Glazer: Subject: Steelers Manhandle KC, Prove Chiefs Not Super

Like last season the score was close…

But we lost and the Steelers manhandled the Chiefs.

Kansas City has a poor defense and it’s been covered by a very good scoring offense…until Sunday.

With only one first down in the first half, our offensive line was a joke with poor Alex Smith running for his life…..we got jacked.

We’re lucky the score wasn’t 40-10 as it should have been.

The Steelers beat us every way you can think of. Their running game was never stopped, Big Ben threw at least six major long balls and we just couldn’t get there. Our defense is slow with just has few top notch players.

Yes, Marcus Peters is very good and did get a wasted INT , but we did nothing on offense. Justin Houston is very good, but was shut out Sunday.

That’s it for stars on defense.

As I said before the regular season began, “We have no linebackers except Houstin if he is healthy, otherwise nobody…DJ is done at middle linebacker, to banged ups too slow now and can tackle but not rush or make the takeaways anymore. Tamba is finished, and Dee Ford is just a project.”

Well, that all came true today. Linebackers can’t stop the run.

at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on November 17, 2013 in Denver, Colorado.

I’m not going over all the stats folks why?

We are lucky we were even in the game in the fourth quarter. I give Alex Smith all the credit in the world – he played his heart out, as did Tyreek Hill and D Anthony Thomas.

Kareem Hunt was of little value. His early game no shows are starting to pile up. He can’t just get hot at game’s end and win. But he suffers from no blockers for the most part.

Hey, the Steelers are just better than us.

They have been for years.

We have never beaten Big Ben once when he played an entire game against us.

Our last big win ever was at Arrowhead following our 1993 western division title win with Joe Montana. KC beat the Steelers in overtime, great win, great game. It was our only meaningful win at Arrowhead….EVER.

Sorry it’s just true.

If you can’t win in the post season – and we can’t – you are not great. And we are not great.

I don’t see KC doing much better this year.

You just can’t fix little talent on defense and not much on the offensive line. Can’t be done.

We win the west and likely it ends against either the Steelers, Texans or maybe New England. We just ain’t got the talent, folks.

You saw that Sunday from a mentally wounded Steeler team that made it look like boys vs. men (and we weren’t the men).

I’m sorry for all of us, it just seems it’s not something we can fix.


And that’s not something you can coach or trick play. Hey, the Chiefs will come back and win most of their remaining games. So it will still be a fun ride. But there will be no more talk of Super Bowls or being the best in the NFL – that’s over.
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  1. CG says:

    O.K. its now Monday a full night to reflect. Their just is no dominate all out great NFL team this year. Any one of ten teams can win it all. The Chiefs are still one of those teams but with no defense, lower end. Its who is ever hot at seasons end. Kinda like baseball, best records don’t always matter in the end. I still think KC will win 12 or more games and win the west, but win it all, uphill.

    We can all get back on the train after Thursdays game with the wounded Raiders, if we win there. It won’t be easy with our team in the hospital, ha. The injuries this year are just massive on most teams, massive. Lets hope Reid and the coaches can fix some of this poor defensive situations.

    • Kerouac says:

      Reiterating what Kerouac has said before, it’s a game of attrition: not so much next man up as last team standing.

      The magnitude of player(s) going down this year a bit unusual compared other seasons. OAK loses Carr/now back still playing hurt, GB loses Rodgers/out for season or gone a long while if even returns, Luck in IND who hasn’t played yet – and those are ‘just’ the QBs, merely the most important position in the game.

      Love him, hate him or be indifferent, take Alex Smith out of the KC offense and see how far they go… down. Kerouac not among the very few think that putting in Mahomes would be magic in lieu tragic, its outcome.

      HOU loses their two best defensive players, DE Watt (best in the entire NFL) and LB Mercilus… would be like the swiss losing their two best (if lesser’s an talent sense) LB ‘Overhype’ Houston and CB ‘Toast’ Peters. Texans also have been playing without their best offensive lineman, 3-time Pro Bowler Duane Brown (yet Deshaun Watson still excels!)

      MIA loses it’s QB… TENN’s QB went out, now playing hurt… SD loses their top 2 draft picks WR & OG… NE loses its best WR for the year… DEN loses an QB and a LB… NYG lose their/NFL’s best WR… CHIC loses it’s best 3 WRS… CAR loses it’s best LB… SEAT loses it’s best/starting offensive lineman for the year in preseason.

