Glazer: Chiefs Will Beat Broncos…They Better!

Kansas City has had some real problems in the team’s recent losses…

We all know their defense is near the bottom in the NFL. That’s a big problem if you want to be in a Super Bowl.

The hidden problem though is KC’s offense.

While the Chiefs are second in the league in offense, lately there have been issues. First and perhaps most important, a horrid offensive line led by first round bust Eric Fisher.

Sorry Eric, nice guy…too nice for the NFL, just not tough enough.

When Fisher isn’t letting defenders blast past him to hit Alex Smith, he’s being penalized for holding or movement before the snap. He’s a real problem.

Second and sadly, Kareem Hunt, the Chiefs and NFL’s leading rusher by yardage only, has been doing worse and worse each week. No more 100 plus yard rushing games for three weeks. Yes, in last week’s loss to Oakland he was in the low 90’s but his short yardage pickups late in the game are gone.

One reason the Chiefs offense stunk last year was no rushing game, no short yard pick ups except by the quarterback on rare occasion.

Now we’re in the same boat with no short yard back we can count on to end a game. Hunt lately is a now show on those important runs. He needs to get going again this week against the league’s best defense.

Denver quarterback Trevor Siemian  has been off his game lately.

The Broncos defeated the Cowboys in game two 42-17, but since have had no offense. The Broncos have had 16 points or less the last four games. losing three of them. Last week they were shut out. Here’s a chance for the Chiefs defense to get well, playing a weak offense at home. 

While Alex Smith has great numbers, the jury is still out on him finishing games with a needed score to win, a la  Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers. Smith couldn’t do it against the Raiders or Steelers where late scoring would have won both games.

If Alex is to be an MVP candidate the Chiefs need to win most of their remaining games. He has to be clutch. That’s not all his fault with no line and only two receiving targets with Travis Kelce often on vacation.

The best player on the team is Tyreek Hill who deserves much more credit than he gets.

Hill has become a fantastic receiver in traffic and downfield. He not only has speed he has hands.

And where is Justin Houston these days?

Houston has also gone on vacation.

Chiefs should beat  a 3-3 down on their luck Bronco team at Arrowhead.

But 96% of experts say Chiefs will win a close one.

I don’t think it will be that close, 27-10 Kansas City.

Remember a win over Denver and a possible loss by Oakland at the Bills just about gives KC the division unless they get major injuries down the road.

KC is just where they were last year at this time 5-2.

Last season we were 12-4, which might be uphill for this team with its poor defense. I think 10-6 wins this division.

Now about those playoffs, let’s hope we get better by then.

*****     *****     *****

Kansas State should crush the Jayhawks, who doesn’t? And MU has a high school team to beat, so joy for the area schools. K-State gets their usual Shmo bowl, MU no bowl, Kansas needs to find a team and a coach – a new stadium will help.

P.S. This Monday Night game ends Kansas City’s reign as America’s team with six featured night games that all of the nation watched.

They were all exciting games.

Now we need to be a good playoff team to finish the test!

P.P.S. I’m glad Jamaal Charles is with Denver so he gets to play because he loves it and deserves a shot, Yet he has been a small factor this year with one touchdown and less than 200 yards rushing. So this is likely his last season in the NFL – great player and person.

PICKS…God have I sucked this year: but lets try and get rolling






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19 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Will Beat Broncos…They Better!

  1. CG says:

    Wow another two losses on college…damn, good picks but bad results…I have sucked…hope pros do better…tough year for betting no dominant teams…in college or pro that cover…great game by KU in a loss to a betterK State team…K State may not get a bowl game if they lose a couple more.

  2. CG says:

    Oakland did lose and got jacked by the Bills, boy that Raider loss looks bad, their only win in 4 games…yet with that loss and if we beat Denver that should about seal the deal on the division. Question will be can Chiefs beat Texans, Pats, Steelers or Bills on the road in playoffs? We will see.

    • E.H. says:

      Really, the only question for KC is: “Can Alex Smith win in the playoffs?” It’s up to Alex and Reid to figure this out. Odds are against them but at least we know they’ve got the weapons(Hill, Hunt, Kelce)this time around.

  3. Kerouac says:

    “Second and sadly”

    – you’re prescient, CG…

    “Kareem Hunt”

    – will be penultimate aft the Steelers finish with the Lions tonight, Bell having rung Detroit up for 100 yards ground likely, relegating the swiss overhype second (latter also has a date the DEN D Monday, so, it’s not looking good our man ‘kareemed’.)

