Glazer: The Juice is Loose (He Even Stole My Girlfriend)

O.J. Simpson was released recently with little fanfare…

That after nine years in the Nevada State Prison for armed robbery and kidnapping.

The prison decided to release him after mid night so there would be less media around.So he was set free after all the paper work after 3 a.m.

Not many were waiting outside for him.

The press was still deeply involved in the nearby Las Vegas Massacre the night before, so that further diminished interest in his return to the real world.

We all know the story…

Simpson’s criminal escapades sparked arguably the biggest media sensation of the last century – at least from a criminal trial standpoint.

The television specials and documentaries were endless after the once popular O.J. was arrested and tried for murder of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman in 1994.

The so-called trial of the century was televised in 1995 and Simpson was found not guilty.

However by almost any honest judgement he was clearly the killer.

Then in 2007 Simpson was arrested for robbery and kidnapping after breaking into a Las Vegas hotel room with five other men. He was armed and took back some of his valuable memorabilia from people who he felt had stolen the items.

All he had to do was call the police and perhaps accompany them to the hotel to try and get his items back. Instead he acted on it with his paid pals.

Clearly Las Vegas wanted payback for the murders in L.A. and judged O.J. harshly on the case.

Simpson also lost a civil case in 1997 on wrongful death brought by the Goldman and Brown families.

So in the end, O.J. the former NFL mega star and movie star did over 10 years considering that he was in custody in L.A. during his trial for over a year.

Simpson is now in his early 70’s and has been banned from Florida by the states attorney general Pam Bondi.

OJ is on parole and can’t leave the state of Nevada without permission.

Simpson will do drug and booze tests weekly for the parole folks.

O.J. had a huge drug problem and that is really what led to the murders in Brentwood of his former wife and her friend.

So can he stay drug free for 5 years?

The Florida A.G. is asking the public to report any sightings of Simpson drinking at a bar to the police. So things may not be so easy as some think for OJ. At least at first.

Time may change all that if he behaves for a couple years.

Simpson receives an amazing $25,000 a month pension from the NFL.

He will also get several thousand a year from the screen actors guild on his retirement.

Though OJ is basically broke and lost his home in 2012, he will have enough income to live well all the rest of his life. He can maybe make millions just signing autographs at shows for years to come but the Goldman and Brown Families can grab that dough from their civil case in L.A. So we’ll see.

I worked on the Simpson Story for Hard Copy in the early 90’s.

Why?  Because I lived near both Simpson and Nicole in Brentwood. I had met OJ and hung out with him a bit at a few bar openings with my friend Sonny Landham and Marcus Allan in the early 90’s.

I didn’t know him well – he seemed OK at the time, well dressed and the ladies loved him back then. Hell, he stole one of my girlfriends – a Penthouse Pet – for a few nights back in the day.

I knew he was guilty from day one. It was obvious based on his behavior and the early evidence. A very sad tale.

What will happen now?

O.J. for the most part will still be in demand. He’s a celebrity of worldwide fame…albeit for the wrong reasons.

He might even appear in a movie or TV show or two – perhaps a reality show if he can figure out a way to keep the money.

Fame brings attention and money. Is it fair?


Did he pay for his insanity? In some ways yes – in many ways no.

So in the end, what did we get out of all this drama?

We got the old line from my favorite boxing promotor, “Only In America.”
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18 Responses to Glazer: The Juice is Loose (He Even Stole My Girlfriend)

  1. Kerouac says:

    “Simpson is now in his early 70’s”

    – but no longer a threat (rush for 2,000 yards… ditto ‘Silent H’, gridiron simpatico)

    “O.J. had a huge drug problem… can he stay drug free for 5 years?”

    – swiss have a huge football problem… can they reach a Superbowl?

    “OJ is on parole and can’t leave the state of Nevada without permission.”

    – Joey Chestnut a wired jaw Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest…

    “and has been banned from Florida by the states attorney general Pam Bondi.”

    – talk about a restraining order… wonder if dating Sunshine State Pam is worth the risk (and you thought sleeping on the couch/being in the dog house was harsh…)

    “Simpson receives an amazing $25,000 a month pension from the NFL. He will also get several thousand a year from the screen actors guild on his retirement. Though OJ is basically broke…”

    – [Aflac duck shakes head ] “ah, HAHHHHH?!?”

    “He can maybe make millions just signing autographs at shows for years to come”

    – the desire celebrity’s autograph have never understood: $ell a piece inked paper, or retain as momento? Guess if the Erotic Heritage Museum can offer Monica Lewinsky $1,000,000 for her blue dress, then…


  2. chuck says:

    Well, he is already getting “day drunk” in a bar close to his house.


    George Staphinffectionopolus is no more credible than Brian Williams, but, there is video and pictures, so…

  3. E.H. says:

    I wonder if it’s true that O.J. had just stopped taking steroids right before he killed Nicole and Ron? I think the story is he had been using them for decades and he finally got off them. The guy was huge, especially his big head! I certainly believe a lot of drugs were involved even if it wasn’t roids.

