Glazer: Scribe Rubs Crystal Football for This Week’s Picks

623eb6ac-b867-4281-a557-affbe4306e35Well, football fans fall is in the air and in your wallet…

Chiefs tickets, Red Friday, ridiculously high parking payments, $10 dollar beers, BBQ and yes, football picks!

Again, last year’s good teams are still the ones to beat until proven otherwise. In college football, it’s Alabama and everyone else. It will take a few weeks to sort out, but Houston looks to be a fresh face that could make the final four at season’s end.

Taking down number 3/4 Oklahoma in the opener with what looks like an undefeated season coming up, the arguments will start soon as to weather Houston will make it to the big dance.

Michigan with Jim Harbaugh in charge looks like another top 4 squad as does Ohio State.

The Big 12 is already off target with the Oklahoma loss, so it sounds like Baylor again.

Our area teams will once again be no shows. K-State will likely have a bottom bowl. No such luck for MU or KU.

The Chiefs are being considered a top tier AFC team for a change.

Their offense looks promising but all of the questions so far are on the defense.

Can KC rush the quarterback? Is the pass D there? We will soon find out.

Denver was shockingly good Thursday in an upset win over the Panthers at home.

And how about Denver’s new rookie quarterback?

Damn, why can’t we ever find one?

All the credit goes to Denver’s great general manager, John Elway.

monkeyfingafootballThe Chiefs should handle the Chargers at home Sunday.

It seems the door is closed on San Diego..but you never know till the game is played right?

I see the Chiefs winning 27-17.








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19 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Rubs Crystal Football for This Week’s Picks

  1. Kerouac says:

    “Denver was shockingly good Thursday”

    – they look like repeat Champs… unlike the last/only other time the ‘World Champions’ met the vanquished opponent in a rematch to start off the next season. 1970 – Vikings humiliated our Superbowl IV *wild card entrant pretenders Chiefs, 27-10; accordingly, its been all downhill since for our 46 years and waiting swiss… 47 years aft 2016 is fini.

    “And how about Denver’s new rookie quarterback?”

    – he’s already the third best QB in the AFC West, behind only #1 Philip Rivers and the runnerup Derek Carr. If Siemian can hold off the uber-talented Paxton Lynch… what a nice problem to have for the Broncos, whereas the swiss have an aging 32 year old who has never won anything in the dozen years since he arrived NFL 2005, and two ‘never were’s non-descript clipboard holders, the tall (though he plays small) Foles (who is on his third team in as many years, and, the undrafted (but even taller) Tyler (say) Bray (and pray.)

    While we were drafting Blackledge, the Broncos managed to acquire Elway… while we were whiffing on Stanzi, Croyle, Blundin, Elkins, Kilian, Barnes, Stenstrom, Matthews, McManus, Hudson, Gagliano, Fuller, Woods, Vitali, Bruner, Jaynes, Carklson, Hixson, Livingston and Danny Thomas (not Marlo’s dad, though her dad’s namesake the swiss epitomizes the hilarious history ours QBs), even DEN’s less successful acquisitions QB put the chiefs same to shame: Osweiler, Tebow and Griese, Craig Morton and Charlie Johnson among them – post seasons & Superbowls included therein.

    Any wonder why the Broncos have won 3x as many Superbowls as the swiss/appeared in even many more? Any wonder that Peyton Manning – hey, another great DEN QB – chose them, instead of the swiss?

    “Damn, why can’t we ever find one?”

    – because we’re the swiss, and darn proud of it. Meanwhile, back to our ‘crack’ scouting staff, speaking of drafts and that open window ours which lets all the hot air out of our burst balloon annually: Here the town football favor forgot, we waste picks on the likes of a Hogan (2016/released) and Murray (2014/never got into a regular season game / released), while the Broncos land Siemian… in the 7th round – a first-time starter who merely beat a Superbowl team in his very first NFL start.

