Glazer: Chiefs Should Get Much Needed Breather, Scribe Says

The Chiefs can get everyone calmed down tonight in Oakland…

But will they?

Hey, it’s Thursday Night Football and our Chiefs continue to be the featured NFL team this season with yet another national audience for tonight’s big game.

Truth be known, it’s really only big to Kansas City.  Face it, Oakland is all but done this season already. The Raiders were the sexy pick to make the Super Bowl before it all began.


Because of Derek Carr their outstanding young quarterback.

And what looked like a much improved defense and three name wide outs. Never happened.

Carr never seemed completely healthy from last year’s leg injury. And former Seahawks mega star running back Beast had his moments,  lately when it all fell apart after Carr got hurt again a few weeks ago.

The Raiders lost their fourth game in a row last weekend to the lowly LA Chargers.

So they’re 2-4 this season and a Raider loss tonight would pretty much end their hopes of even a wild card playoff spot.

The big question: Is Derek Carr – their expensive franchise quarterback who’s maybe a hit away from being placed on the bench for the rest of the season –  be ready next year?

KC is on short rest, banged up badly and missing half its starting offensive line, They’re coming off their first loss this season and worried about a soft defense and a now questionable running game.

The Chiefs need to get well tonight with a solid win.

The Raiders seem to be sleep walking, no fire in their bellies.

Their defense has been horrid against the run and their offense has been on vacation.

The Chiefs should win tonight even with all their problems.

A 6-1 start gets them just a handful of games away from locking up the division early.

A win by KC would really leave only Denver, who didn’t look good against the winless Giants last week to worry about.

And yes, we have another national spotlight game for KC next Monday night against the Broncos in KC.

If America didn’t know our guys, THEY DO NOW.

Normally you would look for the Chiefs to try and just run over the Raiders – get everyone involved – and try and run up the score a bit to make up for the bad loss Sunday. KC has so many games in such a short period and so many injured players that maybe just a good win tonight will suffice.

The key for KC tonight is Kareem Hunt getting his running game mojo going early and often. He’s not banged up, he just needs to get back into form after a no show last week.

QB Alex Smith could use a few nice throws to somebody in end zone from a distance and stay healthy himself. Most of all our defense needs to look like one! We need to prove to ourselves we can stop somebody’s running game.

I don’t think Carr is totally well and the Chiefs should be all over him.

I look for a Chiefs win tonight then everyone can sleep tight.

Kansas City 27 Raiders 13.

(Got that, boom boom, you stooped idiot?)

We are near the half way point in the season and still featured on ESPN and all the football talk shows as one of the teams to beat.

Do the commentators believe the Chiefs are Super?

My take is NO.

However with all their featured games on at night, their great record and a few good weapons – as well as Alex Smith’s elite season thus far – they’re still fun to talk about.

The experts are all well aware of the Chiefs horrid post season culture and most don’t really think our Chiefs can get to the big dance.

We shall see.

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11 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Should Get Much Needed Breather, Scribe Says

  1. CG says:

    Boom boom, harley,jo jo, I didn’t call you an idiot ADMIN did….uh, maybe you are but I’ll keep it our little secret.

  2. Kerouac says:


    ‘Mix LSD with swiss fandom and you too can imagine a Superbowl the Chiefs future’


    ‘Raggedy Ann and Ronald McDonald had a dalliance ‘

    As for tonight’s game, OAK would romp were they healthy, but, as Carr is injured & so too two of their three starters the defensive secondary, Kerouac’s pick would be a ‘tie’, but as the NFL frowns on said via giving extra chances/overtime beyond regulation, a closer game than 100% health both sides would present:

    @OAK 20
    swiss 17


  3. Kerouac says:

    @RAIDERS 31
    swiss chiefs 30


    Dearly beloved, there will be a memorial service for the late if not so great over-hypes 2017, swiss chiefs… visions Superbowl AFC Title Game, or even an silly one and done their usual knack post season, now but memory. Friends, please pay your respects by LAUGHING OUT LOUD (like this) HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH!!!

    Well, I said that it would be close – 1 point closer than 3 but still undefeated now aft 48 years, will take it… as they say in the parlance, it’s a ‘W’. Well, that’s what all the kool-aid drinkers KC always say – “hey, we won and that’s all that matters.”

    Indeed, the Rai-duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs did. Kerouac will return later with complete game coverage in review, coming up soon, here HC’s Daily Planet, KCC, Kansas City’s smart choice for news, entertainment and hand-to-hand narrative combat!


  4. all outta gum says:

    I wonder how many female comics are going to come out with their Craig is a Weinstein stories? They’ve already blackballed his club in favor of the ImprovKC

    • CG says:

      Gum I get it you want to be Harley/Boomer part two with a shot out there hoping someone bites…they won’t. I never did anything to anyone they didn’t want or ask for old fart…I am handsome and cool he was just rich and powerful, not a looker or in shape…end of story…p.s. not a ton of hot female comics out there and nobody dumped us for the Improv…they are predominately urban acts which is fine….we haven’t opened our new club yet so it matters not, nice try.

      • another failure.
        First off weinstein had some hot girls. Glazo bozo gets strippers
        from the few clubs left in kc.
        Second off weinstein did not get enjoyment out of his dog licking
        him. Glazo bozo does!
        Weinstein made movies. Glazo bozo makes lies about movies.
        Where’s your movie bozo?
        Glazo has a narcisstic attitude without anything to back it up.
        According to psychiatrists that’s sick.

        • admin says:

          Well get em in ASAP then

        • CG says:

          Right basement boy….I’d say its a safe bet to say “nobody competed with me in KC over the last few decades on hot babes at my level” and thats a fact jack….some photos have been on this site by Hearne….as for hot babes Penthouse Pet Christine Dupree from Madonna Issue center fold, Sandhal Bergman Golden Globe best actess winner…my list is long basement boy…still today a good one, most of my old girlfriends still go out with me today at times….plus my wife, Connie was a 9+ photos in my book the KING OF STING, my little movie on my life which is in process of being made..oh and my 5 Champions Forever movies, all out there hmmm on an others….hey I’m not Ron Howard but I’ve done some nice work in LA…again fake name, basement boy, if you are a boy, what have you EVER DONE? Who have you ever dated? You are a nothing.

          • Fake Name Guy says:

            I love it when you get so riled up you feel the need to list your “accomplishments” in life. I’m no shrink but I’d guess you’ve got about the same maturity level as a 15 year old boy.

  5. Libertarian says:


  6. Kerouac says:

    Yup… as Kerouac preordained, wrote upon the heart every readeryanother woodshed moment the swiss rather watershed… taken out back behind it and some whoop-a*s applied their too soft derrieres by OAK,

    As the CAPTION TOP PIC swiss fan, ‘TRIPPIN’ anyone thinks this team/year is/will be any different any other last nigh on half century; with condolences, was a mirage.

    Said early on, was too clear not to see: the swiss just ain’t got the horses, yet again. If Kerouac is wrong (he thought he was once, but, made a mistake) – swiss will prove it.

    Double dare ‘ya.


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