    ” has been doing worse and worse each week.”

    – he started out slowly with a fumble on his first carry, but little by little since the hype has been dying out weekly, now almost completely…

    “The best player on the team is Tyreek Hill”

    – for those consider stat sacrosanct, Captain Checkdown has been their best according 120.5 NFL pass rating places him first, as his completion percentage, same. Alas, nod Carson McCullers: the stat is a lonely hunter; only thing really matters the W’s and L’s, ultimately Championships – thus, Captain & the swiss are no better Captain & Tennille terms NFL relevance… they remain a ZERO.

    Tyweak is what we thought he was: a gadget player… nod Bill Shakespeare ‘full sound and fury signifying nothing’ terms impact, in lieu eyeball test.

    The ‘stat’ holding more weight than ‘wow’ factor, tied 76th (with 4 others) yards per catch, a stat separates the ‘great’ from the mediocre. Tds, tied (with 24 others) 18th… catches, tied (four others) 11th. He’s not even the fastest player NFL despite media / fandom’s massaging of the truth; that stat belongs John Ross, the Bengals. Kerouac does rank Tyweak among the NFL’s best ‘foo foo’ hairstyles tho, so, least there’s that.

    “And where is Justin Houston these days?”

    – gone fishin, instead of QB hittin… unlike Ensley who was the Sportsman’s Friend, KC has a problem, Houston: the supposed epitome (again according to local gum-beaters) pass-rushers NFL has had just 13.5 sacks the last 2 years (reference, DEN’s Miller 13.5 alone 2016, already 7 in 2017 – surprise – again more than our #50 has managed.)

    The swiss LB is tied (with 4 others) 12th place NFL sacks 2017, Bronco Miller as well Chargers Ingram and Bosa superior… Bosa is better all them rolled into one, whether one refers them LB, DE or simply pass-rusher, 1 sack per game career an abbreviated career a pace better than any them.

    Another big day for ‘The Watson Throwing Machine’, aka ‘The One’, aka ‘DW 40’, aka ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’… 2017 NFL Rookie of the Year Deshaun Watson. An full recap of his latest new NFL record set and stats Sunday forthcoming – BE HERE!

    Coulda been a King, shoulda been a Chief… we took the wrong QB yet again


  4. Kerouac says:

    With two defensive starters out (not a big problem)and& three offensive (a problem), this game will be closer than expected. Ordinarily a Broncos romp… prospect several players theirs out, playing on the road and a case of nerves Jamaal Charles his return, swiss luck in lieu superior talent will be on their side… thus a closer final score:

    @swiss 1


  5. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    As crazy as this sounds, don’t count Mizzou out of a bowl game quite yet. Look at their schedule down the stretch. They have 4 games left, and 3 teams are in such disarray, they’re about to fire their coaches.

    1. Florida – Hell, Jim McElwain may not even make it to Columbia this week.
    2. Tennessee – Butch Jones is dead man walking. He’s fired after the final game.
    3. @Vanderbilt – Since beating the ‘Taters, Vandy has been hot garbage.
    4. @Arkansas – Bret Bielema’s career at Arkansas hangs by a thread. Bowl or get fired. Heck, even a bowl game may not save him.

    In this day and age of college football rewarding mediocrity with the glut of bowl games, Mizzou only needs to get to 5 wins to qualify for a bowl. If they can win 2 of the final 4 games, they just might squeak in. Win 3 or 4, and Odom’s career at Mizzou will continue. Win 2 or less, an he’ll probably get fired.

    Now, on to the other area teams of interest…

    KU – total shitshow. Not much else you can say about them. They don’t recruit, they don’t coach them up, and they don’t perform on the field. The boosters and alumni don’t really give a damn, as long as the basketball team performs. I’m not breaking any ground here by saying that, I know. The risk is, every team is one bad hire away from mediocrity or worse. I honestly believe that for football, KU is going to have to hire someone, and stick with him for 5 years, regardless of record. Going “three and out” just won’t fly at KU. They aren’t a football blueblood who can just pick from the cream of the crop of young coaches.