    Note he did get really fat for awhile while he was in prison. If/When he was on the roids he could pretty much eat all he wanted. In prison he couldn’t get any roids and the snacks caught up to him. Once his release date came near he went on a diet and lost all the weight. Probably pretty easy in prison if you just eat those 3 crappy meals a day and don’t buy anymore junk from the commissary!

    O.J. knocked his ex wife out with a blow to the head and then he subdued Ron, taunted him with a few knife jabs into the cheek and then slashed him up. He then went back to Nicole and violently slit her throat wide open..and then went and did the same thing to Ron. I’m guessing before all this O.J. was stalking in the background, probably watching Nicole through a window and when Ron came over to return her sunglasses he just went apeshit with jealousy and anger that he had pent up over time. Man, this guy is a self absorbed terrorist, destroying everything in his path. I doubt if it ends well for this loser, who once had it all.

    Maybe if everybody just calls him O’ Gay from now on he’ll just disappear.

    • CG says:

      Interesting E.H. but my investigation shows his drug use was coke and speed, using roids is likely but not to blame for the murders, who knows. He had it all and gave it away, why? I don’t know.

      • E.H. says:

        Did you see that ESPN 5 part special “O.J. Simpson: Made in America?” It’s very compelling TV and they did a great job with interviewing O.J.’s “Friends”. I’d say the biggest reason OJ murdered Ron and Nicole is that his star was falling..and to a mega narcissist like OJ that couldn’t happen. He had been a stalker for some time(very dangerous!), when she wouldn’t even acknowledge anymore he progressed from stalker to murderer. O.J. wasn’t going to ever let her get away, he’s just that crazy.

        I remember when I was in the Air Force there was a guy stalking his wife. He had a restraining order but you could tell he wasn’t going to stop, he just endlessly obsessed over her. She was scared and latched on to the biggest guy in our shop, eventually married him. Smart gal.

        • boom boom says:


          ANd SPeaking of FALLING….BOOM BOOM PULLS OUT
          FURTHER AHEAD of glaze in football BETS!
          If i force you off kcc will you throw in 2 free tix to your
          new comedystore grand opening? Please?

  4. all outta gum says:

    How did you know he had a big drug problem? Did you do drugs or sell him drugs in the 90s?

    • CG says:

      “Gum” what are you Harley/JoJo/Boom Boom Junior? I’m sure your question was only asked to cause an argument…its simple really I worked for Hard Copy interviewed OJ’s main dealer, Bill Wasz at Calipatria Prison in California about Mister Simpson and his pals. Bill told me about Simpson’s heavy coke and speed use, his anger at being broke, blaming his wife and others and his mental state. It was not a secret on his heavy coke use. I turned my records over to the D.A. but they wanted a murder ONE conviction not guilty by insanity or manslaughter which would have OJ in custody for a much shorter time as in the end happened. I never sold drugs just robbed drug dealers, you might read my book since you are so interested ‘gum’ THE KING OF STING it will fill you in on all the gossip and what is true and not true. There you go. I never did drugs with OJ either. I was in his company a few times before the murders at events in LA and a bar opening and at a few clubs with other celebrities, I lived near both OJ and Nicole in Brentwood back in the early 90’s.

  5. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    MU and KU briefly renew the best rivalry in the midwest and play in a packed to the rafters, sold out Sprint Center in an exciting, end to end basketball game, raising close to TWO MILLION dollars for hurricane relief, and we get a story about OJ being on parole? Sheeeeeezus.

    And for folks saying that this game doesn’t benefit KU in any way, are just being willfully ignorant. (Or is it arrogance? Or butthurt? All three?) A game that doesn’t go against your record, but has an NCAA tournament charged atmosphere? Big value for both teams.

  6. Who’s Marcus Allan?

  7. Fake Name Guy says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess a lot of dudes “stole” your girlfriend for a night or two.

    • CG says:

      I knew I could count on another troll to make a fun comment or two…uh no…its hard to get those kind of women to begin with…and the lady he went out with was a girl I was dating but not exclusively so she had the right to go out with other men…she also went out with Robin Williams back then she said….who knows.

  8. boom boom says:

    I do know that glaze was friends with these guys. When I had dinner with
    Marcus and his wife they did mention glaze.
    So I will vouch for that part of the story.

    • CG says:

      Gee thanks Boomer, guess my working for Hard Copy being friends with Marcus before he was even traded here and his relationship with Stanfords, mine with tons of stars didn’t matter so thanks.

      • Goose13 says:

        CG, I think this is the first time Boomer has said ANYTHING considered nice towards you. Hell is about to freeze over.

        • CG says:

          Ha…no he used to back me on a few things like comedy and other entertainment news and getting girls… not much else.

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