Glazer: Royals Stay Loyal & End Up With Zip

Most KC Royals observers concluded by mid May that they sucked…

That while they might bounce back and be average, they were not good enough to be a playoff team.  And that they should upload Eric Hosmer, Moose, Cain and other soon-to-depart stars in order to get something for them before they will leave next year.

For the record, I too was on that boat.

However, when the Royals played well in July and got back into the hunt they abandoned that strategy.

GM Dayton Moore‘s hope of a power offense with home runs came true. My God, with seven hitters with over 10 home runs. Yikes!

The problem: No pitching.

Yes, Jason Vargas for a bit, but that’s all but over now. Meanwhile the power has faded somewhat and the Royals are just an average team going nowhere again. In the end, they’re probably just  a .500 team without even even a wild card. Damn.

So did Moore and our Walmart owners blow it?


As far as trade bait, perhaps only Hosmer mattered much.

Many see Moose as a one time wonder with his 35 home runs!

Eric is legit with a .315 average, 20 home runs and a bright future in New York on a winning team. Yeah, and he will help them.

So he gets his $125 plus million contract. The rest are question marks, even Moose.

So we might have gotten only a bunch of future draft picks, some money and a name or two overall. But that’s heckuva lot better than ZERO. Which is what we get now.

The fans wanted one more shot at a deep run and they got it.

Danny Duffy was perhaps the key – because when he got hurt and her not effective after that injury.

That and no big bullpen anymore mean no playoffs.

As we are told, pitching is everything!

And so it is.

Now its back to waiting for next year and our position star is WHIT MERRIFIELD.

That and yes, Sal.

Will we see another World Series in our lives from the Royals? I guess that depends on how long you live. But probably not while David Glass is alive and Dayton Moore our general manager.

Now about those Chiefs….
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14 Responses to Glazer: Royals Stay Loyal & End Up With Zip

  1. Kerouac says:

    “Now its back to waiting for next year and our position star is WHIT MERRIFIELD.”

    – you’ve discovered the enemy, CG: verisimilitude, i.e., reality: fraudroyals are fini…

    “Now about those Chiefs….”

    – they’re Superbowl bound, Hill is Jerry Rice, Hunt is Emmitt Smith and Mahomes is Brett Favre – in fact the latter guy’s going to the Hall of Fame, and probably this year.

    Read it on that bastion truth & objectivity, Narrowhead Pride. Course, the swiss as the referenced trio will need an admission ticket like everyone else, because as always, the devil is in the details… part 2017, verse 48.


  2. E.H. says:

    The good news is we beat the Indians today(Sunday) and we’re only 1.5 games back for the 2nd Wildcard. We really had a very good 3 month run from 1 May to the end of July..I think for 2 months we were the hottest team in the majors, at least in the top 3. Right now we’re without Salvy and we’re barely keeping our heads above water. I think our pitching is ranked 7th in the AL and our offense is around 10th.

    Yes, we’re considerably watered down from our 2014/2015 banner years but it does look like Yost has enough talent to get us one of the Wildcard spots. I wouldn’t be so optimistic if we were 5 games back but we’re not. Go KC!

  3. boom boom says:

    thanks glazer for the “downer” article which means the royals should go on a winning
    streak now.
    How come a guy like hearne, a civic minded lawrencian has allowed youto continiue
    to write for this boring blog is beyond Boom Boom.
    So based on your horrid record for these many years and your ability to kill any
    positive energy on a team….i would expect your jinx to continue.
    Again..there were shootings in westport and deaths….problems at the p and l….
    even an article on the insanity of the solar eclipse would have been more interesting than another carbon copy article about the royals (your articles are always the same
    and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring with no real facts or information we don’t already know or couldn’t find months ago on sportscenter or in the star) so please close the keyboard and walk away from kcc foreveer.
    What about the articles about the talent at your comedy store. Last week we watched
    comedy central and were laughing on the floor. Comedy has returned to tv so we’ll
    see comedy shops go the way of blockbuster/sears and jc pennys. Hopefully not because there is a huge market for comedy live on stage it’s just we never know who’se at stanfords anymore.
    And an article about the talent at your place is far superior to another zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring royals or chiefs article on kcc. Hey…whathappened to the
    midget wrestlers?
    But we still love ya glazer. Y ou’re still hanging in there despite the number of kcc
    come on hearne….you can do bettter.

    • CG says:

      Harley we have lasted nearly 50 years in comedy and have a new spot opening downtown…comedy and night club…so the beat moves on….I don’t think much of the Royals but the Chiefs could be exciting…hope so.

      • boom boom says:

        good idea for you glaze. I like the idea of a comedy place downtown. 20,000 more people have moved downtown with the light buildings and so much loft/apartment construction going on it could be a winner. Howerver…you have to understand the predominant market there are millenials who don’t go out like previous geneerations. They would rather stream the 10 or
        20 comedy channels on their tvs and watch it at home. it could be a good move. You have to bring in the comics
        they know…forget jj walker (he’s big with older crowd)…
        I had chance to talk with a promoter who’s been in the business for 45 years last week. He said live comedy is dead because the newer/younger crowd didn’t get it. He did say that older adults still love the comedians so locating in downtown, where few older adults reside might force you to “bring” them in from outside the downtown area. But regardless…hopefully it works well for you.
        But on the sports side…the very next day after you write a
        stinging article about the royals your words are proven wrong…voila…they win and beat cleveland only losing a game to them in the division during this series.
        Maybe you should keep up the negative/hateful articles on the
        royals and we’ll end up winning the world series.
        You know nothing about sports so keep on getting hearne to let you fill his site with negative articles and who knows…maybe the royals will pull it out.
        Good luck downtown….will the legends stay open? Your friend Boom boom….p.s…..chiefs looked awwesome. Imagine if they had kept macline and that receiving corps would rank as one of best in the nfl.
        But now naacp and blacks threaten to boycott nfl. It’s always something stupid going on. But saw 12 browns kneeled during national anthem. WTF is going on? Pure lunacy!