    KSU – the golden age of Bill Snyder is clearly over. Oh, they’ll never be KU bad with Bill Snyder, but his days of contending for the conference title are OVER. He’ll keep them around the 6-8 win mark each year, but it’s likely time for him to call it a career. In fact, I wouldn’t be suprised if they lose all of the rest of their games and end up at 4-8. Look at their remaining schedule:

    @Texas Tech – LOSS
    WVU – likely loss
    @Oklahoma State – loss
    Iowa State – hottest team in the conference, with the hottest young coach in the nation. Another likely loss, but the ‘Taters are tough at home.

  6. David Nelson says:

    Wow. 0-4. Again… 4-18 for the year. CG I will give you credit you keep swinging (well, except for last week when I didn’t see any picks from you) . But you are in unchartered territory for just sucking. Maybe you should just share your “bets.”
    I’ve mentioned several times over the years that your strategy of simply trying to find dominant teams that cover is what built Las Vegas. Every Tom, Dick and Harry bets the favorite.
    Kerouac – how is living life in your 60’s fantasy world going for you today? You and Len Dawson sucking down a Fresca and puffing on a Marlboro in your dream life?

  7. CG says:

    As yesterday in the NFL proved its becoming more like baseball with any team can beat any other team any time. Half the league has about the same record as the once ‘unbeaten number one Chiefs’ now that 5-2 record is even held by the once written off Vikings, Bills and long list. Oakland losing shows two things, the Chiefs will almost be handed the division if they beat Denver tonight and they likely will and Oakland has lots of issues in losing 3 of 4 and they beat us…wow…

    As everyone that’s a Chiefs fan knows its the playoffs baby…regular season means nothing but can you get to the big dance! The Chiefs have been one of the worst at getting even a whiff of the dance.

    Will this year be different? Maybe, so far it looks like same old Chiefs, except Alex has been better and we have a real wide out in Hill. Our usual decent or good defense is horrid and Kelce needs to show up more when needed he never has thus far. We haven’t had a big play short yardage back since Marcus Allen, go it right Lance. Hunt needs to improve on his short runs as of now he can’t do it late at all. I’ve written this a ton and its a fact…odd, other media seems to say what I do eventually.

    Sooooo….can KC get better can they win when it matters. Again can we beat Houston, Pats, Steelers or a top team on the road in the playoffs? Will the Chiefs get a home playoff game? Will we be a one, two or three seed? Matters…right now we are again a project our defense needs to find help NOW…we need to find a regular wide out besides Hill, is Wilson, the new guy, or well thats about it?

  8. CG says:

    I saw an email that David Nelson had me losing all the games this week David learn to count…I won both pro games pal…in your zest to see me fail you might look again…Houston was an easy cover and Steelers won so uh, I won both calls son…

    remember I don’t bet on all the games I pick here…in fact this year I have bet very little with our club still not open and the league so balanced its hard to the way many of my picks are underdogs like HOUSTON covering over Seahawks…

    I did well in Vegas over the years better than anyone I know here…by betting mismatches…of the 8 big bets I won in the past few years most were against the Chiefs who I found couldn’t beat any winning team on the road or ever beat Manning thus my picks against them. Now under Reid they are a tough bet either way so not a good team to load up on on either side. I also got jacked twice on Pats who win but often don’t cover. I did have them in last years super bowl for a miracle win as I predicted here on KCC. The football betting it not a way to make a living these days…just too hard to call, teams are just too even in college and pro.

    • David Nelson says:

      My bad. You did go 2-2 this week. I’ll adjust record to 6-16 for the year. I am not pulling for you to fail and we are on same page – gambling is just for fun. No way to consistently beat Vegas

  9. CG says:

    Sorry Nelson, it was Houston covering over Seahawks and Steelers over Lions both covered and I won.

  10. Kerouac says:

    It isn’t fair… soon MLB’s ‘World Champion’ Astros, already NFL’s story line 2017 – ‘The Deshaun Watson Experience’; he woulda been a King, shoulda been a Chief.

    Come here Watson… KC needs you (no s**t Sherlock, since 1970.)

    April 27, 2017 – a day will live in infamy football annals, a decision will haunt their seasons every, ongoing. For the price 10th overall pick as well a #3 and another #1 2018, swiss do not select Watson: because world is flat, Chiefs as Jesus are coming back, and Mahomes is the best QB in the draft.

