Glazer: Donald Trump’s Last Stand?

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-1-39-24-pmLooks like this may be Donald Trump‘s last stand…

If Trump thinks he’s beaten will he justly and have fun and attack, attack, attack? Maybe.

The way I see it, Trump still has a slugger’s chance to win on November 8th. Even though it looks pretty bad for the Donald right now. I mean, at no time has he had the lead over Hillary Clinton in national polls.

Trump pulled about even before the debates but his off the wall behavior and people seeing him as uncontrollable seems to have done him in.

Current polls show Clinton up 4-8 points.

She leads in almost all the battleground states.

So even if Trump’s last couple of debates were good, the tapes of his comments about women have simply taken over the two hate campaigns. So at this point, short of an indictment – which ain’t happening – Hillary is white House bound. She’s almost bullet proof.

Because the nation will elect the safer bet, a pro political star in Clinton. They just don’t trust the Donald. Those who like him can argue that he’s not a crook, that he wants to shake up Washington. They can say that he will fight for the little guy and wants to make America Great Again, but it’s clearly too late.

The Clinton machine was way bigger than anyone might have imagined. Bill and Hillary have just built a monster, getting backing where it matters from the people who run this country. And that’s pretty much that.

I don’t think Clinton or Trump are any more evil or corrupt than the many politicians who came before them. 

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-1-42-17-pmThe media wanted a reality show race and helped to push it that way.

It was embarrassing to say the least.

It all comes to an end in a couple weeks. And if you’re like me, you’re worn out by CNN and FOX’s nonstop coverage on Trump.

For an entire year Trump was the most publicized person of all time. And it was fun while it lasted, if often sad. It was a unique race – quite a show.

Trump was up, he was down; he was the man; he was the fool – he was everything rolled into one.

Hillary pretty much stayed quiet and let Trump be the “star.” And in the end, he talked his way into losing. Yet he talked his way to being the Republican Nominee for President of the United States and that can’t be overlooked.

In the end Trump returns to a damn interesting, rich and powerful life with a wonderful family, a beautiful wife, a world of hotels, casinos, private jets and wealth.

Clinton gets her dream after being belittled by her husband’s cheating, her many missteps, and aging into being a world leader. You can argue she’s earned the job after 30 years of hard work.

In the end, Clinton’s just another powerbroker who played her hand well. Trump the outsider came out of nowhere. Like all of us he’s sick of the system and the people who manipulate it. He could have won, yes, but he just didn’t measure up in the end. I liked his story and his intense interviews and debates, but he fell short.

They both go down as two of the most interesting people in the world. None of us will probably ever know what that feels like. So you have to admire them both for different reasons.

Trump inherited some money but then turned it into an international show, like nobody ever has before. Hillary climbed a monster hill, backing a charismatic husband, who she likely was the brains behind in the White House, putting up with scandal after scandal.

My hat’s off to them both.

It’s a brave new world with social media and everybody covering them online. All in all, it provided a negative overview of America, the White House and in a way all of us view our country.

NMOt to mention an office and position that once was held in great respect, but is now just as suspect as any entertainer or tv star/movie star’s life.

Remember that old line about anyone can grow up to be president in America? Really?

Was Donald Trump a real life, “Citizen Kane.”

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33 Responses to Glazer: Donald Trump’s Last Stand?

  1. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    CG, by all reasonable standards Trump business acumen is at the very least suspect. I’ll tell you EXACTLY why he will never release his tax returns. He’s all hat and no cattle. Simply investing his daddy’s money in a standard index fund would have made him a billionaire 20 to 30 times over. The only thing he’s good at is putting his name on things other people built. Anything he has started on his own has been a complete failure.

    If a ham sandwich was nominated by the reds, it would get 40% of the vote. Consequently, it works the same way on the blue side. Both sides compete for the 10% that are in the middle and the orange man failed to convince any of them that he was the better choice. He surrounded himself with people that are bat$hit crazy and he’s paying the price for that. The religious right sold their soul and convinced themselves he was actually the best candidate out there. All their rhetoric about morality and principle got kicked to the curb because of their absolute hatred of Hillary.

    I’m no fan of Clinton. But, given the choice of the two it’s a no-brainer.

    People just didn’t but into the garbage that America is on the edge of collapse. Nothing could be further from the truth. Facts are a hard thing to ignore.

    I got the popcorn ready for the circus tonight.

    Good read, CG!

