Glazer: Chiefs Appear Super Bowl Bound

The Sunday Night NFL announcers made it clear that Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith is no longer a game manager, he’s an NFL candidate for Most Valuable Player…

After last night’s performance, although he’s nearing the end of his career, Smith is finally, an Elite quarterback in the NFL.

Smith is without question a top 5 QB this season.

Yes, up with Aaron Rogers and Tom Brady and that new guy Deshaun Watson who leads the AFC with 12 touchdown throws to Alex Smith’s 11.

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Houston Texans on the road by a score of 42-34.

The Chiefs did what was needed to slow down Watson, got a big lead in the first half and didn’t let the Texans have the ball much.

Different story in the second half. Deshaun was unstoppable. He threw bomb after bomb and hit five touchdown throws. And he can run like wind when he needs too.

Problem for him, KC matched his scores even in the second half with Smith hitting everyone is sight. Smith threw for three touchdowns and over 300 yards with no INT’S and zero turnovers.

Travis Kelce had a huge game, maybe his best half as a Chief with 8 catches and 98 tough yards in the first half.

Kelce went out with a concussion at the end of the first half. Worse yet, the emerging mister Chris Conley tore his achilies on an onside kick return. My guess is he is done for the season. Conley is our No. 2 wide out behind Tyreek Hill, who also had a big game with a much needed 82 yard punt return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter to seal the deal.

Hey, the NFL and the networks have to be pleased with picking Kanas City to be the featured NFL team on the big stage this season. They have won all their games where they were the it game at night – two on Thursday Night, one Monday night and now this big win Sunday night

All the games were exciting and KC has to be the darling of NFL fans maybe for the first time ever.

The good news is KC is 5-0, undefeated and is clearly the best team in the NFL today.

Problem: we have 11 games left and injuries are already a major issue.

Our O line is badly banged up and works hard to be average.

We don’t know how long Travis Kelce will be out. Hopefully he can play against the Steelers next Sunday. Chris Conley is almost surely out for the season and we have few wide outs to begin with.

Our defense is not very good stopping the run. We count a bit too much on big play defense instead of dominating the better team’s offense. We have a patchwork linebacking crew led by Justin Houston who now has 5.5 sacks and is the leader of the defense. He too was a bit injured at game’s end.

Our pass defense is great at times, but gives up huge big plays in nearly every game that result in touchdowns. Our offense with all its gimmicks needs to use Tyreek Hill much more as a back to keep our opponents honest and not keying on Hunt and Smith as much.

Overall this big win proves that Kansas City is the AFC Super Bowl rep. until proven otherwise.

The Steelers lost again;  the Pat’s are doing better but their defense is worse than ours and no running game. Oakland is done without their quarterback. Denver is a maybe and the Texans are still a project in motion but I don’t want to play Watson again!

The Chiefs now will fight the injury bugs in order to win the AFC in the end.

Alex Smith did a nice job of using all his tools last night, it may get worse. KC will likely bring in another wide receiver or two. And hey ,how about our new place kicker Harrison Butker, even his kick offs went through the uprights. Nice.

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37 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Appear Super Bowl Bound

  1. BOOM BOOM says:

    you jinxed them you fool. You’re the worst luck. Now stfu and move on. please…
    you’re the jinx the team didnot need.

    • CG says:

      Harley aren’t sick of being ‘RIGHT’ all the time…I jinxed them….uh the Chiefs won and I picked them to win. I know you are never wrong.

      • CG says:

        BOOM BOOM I MAKE MY PICKS TOMORROW FOR COLLEGE AND PRO MOSTLY PRO I’LL PICK 4 OR 5 GAMES YOU DO THE SAME AND I WON’T DO TEASES JUST FOR YOU….so pick games I pick or others…and send them into Hearne for posting which will likely be Saturday am or Friday evening…ok. there you go.

  2. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    Another fun one, CG! Just enjoy each win and don’t get too far ahead of yourself. You hit the nail on the head when you said Smith matched Watson throw for throw. The best QB on the field last night was Smith. Even the stats back that up. No question. We saw a Texans team (and Watson) in a different light once they were chasing points all game instead of playing with a lead.

    Can we stop talking about the Superbowl after Week 5? It’s a loooooong season!

  3. CG says:

    Well finally had an ok pick week, two nfl wins and a tie/push on college with one game tied with my pick and winning the other but thats a push, you don’t win you don’t lose on a tie, still 2-0 with kc pick and packers decent…

    • David Nelson says:


      “This is a big game and a pick ’em. For me it’s a no bet, to (sic) hard to call. I love our Chiefs and want them to win. So because of that…gulp…Chiefs 28-24.”

      You called NO BET.