    Once upon a time Jaynes was the next Namath. Todd was ours instead Marino. Fuller in lieu SF treat, Joe – the collective minds decision makers learning much too late One Arrowhead Drive the not so swingin’ Chiefs 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and beyond/continuing to date century 21: a franchise QB(s) lost is a terrible thing(s) to waste, mistake(s) made.

    Can you say ‘wait till next year’, infinity?

    Exhibit 2017: ‘The One’, ‘The Watson Throwing Machine’, ‘DW 40’… a scale 1-10,’The Man With The Golden Gun’ is become googleplex; in the process, has given the brain-trust KC a complex: how did we once blow it, yet again?

    Guy “will be a bust” cried legion (now green-eyed) swiss fandom. Today, the NFL’s record-setting ‘best’ QB as well rookie ‘The Watson Experience’ continues unabated. Yesterday two-time Superbowl and World Champion Seahawks proved be no match ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’.

    Had he an defense not ravaged injury – when again has one – World Championships will reign down Space City. Watson has beaten every team has started against, own defense only thing has stopped him.

    From the depths second half sacrificial lamb thrown in vs JAC, first start win CIN and continuing through Sunday’s evisceration the Seahawks which followed his thrashing the World Champion Patriots & picking apart the swiss, Deshaun Watson has Texans scoring 35 points per game – also ‘unmatched’ by any other NFL team or QB rookie or veteran. Having beaten every team he has faced/lost to not one of them nod his Texan defense, he is on the precipice rewriting every rookie QB record history the game.

    But enough this hard object lesson aimed directly the swiss, to the meat of the matter:

    Latest entry the record book: only rookie QB NFL history to throw 4 or more td passes in 4 consecutive games; he also passed over 400 yards Sunday (not a bad ‘consolation prize’, right Houston?) Scoring the name of the game, Watson now also leads the NFL in td passes 19 despite having started but 6 games after he replaced the former starter – Savage!

    This despite the fact he has 100+ fewer attempts Brady, less too Capt. Checkdown and PHIL Wentz, latter who only manages tie Watson at 19. Deshaun also leads all rookies in total yards (just under 2,000) and as well his 21 tds produced overall places him far ahead anyone… in… the… entire… NFL.

    Yeah, I think Houston’s ‘The One’ Deshaun Watson is gonna be ok… if not KC’s #1


  11. Kerouac says:

    Humiliating, embarrassing, uninspiring – nothing new when talking about the swiss. For the great over-hypes 2017 version, ramifications tonight’s poor effort vs DEN be: the result was good as a loss, grand scheme of things.

    swiss have now been owned physically four straight weeks by the opposition. When a team cannot dominate another that shoots itself in the foot all night long as DEN did, and instead barely survives, out-manned in the trenches as well the stat department, affirms there will be no discussion KC same sentence Superbowl participation.

    Upshot – this year’s failed experiment concludes in 8 more games, per the usual theirs. Broncos win the game shy their own unforced errors, amazing considering it is a team decimated by injuries, as well victim several poor officiating calls & a QB playing hurt. Despite all that DEN was in the game right up to the end, throttling the swiss same as HOU, PIT and OAK did of late. DEN beat themselves, hardly an ringing endorsement the ‘this is our year, part 2017, verse 48’ kool-aid drinkers club.

    Tonight’s *Overhype Award* goes to a previous winner (hint; finger to lips… ‘shhhhh’)

    Do you recognize him? Most NFL fans don’t, even after 6 prime time television games this season. That’s why he carries the American Excess Overhype Card – don’t average 2.1 yards per carry on Monday Night Football without it.

    “The best RB in the NFL” according local yokels (one on this blog who claimed it to be so has mysteriously disappeared of late, having beaten a hasty retreat just as ‘Silent H’ same NFL’s best RB’s talk). Tonight, he once again looked more Jesse Haynes than he did Abner: from explosion to whisper to invisible man these past 4 weeks, ‘kareemed’ once again by the opposition; no factor at all, affirming that an illusion differs reality.

    A familiar refrain: 46 yards on 22 carries & 0 tds ‘Silent H’ tonight… from the heights 502 yards, 7.4 ypc & 6 tds first 4 games to the depths 261 yards, 3.4 ypc & 0 tds last 4. How low can he go? At this rate he’s going to start giving yards back as he did several times tonight, negative rushes time & time again. How bad was he? DEN used 3 RB’s in the game and all three outperformed ‘kareemed’, pounding the swiss an combined 157 yards and a td by way their own robust 5.4 ypc average.

