Hearne: Local Life Resumes After Royals World Series Win

c700x420Of course the Kansas City Royals are still very popular…

However life goes on, and after two years of edge-of-your-seat baseball with back-to-back World Series appearances, the Kansas City area is overdue for a return to normalcy. A resumption of day-to-day life, minus the nightly quest to plop down in front of a television screen and burn three hours of prime time couch-potatoing the summer away.

Which is good news for area businesses not centered on package liquor, pizza and hot wings-to-go sales.

Put another way, the current Royals losing streak is a shot in the arm for the local economy and most businesses.

I know, some sports and baseball zealots will consider those words treasonous.

Hey, but it’s true.

Turning the Greater KC metro into a gigantic, empty ghost town night after night during the prime summer season is not a good thing. And human nature being what it is, two years straight of obsessing on a single entertainment option is more than enough.

It’s high time, locals resume other outside interests, because bunkering in front of a giant screen for six months during prime outdoor activity weather is just too one dimensional.

american-family-636So while the early April television ratings were actually up at the season’s start, a combination of the novelty wearing thin and the team’s relatively poor play seems to be taking a toll.

Don’t get me wrong.

It’s nice to not be the butt of bad baseball jokes like the Royals of old, but the betting money (and economic reality for a media market the size of KC) dictates that Eric Hosmer is probably little more than a season or two away of becoming the next Johnny Damon. Of escaping the gravitational pull of the Midwest for the far greener financial pastures of larger markets like New York.

Imagine what this year’s Royals record might be if Ben Zobrist hadn’t followed to money out of town to the MLB best team, the Chicago Cubs.

Doesn't look like Brush Creek in the background

Moving on? Sure doesn’t look like Brush Creek in the background

So enjoy what’s left of KC’s baseball honeymoon cause Zobrist won’t be the last to bail.

The days of gleeful, young Royals players buying rounds of drinks for the public in the Power & White District are in the rearview mirror.

Because it’s follow-the-money time, and they’re out eyeing out-of-town real estate, BMWs, Rolexes and the like. Our boys of summer are growing up and they want nicer toys.

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21 Responses to Hearne: Local Life Resumes After Royals World Series Win

  1. Paul says:

    Ben Zobrist is currently hitting .250 with two homers in one of the most hitter-friendly ballparks in baseball. How many games would that have won for the Royals to date? Maybe one at the most. Maybe.

    And while I agree that some of the Royals’ blue-chippers will leave town, don’t underestimate the leadership’s ability to fill those holes with quality replacements. How many people were critical of the decision to let Billy Butler walk? Enter Kendrys Morales. The Royals haven’t cornered the market on players leaving town. See Zack Greinke, Jason Heyward, and Justin Upton. And don’t forget the Royals re-signed a quality hometown free agent in Alex Gordon.

  2. Hot Carl says:

    Hearne, if I want to read a sports article written by a complete sports retard I’ll read something written by Glazer. Stick to more info about the local news rag that’s been completely irrelevant for years now.

    I really used to like coming here but have to confess that since you’ve picked up a job selling used cars this site has turned into the ramblings of a third grade dropout who knows nothing about sports or politics and endless columns about the KC Star. I’ll continue to stop by occasionally to see if things change but I’m out for now. I hope you get this place turned around.

    • the dude says:

      Hot take for Hot Carl!!!

    • Alphonse Tooty says:

      Surely you are not referring to the in-your-face website that hits with BULLET FORCE!!

    • kriskle says:

      Carl, it would have been nice for Hearne to back up his ramblings with some evidence, would it?

      For instance, are attendance and TV ratings really down? Even for the short term during the skid? Didn’t the Royals go through some skids the last couple of years? What happens when (not if) they get hot again?

      Furthermore, is there any evidence whatsoever that the Royals success the last two years turned KC into a “ghost town” when games are on? Lots of people pay attention on October when their team is in it, and as long as their team is in it, but it takes a true baseball fan to go through the grind of 162 games, and that doesn’t describe enough people to turn the entire city into a “ghost town” unless I see some evidence to the contrary.

      And no, some story from a guy Hearne knows whose bar or restaurant struggles 12 months out of the year isn’t “evidence.”