      These just the injuries come my mind, am probably missing other examples. As father time, ‘fate’, i.e., good health the NFL, remains undefeated, chancy.

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    I was dead wrong about this game, and will wear it. I thought the Chiefs would roll the Steelers, for the very reason that Glaze pointed out. The Steelers looked like a team who didn’t care and were going through the motions, and on the brink of collapse. Antonio Brown throwing sideline tantrums. Roethlisberger throwing 5 INTs against Jax. LeVeon Bell missing all of training camp and not being up to speed. But the Steelers showed, they still have some fight. Let’s face it, they just have more talent than the Chiefs. Oh sure, Travis Kelce is better than any Steeler tight end…but who cares? Stud tight ends don’t win you a Super Bowl. The Chiefs had NFL HoF’er Tony Gonzalez for years and accomplished DICK. The Steelers have THREE wide receivers that piss all over any WR the Chiefs have on the roster. (Antonio Brown, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Martavis Bryant) LeVeon Bell is a better runningback than anything the Chiefs have. Ben Roethlisberger is still a much better qb than Alex Smith. The Steeler offensive line is better. Their defense is WAAAY better. The Steelers are just a better football team, top to bottom. True, they lose a couple inexplicable games every year. But come nut cuttin’ time, they get it done. Once again, they marched into Camarohead and silenced all the screaming drunk rubes from Independence/Raytown, and waltzed out of Camarohead with a dominating victory. Hell, Mike Tomlin even rubbed in the Chiefs’ fans faces even more in a post game interview where he said the Steelers feel “comfortable” at Camarohead. That’s a true slap in the face. I wholly expect the Chiefs to win the AFC West, and delude their rube fans into thinking they have a chance to make the AFC Championship game. They do not. Chiefs’ fans better get “comfortable” with that fact right now.

  3. Kerouac says:


    ‘Kerouac was right… again’ [ sniff ]

    Sorry sweetie – all hail ‘The Lays Potato Chip of Blogdom’, the ‘Marciano of Mayhem’, deliverer narrative body-shots an perfect since 1970 record predicting doom & gloom annual demise swiss chiefs; man, woman and child but I hate being right all the time.


    ‘The huge hand of fate remains larger Andy’s ever ham-handed’

    Game was lost not so much 4th & goal attempt failed as when swiss ran through the tunnel onto the field… pre-game. Nod William Conrad – “swiss remain ‘the fugitive’ search their own elusive one-armed man, Superbowl”; ‘wait till next year, part 2018, verse 49’


  4. Kerouac says:


    Sunday October 15, 2017 at 4:52 pm

    Kerouac says:

    It’s the halftime report, brought to you by MED-EVAC: when the swiss get pounded into the turf and scream ‘UNCLE!’, we’re there to help them up.

    Ssssssssssss OH NO, WAIT – not THAT! SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS sound of all the air rushing out of the giant puncture wound made in the swiss chiefs balloon courtesy the big boys of Pittsburgh, PA – Steelers.

    No, things are certainly not looking good here in mudville, missouri fellow swiss fans… looks as if Capt. Check-down’s fairy tale clock has struck midnight, while ‘Silent H’ has returned to form, his… pumpkin.

    PITTS RB Leveon Bell with 102 yards all by himself – more than the entire swiss team.
    ‘Silent H’? A penalty & 8 whole yards on 5 touches… yeah, he’s the best in the NFL all right… same Steeler defense rookie JACKS RB Leonard ‘The Freight Train’ Fournette put up 181 yards and a 90 yard td run on.

    There’s much much more to come, but will save that for the swiss post mortem and autopsy, post game.

    Back with second half action in one minute.


  5. Kerouac says:

    “Hey, the Steelers are just better than us. They have been for years.”

    – truer words hath ne’er been spoken… that makes 23 defeats to PITTS in 34 games franchise history. The Steelers do unto us what the Raiders did unto us late 1960’s… POSSESS (modern vernacular… pwnage.)

    Nice ‘honest’ summary, CG… unlike the kool-aid drinkers who post their wishful thinking on here aft wins, but ne’er appear in the darkest hours aft… typical local fandumb.

    Kerouac’s recap with quips and commentary to follow.


