards rushing to our 70.

The Chiefs cannot stop the run, anyone’s run.

Our overall defense is still poor. Our pass defense also stunk if you consider Trevor Simian, Denver’s QB, had about six passes dropped including a perfect throw to the end zone. We also can’t cover the pass very well, save Marcus Peters.

This means the Chiefs are nothing more than a low level playoff team unless they improve greatly on defense.

That’s unlikely to happen with little talent on our team’s defense. Justin Houstin was better with two sacks and looked a bit more rested.

Another issue is Alex Smith is turning into last years Alex Smith the game manager.

Every first down is a handoff to Kareem Hunt who gains nothing, instead of a deep throw to Tyreek HIll at times.

Hunt was stopped with just 42 yards in 20 carries…yikes.

Oh, and 22 yards in the air…yuk.

Hunt is no longer in the conversation for rookie of the year or anything else.

He has slipped badly the last few games and is, as I said, no longer a back who can pick up the needed short yardage to end a game or get first downs.

If that continues we will be lucky to win four more games and end up 10-6 which would still win our division.

Smith pretty much was limited to throwing to Kelce and that was our offense. We were 0 for 3 int the red zone, a recipe for field goals and games we lose close. Five field goals and one TD by the offense is not good.

KC won because Denver is not very good.

They will be under .500 for the season.

All our problems are still there. Can they be solved?

I just don’t see the talent to do it by season’s end. Sorry fans.

I see an early playoff exit.

This team CANNOT GO ON THE ROAD IN THE PLAYOFFS AND BEAT ANYONE with this defense and the way our offense is playing now. It won’t work. Way it is, gang.

Let’s see how we play against a good Cowboy team next week!

My guess is we can’t win down there playing the way we have the last few weeks. I hope I’m wrong.

Hey, we beat Denver and we are 6-2 its a good start.

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20 Responses to Glazer: Same Old, Same Old Chiefs…Too bad, So Sad

  1. CG says:

    Wow Chiefs ranked number 2 in new power rankings…what are they smokin? I guess the media is still on the ‘Chiefs have all the prime time games give them love’ they did knock Kareem Hunt and say he is back to just being a good back and not TD’s since game 3 on the ground…yikes…not so super. No big games anymore, or runs.

    Chiefs also just can’t find the right way to get the ball to Hill. HOW ABOUT REALLY GIVING HIM THE BALL IN BACKFIELD ON THE JET SWEEP…THE FAKE DOESN’T FOOL ANYONE ANDY…He is still your most dangerous player on offense use him.

    I don’t see a win at Dallas, but if KC does that then a 12-4 and 2 seed is possible. Again this team has played way over its head thus far…with limited talent on both sides of the ball..NO OFFENSIVE LINE, A POOR DEFENSE EVERYWHERE, NO LINEBACKERS SAVE A WOUNDED ALWAYS HOUSTIN, ONE WIDE OUT, RUNNING GAME HAS VANISHED, a team that looked like a 9 game winner and a wild card at best is now a likely division winner and plus 10 wins so give them credit, thank ‘Buttman’ the field goal hero. He is the teams MVP right now.

  2. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    CG, it must really suck to be you. Are you totally incapable to see any good in anything? Chiefs just beat their hated rival on Monday night at Arrowhead. 80K+ got to see a pretty dominate beat-down of those dreaded Donkeys. If not for a couple of stupid play calls from Big Red, that game could have been over in the FIRST HALF. Does it get more fun than that?

    The season is only 1/2 way complete. Nobody knows what the hell is going to happen with the Chiefs or ANY other team in the NFL. They BEAT the Patriots on the road. (yes, with THIS defense) They BEAT the Eagles that are playing fantastic football right now.

    Sorry you can’t enjoy and savor each win as they come. Rather, you have to lament what they aren’t instead of relishing what they are. 6-2 and in complete control of the AFC West. Who wouldn’t take that when looking at their schedule in August?

    I don’t think they are going to win in Dallas, but I’m going to pull like hell for them. I don’t think they are going to win the Superbowl, either. But, I have 8 more games to enjoy between now and then. You should give that a try. It’s rather fun.

    Nothing wrong with being critical of your team. But, if the first thing you write about after a huge win on a national stage is how much they suck, you’ve failed miserably at being a fan.

    • CG says:

      First its my job to report the truth as I see it not be just a fan. Like you and all of KC ‘I am a fan’ know tons of former players and was Red Friday Chair for years…on and on…I did open with all the ‘good’ news you mentioned, their record, that they were not expected to do well this season so on..’ but to lie and say all is well…uh, no…remember Hearne does the headlines not me, he is not too big on the Chiefs. I want them to win..I am just fed up with this seasons b.s. on how great we are, when we aren’t. You know and I know this isn’t a super bowl team, at least not now…hey maybe they improve, someone shows up to help, do I think that will happen NO! Too many problems to solve. Again its not my job to be a fan…there is always more to talk about when things are broken than when all is well with teams, rare but way it is…like when KC won it all in 2015, all the talk was how much fun it was and little on the games them selves due to nothing to bitch about.