    Already an NFL winner, Siemian could join the two greatest QB’s pro football history and the greatest late rounders same… Bart Starr and Johnny Unitas (each undrafted were the present day 6 round system in play, thence.) Unitas (9th) and Starr (17th) – even Kurt Warner (he of the Hy-Vee round) prove that it is possible find a QB in any round (or grocery store)… so much for the big-school pedigrees & #6th rounders who cheat because otherwise they can’t compete, the suspended poor man’s Starr, Shady Brady.

    “All the credit goes to Denver’s great general manager, John Elway.”

    – without question… He is Midas compared the swiss braintrust, i.e., God to our Gary Johnson (“what is Aleppo?”) QB evaluator’s, KC (Gary as the swiss would be ‘one and done’ on Jeopardy.)

    “The Chiefs are being considered a top tier AFC team for a change.”

    – suggesting that, outside of the ‘World Champion’ Broncos and the second tier of teams Steelers, Bengals and Patriots, the third tier Chiefs/the rest are closer than ever thanks to the watered-down talent bloated modern day rosters…and like the fastest, bestest and greatest draft pick of 2016, Tyweak Hill… as were the 2010 swiss of Todd Haleyhow bout them swiss!’

    “Their offense looks promising”

    – Tyweak Hill looks like the next ‘superstar’ in the making based on the uber overhype in print and over the airwaves cries (if not demonstrably on the field, that is)…


    – yes?

    “all of the questions so far are on the defense.”

    – allow Kerouac to take the guesswork out of the 2016 version ‘wait till next year!”…

    “Can KC rush the quarterback?”

    – no

    “Is the pass D there?”

    – no

    “We will soon find out.”

    – CHARGERS 350 @ the swiss 0


  2. CG says:

    Welp K, as usual great points…hey you get no argument from me…our front office has sucked for years, nothing big since Joe and Marcus in 93…much…so yeah poor GM’s agreed…poor, Carl couldn’t draft his aids helped him get Joe, Marcus and plan B guys like our D lineman in the 90’s and a couple nice trades and pick ups but no qb…not one, but Joe…well Rich Gannon but we know that story.

    • Kerouac says:


      – or, case swiss fandom, the gift keeps on giving, morning aft Christmas 1971, Buffalo 1994 & lost weekend New England 2016:

      “you get no argument from me…our front office has sucked for years”

      – like a 2200-watt Hoover Cyclone…

      ” nothing big since Joe and Marcus in 93…”

      – both past their prime, acquired too late and no longer ready for Prime Time… 0 Superbowls. Compare & contrast with Manning (2 Superbowl’s his short time DEN courtesy deft GM Elway) with Carl’s ‘Hail Joe Mary’ fallen short goal line Lombardi Trophy, left prostrate frozen tundra BUF & beaten into retirement same Miami’s swamp final season his. Legacy – always a day (QB and offense) late and a dollar (defense or kicker) short, post season. Former 49’er & Raider found selves wrong place on the wrong team at the wrong time with the wrong coach and wrong GM.

      “yeah poor GM’s agreed…poor”

      – a decades long reminder magnified success Chiefs betters Broncos, Raiders – even the Chargers, who made it to the Superbowl since the swiss last did ’70. Remember where you were & how you felt January 11, 1970: now look in the mirror: evidence 17,045 days have passed no encore… how long it has been.

      “a couple nice trades and pick ups but no qb…not one, but Joe…well Rich Gannon but we know that story.”

      – while choosing Grbac over Gannon is yet another issue cited for the Chiefs having made the wrong choice, on its face it made sense in going with Grbac. Imagine Hank Stram having gone with Livingston instead of Dawson aft the latter recovered from his knee injury, 1969. Mike/Chiefs were perfect Len’s absence – were there to have been no Superbowl win however aft going with Dawson? Chiefs fans would’ve played the same ‘what if’ game those QB’s.