      • boom boom says:

        BOOM BOOM KO’S THE GLAZE HAZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        BOOM BOOM KO’S THE GLAZO BOZO.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        BOOM BOOM DOES IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Read again how BOOM BOOM buries the glaze.
        glaze writes downer story on royals after losing 2 to indians.
        BOOM BOOM calls glazo A JINX……BUT RIGHT AFTER
        SO WHAT HAPPENS….ROYALS WIN THREE STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Please glazo…i’ll never bring up your toupe again if you
        keep writing negative stories about the royals and chiefs.
        You did this in 2014/2015 consistently and Boom Boom
        was right.
        Keep those negative articles coming glazo….BOOM BOOM
        LOVES THEM…
        And maybe we make the playoffs and world series.
        Do you civic duty glaze and keep writing those stories.
        DAYTON AND MR. GLASS REALLY APPRECIATE WHAT YOU’RE DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rainbow Man says:

    Dayton Moore made a terrible decision with Alex Gordon. They just had to have their white guy from Nebraska locked down. With that money they could have brought in 2-3 pitchers. Also.. I don’t understand why Dayton Moore is regarded as locked into KC for life. He will probably leave while he still has market value.

  5. Phaedrus says:

    The prospects they would have received for Hosmer, Moose, Cain, etc likely would not amount to anything. Look at the players the Royals traded for Cueto & Zobrist.

    They might as well go for it this year. Trades or no trades, they won’t be competing for the playoffs again for quite a few years.

    And I’m sorry to hear about your friend.

  6. CG says:

    Royals are heating up again. Walk off from Hosmer gets the blood flowing. Sal is back. I give up this team is so up and down who knows what the hell they will end up doing. For KC fans sake hope they continue to do well.

  7. Kerouac says:

    Some dare call it ‘progress’… from the heights ‘creme de la creme’ to the depths ‘no team left behind’: comparing AL MLB standings 50 years ago 1967 with the current standings and state of affairs 2017.

    1967 FINAL

    R Sox 92-70
    Tigers 91-71
    Twins 91-71
    W Sox 89-73
    Angels 84-77

    1967, Red Sox went to the World Series, no other pretender including 2 teams that finished but a single game back was gifted with undeserved entry into post season. Then, ‘best’ meant just that – no watering down of the product in deference profit$.

    2017: like a drowning man clings to the idea shipwreck, MLB tosses an life preserver at them, fleecing the game while pulling the wool over the eyes the $heep be fandom their crummy teams. The stragglers & also rans whose followers grasp at the device, the possibility say – ‘we made post season! We have a chance reach the World Series!’

    For every ’85 Denkinger Royals and Miracle on Ice same, Goliath kicks David’s a** no less than 9 times out of 10. To suspend disbelief even once, tamper with it, diminishes legitimacy… even once be one too many.

    2017’s reality, nee no-merit morass

    The top team

    Astros 77-50

    and the 4 pretenders

    R Sox 73-54
    Indians 70-56
    Yankees 68-58
    Twins 65-62

    The stragglers and also rans other, et al

    Angels 65-63
    Mariners 65-63
    Royals 64-62
    Rangers 64-63

    In a better world, season ended today the Astros represent the AL in the World Series, proven over the course a complete season’s worth of battles won, the majority thereof. Fraudulent sports world reigns today, 60% of all teams – 9 of 15 – continues to suck air via an oxygen tank life provided courtesy the teat MLB.



    As Kerouac has stated afore, the day draws nigh/is almost here when ‘every’ team will make post season due economic $urvival alone… why not just do so already, seeing as the product has already been compromised to a level just as bad, can do more harm.

    The line for participation trophies forms to the right…


  8. CG says:

    Looks like KC has thrown in the towel…just no pitching NOBODY…we pitch batting practice to Cleveland, this weekend they have won all three games a sweep, and its 20-0 Cleveland so far in this series…we can’t hit or pitch…Royals don’t deserve a post season…they don’t have the talent or desire right now.

  9. Kerouac says:

    To be factually realistic or not to be resolutely hopeful – THAT the question, Dianthus barbatus.

    Dawn of mourn this Thursday, August 31, 2017, fraudroyals find themselves south of .500 the recording their travails, farther south still the better rabble MLB’s expanded post season dupe nee prop known as ‘$lots for the crummy’, lotteries two, three, four and five.

    As Python’s Black Knight, Limburger cheese battling for ‘post season berths best of the worst’: stumbling on, disarmed & peg legged, hopping portending a final inevitable fall prostrate; still, heads on torso, post season hope lingers until.

    Unlike Generalissimo Francisco Franco his long rot SNL, fraudroyals are still ‘not’ dead – not one or two, nor three four or five – no not even six – rather behind seven other teams now north of ours.

    Apologies Avis: when you’re # 8, you have to try even harder, thus the optimistic: still 30 games to go, only 4 games shy the second of two wild card spots a comical if unjust reward for being the 5th best team in the AL.

    Is this exciting or what?



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