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Yeah, the no-brainer is to not vote for either of them. Hillary is a criminal, and should be under federal indictment. But her political machine and money kept her out of hot water. To think otherwise is foolish. But she’s not the first rich person to avoid prosecution/conviction. The rich have been buying their way out of prison for centuries. I just refuse to stand for it by voting for that dirty witch.

    • this from tonys blog…so sweet to read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Dear chuck (bad words left out)
      you seem to think that throwing around a few lofty metaphors somehow makes your analysis more interesting. It doesn’t. The fact that you read a Dylan Thomas poem once doesn’t change the fact that you use simplistic talking points and idiotic conspiracy theories as the basis for your (bad) analysis. I mean, Christ, most of the garbage you write is just you googling “quotes to make you sound smart” and then acting as if you are a working class intellectual. You are simply a fraud. And a racist one at that.

      10/20/16, 2:47 PM

      Harley couldn’t have said it better sbout chucklets the sad clown!!!!!!!!!!

    • remember tis headline glazo?

      Glazer: Trump Gaining Ground, Hillary Hanging On

      no…you’re hanging on.
      Get more pics of chocolate barbi…NIIIIICCCCCCEEEEEEEEE!

  2. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    I get moderated and the resident nut-job gets to spew his garbage with impunity? Wow.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      Unfiltered news and views, eh?

      Not a Jill Stein fan but she pretty much covered it with this, This philosophy that you have to vote your fears rather than your values has actually delivered everything we were afraid of.

      Of course values are not virtues. More family values in a Hell’s Angels chapter than the DNC & RNC combined.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Jim, sometimes Hearne’s filter goes haywire. If you didn’t use four letter words or more than on embedded link, it’s likely a bug. I doubt you were intentionally moderated. I’ll check with Hearne.

  3. Newbaumturk says:

    When Trump gets his ass kicked next month, and he will, it is purely the Republicans fault. Democrats put up a candidate that is entirely beatable but the Republicans went and found a bigger clown than Sarah Palin. If the Republicans would stop courting the insane far-religious right then McCain and Romney could have both won.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      B.S. Nobody was beating Obummer.

