Jack Goes Confidential: Hugh Jackman’s Gripping ‘Logan’ Sendoff

Say it ain’t so…

That LUCAS marks the end of the road for the Wolverine.

Well, things sure seem headed that way.

However if there’s one aspect of the movie biz I’ve learned through the years it has to be: Never Say Never.’

And so we find ourselves in the not too distant future—2029 to be exact.

The location is an outpost near the Mexican border.

That’s where Logan (Hugh Jackman) is caring for the ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart.)

Come to think of it Logan isn’t doing so well himself.

And attempts to hide from his legacy are now being upended by the arrival of an 11 year old girl named Laura who strangely enough seems to possess  all of Logan’s super powers.

She is played superbly by Dafne Keen.

So what’s REALLY going on here?

Sorry, but no spoilers allowed.

Suffice it to say, we’re about to confront the ultimate battle between the dark forces trying to capture Keen—and Logan trying desperately to save her.

Hugh Jackman calls the movie, “a love letter to Wolverine fans.”

You’ll come to engage with it not only on a nostalgic basis but ultimately come away proclaiming it the best and most emotional of the entire X-Men franchise.

A word of caution!

LOGAN is the first in the X-Men series to be rated R.

Everything prior played out as PG-13 adventures.

THIS movie is definitely NOT for viewers under 12 or 13 years of age!

Here is the rating board’s official evaluation:

“Rated R for strong, brutal violence and language throughout. And for brief nudity.”

So think twice before taking your seven, nine or even eleven year old to see this possible final chapter in Marvel’s Wolverine universe.

LOGAN—Hellbent and clawing his way onto the big screen this weekend.

My grade: B.

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  1. jon says:

    Claws his way onto the screen this weekend? Is he in that bad a shape?

  2. mike says:

    GREAT FLICK!!!!!!!!

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