Glazer: KU’s Self Stands Tall – Above Chiefs & Royals – as Top Sports Dawg

KU basketball coach Bill Self is in a league of his own…

Self’s won 11 straight Big 12 titles, with 2 final fours and one championship since 2008. Which makes him one of the all-time best college basketball coaches.

No question.

Does Bill need another Final Four to make him an elite coach? Many think he already has earned that distinction, but one or two more certainly wouldn’t hurt.

The Jayhawks just mounted a New England Patriot-type comeback against West Virginia. Down by 17 late, KU made a furious comeback and won the game in overtime.

Self and his Jayhawks got more national attention with this late season win than any other this year. It assures Kansas of yet another conference title and they’re ranked currently as a No. 1 seed for a March championship run.

Self is in a class of head coaches that this area has never seen before.


KU has two monster stars in Frank Mason and Josh Jackson. Landon Lucas has become their best defender and with Devonte Graham gives Kansas the nation’s best guard combination.

KU is ranked number 3 in the nation as of now with a 23-3 record.

Add to that a huge win over Kentucky – another big come from behind game – a win over Duke and several big in-conference wins.

Many observers believe the Big 12 is the best overall conference today with top teams including Kansas, West Virginia and Baylor. And Kansas State has emerged as a likely March Madness candidate as well as Iowa State.

KU’s Frank Mason is one of the leading candidates for player of the year nationally – averaging plus 20 points and five  assists per game – which has never been done before in the Big 12 if he ends up getting the award.

And there’s a good chance Kansas would play in Kansas City at Sprint for the shot at the Final Four. Nice.

The $64 million question: is Self still THE MAN in KC over Andy Reid and Ned Yost?

I’d have to say, yes.

Both the Chiefs and Royals have moved way up the food chain the last couple seasons, however Self’s been doing it longer and few would argue KU is still the best sports franchise in this area.

Ned would need a few more post seasons with the Royals and Andy needs to get to a Super Bowl to challenge Bill.

And while Self is a sure hall of fame coach already, this may be a special season for Kansas.

You get the feeling that maybe, just maybe, another national title is in the works.
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17 Responses to Glazer: KU’s Self Stands Tall – Above Chiefs & Royals – as Top Sports Dawg

  1. Jack Springer says:

    fake birds with historical ties to Civil War murder of innocent civilians, rape, and looting — some things never change.


    • CG says:

      Jack do you just live in a world of hate or what? Now the KU basketball team is tied to Civil War murder and rape, come on now man.

      • Jack Springer says:

        I live in a very normal world. You evidently do not. I don’t do cocaine or any other drugs. I don’t promote nude male dancing.

        You should do yourself a favor and do some research about the origins of the word ‘jayhawk’ — it’s very similar to ISIS and Hamas.

        Why did you delete the word ‘redlegs’?

        • CG says:

          I didn’t delete anything. Why do you mention drugs? Are you hooked on something?

          • admin says:

            Geezus Jack…

            Lighten up much?

            Ignorance is bliss, I guess

          • Jack Springer says:

            Admin– you did delete two things. One was about CG’s ‘problem’ that everyone knows about. The other was about ‘redlegs’ — why you would delete that I’m not sure — afraid for people to know the origins or the ku mascot?

        • CG says:

          Jack and I’m sure thats a fake name, the only problems I have are dealing with trolls like you when I write something…they just hate, lie and attack for no real reason…its some kine of hate release I guess for their in this case your problems.

  2. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    12 straight, but who is counting……..

    Like all of Self’s teams, they are a solid, smart basketball team. But, too many “ifs” for a nation title run. Free throws have already been their downfall in two loses. That will not get any better. Lucas is OK, but he isn’t the rim protector and rebound machine that Self has had in the past. The ‘Hawks margin of victory this year is far lower than Self’s previous teams. You can say that it makes them tougher to be able to grind out wins instead of blowing teams out, but I don’t buy that. It’s a reflection on their focus and overall talent on the floor. They have NO depth. Playing 6 or 7 guys will bite them in the butt if they get in foul trouble.

    Yes, Mason is going to be POTY. He’s earned it. Just an incredible year.

    Having said all that, I think they have another Final 4 run in them. I just think their flaws will keep them from the ultimate prize.