  6. Kerouac says:

    With apologies the 10th avenue ‘Ventures’…


    They were never even in the game. Dominated start to finish. A swiss nightmare come fruition. Not merely clock striking midnight turn pumpkins once more, tolling the bell signals each and every annum that, this too will ‘not’ pass… nor be our year.

    * swiss RB ‘k unt’ (the H is Silent/’Silent H’ – the first, er second, er third, er fourth, er fifth, er sixth, er… oh, just another guy comparison elite NFL RB’s, continues find new ways be mediocre. Texans ‘kareemed’ him last week 1.8 ypc a half, while yesterday the Steelers took him behind the woodshed too to the tune 2.3 ypc… 21 yards total.

    Meanwhile, JACK rookie RB Leonard ‘Freight Train’ Fournette put up yet another 130 yards rushing, scoring his all-time NFL rookie record a RB sixth straight td in a game to open his career; now just 34 yards away from taking the lead all NFL rushers.

    PITT Le’Veon Bell the bell cow once more: 179 yards vs the swiss chiefs defense…

    and there was James Harrison blowing up/past swiss LT Fisher another sack…

    kryin kelce the klown’s vacant stare, drops aplenty and no spastic gyrations…

    PP (Pu**y Peters) in denial post game (‘no team comes in here to our house’ and whups/intimidates us. PP… Steelers did just that.

    Capt. Check-down wasn’t looking good but was looking for flags… ‘hey mr. official, why you let those guys hit me today? You never let other teams touch me in every other game. His new nick ‘Mr. Softy’ … he would not have lasted through an single game had he played back 1960’s pro football.

    And so as Hank Starm would say/did: “that’s it boys – that’s it!”, yet another swiss game as season theirs springs a premature leak & bites the proverbial Kansas City dust in the wind… is all they are.

    NFL is, as Kerouac has stated afore, pathetic: ‘no’ team great or really even very good, the case nigh on half a century now… but as the swiss, this rigor of a rite all we have.

    Back soon with the latest on ‘The One’ who got away the swiss… Deshaun Watson.


  7. Libertarian says:

    I’m just glad we got the monkey of undefeated off our back.

    Now for the raiders.

  8. Kerouac says:

    There’s a new sheriff in town, only, he walks the gridiron Houston… Deshaun Watson; the man would’ve been a King, should’ve been a Chief.

    Yeah, he got ‘lucky’ again as green-eyed swiss fandom this/other websites plead. Sure he did/is… heh heh heh. The ‘Man With The Golden Gun’ aka ‘The Watson Throwing Machine’ aka ‘The One’ aka ‘DW 40’ set more NFL records Sunday:

    ‘Only’ rookie QB NFL history throw 3 or more td passes 3 consecutive games.

    15 td passes the most in his first 6 games NFL history a rookie, also ties him for most in NFL history by ANY QB, regardless being veteran or rookie.

    First NFL rookie in history with 225+ yards passing and 20+ rushing in 4 consecutive games.

    With 3 more td passes yesterday (and a receiver also dropped what would have been another of 74 yards for a td) added his 5 vs the swiss and 4 game before that, he now has 15 td passes on the season – best in the NFL for the now best QB all pro football, Deshaun Watson.

    Watson along with CHIC Mitch Trubisky (got his first NFL win) & 49ers CJ Beathard (came into game yesterday to replace the starter) now the best three rookie NFL QB’s.

    Meanwhile, give another rookie QB a ‘Pat’ on the back as he ‘Pines’ away, swiss bench.
    (‘the stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas – but in KC must wait and see, how big a bust Mahomes be!’ – Beathard 1964… Blackledge 1983… Mahomes 2017)

    The comedy 🙂


    Tragedy 🙁

    of swiss football/Kansas City sports…

    • who cares you old man…..we’re chiefs fans….write all you want. Maybe glazo can have youover one game and his dogs can lick you too. hahahahahahahaha

      • Kerouac says:

        “write all you want. ”

        – thanks for the thumbs up (your b*tt – saves the rest of us time having determine your lone area of expertise.)


