Jack Goes Confidential: Dysfunctional ‘GLASS CASTLE’; Nomination Bound?

Brie Larson’s star is certainly rising…

She won the Best Actress Oscar for last year’s ROOM.¬†However that was not so much a mainstream movie as her upcoming CAPTAIN MARVEL.

But we’ll have to wait until 2019 to meet up with that superhero adventure

In the meantime we can appreciate Ms. Larson’s talents in the bio-drama THE GLASS CASTLE.

This is the true story chronicling the adventures of the tight knit—yet quite eccentric —Walls family.

The story of how young Jeannette Walls (Ms. Larson) overcame the poverty and chaos of her childhood and a dysfunctional, dreamer-like family led by her alcoholic father portrayed by Woody Harrelson.

Then there was her hippie-like mom played in quiet, emotional fashion by Naomi Watts.

Family turmoil—including sexual—all around.

Yet despite the odds, Jeannette broke away from this pitiful environment, moved to New York and became a well positioned gossip columnist for a major publication.

Society maven, anyone?

Will there be Oscar nominations here?

There certainly could be—especially for Woody Harrelson who once again gives his all to the part.

The film jumps between the early years of the family and Jeannette Walls’ grown up years.

That’s why special kudos are in order for young Chandler Head who portrays Brie Larson’s characterization as a six year old child.

What a great and sensitive performance she gives on the big screen.

As mentioned earlier this is a true story….and a most popular one I must say.

It was penned by Jeannette Walls herself.

How popular?

It sold in excess of six million books!

And many attending our preview screening left the auditorium with moistened eyes.

THE GLASS CASTLE opens citywide.

My grade: B

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  1. kb in kc says:

    Just got done seeing it. You failed to mention what a tear jerker it was! GREAT job by the entire cast.

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