    I don’t really get the comparison between Self, Reid & Yost in regards to who is “The Man”. It’s like apples, oranges and avocados. Does anyone care?

    Fun read, CG.


  3. Kerouac says:

    Well CG, “one of the all-time best college basketball coaches” is one opinion, yours. Guess it depends on what ‘best’ entails (as ‘greatest’ etc., we probably don’t want to (re)visit such an amorphous descript again… and again… and again… and… 🙂

    This blog (homer-istic as it usually be) would slant one way, but a quick perusal online opines others shows Self ranking from a high of #5 (that among only current coaches) to a low of #80 when compared to all time college coaches), others twixt and between, for the most part. Upshot – a universal sentiment: he, as most, is only as good a coach his players/talent makes him.

    Not sure Self falls into that rare category, nee adage, ‘he can beat you with his players, and he can also take your own players and still beat you.’ Here this ‘big fish in a small town’ region KC/outlying area, Self is (almost by default) more accomplished than an ‘never has won anything’ swiss chief andy and the ‘fluke’ fraudroyal’s guy, yost, though the latter can at least claim an accomplishment, even tho said is the result an modern day sports venue which has compromised itself so much, no victories today are legit.

    Kerouac grades harder: I do not place a Marv Levy & Bud Grant (a combined 0-8 Superbowl’s) among the best ever, example, because rewarding ‘missed it by that much’ types is to diminish true success. Whence so many who sniff success merit inclusion as ‘one of the best’ or ‘greatest ever’, Hall’s of Fame sports variously sag under the weight garden variety winner(s).

    None of the aforementioned rank among the best ever their field, because the more the finish line greatness keeps getting moved closer, the easier the journey becomes for others who follow. In essence, a matter no coach/player/team/child left behind – let them all be awarded a trophy, participation. Truth, when the ‘measure’ is more than a snapshot, i.e., a career moreso a season, game or moment in time, definition true success separates the winners – plurally – from the also ran’s, every other.

    Graduated levels success have many examples, coaches as players same: George Allen – like Reid – made it to a Superbowl, tho realized not happy ending. A bit higher ranks Hank Stram who won Championships 1962 and ’69, but, his success was tempered by losing another Championship opportunity aft the ’66 season.

    Similarly an player like Joe Namath (who had one career moment despite otherwise being mediocre) and KC’s Otis Taylor – Kerouac’s second fave Chief ever behind only Len Dawson – were both flashy players and at times great… but suffered from limited production for different reasons each case, lack of opportunity injury or scheme, etc. Both produced too underwhelming a body or work, final results tabulated.

    The ‘best’ would have to by definition be an exclusive club: a Lombardi football, an Belicheck and Madden as a Shula, Halas and an plethora others still farther, arears. We haven’t addressed ‘subjective’ opine, though said (failing to stick with ‘facts’) in fact is what most people do when espousing this, that or some other coach / player / team etc., without a complete analysis an candidate due being either too homer-istic to be sincere or lazy to prove their dissent via evidence… thus spake Kerouac.


    • CG says:

      That was a mouthful K!

      • miket... says:

        and most of it unnecessary after the 3rd paragraph.

      • Kerouac says:

        CG, your nuanced response is duly noted… mine efficacy is well-known these here parts, from the gracious you to a singular too, ‘t’hey clearly green-eyed.

        Adventures narrative exposition knows no restraint nor bounds – add a copious dash of good looks and rapier wit and – VIOLA! prolific His Truth, indefatigable His Refrain, majestic His name – Kerouac!


    • lee says:

      Wow. A Nietzsche reference at the very end here tied to his beat generation handle. Who knew there was any intelligence at all on this blog much less this!? I need to pay more attention.

      Now everyone else please continue with your usual rantings.

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    Self clearly outshines Reid and Yost in wins and championships. Is he up there with the best of the best? Hard to say but he is within striking distance.

    As far as Jack’s comment, no spinning can make the nickname wholesome. It is either based on the murderous counterparts of Quantrill or a bird in Ireland which destroys the eggs of other birds and leave their own to be raised by others. Either way not an honorable model.

  5. CG says:

    KU looking final fourish…good shot for them this season…

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