      As Dan Quayle was no JFK, Schottenheimer was no Stram, rather, the Reid of his day: overrated. Latter guy has never won anything either, but a .500 post season mark Andy’s makes his clock (mis)management seem heroic compared Marty’s missteps. (post season 2-4 at CLEV, 3-7 KC, 0-2 at SD; at some point, Schottenheimer’s 5-13 isn’t just a matter bad luck following him/team, rather, a matter bad decisions ad nauseam Coach and GM.

      But enough depressing Chiefs history, CG – comes that time now all homer’s to unite once more start another exciting ‘this is our year!’ adventure swiss-land!


  3. Watch a real garbage person pick trash picks says:


    A real genius here folks

    • CG says:

      Yep as did 8 of 8 CBS EXPERT PICKS FOLKS…dumb me…I check many areas before I decide…and I got an extra 6…by the way many experts picked against Cinn. who won and covered over Purdue…you can’t win every game…I know you can…but most of us only try…

      • CG says:

        p.s. check out NCAA EXPERT PICKS CBS ON google…there’s their picks…happy now…I don’t follow them all the time, but when I saw 8 of 8 I went hmmm….

  4. glaze went 50/50 in college…..not bad.
    He’s got a lot of trust in kc today…but san diego plays well in kc….I still think
    the chiefs will be good this year…..should be interesting

  5. CG says:

    Well barring the Chiefs biggest comeback in history, all I can say is SORRY. I bought in as well, again. No D and offense looks pathetic as well, the line stinks, on both sides, no pass D, Alex stinks it up, nothing…looks like Dick Vermeil’s 2003 Chiefs worst defense in modern NFL oh but he had an offense we don’t…looks like a long winter…this is at halftime…21-3 and Chargers get kickofff…nice.

  6. CG says:


  7. Harley is speechless. Was at the game and people were leaving when chiefs
    were down 27-10.
    You could have a good day but a real bettor knows the game isn’t over
    til the game is over.
    On one hand you picked them to win (hope you won some money)
    but jumped in at half time and said they were horrible when a
    whole half was left toplay.
    The first part of the game they looked rusty on offense and defense
    but after playing together for a while…they jelled…and my man
    jmac came thru along with the rest of the offense.
    But glaze…you always jump in too early with your predictions.
    Wait…analyze….research….and don’t depend on these so called
    experts to make a difference in your picks.
    But thanks for writing a comment tearing down the team.
    Hate to say it but you’re a jinx when you write something!
    The one with pie on their face today and as always is kerowacky….another
    loser trying to make people he knows what he’s talking about. Hey
    Kerowacky….you’ve not picked a single winner in over 2 years. How does
    it feelto make glazer look like a genius. hahahahaha!

  8. Kerouac says:

    Game Notes:

    Was that Willie Mitchell out there at CB for the swiss? Thought it was Superbowl 1 all over again. #22 ‘Toast’ Peters was abused all day by every SD receiver he tried cover; may have to change his moniker to ‘Canine’ (aka Keenan’s ***** (‘rhymes with ditch’.) The fat lipped Johnny Sample & Fred Williamson wannabe showed his backside afield yet again too. If only he could cover a WR… he rivals dinkle-Berry as the poorest man db on the swiss.

    Ty’weak’ Hill: still waiting for the greatest draft choice and fastest human in the world (have we left out any hype? Probably) make an impact play. All that media & practice field born bluster vs mediocre swiss DB’s meets reality preseason & regular, the form true talent opposition NFL db’s. Instead of long tds receiving & kick return, ditto punt returns and end around’s, 5 yard per touch/4 for 20. Who dat? DAT 2.0, that’s all.

    Elsewhere, the usual suspects were their usual prima dona selves: there was the poor man’s Garo Yepremian wannabe Santos sky pointing yet again: ‘hey, look at me/what I did everybody – I keek another td!’. Strangely, the front-runner got amnesia/forgot his choreographed act more than once today as SD led throughout. Meanwhile, the 8th ranked in receptions among all NFL TE’s 2015/legend in his own mind Kelce was, per the usual, not a force. He did have a whiff on a block, but that was probably an optical illusion, because according local narrative he’s also an all-world blocker.