      • Harley the Great says:


        Royals ratings are up from last year at same time!
        Royals attendance is up from last year at same time!
        And then hearne says lifie is back to normal and no ones
        paying attention to the team since they’ve had some
        rough going. No doubt 2 world series runs is tough
        to keep up…but in kc it doesn’t matter….Hundreds of thousands
        of people are watching the royals…instead of spending
        money on the worst movies…the worst comics…the worst
        live entertainment (although there are some outstanding
        live entertainment coming to kc) Hearne from his hole in
        Lawrence tells us more b.s.
        We ventured down to the plaza on a Friday night (last nite).
        Gotthere about 5pm and was there to meet my accountants
        and attorneys at gram and dunn. After reading the bull sh*t
        printed here in this blog and in tony’s youd have thought
        it was a ghost town filled with shootings etc.
        WEll glaze you were a wrong a$$ again. Hearne…your stories
        about the plaza were also wrong again. And our resident
        Nazi white supremacist ditch man chucklets who’s incessant
        hate mongering writings are also filled with dirt and b.s.
        The places were packed …from kona grill to gram and dun
        to the other entertainment offerings there. We stayed till 11pm
        and the area wasstill busy. No problems…no headaches…
        people of color were there….no problems.
        You old men like glaze and hearen have been feeding us
        lines of b.s. And I’m gonna guess that with the royals
        in an early game n Cleveland that other entertainment places
        were busy. would be interested to know how glazes
        place did…..I look forward to hearing because I saw no
        enlightened writings from glaze about his lineup on here.
        So again…while the old men shivering in their homes that
        the boogeymen were coming….KC STILL IS EXPERIENCING
        I did not go to first Friday but will check with the
        people I know in crossroadsto see what was happening there.
        So again…hearne you have lost all credibility with this
        Hearne…I have to admit….please go back to writing about the
        star. Your meandering into othersubjects has shown us
        that you too lack any ability to produce evidence or proff
        of what you say.
        the truth purveyor

  3. CG says:

    Well I knew we could count on you Carl to attack me or Hearne. In many ways he’s right and so was I. The Royals could come back for sure, but clearly there is a problem…no kidding. As for being a ‘retard’ on sports…hey somebody gave me a few million to make 5 sports movies that grossed over 100 million world wide…so guess I’m a pretty smart ‘retard’ on sports huh.

    • Harley the Great says:

      yeah…right glaza. Another false tale.
      we catch you again.
      You are a “retard” on sports and everyone here and on tony’s blog
      of hell knows it too.
      cut the b.s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Then tell us how hearne is right. Rating for royals are booming…attendance
      is ahead and will only get more people to the k.
      We’ve caught you fudging and lying.
      Sorry…. Sports/politics stfu.
      Hotties/hookers/sex in front of kids/HEY BRO…THAT’S YOUR ACE IN
      THE HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Harley the Great says:

    1. Royals are doing better attendance wise so far this season…I was out there
    with 34,500 fans and its just april/start of may. Once school is out and
    kids and parents have more free time look for complete sellouts.
    You live in little Lawrence like a hermit and don’t get this info so for the
    most part you’re writing more lies than ever.

    2. TV ratings: again…stick with your stupid/phony/idiotic radio stories
    that mean nothing to real businessmen in the real world. Ryals are killing
    it…..on tv. Go ask time warner reps/other reps where fox sports is carried.
    Not only are they selling out but their viewing numbers are blowing away
    any other network show or any show period.
    come on into the big town after you force some old lady into a beetle bug
    at 24% interest for 72 months and see the real world in the sports bars
    and places to watchthe game in public. As even wislon noted…they’re packed.
    And selling at record revenues.
    So now you’ve been caught in another lie hearen.
    Don’t try to pull this past Harley…..and as you should know being the
    crack investigative journalist you and glaza are the royals really never hit
    their stride until the weather warms up.
    It’s a long season and long way to repeating their last 2 years…but I can tell
    you as someone in business that merchandise is still selling at big numbers/
    attendance is huge but neber hits its stride til schools out…and again
    you not only have lied in this article but have shownthat you and your
    other crack writer are trying to fool your readers. I won’t let it happen.
    And when you try to pull off these lies, you only make yourself and your
    12 man blog look exactly what every other commentator on here has said.
    I hope you stop the lies…..
    your friend
    FOREVER ROYALS!~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The Word says:

    What is his column about? I didn’t read it. I can’t stop looking at Kacie Mcdonnell’s rear.

    • the dude says:

      You didn’t miss much if you have read any of the other sports articles on this website.

  6. Harley the Great says:

    as for glaza….you better come up with a new marketing campaign.
    You can’t beat the royals or the other activities in the summer.
    Haven’t heard you brag about the talent at your place so I can only
    say that it must be local stage comedians.
    And 2 more giants are opening to compete with you…one being the
    highly successful and very popular 810 Zone that kills the competition
    with their state of the art newly designed and category killing food next
    Now we know hearne is maybe what one reader called EFFEMINATE.
    and lets see if youre another phony or a real writer/journalist.