        – heh heh heh heh heh…




  9. E.H. says:

    The Chiefs are pretty darn good this year..and we’ve got the best coach since Hank Stram. Here’s a couple of reasons to be optimistic:
    1. It’s hard to keep a winning streak going, especially when it’s a 4,5,6 games and beyond.
    2. We just played 3 games in 13 days, something had to give.
    3. The Steelers have REAL stars, REAL playmakers. We were tired and beatup and thus we got beat by 6 lowly points.
    4. We could have won in ugly fashion, which would have hurt us in the long run.
    5. Steelers just came off a humiliating defeat, they had a lot more than us to play for.
    6. Steelers win on the road(3-1), I don’t know why.
    7. The only game that’s meaningful is the Superbowl. And, if you lose that one you still suck. Just ask Buffalo and the Vikes.

    • Phaedrus says:

      They played 3 games in 14 days. Most teams play 3 games in 15 days. Big deal…I really doubt playing on MNF two weeks ago had any impact on this game.

      Nice to see Glaze is his usual manic depressive self when it comes to the Chiefs. Last week they were Super Bowl favorites, this week they are no-good bums.

      What happened to Boomer’s picks??

      • they were posted saturdaynight at 6pm but our esteemed
        admin failed to “approve” them before the gamesstarted.
        You can see them and see the time stamp for my picks
        was saturday night (I waited for all the info on weather/
        lineup chnages etc…things real bettors have been trained to
        do ….except glazo bozo who is now 4-12!!!!!!!
        BOZO IN WEEK ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • E.H. says:

        KC Chiefs, 3 games in 13 days:
        2 Oct – MNF
        8 Oct – SNF
        15 Oct – SUN (day game)
        And now we’re playing a 4th game in 17 days, many teams don’t play 4 games in over 30 days. INSANE.

        • Phaedrus says:

          Math lesson for you:

          If the Chiefs play on 10/2 and 10/3, you say they played 2 games in 2 days. You don’t say they played 2 games in 1 day…that would be stupid.

          By the same logic, there are 14 days between 10/2 and 10/15. So they played 3 games in 14 days and will play 4 games in 18 days.

          Most teams play 4 games in 22 days, not 30 days.

          You’re trying to be clever, but it’s not working.

        • Kerouac says:

          Somebody get a tissue for those poor babies…

          Back in the ‘good old days’ 50 years ago Chiefs 1960’s (as same other pro football teams), ’66 training camp lasted for 37 days (some years even longer): nigh on 1 1/2 MONTHS not 19 days as the swiss 2017 ‘suffered.’

          Two a day PADDED practices were NORM – not today’s limited & non-padded (padded ‘not allowed’ until day 4 training camp, leaving all of 15 days for padded – oh yes, and with this major disclaimer:

          ‘No player can participate in two padded practices in a day, it cannot be for more than 3 hours, must have a 3-hour break in between – and – the second such practice is only for ‘walk-through’ instruction (as in no helmets, full-speed pre-snap BUT, walking pace only post snap.’

          Your 2017 NFLPA/CBA ‘hard at work’.

          As many 7 exhibition games yesteryear – plus an intra-squad game to boot AND case Chiefs a ‘Grocery Bowl’ game pitting KC’s rookies vs another team’s same.

          Today no Grocery Bowl and only 4 games (referred to ‘pre-season’). Add in the lack of ‘live tackling’ training camps, and VIOLA! You get the fine finished product you see weekly NFL games – plenty o’ energy left over for ‘showboatin’ don’t you know, not so much prevent penalties ad nauseam and poor tackling, etc… enjoy.

          That Coach Hank Stram yesteryear played his veterans EVERY game and for an majority of it (not 1 series first game, maybe a half by game 3, then play them not at all game 4) would be ‘abuse’ today’s wussified NFL.

          Yes, this nod the Almighty Buck and fear of injury part & parcel what has turned a once great game into over-expanded ‘no team left behind’ PT Barnum confidence game, an mess wherein 38% of the teams qualify post season; this what passes for pro football today, in lieu the ‘two best’ records facing off end of season, earned over the long haul, no backing in but being ‘the best’.

          Playing as many 23 games by season’s end yesteryear (a playoff game required if 2 teams finished regular season identical record), 2017 still can’t match yesteryear, even with expanded post season games added in.

          Late Chiefs LB Sherrill Headrick (as well other Chiefs) didn’t like it naturally, nod human nature; complained “our legs are shot before the end of the regular season.”
          As KC made 2 Superbowl’s in 4 years that era however, suggests Chiefs were not hurt by it… rather, it helped.

