Glazer: Scribe Saddles Up for Big Comeback

ESPN said it best, “Right now Kansas City is by far the best team in the NFL, period.”

Wow. Haven’t heard that since the Marty days.

Of course as we all know, it never became true. The Chiefs were on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1995 with Steve Bono and crew but fell well short of a Super Bowl or even an AFC title game.

They did have a league best 13-3 record.

The Chiefs had three 13-3 records in the 90’s and once with coach Dick Vermeil in 2003. Still they never made even the AFC title game.

This is the reason the media and observers look down on our Chief.

We’ve been a low level play-off team at best: overrated.

But maybe not this time with with a league leading rusher and scorer Kareem Hunt at tail back, Tyreek Hill at wide out and Travis Kelce at tight end. Add to that a promising No. 2 wide receiver in Chris Conley and perhaps Alex Smith becoming a top notch quarterback.

Can KC can get to the promised land?


The AFC West boasts the best three teams in one division with all three undefeated…Kansas City, Oakland and now Denver – big surprise.

The Chargers are 0-2 but lost both games after failing to make late game short field goals, so they could also be 2-0.

It’s a tough group and could put three teams in the post season.

I think two will make it – Oakland and the Chiefs – but I’m still not convinced on Denver yet.

Another nice thing for our Chiefs: several teams that looked great that we will play on the road, now don’t.

Most notably the New York Giants now 0-2, Dallas now 1-1 with a bad loss to Denver.

We face the Steelers and the Raiders twice and both are Super Bowl contenders and highly rated now.

And let’s not forget we walked on the Patriots and Tom Brady two weeks ago. So yes, the Chiefs are impressive today.

ESPN also said this, “The problem with KC is Alex Smith is going downfield, he is taking chances and winning. We believe he will return to his old self soon, being too cautious, too conservative and not able to beat the big boys at season’s end”

Well, we shall see.

The other factor is health.

Who is healthy come games 12-16 and the playoffs. We can’t afford to lose Derrick Johnson or Justin Houston again.


I like KC over Chargers 34-21.

As for our area college teams, MU and KU will struggle to keep their coaches jobs at seasons end. I no longer think MU can be a bowl team. K-State went down and is not likely to compete for a Big 12 title – a low bowl is their best bet.

My picks sucked week one and two lets do better starting now!


Michigan -4 over Purdue on a tease with OSU -6 1/2 over TUC


KC +3 over Chargers on a tease with Oakland +3 over Washington

Eagles even over Giants on a tease with KC +3 over Chargers.
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6 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Saddles Up for Big Comeback

  1. Kerouac says:

    “ESPN said it best, “Right now Kansas City is by far the best team in the NFL, period.”

    – others say differently: Oakland first, even New England still getting #1 votes despite their game one loss. ESPN also said it worst, nod the following (and many more quips over time that are unprintable):

    “Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.” – Joe Theismann, ESPN pro football

    “Hawaii doesn’t win many games in the United States.” – Lee Corso, ESPN college football

    “It looks like there’s a fag down in the end zone!” – Tom Hammond, ESPN college football


    – well, it’s a more politically correct world today CG… unfortunate, because the thing missing is not less, rather ‘more’ color sans the political correctness, example the late player/broadcaster Tug McGraw who, asked his preference grass or Astroturf replied: “I don’t know… I never smoked any Astroturf.”

    “Haven’t heard that since the Marty days.””

    – not in need ‘Miracle Ear’ nor possessed the pleading eyes inferiority complex driven local fandom KC, Kerouac does not recall ever hearing “by far the best team” any year franchise history Chiefs, at least outside homer-ville.

    Not even their lone serendipity 1969, tainted one year only special post season format, 1st place 12-1-1 Raiders having beaten the ‘wild card’ second place 11-3 Chiefs twice in three games and lost only two games all season, compared to KC’s three. Best team on January 11, 1970 vs Minnesota: Chiefs, 23-7, yes; rematch loss less eight months aft in Minneapolis, KC not even in the conversation: 27-10 result, a loss to the Vikings.

