Glazer: The Indisputable, Awful Truth About The Kansas City Chiefs

JonBaldwinUpsideDownWhy do our Kansas City Chiefs fall short of the mark every year?

Simple, we’re one of the NFL’s worst drafting teams of all time. We’ve not had a franchise quality quarterback since Len Dawson in the 1960’s and early 1970’s.

That’s the simple answer.

But yes, you can add in a poor front office, poor coaching and bad moves of every sort over the past 30 years. All of which have led to zero Super Bowls the past half century.

This year is coming to an end and once again Kansas City fans have been hoodwinked by the long term contract for Alex Smith, and soon another one for Justin Houston and “Boy, Andy sure is a Dandy.”

Hey, even I got suckered earlier this season.

Why? Because like most of you I wanted to believe we had something (even though deep down, I knew we really didn’t).

Football is a modern game based on passing and we don’t have that.

Not one of our wide receivers has a touchdown. Which means, we stink. And we kinda do, sorry. No wide outs, an average quarterback and our draft was an F again.

tempDeeFord_015--nfl_mezz_1280_1024Our first round pick, Dee Ford, has done nothing.

He has like three tackles or something. Pretty sad.

The Chiefs waste more first round picks than the slobs at strip bars who think the buck they put in a g-string will bring a girl home with them that night.

Last year it was Eric Fisher.

Remember him? Eric’s a little better but still one of the league’s lesser left tackles. In fact the Chiefs have one of the NFL’s worst offensive lines to protect their average quarterback.


Somehow Bob Sutton  and Andy Reid got our defense to play fairly well for a month.

Hey, that’s long over.

Our D line is average. Our pass defense is suspect. And while Justin Houston has the numbers, he doesn’t dominate games or even quarters.

He’s no Derrick Thomas.

A sack here, a sack there and then, “Where’d that guy go?”

I just know we’ll have seven or eight “all pros” this season.But really?

charles wk1The Chiefs only have one true star, Jamaal Charles.

That’s it. We have some solid players like Houston and tight end Travis Kelce, but it gets thin after that. OK Dontari Poe and who else? Well, there are a few.

Meanwhile, poor Jamaal has been a one man band.

Now he’s nearing age 30 and has played on only bad teams. A great back like that has to wonder if he can get into the Hall of Fame. I hope he has two more good years to get that done, because he’s all we got.

The bottom line: The future isn’t bright for our Chiefs.

We’ve got too many holes to fill. Someone on 610 Sports said this, “Would you trade 10 years of NO. 1 draft picks for Aaron Rogers now?’


Look at our record, look at who we picked. Where is Tyson Jackson? I’d give 10 No. 1 picks for Rogers in a blink. Because without a top notch quarterback like the names we know, Rogers, Brady, Manning, Luck and Big Ben – boy – it’s not a game you can win in the end. Is it?
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7 Responses to Glazer: The Indisputable, Awful Truth About The Kansas City Chiefs

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    I tried to tell you people about The Red-Head. Fourteen seasons together and it’s always the one-trick pony show.

    YouTube Joe Conklin (or his daughter) and Andy Reid. Photoshop out teal green for red and it is the same show.

    Andy can get more out of an average player than anyone I’ve ever seen. The race doesn’t always go to the swiftest and the fastest but that is where you find the smart money.

    It was a 2″-binder on the function of the long-snapper which got Andy his first head coaching job.

    I wonder if anyone ever saw, or looked for, a binder on management of the game clock and timeouts?

  2. rww says:

    Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t be much better with our offensive line. He would be running for his life also.

  3. Kerouac says:

    “Would you trade 10 years of NO. 1 draft picks for Aaron Rogers now?’ YOU BET.”

    – ditto… Ford, Fisher, Poe, Baldwin, Berry, Jackson, Dorsey, Albert, Bowe & Hali have been our last 10 #1 picks – Kerouac would trade them all (or at least the 5 that we still have on our team/active roster, 6 if one counts the next ex-Chief, Berry) for Rodgers; I’d even throw in Alex Smith to seal the deal.

    As for Charles, he will never see the inside Canton’s Hall of Fame unless he visits on his own time someday – in his 7th year now, only 6,721 yards rushing won’t even get him a sniff; 38 tds too pales in comparison the others (example, Priest Holmes (#44 all time) scored 27 tds in just a single season and 48 in two years; he too will never be enshrined likely, 8,172 yards & 72 tds still not enough based current as ever/always inconsistent, inane measures the voters.

    DEN’s Terrell Davis (#52 all time), 7,607 and 71 tds in 7 years (same as Charles) has not/will not get in either – oddly, Leroy Kelly (#56 all time) 7,274 & 74 tds got him in, albeit 21 years aft he retired courtesy the Veterans Committee. The fact Charles also doesn’t own a Championship ring – and never will with KCindy – whereas a Davis has two, Kelly one & Holmes 1 (BALT) as well likely also a consideration HOF voters.

    The all time leader Emmitt Smith 18,355 yards and 164 tds was enough for him make it in of course (though he could not carry the shoes Jim Brown, Gale Sayers or several others, and he was an embarrassment hanging on to his career at the end in order try get more yardage, and in the process looking like Willie Mays trying to play CF for the Mets age 42 back in 1973.)

    Politics may also be at work the case Jerome Bettis: his 13,662 yards still hasn’t been good enough to get him into the Hall either, so, Charles and the rest are in good if not great company the sideline, former Chiefs like Jim Tyrer, Johnny Robinson & Jerrell Wilson based stats alone, another like Otis Taylor a sentimental choice based on sheer ability & big catches if not his numbers, and still a few others like Ed Budde and more recently Will Shields.

    • CG says:

      Good report K. I agree no hall for Charles. Numbers don’t work, and his team was bad. No post season wins. With maybe two years left, a post season win is unlikely. Still an outstanding back. Maybe the Chiefs all time best ahead of Holmes who benefitted from a great line which Charles doesn’t have now or ever. Plus Charles has played longer here.

      As of Rogers of course you give up the ten first rounders. RWW you build around a great qb. Rogers is one of the alltime best a qb you can win with even with a lesser team. Teams get well with good qb’s. Indy will.

  4. Harry Balczak says:

    Don’t worry, the author of this story will be back on the bandwagon if the Chiefs win their last 3 with the saying that “I knew all along they would make the playoffs”

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