      Also, I could not find one site that had Clemson favored by less than 21 points at any time during the week. Looks like you snuck a point in there to claim a push. I’d give you 1-1 for the weekend – putting you at 4-10 for the year. If you are going to make a fuss about then 5-9 if you were 2-0 for last week. Getting to .500 is going to be really tough for you.

    • BOOM BOOM says:


    • BOOM BOOM says:

      what about stanfords?

  4. BOOM BOOM says:


    • CG says:

      As written months back and in KC Star Stanfords took a location downtown on Walnut, we are ready to open now, but waiting on license from the powers to be.

  5. E.H. says:

    Great game by the Chiefs, it seems we play them every year at their house and you never know for sure if KC will win.

    So yeah happy about the Chiefs win but after watching a lot of football Sunday I still realize that KC can’t go deep with Alex Smith. Sure, he’s playing great but he’s got some awesome weapons doing the work. Alex is not Aaron Rogers. Alex is not Tom Brady. Heck, Alex isn’t even a Deshaun Watson. Alex Smith is plain ole’ Alex Smith. In a nutshell, we’re going to have to go with Mahomes next year, otherwise we’ll still always be one and done in the playoffs.

    • CG says:

      E.H. I don’t blame you for taking that position, I have myself…Alex dosen’t show us the ‘it’ factor … Brady does and Aaron does…but maybe, just maybe he will be the man this year…I hope so…we KC fans deserve a super bowl…so I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt for now…lets hope this year is different…but yeah I’m not confident…I don’t like that all our wins are games that could go either way on one play…no dominance by KC yet…

      • E.H. says:

        Just think, Alex Smith is about HALF the QB that Big Ben has been over the last 12-13 seasons. And Big Ben is about HALF the QB that Tom Brady has been. That’s why we lose in the playoffs, if it’s not Big Ben, Peyton Manning, or Andrew Luck, then it’s Tom Brady who shows us what an elite QB is like. I’m all for Alex getting this one last chance to take us to the promised land but when we get to the playoffs we’re going to go up against Brady again..and it won’t end as well as the outcome against the Pats last month. The new way for the Chiefs is just what Houston has done. Go through QB after QB until you get a Deshaun Watson. Mahomes is the first step in the right direction, if not him, then someone else until we get it right.

        I’m still rooting for Andy Reid, Alex Smith, and all the rest of the Chiefs..but we know we need a better QB unless everyone bows out this year.

        • CG says:

          Hard to argue with you on that one, but yes maybe Alex will surprise us and the NFL this season…we have a few months left to find out.

          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            Ben Roethlisberger is playing like he’d rather be on a golf course. He’s looked awful this year. The Chiefs likely beat the Steelers in this game.

  6. Kerouac says:

    The NFL ‘buzzing’ (as kelce the klown’s head full butterflies, if nothing else ) over the latest performance ‘DESHAUN WATSON! ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’, ‘A Star is Born’, The One’ and other appropos nick’s befitting his stunning ‘pick the swiss apart by the numbers’ performance last night!

    Yeah, he got lucky…. two weeks in a row. Deshaun – you not could be Dodge Material, and just as certain you’re Hall of Fame bound!

    Last week Watson tied an all-time NFL record for tds in a single game by a rookie QB (only rookie Gale Sayers – Hall of Famer – ever put up more tds an game, 6). Deshaun led his team to 57 points – another team record – and closed the case if ever there was any debate or doubt as to who the best rookie QB/rookie any the NFL draft was.

    This rate, Watson will break another Hall of Fame QB’s single-season rookie td pass mark, Dan Marino’s 48!

    patrick who? ‘Pine’ – the man with no footwork – is collecting one of the finest sets of splinters in pro football history/R.I.P. career. For that matter kareem who? too. Best rookie RB NFL resides Jacksonville, coming on like a freight train: Jaguars Leonard ‘the NFL is easy’ Fournette: his 5 tds, a 181 yard game & a 90 yard td run all superior the swiss ‘Silent H’ season bests. Now runnerup to Watson as ROY (unlike ‘Silent H’, who was ‘kareemed’ by a HOU Texans defense that was missing its two best players.)

    Back to ‘The Man’, Deshaun Watson: reading various homer-websites this morn, what stands out most the green-eyed envy has gotten hold of local swiss fandom re: Watson shooting holes in our defense. Mark Twain was talking about KC, both sides the river, as in ‘denial ain’t just in Egypt’ – nod Kerouac, ‘it runs straight through the heart KC.’

    A typical sample: “Yeah, well… uhh… he got lucky!?” Yup, just dumb luck. 9 td passes the last two games & now leading ‘all’ AFC QB’s (including our man Cap’t Checkdown) with 12, just 1 behind another future Hall of Famer same, NFL leader Aaron Rodgers.
    As ‘your old pardner’ Bill Grigsby would say… it was a BEA-UTIFUL thing to behold – Watson getting lucky 5 times.