          Today? ‘Wait till next year, part 2017, year 48’ and ever mounting, counting.

          Next NFLPA CBA: we want 3 bye weeks regular season, no padded practices at all training camp & all 32 teams the NFL make post season.

          Make a note of/watch for it.


  10. CG says:



    • Kerouac says:

      Feel your pain, CG ( say that because the ALL CAPS is so very BOOMBOOM; c’mon you’re MUCH better than that/him. As for they/them not better, ever: the swiss… ‘wait till next year’


      Were they a song, Bob Kuban & The In-Men’s ‘The Cheater’, late great Walter Scott lead vocal:

      Haven’t you heard about the team
      known the swiss chief-ers,
      They’ll take your heart and
      then your soul if you let em

      It seems every year now
      You hear people say now

      Look out for the swiss chiefs
      Make way for the Superbowl Champs!
      Look out for the swiss chiefs,
      They gonna build you up just to
      let you dowwwwwwwwwwwwn’…

    • E.H. says:

      We’ve got a much better chance with Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes at the helm. I heard on The Herd the other day that Alex Smith really goes downhill when the cold weather hits. Honestly, I believe it. He’s a very good QB but that don’t cut it in the age of Big Ben, Brady, Rodgers, Mannings, Luck, and now Watson.

      Help us Patrick Mahomes, you’re our only chance.

  11. David Nelson says:

    Who had worse weekend? CG at 0-4 and now 4-14 for the year, or the Chiefs who played terrible and lost by only 6?

    K you can stick it. Go live in your beloved past where a bunch of rich, old men controlled everything and players were underpaid, abused, and stuck on one team forever.

    If the Chiefs don’t win a Super Bowl for another 50 years they will still be my team and I’ll pull for them every week.

    • CG says:

      Yes David, lost all of them, remember they are picks not bets. I think most experts would have agreed with those picks, things happen to change games like Aaron Rogers getting hurt and out of Packers game….but hey no excuse losses are just that.

    • Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

      I like the way you roll, David. Do I think the Chiefs are going to win the Superbowl? No, I don’t. Has that stopped me from enjoying the hell out of their 5-1 start to the season? Why would it? I can criticize and analyze their performance from week to week, but it doesn’t mean I’m not going to root for them. The fact that 31 teams’ season will eventually end with a crushing defeat makes it even MORE important to enjoy the ride.

      The injuries have really started to pile up on offense and that is certainly going to be hard to overcome and continue winning. Hope to see them bounce back against Oakland and not let one loss become two.

      I watched the Royals win in 1985. The 30 years of frustration was completely erased with their 2014 & 2015 seasons. World Champions. Absolutely glorious! Just think what a Superbowl will feel like when that happens.

      Go Chiefs!

      neither k or glazo bozo ever go to a game. They’re too old to get up the
      steps at arrowhead. And glazo like his dogs licking him!
      It’s so stupid….80,000 kc fans (including boom boom) having a great time..
      cheering/laughing/drinking and the too old seniors at home (glaze with his
      apple box entertainment center and unemployed) and k old and washed up
      that he has noone to talk to…that they are such negative people.
      Thye may never get to the super bowl but k will never have a friend and glazo
      will continue to grow old and sad. I got him this week….just a few more weeks of glazo’s picks and then according to our bet he is gone from kcc forever!

    • Kerouac says:

      David Nelson: exhibit #1 PT Barnum’s object lesson…


      • David Nelson says:

        Guess I’m a sucker bc the Chiefs are my hometown team, I root for them, and they have only been to 2 Super Bowls and won 1 in 51 years.

        On the plus side I don’t take pleasure in the disappointment of others like a certain septuagenarian relic – or is it octogenarian Kerouac?

        • Kerouac says:

          Nod Ricky – ‘Poor little fool, OH YEAH’…

          Lighten up, buttercup… you know not Kerouac nor his heart. Neither too have you acknowledged ‘that’ which, many times, I’ve written here before. Une fois de plus, i.e., once more:

          Come here for KC-related information & entertainment – that gleaned as well provided. It is my hometown too –
          likely before you ever took breath one. Reiterate as well, no longer follow pro football out of love, but, rather out of habit… and for the laughs… the indictment of having been born a Chiefs fan.