    Were ESPN to broadcast Sunday’s LA/KC game:

    ‘Welcome to the retro-fitted home of the newest NFL team in Los Angeles and current old home Major League Soccer’s Galaxy since 2003: formerly the Home Depot Center but now ‘majestic’ 27,000 seat capacity strong ‘Stub Hub Center’ where today, the San Diego Chargers of Los Angeles face the Kansas City Chiefs of Missouri.’

    ‘Hi everybody, I’m Mike & I’ll be calling today’s game. I’d like to introduce my partner and colored man behind the mike, Mike, & also our colorless sideline reporter… Mike.
    Booth Mike, what do ‘you’ expect in today’s game?’

    ‘Well lead Mike, there are two Kansas City’s, one in Missouri and the other in Kansas, but only one winner will emerge today’s game and it could be Los Angeles, unless we have a tie.’

    ‘Right. Alright booth Mike, always a fine report. Now let’s go down on the field to talk with our other affirmative action hire, sideline Mike.’


    ‘Mike? Mike Are you there? Come in, Mike?’


    ‘Well, sideline Mike and his mike is apparently sidelined. So booth Mike, hopefully we have a sell out for today’s game these 58 year rivals neither of whom has been relevant for literally decades. For perspective, 1994’s Superbowl participant formerly San Diego now Los Angeles yet more formerly still in Los Angeles the very beginning before they became San Diego’s Chargers 1961 (deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath) and 1970 Superbowl participant Kansas City by way Dallas formerly the Texans but later become Chiefs.


    ‘Anything to add, anything at all sideline Mike – can you help me out here?’


    ‘Well we’re almost ready for the coin toss and kickoff and are expecting a terrific game here today folks because well… we have some three hours to fill and it would certainly help if these two perennial also-ran’s afield offered a pulse.’

    ‘Back in a minute after these messages with the opening kickoff & our score tied: Los Angeles 7 and Kansas City 0.’

    @ Chargers 27
    swiss chiefs 24


    • CG says:

      K funny stuff, the Chiefs do win of their games over the last 4 always predict a loss on every game…doesn’t work.

      Chiefs should handle these guys…but you never know.

  2. NFL is still a thing? says:

    Wait….in 2017 people still watch the NFL??????? The Take a Knee League? What a bunch of losers.

  3. CG says:

    I am picking better now, looks like a 2 of 3 week, with Oakland playing soon, I think they will defeat or cover on the Skins and I will be 2-1 this week. Chiefs won but are starting to look like last years team, save Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill…defense is needing big plays and the other teams penalties to stop drives, not dominant against run or pass…offense is not there, save a few big plays usually as today set up by the defense…Hunt is the offense, but we are 3-0 and in many observers eyes the leagues best. I’ll take it.

    • CG says:

      Wow Oakland lost late last night to the Skins so I went 1-2 again…so Chiefs have to be ranked the AFC’s number one team.