    Pass rush? Not courtesy the swiss, including top draft choice Jones, who looked like Claude Rains ‘Invisible Man’ out there. Expected him get at least 3/4 sacks – all by himself – based ‘local narrative’; next week for sure, huh.

    Offensive line – were. 3 sacks allowed and 83 yards gained rushing vs the 31st ranked defense in the NFL 2015 is why we spell our’s ‘P-U’. How much did the swiss pay for that revolving door theirs #71 at RT? Thought Eric Winston had retired. Von Miller & DeMarcus Ware/The World Champions say ‘hi’.

    Upshot: Special teams failed the Chargers, nothing the swiss did impressed. From poor punting to bad breaks (literally, Allen’s injury untouched), SD nonetheless manhandled the swiss all day long. Despite the Chargers losing their best player Allen and putting it on auto-pilot the second half, ‘wait till next year part 48’ has been affirmed 2016 swiss.

    Week 1 in the books, be just as Kerouac predicted: Broncos look far superior to the rest and all alone 1st place, young Raiders a close second, Chargers & the swiss behind both.

    1 ‘World Champion’ BRONCOS
    2 The Raiders
    3 Chargers
    4 swiss


  9. Aka BWH says:

    Lmao. Losers make excuses. Always. Like clockwork. So predictable it’s not even fun. Tissues are available.

  10. miket. says:

    game 1. calm down. after 1 -5 start last season, everyone was wondering if chiefs would have the # 1 draft pick.

    this i’ll give you worry warts; chiefs’ D better play a full 4 qtrs with bigger tests next 3 weeks and the offense can’t settle for 3 and outs and 47-yard field goals, or the pre -season hype will prove to be just that: hype.

  11. Kerouac says:

    * BULLETIN *

    Hello everyone, Biff Porkloin here reporting from ‘WSUK Channel 0’ Kansas City. In a stunning development, our 9th place fraud-royals have fallen to 10th place and out of contention the top-5 AL post season entrant field, despite the easiest, most expanded format MLB history. Thankfully, in lieu the fraud-royals, we will have something just as tough to swallow/chew on this fall beside BBQ & our cuds: Chiefs ‘this is our year!’ tour part 47. Stay tuned to ‘WSUK Channel 0’ Kansas City, your place for over-hype!





  12. CG says:

    We start off 2-2 in picks. That New England game was a shocker. Way it goes. Nobody knows what will happen for sure thats why its called a gamble.

  13. CG says:

    Lack of Chiefs comeback and fantastic 4th quarter play did not catch the eye of the national media at all. I thought it would lead all the sports shows, barely mentioned today or last night. Hey where’s our Monday Night game?

    • WHO CARE ABOUT sports shows talking about the chiefs.
      They’ll get their share of time as the season progresses…..
      but as long as glaze continues to write negative things
      about them they will win. Glaze is a jinx!

    • miket. says:

      it’s the chiefs, cg, and the east coast media would rather oooh and ahhh over brady’s replacement, the nailbiter between the two most covered teams in the nfl – cowboys (and oh romo’s replacement) & giants, and who kneeled during the national anthem.

      we could win three super bowls in a row and neither the media or k-rac would show the chiefs any respect.

      • CG says:

        Welp if we won three super bowls in a row, that might change things a bit…lets win ONE…hah…look we are a small market in the mid west and we aren’t the Packers…so that explains the Chiefs a bit. The Royals are a puzzle after two straight American League titles and the world series win. Part of it has to do with no big name stars to follow. We have no home run killer or anyone that is an every day player that hits over .300 either year. So other than Hosmer no real name that people know. Yes Perez but he is a ‘good guy’ and thats boring to the media. Nobody is a show off so not much to cover there.

        I’m afraid this season for the Royals is about over…again barring a comeback off the chart, losing to Oakland last night didn’t help. Team seems out of gas. So its on to next year. The Chiefs could be hot, too early to say right now.

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