          We’re this religious song, Dallas Holm ‘And He Died of a Broken Heart’ characterization what happens long-time fan (man) finally decides is no longer an point believing, God form the Chiefs dead & buried (if not risen, case the latter.) Sam Kinison: “yeah, He’s (Chiefs) comin’ back… hoppin’ and skippin’ all the way!”

          Having not lived KC for awhile, venues as KCC provide insight, thus do I visit, participate. Whether you enjoy my presence or contribution is, in a word, immaterial; feel free to (if able) not read, respond to or direct your comments any at or in reference Kerouac – which you initiated this article. If you choose do so, don’t expect Keroauc to ignore it.


          As for the swiss, the team formerly known Chiefs, the old adage – ‘has forgotten more than you’ll ever know’ apropos nod yours truly, a factual statement and not one merely espoused for effect. Don’t know you/what you know, but do know Kerouac… you are out of your league, as it were. I’ve been ‘involved’ the Chiefs since they arrived KC 1963, to include not mere fandom but media-related.

          An regular in Liberty, Mo. their training camp venue the 1960’s, knew many the old time guys, ‘guys’ who were in fact A younger Kerouac’s ‘heroes.’ Post practice, I would accompany a media friend who interviewed the players, most often at a Pizza Hut. ‘Matriculating’ down gridiron life & into adulthood, went to work media myself, part & parcel became ‘expert’ all things Chiefs the era (so much so, made their PR department aware more than once of errors the annual media guides.)

          So say not humbly but with assurance, my knowledge all things Chiefs that era will go up vs ‘anybody’ – you, team PRD, former players or off the street ‘any 22 guy’, types. What Kerouac doesn’t know, no one shy intimate locker room presence or in team meetings thence would know.

          In summary, take not pleasure in nor share any despair re: the current version swiss, formerly known as Chiefs. Rather, Kerouac is a ‘counter’ over-the-top ‘homer-ism’ that typically pervades local online & off thought. Make no mistake however – no one ever loved any team more than I once loved the Chiefs, my relative youth.

          That my choice today is to point out obvious flaws the tack local reportage and deluded fan-dumb, duty. Not bitterness – resignation. Cared not, wouldn’t make the effort. Who knows… perhaps I can dumb myself down enough become one of Barnum’s suckers, as you drink the rah-rah red kool-aid ad nauseam; alas, no… would require me retain zero integrity, ‘lose my religion’ as it were.

          No, acknowledging the truth, one d**n few this website or others admit: KC Chiefs be one the ‘worst’ franchises pro football terms success not measured via Benjamin$; those choose embrace continuing sucker’s tack (now in its 47th season), by all means do so. A Kerouac chooses not do so, your dilemma.

          ‘Wait till next year!’

          Part 2018

          Verse 48



    • Kerouac says:

      (PS) Mom & Dad/Ozzie & Harriet are so disappointed in you, Dave…


    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      That won’t be the only thing you’re “pulling”. LOL at the Chiefs.

  12. CG says:

    Look folks there is no number 1 team in the NFL…Chiefs are still number 1 in power rankings….but there are like 7 teams who could win it all, we are all about even, KC, New England, Steelers, Texans in the AFC….NFC…Panthers, Eagles, Atlanta…perhaps an outside shot would be Washington, Rams, Seahawks ITS UP FOR KC is in the hunt our pedigree stinks for post season so Chiefs are a long shot right now…due to again poor defense, banged up, only one real receiver in Hill and a good not proven great tight end in Kelce…jury is still out on just how good Hunt is for the long run…same with Alex…need more games to prove they are ‘better than good’…so long way to go…

    • E.H. says:

      I guess if we’re honest we just know we lack a QB that can take us all the way.

      Funny side note. Colin Cowherd today ranked KC as the 2nd best team and then said “KC is good enough to win 10,11,12 games. Well, DUH! We’ve already won 5 with 10 to go. If we can’t win half of the remaining games we should be ranked around 18th!

      My prediction is we’ll win 11 games.
      @ Oak L
      Den W
      @ Dal L
      @ NYG L(tough call)
      Buf W
      @ Jets W
      Oak W
      Chargers W
      Mia W
      @ Den L

  13. come on hearne…get with it…I have the timeliest news here..make it public fast…
    K and glazo are both losing to boom boom….let the truth set you free.
    I kicked glazo bozo in football picks this week so get ready to eliminate him from
    your stable of unreliable writers.
    Bring it on glazo….bring your few dollars left…..boom boom isvREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. CG says:

    Oh no the Raiders tomorrow night and starts all over again!!!!!!!