    Up to the moment Top 5 NFL Power Rankings:

    1 PITT
    2 PHIL
    3 HOU
    4 NE
    5 BUF

    Wo bist du, swiss?

    Mit Waldo.


  12. CG says:

    Boy K you are brutal but pretty much correct…..Alex looks to be running low on gas as well. The pumpkin is back, where did the coach go….Cinderella…kinda sad after that great start on offense. The defense was never there from game one really. K breaks it down by all the numbers. I know Hunt has a dinged foot and Houstin has a stiff knee and on and on…the Chiefs have no depth on offense at all and little on the D except other players who are average as well. We just don’t have the talent.

    I said early in the year since Smith is a goner, start Patrick, more excitement for our players and it likely would have gotten some of them to play up more. Alex is much slower moving out of the pocket now, likely a bit dinged up himself with all those hits he takes each week. He can run, but doesn’t do it often enough anymore. Remember Alex likely will stake a contract elsewhere for big money if he throws for over 4,000 yards and brings a slightly above average team to at least one playoff win or gets 12 wins in the season with this club.

    Look folks most including me, thought this was a 9 win second place team at best a wild card. Hell for 5 weeks they were ‘the best team in the NFL’ nice to hear we all knew it was b.s. and so did the national media. Remember 6 featured night games on t.v. mattered then, nits over now…Chiefs will draw little media attention now. No more ‘the best’ no more power rankings near the top. They just aren’t. Hey they have done better than most thought they would or could with that offensive genius Andy Reid. At least we are in the playoffs right. Its better than the 70’s and 80’s.

  13. Goose13 says:

    Of the top teams in the AFC, Who has the toughest schedule remaining and who has the easiest? Where do the Chiefs sit in schedule? Does anyone know?

    • CG says:

      Goose Chiefs enter a tough run now…Dallas on the road a then much needed bye week and a trip to the Giants…both these are tough on the road with our defense…then we have the Jets and Bills we could lose many of these if we don’t get better…our final four mostly at home with our division and Miami…Oakland and Chargers here end with Denver there, which by then they will be toast and maybe lay down…and Miami here a perhaps tough one…so going 4 and 4 is a strong possiblity if we don’t get better…thus 10-6 still we win division.

  14. “@swiss 1
    BRONCOS 4”

    Scoreboard, bitch…

  15. Kerouac says:

    Said it afore, say it once more – don’t rubber-stamp it foregone conclusion Captain Checkdown is gone aft 2017. Signed through 2018, contracts are reworked and/or extended all the time. Don’t buy the wishful thinking that another team believes he will get them to a Superbowl any more than he has/will KC, part & parcel thereof is willing send a big return trade a soon 34 year old QB, one playing an offense tailor-made his skill set in KC. Best guess swiss are stuck with the Captain one more year minimum, for better or worse.

    Put him on DEN last night: does Smith overcome any that, moreso Siemian? Wasn’t Siemian dropping his own perfectly thrown td pass an WR, nor he fumbled. Rather, weekly stars as Ben Gazzara in his own version ‘Run For Your Life’. Would Smith do wonders BUFF? NYJ? CLEV? Do hey give up a high pick? They are stupid, but don’t count on it. Cue Orbison… ‘only the desperate’.

    Too, LB Johnson and Hali retirements/release, need 1 preferably two more LB’s. S, Berry return effectively, achilles? Swinging door proclivity LT Fisher as rest swiss o-line, looming potential departures ‘Toast’ Peters & ‘Kelce the Klown’ contracts end. Choice tween here & elsewhere, which new suitor’s end zone would these two latter twits rather showboat in, KC’s or OAK case ‘Toast’, LA Rams in lieu KC, ‘Klown’?

    KC no #1 pick 2018 shy trade (maybe they extort a #2 or #3 from some desperate dummy for Smith, still need about 3 free agents CB, WR or OL in order be better. swiss bet 2018 season on Mahomes having the same success as Watson HOU, or, failure same Kizer CLEV, and which way you goin’ Billy/KC front office?

    Upshot – rebuild in order. Chiefs remain the little dutch boy trying plug all their leaks; cannot patch holes fast enough before new ones spring up (why they are known as the swiss chiefs.)


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