    • no you’re wrong again.
      It’s numbers boys…and since many of you cant figure that out let me
      give you the numbers.
      Latinos/blacks are going to run the nation pretty soon. You can see it
      happening pretty quickly. Hillary looks to win Arizona (40% latino and tha t
      population is growing)_ along with a infusion of educated whites into the
      cities and snow birds from the eastern liberal states moving down there
      full time. Count Arizona a purple state that’s turning blue.
      Hillary was just 5 points behind dumpster in texas this week. Once texas
      goes purple then blue the electoral college is all over when you add texas
      electoral votes to what any dem will win before a vote is cast. The latino…
      the large numbers of rust belt liberals moving down there to take advantage
      of the job market and the dying off of the old white male population.
      It might be 2 more elections but texas is going blue sooner than we think.
      Of course having a candidate like trump did not help the rethugs this
      year….but the senate and house could be different stories.
      Even if the dems win in 2016 the house it won’t last long. 7 or 8 dems
      come up for reelection to the senate in red states in 2018 so hilllary and
      the dems will have 2 years in total control before the rethugs have a good
      chance of winning back the senate.
      The house…well it was gerrymandered but Obama and Holder are out
      to end that after leaving office.
      It’s just the demographics of the nation old boys. It’s headed toward the
      democratic party.
      And after 8 years of Hillary it could really mean the end of repubs as we know
      Hillary is not a great campaigner. We’ve seen that. she’s much better at
      getting things done and with the winds blowing in her direction right now
      chance ae you guys in your 60’s will never see another repub as president.
      Mosul will be retaken by amercian backed Iraqi and pesh forces. Might take
      2 weeks or 2 months….that will probably end isis…and it will be done without
      a single American death.
      Russia will realize their presence in the mid east is useless. Putin and his
      buddies that 300 nuclear weapons stationed on their border isn’t really
      a good idea to venture out. They will be more concerned with getting trump
      to pay his bills that he owes them.
      Clinton will make a deal with us. corps to bring back the 7 trillion dollars
      held in offshore banks…but that money has to be invested inside the
      u.s…..will spark a massive job creation program never seen in this country.
      If they don’t bring the money back at probably a 15% tax ….they will go after
      them for tax evasion and put these thieves in prison.
      Tax increase on those making 250K and above and raising social security
      ceiling will bring in additional billions in taxes.
      Hillary knows that you can’t throw 20 million people off aca..and so do
      all the governors. ACA will need some fine tuning and Bernie and warren
      will probably push for single payer in first year of Hillary’s term.
      Having talkedwith many doctors, I see they are fed up with the insurance companies and their games of cutting reimbursements for everything from
      drugs to doctors pay. But the insurance industry is one of the most powerful
      industries in the nation and they will fight tooth and nail to keep going.
      Should be a tough fight.
      Hillary realizes that those states not a part of aca are going to be crushed under the weight of mounting Medicaid costs. She will probably convince
      them to join and up the financial incentivesand possibly string out the time
      til the states have to pick up the tab. Tough choice.
      Hilllary also knows about drug prices and a referendum this nov. in
      California should be watched. #60 or #61 is on the ballot which could
      cut prices the states pay to pharma companies to what the vA pays…
      this referendum has over 100 million dollars in election spending so it
      should be one to watch.
      In the next 4 years we’ll probably see marijuana passed for recreational
      use in almost every state. Of course there will be laggers like Kansas
      and some deep red states. The income generated is huge and states
      need cash to pay their bills (especially those under repub governors….but
      watch Minnesota and the success they’ve had by upping taxes on upper incomes and doing some incredible economic incentives that have made
      that state a model for the nation…).
      OIL: Hillary will probably ask for a 20-30 cent tax on oil. Prices are
      low and plunging. Take that money and put it in escrow and restart the
      exploration of oil inside u.s. There’s a glut of oil right now and if we
      begin a massive internal exploration program we can truly be energy
      efficient or be buying and exploring oil with Canada and Mexico.
      DRUGS: A massive addiction epidemic has swept the nation. No need
      to build a wall on the border. Most of the new drugs are being made
      inside u.s. Opiod addiction is horrendous. Doctors are feeling the heat
      from everyone from the surgeon general to the pharmacies (like wal
      greens and cvs) to the DEA who are wanting a crackdown on the schedule
      1 drugs. WE’re growing enough pot right now to supply 30% of the
      demand. when California approves recreational use in November that should
      probably put the Mexican suppliers out of business. California accounts
      for about 28% of marijuana use so with it being able to be grown insde our
      borders and more state legalizing its use the market from mexico of marijuana
      will dry up. Meth is no longer drug of choice (even in independence) it’s heroin and now they’ve found out how to make it here in u.s. Fentanol
      is also being made in u.s. and when those are combined they make for
      a huge problem for addiction in the u.s. So we see the drug war has been
      lost finally and that outside forces will have no internal market in the u.s.
      so we need to turn to pre warnings….more money invested in mental
      health…..and more addiction clinics to hopefully alleviate this huge internal
      crisis. Hillary is ready to do this…but will take time and a committement of
      money on all levels to replace the funds cut from mental health all over the
      nation. Right now …metnal health clinics and programs are stripped of
      funds and need to be rebuilt with immediate funds to ramp them up.
      VETERANS: Harley works with young veterans, many with ptsd. Studies
      have indicated that there exists a current medicine that can help these kids.
      20 suicides per day is unacceptable. Noticed that testosterone levels of these
      kids are at levels so low that they sleep for days/weeks at a time…have no
      energy and sufer from severe depression. But the VA has failed to see the
      answer….it is right in their faces but lack of funding (may repubs voted against 22 billioninextra dollars and 500 million dollarsin additional funding
      to the VA) and while we brought back kids from Iraq suffering from these
      problems the pols voted against financing the needed funds to keep up with
      the huge numbers of returning vets with serious mental issues).
      JOBS: How many job bills were vetoed by repubs since 2008. Every dollar
      spent in infrastructure returns about $1.16 in tax revenue. when you rebuild
      a bridge you employ workers/buy concrete/buy rebar/buy equipment and its
      a great investment in the nations economy if we are to compete in the
      world economy. A recent forbes survey of ceos with manufacturing overseas
      said 54% of them were retunring the manufacturing back to the u.s.
      We don’t have enough trained workers right now…over 2.5 million jobs
      can’t be filled because of the lack of skills. Retrain the miners nad those
      who’s jobs have been replaced by technologoy and do it now.
      Retrench the educational system to train kids in jobs where there are
      job futures. Have a friend in the HVAC bix and he can’t find people to
      employ…..same for mechanics/computers etc. so we need a rebirth of
      training the workers in jobs where they can make a really good living and
      where their are open positions.
      Harley believes that we are on the cusp of one of the biggest technological
      eras ever. It will surpass the industrial revolution. OUr economy will boom.
      Harley has seen what can be done!!!!!!!!
      So while trump expressed the hole America was in…Harley knew that the
      future was brighter than ever…if we understood what was ahead of us.
      We are about to see something none of us have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      And as they say “IT’S ALL GOOD”.
      I would love to hear from other kcc readers about Harley article and
      predictions. I think I’ve been nail on (as stomper said) and proven
      that Harley is one of the best. I invite you to contact me at law4life1000@