    Why, smith only got lucky 3 times & ‘Silent’ H didn’t manage get lucky even once (got kareemed by the Texans, a laughable 1.8 ypc 1st half & well sub-average 3.6 end of the game despite an plethora of touches, 32 all told, equating ‘the thing NFL journeyman RB’s are made of’. As Todd Haley wouldst say – “I can go out on the street and find 22 guys who can average 3.6 yards per carry”, aka the poor man’s Fournette.

    Back to our man Deshaun, Kerouac foretold it before the draft & has been reaffirmed every step the way since: we took the wrong QB. ‘Pine’ Mahomes will live & die there for no less the next 1 1/2 years & and looks to be well on his way being Pete Beathard 2.0… traded away due (like Pete) being unable unseat a checkdown QB like Smith is and Dawson was, though Len was also a bomb thrower too when needed. Last night, Watson bombed the swiss 3 LONG bombs a 34 td, 42 and 48 td; Cap’t Checkdown’s lone completion any measure 38 yards, no td, even that was questionable as tyweak was out of bounds on said.

    The swiss battle-cry 2017 is REMEMBER 2013! Year a 9-0 start evaporated into a 4-3 finish next 7 games, 4-4 aft yet another one & done post season; the encore is on tap.


  7. Kerouac says:


    ‘Can ATL stay undefeated? Probably, despite what the standings say’… (even here in KC, we don’t believe the swiss will)


    ‘If it doesn’t fit, you must sit’… (and admit the starting QB hat is too big… BUST)


  8. Duke says:

    But ATL is not undefeated.

  9. Kerouac says:

    NFL Rookie QBs comparison through 5 weeks

    HOU / Watson 145 90 1,072 12/4 62.1% 7.4 ypa 48td PASS… drafted # 12 overall
    22 179 2 8.1 49td RUSH
    * Canton-bound 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    CHIC / Trubisky 25 12 128 1/1 48.0% 5.12 ypa 20td PASS… drafted # 2 overall
    3 22 0 7.7 13 RUSH
    * Future star in the making 🙂

    CLEV / Kizer 159 81 851 3/9 50.9% 5.4 ypa 38 PASS… drafted # 52 overall
    28 126 2 4.5 18 RUSH
    * Waiter, check please 🙁

    KC / Mahomes 0 0 0 0/0 00.0% 0.0 ypa 0 PASS drafted # 10 overall
    0 0 0 0.0 0 RUSH
    * For the price of 2 #1’s & a #3, expected more than a QB makes who Parton, Mansfield & Ekberg look flat-chested :’-( :’-( :’-( :’-( :’-(

    The boulevard of broken dreams: Beathard 1964… Blackledge 1983… Mahomes 2017… ?????? 2019

    • Goose13 says:

      Texans 2-3.
      Chiefs 5-0.
      You can take Watson and his record. I’m good with Smith.

      • Kerouac says:

        And you may have 1970… half a century of swiss woe.


        • Goose13 says:

          I don’t give a damn about 1970 dumb ass. You are the one keep bringing it up.
          2017 bitch. Chiefs 5-0. Houston 2-3.

          • Kerouac says:

            Having a bad half century, are you? Condolences.

            And when Kerouac has them, he ‘really’ has them.


          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            Do they give out trophies for being 5-0? No? Then who cares. Until the Chiefs make the Super Bowl, it’s all just pretty window dressing for the local rubes. I’ve seen this movie before.

  10. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    As an engineer, I favor math/facts over opinion. You can have the latter, but you aren’t entitled to make up the former.

    Best record and the best running back in the league. Fact.

    Oakland is………..well, Oakland. On a 3-game skid and facing the woeful Bolts this Sunday. Could they BOTH lose?

    Chargers (wherever they’re playing these days)……….season over. RB Oliver, once declared “the best RB on the field” has 58 total rushing yards and ZERO TD’s. But hey, thanks for playing along.

    Denver is a bit of a wildcard. They are 3-1 but have only played one game on the road and they lost.

    It’s a 2-team race in the AFC West at the moment and appears it’s going to stay that way all year. Chiefs definitely in the driver’s seat.

    Go Chiefs!

    • Kerouac says:

      PT Barnum was right… ‘this is our year!’ (part 2017, verse 48… wash, rinse, repeat, ad nauseam, ad infinitum)…

      Nod Leonard Pinth-Garnell, his critique of the swiss ‘Bad football Theater’ –
      like a Broadway stage play which should have closed opening night: “There now – that wasn’t very good, was it?” Were the swiss a musical, soundtrack theirs ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’s closing number, ‘As We Stumble Along.’

