Jack Goes Confidential: Amy Schumer Unfiltered In ‘SNATCHED’

When did so-called chick flick comedies take a sharp turn to the left with heavy doses of sex—and raunchy language?

To my way of thinking it happened six years ago.

BRIDESMAIDS set the stage when Melissa McCarthy and gang potty-mouthed their ways across the screen to huge box office success.

And as time passed things have gotten even raunchier.

Female audiences seem to no longer be offended by the wildest acts or vilest language as long as women – not men – are doing the talking.

Which brings us to SNATCHED, Amy Schumer’s second movie since her very successful debut with TRAINWRECK two years ago.

And while the plotline here is extremely predictable, its execution pushes the envelope in several scenes.

The buddy-adventure comedy has Schumer’s boyfriend dumping her on the eve of a great vacation trip to Ecuador.

Making matters worse, the trip was purchased as a non-refundable package.

Now what?

Well, there’s always divorced mom Goldie Hawn to substitute.

Even though Hawn is dead set against it, Schumer finally talks her into going along on the exotic trip.


What begins innocently soon turns into a wildly outrageous jungle adventure when the two are unceremoniously kidnapped—hence SNATCHED.

It’s all wrapped into a fast-moving 90 minute romp. And as they say, hilarity ensues……

Contributing in supporting roles are the likes of Wanda Sykes and Joan Cusack.

But it’s Ike Barinholtz (‘Neighbors’ & ‘Suicide Squad’) as Schumer’s verklemmpt brother who kinda steals the show here.

Who in our screening audience seemed to enjoy it the most?

Would you believe, the middle-age women who were probably not exposed to such naughtiness whey they were growing up?

ABOUT the raunchiness in the movie?

Several scenes are guaranteed to make you wince. And those are in addition to the outlandish tapeworm scene we won’t discuss here.

The MPAA rating for the film is R.

The ratings board defines it this way:

“SNATCHED—Rated R for crude sexual content, brief nudity and language throughout.”

Happy Mother’s Day.

My grade: C+

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Who said the Chinese know what the heck they’re doing?

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4 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: Amy Schumer Unfiltered In ‘SNATCHED’

  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Schumer? She was funny 5 years and 80 lbs ago.

    • CG says:

      Maybe but she was the second highest paid comic last year only behind Kevin Hart…she made like well over 20 million dollars…soooo….funny or not, fat or not…she’s a BIG STAR…hah.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Plenty of “big stars” are insufferable douchebags. Money doesn’t change that.

  2. CG says:

    The movie was helped by MOTHERS DAY of course the planned release, however, Snatched did 17 million in the US and about 3 million overseas..so it was not what the studio hoped for on the 42 million dollar budget pix…will it have legs? Her first picture, Trainwreck did 32 million opening weekend which was very good. This movie might not break 50 million total in the end. So without a jump its likely this picture will fall short, remember most movies need to do 2 to 2 1/2 times budget to be in the black. So it was a fairly weak opening…we’ll see how it ends up.

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