Lefsetz: Say You Want a Revolution

imagesDo you feel left out?

Do you feel like you’re working hard but getting nowhere, treading water in the game of life? Do you think the government is telling you how to live while providing little in return?

Then you might be supporting Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders.

The owners of this country just don’t understand how this happened, how the country at large rejected their leadership, got off the boat and is determined to upset it, if not capsize it.

Credit the Internet.

Before the nation was wired and communicating we had no idea how much we didn’t know. We accepted news as truth and put broadcasters on pedestals.

But not only did the Internet allow new information to pour forth, propagated by citizens who were interested in nothing so much as the truth, it allowed a subset of people – usually male, usually quite young – to become extremely rich. And these techies were lauded throughout the land. And those of us working for a living had to realize, there was no way we could make that kind of money.

Even though we wanted to.

Even though we’d be satisfied with a bite of the carrot, chewing just a bit more than we had before.

But this was not to be.

Because the rich had to get tax cuts and the banks had to be saved, even though so many are living from paycheck to paycheck. It’s hard to have sympathy for those in the bubble.

And the rich and powerful truly are. They’ve got no roots. The nation is run by the scions of the already wealthy, from Gates to the Kochs. You just don’t have a chance, the American dream is dead.

Furthermore, it’s every man for himself. Those you used to be able to count on you can’t.

Occupy Wall StreetCertainly not the musicians.

Musicians kiss the ass of corporations to garner a smidgen of the wealth that the bankers and techies have. And despite young nincompoops believing in their words, the rest of us have checked out of a pop dominated world.

There’s just no there there.

But you can’t nominate Trump because he’ll ruin the country!

Give me a break,

Washington D.C. is a logjam that no one can break. So even if he got elected Trump couldn’t do much.

Other than nominate a Supreme Court justice our two!

How long until the Republican congresspeople blink and realize their candidate has no chance and Hillary will nominate someone even more liberal than Merrick Garland.

Yes, Hillary is gonna win.

And I’m worried all the protest and all of the reaction to what was, will be forgotten.

But the truth is America has changed.

Theories have turned into reality. Blacks had no upward mobility, they couldn’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Now the same thing has happened to whites. Meanwhile, they’re both told to just work harder.

And there are bogeymen, immigrants being the number one culprit.

Because we all need someone to blame.

The musicians blamed streaming, even though the RIAA just said recorded music revenue went up…with streaming being the main generator! Take that naysayers!

Yes, everybody’s living in an echo chamber, listening to only the news that agrees with them. Facts are out the window and truth is irrelevant.

But some truths are undeniable.

We live in a two-tier society and those on top don’t care about those on the bottom.

They don’t even understand the plight of those on the bottom. Republican wankers believe the rank and file want to give up their entitlements so the rich can rampage.

No, we need something like a guaranteed income, so we can all survive.

Trump understands this anger.

As does Bernie Sanders, who speaks more truth than the rest of the candidates combined.

We are in the midst of a revolution.

This is what climate change looks like when it takes hold. You know, the fat cats are denying climate science so they can pollute, but the ice caps will melt so much that there will be chaos.

And right now there’s chaos in America.

And it’s got nothing to do with terrorism, and nothing to do with immigration, and everything to do with the lack of upward mobility.

If I’ve got no chance I’m gonna poke you in the eye, make you squirm.

That’s the essence of the Trump campaign.

The disaffected rule. Those in power have refused to adjust just like the record companies at the turn of the century, who believed consumers should overpay for a CD with one good track so the industry could shine on.

I’m sick of hedge funders getting better tax rates on income than the rank and file.

I’m sick of government getting in my business and making abortion nearly illegal. What’s the message here, don’t screw? But without babies our nation does not survive.

The public is way ahead of the government.

The story of the near future will be either an adjustment by those in power or ultimately a toppling of their reign.

We’re mad as hell and we enjoy upsetting the apple cart.

This primary season is not about nominating candidates, but giving the establishment the middle finger.

Occupy Wall Street was just the beginning.

It’s gonna get worse.

And the only question is…


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4 Responses to Lefsetz: Say You Want a Revolution

  1. Jimdandy says:

    “Even though we’d be satisfied with a bite of the carrot, chewing just a bit more than we had before.”

    The eternal mantra of the American Left. A nebulous idea of “just a bit more”, not sure how much or why ($15 an hour? $20?), never certain who the rich are to soak it for (100k earners? 150k?).

    We would all like more of course. Bernie Sanders is able to speak many truths as you say, and so is Trump, because a lack of specifics makes that an easy task.

    What’s scary is that the world Samders envisions is a Europe of the 70s that is long dead, with countries such as the UK and now Germany questioning euroliberalism at its core, and the world Trump envisions has a greater chance in global reality as nations move to protectionism and closing borders.

    Fascism and Socialism, two relics of the 20th Century that won’t die.

  2. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    This election year would be funny and entertaining as hell if it wasn’t so sad. Americans are going to end up with no choice regardless of which side of the aisle they reside.

    Those of us that live right in the dead middle of the political spectrum have even LESS of a choice.

    The candidates love to talk about the intelligence and greatness of the American voter. Ummmm, no. Not really, if any of them thinks this is the best America has to offer.

  3. harley the manificent says:

    another rehash for lefty. This is worse than glaze’s story.
    I didn’t think that could happen.
    Write something entertaining…the revolution b.s. is crap.
    The revolution is falling apart.
    The big money says NO REVOLUTION….so we don’t have a revolution.
    that’s that.

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