Glazer: Super Bowl Berths at Stake in Today’s Playoffs & NCAA Title Game

bywbqutiuaahbsgIt’s pretty much already forgotten that the Kansas City Chiefs may have beaten both of this season’s  Super Bowl teams…

We beat New England and Seattle, yet didn’t even make playoffs. Go figure. Both those teams now have home field advantage in the playoffs and likely will meet in the Big Dance in a few weeks.

Today’s games will decide who they play for the AFC and NFC titles.

Without the injuries to both Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning, Denver and Green Bay would probably be shoo-ins to win today’s games at home. However Rodgers has a torn calf muscle and Manning is simply too banged up with a weakening arm – that and his O-line has also gotten soft with injuries.

So these games today will likely be dogfights.

The-Ice-Bowl-1967-Was-The-Coldest-NFL-Game-Ever-Packers-Vs.-Cowboys-At-Lambeau-Field-May-Be-Ice-Bowl-2-665x385I still like the Broncos in a close one but I’m just not sure if Dallas can handle that ice bowl weather in Green Bay.

All of that said, I still like the home teams in close games.


Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer


Oregon QB Marcus Mariota will be without his No. 2 receiver, Darren Carrington for Monday’s NCAA title game. That’s a blow and a distraction for sure. Ohio State’s Urban Meyer is all the talk on this one – he’s a super coach – but I still see Oregon winning this game. It’s indoors on the turf and that speed of Oregon with the best quarterback in football since Andrew Luck give the Ducks an edge.


the_only_way_to_stay_warm__by_seithe-d5sheygPICKS NFL PLAYOFFS

DALLAS + 12 over Green Bay in a tease with Indy + 14 over Denver

Oregon -5 over Ohio State.

Stay Warm

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6 Responses to Glazer: Super Bowl Berths at Stake in Today’s Playoffs & NCAA Title Game

  1. chuck says:

    I tool Dallas and the points.

  2. hahhararley says:

    I think Dallas has become the most hated team in nfl right now. Getting all those
    missed bad ref calls (I think there were 3)…and watching fat boy Christie and soon to
    be convicted felon tear up the all you can eat buffet in Jerrys house…I think
    green bay takes this one. I hate the cowboys (going back to 1995) and gotta
    go with green bay. My heart wins out on this one.
    As far as Manning…he’sat home and probably can get thru this one because
    Indy doesn’t play well outside.
    I don’t bet football but it’s amazing hearne still allows the worst prognosticator
    ever to continue to write about football picks.
    Oregon – Ohio state….depends on the conditioning of osu. Oregon runs
    a play every 12-15 seconds and they have speed. Should be interesting.
    But we’ve all learned something…if glaze says zig…you zag. If glaze picks team
    A…you go with team b. Same with kerowacky!

  3. chuck says:

    Dallas covered.

    • CG says:

      I had all four teams this weekend on teases, all won…we didn’t get yesterdays up in time. Luck is now the man in the AFC for next year. I look for Manning to retire. He should. No Super Bowl in his future. Its over, he was great. Indy could steal it from Pats. I like Seahawks at home.

  4. Nelly says:

    CG – Just curious where you found -5 line for Oregon.

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