      • Kerouac says:

        Excellent analysis CG (as if written Kerouac Himself)… keep on keepin on ‘not’ drinkin the red swiss koolaid like the dupe above you that you’re responding to, as well local yokels media šŸ™‚

        “0 for 3 int the red zone, a recipe for field goals and games we lose close. Five field goals and one TD by the offense is not good.”

        – preach… exactly what happened 2016 vs PIT in post season, exactly what will happen again 2017 vs PIT, or NE or HOU or anyone else the swiss play play if they are fortunate enough to make post season; they just ain’t got the horses per the usual.


      • Fake Name Guy says:

        This is your job? Oh my….who is Justin Houstin?

      • Alphonse Tooty says:

        “My job” … now there’s a knee slapper.

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Looks like Zeke Elliott is out of appeal options and will finally have to sit out 6 games. So at least the Chiefs won’t have to face the Cowboys with him in the lineup.

  4. Chief’s run defense is going to look a lot better without Elliott in the game for the Cowboys…..

  5. CG says:

    Folks if you listen to sports radio in KC, 610 and 810 they are saying EVERYTHING I have been saying for the last two months…everything now including, Chiefs rushing game GONE, HUNT HAS STOPPED RUNNING THE BALL WELL, CHIEFS D NEARLY A JOKE, DJ IS DONE AND SHOULDN’T BE OUT THERE, WHY IS TAMBA HALI ON THE TEAM?, Chiefs at best number 3 in the AFC behind Pats, Steelers you can add Bills and Texans….not a super bowl squad. They agree.

    • Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

      The Texans? Texans? The 3W-4L Texans that are in next to last place in their division with JJ Watt out for the year? The Texans that the Chiefs beat in their house? Those Texans?

    • boom boom says:

      yes…and you lie glazo were allover the chiefs when they were hot.
      mvp/best receiver/best qb and then when they lose 2games you fall apart.
      you’re nothing but a jinx….you bash them…they win…..
      just the same old sh*t as always.
      Now pick those numbers for this week so i can run you out of kcc..or are you backing out. . Squak!
      super bowl winner…I’m taking steelers….they’ve got it all……..
      you know nothing old man…hang it up please. And who cares about 610 and
      their football calls……more b.s.

  6. boom boom says:

    typical glaze…another loser…just like everything he does.
    Glaze…you are still behind me in % and I can’t wait til you leave kcc forever.
    But you won’t. without kcc you’re nothing…zero….zilch….move on.
    boom boom is taking over the sports on kcc.
    negative/grouchy/and unknowledgeable…just like kerowacky proves you every
    Boom Boom is gonna kick your donkey a$$. hhahhaahahaahahahahaahaaha

  7. E.H. says:

    I’ll admit the Chiefs need to patch up their defense quite a bit, might be impossible without Eric Berry. Still, we’re on track to win 5 or 6 of our remaining games and finish either 12-4 or 11-5. With Reid at the helm this is our best Chiefs team since SB IV. Still, it’s going to sux losing in the playoffs, we might win the first round..hopefully Reid and Smith having something good under their sleeves.

    Mahomes 2018!

  8. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    Hey, look at me. I’m a dupe now. Born and raised in KC and plenty old enough to have seen a few things in my day. Chiefs fan/Royals fan for life. Life.

    This Dupe’s life is being lived today. Not yesterday, not the day before and certainly not tomorrow. Some folks just can’t get their minds wrapped around this concept. But, to each, his own.

    Once the name-calling starts, the debate is lost. It’s too easy and just plain lazy.

    • admin says:


    • Kerouac says:


      the swiss troubles seemed so far away
      5-0 were they then, not today
      Oh they believe, in yesterday

      Destiny theirs but the toilet bowl
      Not the Super – losers are they, ohh
      2 L’s in 3, came suddenly

      Why they, turn out faux
      Only know, happens each year
      Red dead, something wrong
      Now they long, for yesterday

      Words ‘we are the best’ came easily
      Once again – no bueno – recently
      Oh, they believe in yesterday

      Why they, turned out faux
      They don’t know, same every year
      Red dead, something wrong
      Now they long, for yesterday

      the swiss troubles seemed so far away
      5-0 were they then, not today
      Oh swiss chiefs miss, their yesterday

      Wah wah wah wah, wah wah wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      āž” 1970


  9. Kerouac says:

    Well, cross the HOU Texans off post season plans… today they lost their NFL Rookie of the Year and the best QB rookie or veteran in the league to an ACL injury. Watson has an history of injuries, so while unfortunate, nothing new for him.

    As Kerouac said a couple weeks ago, is a matter attrition – last team standing that will determine the mediocre NFL’s post season teams 2017 fate. Are about 7 truly bad and 7 more slightly above mediocre while the other 18 run hot & cold, i.e., one direction or the other any particular Sunday… such the sorry state pro football century 21.

    For the hapless swiss, gives them more hope now they might reach post season which is no certainty as it stands… after half a century, KC’s version of success is an one and done post season, closest our ‘wait till next year’ boys will likely ever get to relevance.

    Revised up to the moment Top 5 NFL Power Rankings with HOU dropping out:

    1 PITT
    2 PHIL
    3 NE
    4 BUF
    5 OAK/LAR/SEATT (tie)

    Wo bist du, swiss?

    Noch mit Waldo.


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