      Or, this apropos sign-off William Dozier, narrator 1960’s ‘Batman’ tv show close each & every exciting week, same KC’s ‘camp’ football comedy:

      “Will the swiss finally replace excuses with results?

      Will bluster theirs, media and fandom finally translate success, in lieu half a century’s worth wandering the football wilderness – week, after month, after year, after decade, after half century the team & city that cried wolf? Tune in next year… SAAAAAAAME bad time, SAAAAAAAME bad channel!”


    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      LOL! LeVeon Bell just showed you who the best running back STILL is in the league. And it isn’t Hunt.

  11. Kerouac says:

    Speaking of ‘buzz’ (the swiss ‘wait till next year’ part 2017 verse 48 season, inside kelce the klown’s head, the flies that follow lance & harley around, etc…)

    Deja vu: Carlos and Smith raising the black fist Olympics/anthem 1968 with heads hung. Half an century later, their ilk are still doing it; yeah, mission accomplished, we’ll leave the lights on for you (and for the swiss, waiting their ‘pot o gold’ end the Superbowl rainbow, same.)

    Another buzz, a busy bee, savior you and me: the pro athlete, public ‘face’ of the poor, spokesmen for the oppressed America. Exhibit #22 Kansas City Chiefs Marcus Peters.

    Demonstrative off the field (head hung low in shame, black fist raised) nigh on useless upon it (3 td passes allowed the last two weeks and a continuing penchant for tackling opponents with all the vigor of a teenage girl same tackling her homework): KC’s ‘face’ earns $1.3 mill according reported figures… the sjw feels your pain, theirs and mine.

    Watching games, appears he has lots to say to officials on (penalties), and afterward to the media off (his two-cents); not much to speak of either case in terms ‘success’ – nor on the gridiron, where he’s not getting the job done either. Mix with sideline tantrums and plenty of lip for fans (all that ‘goodwill’ created; one can surmise KC management appreciates it too), and Peters has become a total liability.

    Conclusion: a prima donna who needs to demonstrate ‘less talk’ and ‘more action.’
    Prediction: he’s not long for KC (can only hope)/will be traded some point, maybe released. Good riddance. Let multi-faceted #22’s ‘work’ continue… another venue.

  12. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    All window dressing. We’ve seen regular season success by the Chiefs a ton of times. Wake me when they actually make the Super Bowl. Then I’ll pay attention. Otherwise, this is just a 16 week rerun.

    • Kerouac says:

      Don’t burst the kool-aid drinkers bubble… as green-eyed imagination, it’s all they have.


  13. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    “we KC fans deserve a super bowl” – CG

    Come on. As Clint Eastwood said in “Unforgiven” when he was about to blow Little Bill’s head off and Bill said “I don’t deserve to die like this” and Eastwood’s character replied “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.”

    KC fans don’t “deserve” a damn Super Bowl any more than fans of Cinci, Atlanta, NY Jets, etc…

    • E.H. says:

      The Chiefs fans deserve something, especially if they spent their money on those horrible starter jackets back in the 90’s!

  14. Doctor Gee says:

    Before everyone starts looking for something to slice their wrists with here? It would pay to remember something:
    1) The cardinal rule for the NFL when someone is injured? “Next Man Up”! regardless of who gets hurt, the next player has to step in/up and do the job. No point in “If we only had [insert name]…” kind of thinking.
    2) It also helps to remember that in 1969, starting QB Len Dawson missed SIX regular season games with a knee injury…in game #2! An unknown backup named Mike Livingston stepped up – he started six games (all victories), threw for 1,123 yards, was 84 of 161, with four touchdowns. The rest…with Dawson back at the helm…is history!

    Bottom Line: Stop and take a damn breath! (That includes you Craig) We’ll either weather these injuries or we won’t. No point in the hand-wringing.

    • CG says:

      Yep you are correct….Chiefs find ways to get to the post season and never do anything so I guess we have a long wait.

      • Kerouac says:

        The view from outside the City of Fountains not so rosy red…

        Just as no one outside KC believes Smith was anywhere near as impressive as Watson last Monday Night (5 tds trumps 3 every day of the week), so too do they not believe Hunt (aka ‘Silent’ H) is the best RB in the NFL.

        In fact, the swiss overhype isn’t even top 5 according fandom at large – nor is he the preferred rookie RB (that would be Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette, who put up 181 yards,a td and a 90 yard run vs PITT; let’s see how ‘Silent H’ does Sunday, comparison.)

        To wit, at the time of Kerouac’s post, no less than ‘5’ other RB’s are preferred to him: (see results at link below)

        … so much for the homer-istic view, confines KC.


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