  15. CG says:

    Well a Chiefs loss brought out the haters and lovers…like..K, will never let it go that he thinks no matter what the Royals or Chiefs do they suck…Chiefs still need to be a champ to get over the hump of losers but the Royals K have 4 world series since 1980 2 wins..2 with recent success they have nothing to explain right now…boom boom,harley, jo jo, fake name, fake life guy is a nut and some like to read and laugh, guy wants to compete with me but there several problems with that..he doesn’t exist, he is not a real person, my guess is he is unemployed, older guy, if he is a guy and lives in his moms basement or assisted living somewhere, an old nut case…Chuck seems normal nice guy and most commenters here are decent, most not all.

  16. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Jim a.k.a. BWH,
    You’re thoughts on Bill Self reaching out to Cuonzo Martin for this charity game? Seems every KU fan I run into is seriously red-assed about it, but I’ll be damned if KU didn’t sell out their allotment of tickets faster than MU did. What gives?

    • Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

      Honestly, I’m kind of apathetic about the whole thing. I’m a KU fan in a sea of MU family/friends. Always loved the rivalry no matter what the outcome. I looked forward to the trash-talk on both sides and the good-natured ribbing that came from a win/loss. It will never be what it was for the simple fact that they compete in two different conferences/cultures now.

      Hey, it’s obviously good for the city to have these MU/KU clashes albeit for exhibition. I think Self comes out looking pretty good for extending the olive branch and breaking the glass on the freeze-out.

      Having said all that, I don’t know that KU has much to gain. MU’s program has been down for so long (wins and attendance) that any clamoring on their side for a renewed rivalry has died down to a whisper. Also, I think a majority of KU fans let the rivalry die and moved on.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Appreciate you responding. I too, thought the interest in the rivalry had died out. But then this happens, and tickets are sold out so fast, that the general public can’t get their hands on them. Whether the KU fans who are still red-assed about MU leaving the Big 12 want to admit it or not, there is still massive interest in their own fanbase for this rivalry to continue. Besides, anyone who had anything to do with Mizzou’s move to the SEC is no longer around. Brady Deaton is retired. So is Mike Alden. The vitriol I’ve seen and heard aimed at Bill Self from so-called KU “fans” borders on mentally imbalanced. I don’t get it. I’ve seen in on a number of message boards, and heard it in person at bars and restaraunts. For a school that’s supposed to mean next to nothing to KU fans, Mizzou sure does make them get their panties in a wad.


  18. CG says:

    As you all will read today Chiefs as we know went down in flames last night in Oakland. Once again a gallant effort by Alex Smith and the teams only super star as it was last year, Tyreek Hill. We have learned now that Kareem Hunt is a good back, but not a super back and no not rookie of the year or anything like that..Travis Kelce is Tony G light too often not there when needed. Our defense as we already knew from game one really is terrible and now near last in the NFL in all departments. Means: NO SUPER BOWL, another one and done post season and now we are in a fight to get there. So sorry I was sucker in myself. Look you have but one star on the defense, one, Marcus Peters, nobody else, slow, old in the middle with DJ, and wounded..Houston looks to be a bit worn out himself and we got nothing else…doesn’t work…didn’t draft or bring in anyone to help knowing our D last year was weak so now…we pay…when Pat takes over, we get some new young guys on D, some new O lineman…then in a few years maybe we compete for a super bowl, this year is toast. Perhaps a division win and we can settle for that.

    • Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

      So, Hunt does something that NO other rookie running back has EVER done in the NFL and he’s no longer a candidate for ROTY? Never done. Ever.

      Yeah, he’s not any good.

      • CG says:

        Jim lets see if Hunt continues on this path…the last few weeks he has not been so great…decent, but he is not doing his job…picking up first downs on short yardage…a huge problem, as last year…without that we can’t go very far. Watson is rookie of the year.

    • Kerouac says:

      Yes CG, they are as Kerouac stated ad nauseam ‘swiss’ chiefs: too many holes to plug their dike, unable prevent a flood of drowned expectations once more.

      Pardon Kerouac as he revels in the affirmation of his honest evaluations, now numbering a 48th consecutive season of swiss mediocrity:



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