  4. CG says:

    Maybe its me, but I thought Trump did a good job last night. By far his best debate. Man the media crushed him again. Polls show he lost by double digets. CBS says more democrats watched than republicans, by far. So yeah its over. While Vegas ‘does not take presidential bets’ they do online and she is now 7-1 to win it…Game over.

    Was it fair? Is she better? Who knows. Trump, I think, could have won this with better judgement and less over the top attacks on his ‘enemies’ but he failed to do that. He did brush up on facts and figures, he did have a better plan, but all for not. Too little too late.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Trump could’ve won this easily had he controlled his big mouth. Not that I would’ve voted for him anyway.

      • Phaedrus says:

        Trump would’ve won if he controlled his mouth.

        My aunt would be my uncle if she had a pecker.

        There’s a reason why the democrats wanted Trump (or one of the other republican nutjobs…cruz, etc) to get the nomination.

      • guys like trump are blowhard.
        glazo is a blowhard.
        and blowhards meet their demise when their mouths
        speak faster than their brains.
        Harley knew this and the demographic voting patterns laong
        before anyone else on tv/radio/the pundits and experts.
        I am the king@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
        So read my other posts on kcc.
        AS LOUIS ARMSTRONG SAID “what a wonderful world!’

    • Frank says:

      Absolutely. And if Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t kill all those people and then eat them, he may have been quite a catch for the women. It’s just sooo not fair. And don’t get me started on how Hitler could have upped his game. DAMN MEDIA.

      • thnks frank forbacking Harley up during the tough times
        in august/September.
        We understand how politics works.
        we understood that dumpster was unfit to serve and that
        eventually his own antics would bring his downfall.
        Hearne refused to print many of my posts…because he
        wanted to defend his buddies from their lack of facts/
        AND STATS.

    • sorry glazo…you don’t know politics and you don’t know betting.
      Problem you haveis you look at the optics…which many times after the
      event change as people absorb the true elements of the event.
      I’ve given you advice about your business but you choose to not follow
      And in the end it will be your downfall.
      I consult and tell my clients the truth. I tell them how to survive in
      a competitive biz.
      however,,,,,even with good intetnions you continue to make huge mistakes.
      I tell my clients…one of who sold out for 7 billion dollars after I told
      him 7 years ago where to focus his business.
      You splash around in your business without a USP (unique selling postion)
      just as you do when you bet on football.
      You have no plan. It’s by the seat of your pants. We saw where that got
      your dad.
      You can be a hugely successful biz…but you don’t focus on a niche and where
      you can maximize your revenues.
      would love to help you ….you are missing out on many opportunities
      that present themselves to you and your biz.
      You can hopscotch from location to location or you can focus on some
      incredible business opportunites in todays’ s evolving biz world.
      contact me at law4life1000 and I can show you the way.
      good luck…
      your friend always.

  5. CG says:

    Citizen Kane. Hah as mentioned with a much better ending for Trump. He is a character huh. I’m sure he won’t go gently into the night. It was quite a show. Just in the end too much.

  6. and again…after last night’s debates:
    HARLEY REIGNS ON KCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and that’s a fact jack!

  7. CFPCowboy says:

    The problem with hard fought campaigns, full of dirty tricks is, that after it is all over you have to govern, and that is no small trick. Bill Clinton, at a White House Press Corp dinner once said, the ends justified the means, but those means got him impeached for perjury, a felony. Even though he was never convicted in the Senate, he is only one of two that have that distinction, and Al Gore has still never accepted Florida. Rove has never forgiven Ohio. At what point does a campaign, media, or candidate go too far? There are those, actually a growing number, who will not accept Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as President. Do they wait four more years? I have never triumphed the intelligence of the average voter, and I have hoped and prayed that flawed candidates grow to meet the challenges they face, whether it was Roosevelt in World War II, Bush after 9/11, or Truman making the decision to use the bomb. I worry that the next President will be on a very short leash, and whether it is refugees killing American citizens on American soil, the Iranian Navy shooting and possibly injuring our sailors off Yemen, or Russia and Syria bombing our allies and possible troops in Aleppo, I hope the next President can rise to the occasion. I hope that when it comes to the economy that the next President can obtain a dose of reality, either one of them. We may hate Congress, but thank goodness for their sense of survival, when a President proposes something where the unwanted consequences outweigh the benefits. Ain’t it a great system?