  7. Cool Crest continues to help fill the roller coaster-sized gap left in the local leisure scene by the closure of Fairyland Park. If we could just get a few more drive-in picture joints, plus a few more mobbed-up restaurants down to the River Quay, the local fans would truly have no shortage of evening entertainment options once the Royals start sucking again.

    • chuck says:

      The city leadership has provided distractions for we hoi polloi when the Royals “suck”. Streetcars, the Power and Light. Speaking of the Power and Light District, I miss the Mafia.

      The Mafia never screwed us all out of 15 million a year, then charged us up the azz at the door to enter establishments that sent profits out of town. The mayor, should forget that stupid airport and the endless lists of vanity projects he is getting ready to T Rex up our butts and hire some Sicilian consultants to entice the Mafia back to KC. 15 million a year is some serious juice!

      Civella , Tuffy Deluna, Jimmy Duardi and the entire panoply of “Made Guys” never sucked that much working capital out of the city in their entire storied history. Plus, they were a lot more interesting than the faceless cronies and developers working back room deals at city hall while we eat cake.

      In fact, the Royals at their peak, probably don’t really offer the same kind of cash intake that Carl, Cory, Willie the Rat and gang brought in every week skimming cash from “Whales” and Casinos in Las Vegas. I know they spent at least SOME of the money from Las Vegas here in KC ’cause they bought electronics from me all the time. The City very rarely had to go pick up a dead body in the River Quay, but that sure as hell beats ponying up $500.00 an hour to a legion of lawyers at Polsinelli and White to cover up the machinations of nefarious political missteps and disasters. We may as well set the money on fire in front of that statue of Andrew Jackson (Which will to be removed and replaced with an equestrian rendering of Harriet Tubman astride a charger.) at City hall.

      The Mafia didn’t go pitch ideas to the folks at City Hall in Las Vegas, they just took the cash and spent it here in KC. God Bless ‘Em.

      In my mind, I am going to “Mothers” on main tonight and seeing all of those guys in really bad faux silk shirts, opened down to their navels with lots of gold.

      Beats the Crips and Bloods.

      • Orphan of the Road says:

        Yes, as through this world I’ve wandered
        I’ve seen lots of funny men;
        Some will rob you with a six-gun,
        And some with a fountain pen.

        • the dude says:

          At least the six-gunners are honest about their robbing ways. The ones with pens will lie to you until they bleed you dry of money all while patting you on the back.

  8. Harley the Great says:

    well ditch digger we knew many of the same people! who would have
    guessed that.
    Jimmy D. took care of the work for the union.
    the guy who owned sandstone took out one of the chiefs eye.
    tuffy is gone but if you want some fresh tomatoes his brothers got em at
    alex liked firecrackers.
    Charlie loved bananas and his “walls” could talk!
    john r. has his own little city.
    Need a book….call Jerome.
    And the judges downtown fixed it all.
    great times.

  9. Kerouac says:

    “And human nature being what it is, two years straight of obsessing on a single entertainment option is more than enough.”

    – relatively speaking yes – and no. According to Jack Yuen – “you can watch a cow all day and all it will do is eat grass – every single day of its life. Many more examples in nature reveal the same thing. So, why is it that human beings are supposed to do the exact opposite and vie for a life of variety?” Yuen continues: “In business (and in life) the profit is in going deep – not in going wide. Hugh Hefner (Playboy fame) says that he has had a huge variety of women. He can’t say that he has any deep relationships.”


    How to explain “obsessing” and the single-mindedness of ever loyal legions Cubs (last Championship October 1908) & Chiefs (their last/only Championship January 1970) fans who yet wait – faithfully & loyally – years and even centuries, heartstrings to the grindstone figuratively die in the process before dying in fact. Undeterred, despite all they know, these gluttons for punishment persist; be no better or worse anyone else.


  10. Shark Tank says:

    AHHH there it is.. If your business can’t survive the success of a local sports franchise your destined for failure.

  11. Harley the Great says:

    No one wish glazes business to go bad. But the world is changing so much
    now that we can hardly keep up with what’s happening.
    But competition in my biz is getting tougher as it is in every industry.
    So glaze has got to adapt. More comedy on tv…more choices for people
    in entertainment. Royals are hot but there’s still over a million people
    I am pro business. And its a tough time for small businesses right now.
    We all have to change or die.
    Glaze is one of the best p.r. people around….does an incredible job
    of getting his biz advertised on literally a very very small budget.
    I pretty sure he can weather the business shift because of the weather
    casters and the royals…..but for anyone who’s owned their own business
    knows….owning your own biz can be a bitch sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    good luck glaze.
    Your friend

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