  4. Kerouac says:

    Best of the Worst: NFL Week 3
    There’s a new best team in the NFL today, and it’s no longer the Oakland Raiders… all hail the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons remained perfect on the season, defeating the previously undefeated Lions in Detroit 30-26. Now 3-0 including a win over the NFL’s best QB today and perhaps ever, Aaron Rodgers, the 2016 Superbowl Falcons continue to excel 2017. Just as Atlanta was the NFL’s best last season, its own unforced errors gifting an inferior New England team with what should have been Atlanta’s Vince Lombardi Trophy, the Falcons are flying high once more if vs that sorry lot known as the parity-driven NFL, 32 teams equally mediocre and on any particular day no better than any opponent, even win-less ones.
    Speaking of which, the NFL’s worst team 2017 the LA Chargers could not be shook by the perennial pretenders Kansas City, a one score margin till near the end of the game. Chargers injuries, including to their best player and best RB in the AFC West, Melvin Gordon, made things too easy for the overhyped Chiefs, who nevertheless still had to struggle all day facing the win-less Chargers, who everybody beats as noted. Elsewhere, was ‘die media’ – Latin for ‘mediocre Sunday’ terms level of play AFC West teams. The division’s top team Oakland lost as did second best Denver so after three weeks things are fairly even terms power rankings, Oakland, Denver and Kansas City on top a virtual tie, edge to OAK & DEN due their greater overall strength of schedule to date.
    For Kansas City fans, the day around the NFL also affirmed locals greatest fear: Chiefs have yet to play or beat anybody of substance, 2017. That PHIL needed a miracle to beat a win-less NY Giants team gives credence to the fact the Eagles, who were every inch the equal of Kansas City a week before, are not very good like the Giants. Meanwhile, the Patriots, who likewise had to struggle to get past the equally poor HOU Texans, in New England, vs a rookie QB, are clearly not what they once were, no better a also-ran in a league chock full of them, all 32 in actuality, this year as every since illegitimate results 1969 and the merger which followed 1970 and to date, affirm.
    Speaking of PHIL, the best day by an NFL rookie by Eagles kicker Jake Elliott, who nailed a game-winning 61 yard field final play regulation, far away from the cozy confines indoor no-wind venue or outdoor rarified air. Honorable mention goes Texans QB Deshaun Watson, who has become not only a starter but a star while more overhyped rookie QB’s continue to grab splinters (Patrick ‘Pine’ Mahomes comes to mind.) Starting only his second game after winning his first and playing the most important & difficult position on the field, behind an offensive line that rivals Claude Rains ‘Invisible Man’ as a unit (calling it a ‘unit’ is being philanthropic), Watson had the Patriots beat but his Texan defense could not match his own play. Three weeks into his career, Watson looks well on his way to NFL Rookie of the Year honors. On the veteran front, best day award goes the ever & always #12 Wonder the NFL world Aaron Rodgers, who nigh on single-handedly climbed a mountain to lead the Packers to a comeback victory after being down two touchdowns at halftime.
    Closing with one more look at the swiss: Chargers outgained them on offense (which means the LA defense was also superior to KC’s), and save for one long fluke play totally dominated the swiss offense. On a positive not, Kelce the Klown was silent (thot maybe he was being used as a blocker until the tv affirmed he was actually only doing what he is capable of – holding, and another penalty his – while being held in check not only by the Chargers D (1 catch for 1 yard), but by a guilty conscience, hopefully (no juvenile antics for one game the inverse tantamount a torrential downpour LA.) Not to be out prima donna’d, ‘Toast’ Peters stepped into the breech to draw an unsportsmanlike penalty, and he was also seen celebrating himself near the sideline (instead of blocking for a teammate aft the latter made an apparent interception, later overturned on review.) Having watched #22 for the last two seasons and now a third, his best attribute appears to be a combination of pouting, taunting, raising his fist and/or head lowered and fist raised while sulking on the bench during National Anthem – and also being averse to any contact at all on the field, as in ‘he doesn’t actually tackle’… anybody. Ever (is a name for that which rhymes with a lower part the female anatomy.)
    Final thots: no surprise a lack of discipline continues to permeate the swiss: not only are a number their players at the top of the list for most disrespectful show-boaties in the NFL, the swiss also lead the league in penalties as mentioned numerous times today on the broadcast, affirming that in Kansas City they spell team ‘hey – look at me everybody!’ and may have to consider changing the club’s name to the Kansas City ’Individuals’ instead the original nod a late politician.
    Upshot: Kerouac still waiting to be impressed by the swiss… still no confidence they indicate anything more what they have almost half a century… a slipper wearer and coach rider that every midnight without fail, turns back pumpkin when post season separates the boys from the men.


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