  8. LanceTheIntern says:

    One of them will be president and, as my family has worked so hard to do for well over a hundred years, we will do our best despite the government’s efforts to make our lives miserable.

    • lance…don’t continue to be negative.
      this nation is on thecusp of one of the greatest innovative and technological
      revolutions in the history of mankind.
      You can either embrace it…take advantage of it…or fight it and risk
      losing hwat your family has worked a century for.
      the world is changing…either you and your business change or you
      disappear into the forgotten memoirs of a great lost opportunity.
      good luck lance.
      I too was once an intern….full of hope and ideas.
      Do not lose that. It will kepp you going for the rest of your life.

  9. chuck says:

    Trump was uncoachable. His mouth was a parasympathetic, paramilitary weapon that would repeatedly and unexpectedly fire off again and again, in the direction of his feet. He shot off his own feet so many times, Oscar Pistorius almost convinced the jury that Trump killed his girlfriend. Trump’s nickname wouldn’t have been “Blade Runner”, it would have been “Sling Blade”. James Carville must have laughed his azz off every night as he drifted off to sleep. “It’s the economy stupid!!!!!”

    Glaze, you are right, Trump is not “Going Gently Into The Night”. His properties are diminished in value, his “brand” has taken a serious hit and his options, at first glance, would seem to be in recession.

    The coming election loss for Trump, will be the harbinger and catalyst for those millions and millions of disaffected, disenfranchised and politically emasculated voters who coalesced under the promised, hoped for initiatives that the Trump campaign supported. The Wall, Immigration, Term Limits, Tariffs, Isis and Job Loss.

    Trump is the new Murdoch. His “brand” will be, as it has been for some time, based on viewership and Television. He will be the face of a new Cable TV News Channel. His campaign, really was really a groundswell of support from those same disaffected Republicans who hate Open Border, Globalists, who condescendingly reassure us, again and again, from their gated communities, that we can’t go back to the halcyon days before NAFTA, illegal immigration and the relocation of our Industry over seas.

    He is more of an accidental tourist in this movement, this advent rebellion, swept along by the accidental enunciation of the concerns of millions and millions of Americans when he attacked our southern irredentist neighbors/invaders in his candidacy announcement.

    Hillary’s ascension to her throne in Rome on the Potomac will coincide with the vows taken by the new priest of the Alt Right in our living rooms every night. The “Trump Channel”. Her scandals, peccadillos, lies, malfeasance and criminality will be examined incessantly.

    Who will rid her of this troublesome priest?

    • Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

      +1, Chuck!

      The right has nobody to blame but themselves. Kasich or Rubio would have buried Clinton in the general election. All those “undecided” voters who are only voting for Clinton because they think trump is insane would have jump on the red’s bandwagon with either one of those 2.

      But, neither was right ENOUGH. They continue to make that same mistake over and over again. Hell, I would have voted for Kasich over Clinton and I lean so far left I walk in circles.

  10. speedy says:

    She has done nothing criminal, nor intentionally to harm the will of the people; Just because Donald keeps saying it over and over, doesn’t make it true. What’s bothersome about this campaign is the incessant barrage of disparaging remarks that the Republicans continue to spew about the POTUS and our former Secretary of State, Senator, and First Lady. Can we please just have a little class and show some respect?

    • You are BAKED dude.

      Off in the weeds, smokin the weed.

    • Nick says:

      Correct in everything you say, Speedy.

      However, over 30 years of the same incessant lies will not easily be overcome, if ever. Especially when nearly 20 million Americans believe Trump would have made a YUUUUUUUUUGE president, his narcissistic sociopathy aside (not to mention that nasty sinus drainage issue he’s got going one; what – the man never heard of neti pots? Or, ya know, just laying off the coke?). In fact, look for the phenomenon to accelerate over the next four years due to the impending trump TV.

      New Zealand looks better and better daily.

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