Glazer: Ring the Bell, Blow Out the candle & Close the Books on This Year’s Chiefs

4-holidaycards-eagles_crop_650Oakland ran all over our poor Chiefs last week…

And this week Denver made it official, the Chiefs have fallen from grace once again. Looking like fools in two weeks on national television, anyone watching last Thursday’s game –  the one just before Thanksgiving – would think the Chiefs a joke.

Last night’s game was even worse of course because Denver is an outstanding team and Oakland isn’t. In other words, losing to the Broncos was no fluke.

Denver and Peyton Manning walked all over the Chiefs in the first quarter. In fact the game was pretty much over and somewhat hard to watch after the first 10 minutes when it was clear the Chiefs were beaten in every category.

We couldn’t run, throw or block. Our defense couldn’t stop SME high school. In short, the Chiefs looked like the team most of us thought they would be this year, terrible. And for two weeks now they really have stunk it up.

Denver was just shy of 400 yards on offense while we mustered just over 100 yards in the air. Oh yeah, and 40 yards on t he ground. In this 29-16 killing of the Chiefs season it seemed far worse.

There’s really nothing to talk about besides a better team crushing the falling apart Chiefs.

Will the Chiefs bounce back? Not likely.

We need to win three of the final four games to make the playoffs. And after home games against San Diego – a likely loss now – and Oakland maybe a win, we’re on the road at Arizona and Pittsburgh. Even if KC plays better and beats Arizona and Oakland, but lose to Pittsburgh on the road and SD here, they’re likely out of the wild card.

imagesHey, I was impressed with this team’s turn around from my earlier prediction of them winning maybe 5 or 6 games (or less). But my how the worm has turned, been eaten in fact.

It was nice to see coach Andy Reid take such small talent and make it work for a few weeks – enough to get our hopes up. The biggest failure now is the defense. Like last year there’s just not much there anymore. The offensive line now stinks again and with Alex Smith having no real targets but his tight ends – yikes, not good.

Like our pal K warned, another bad year for KC.

Even if this team backs into the playoffs, they can’t beat Indy or Denver or New England – let alone the road. Great try, Andy, maybe next year we’ll have a good team. This year is toast, but hey you tried.

In the end it takes more talent to win in the NFL and we don’t have it.
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7 Responses to Glazer: Ring the Bell, Blow Out the candle & Close the Books on This Year’s Chiefs

  1. harley says:

    well glaze, you jinxed us again. You swore for weeks the chiefs were horrible
    then proudly proclaimed them super bowl contenders.

    • harley says:

      thank god glaze you’re not really betting on the teams you pick.
      Because you’d be in hock up to your chin if you actually put money on
      the teams you like.
      You’ve done it again..just a few days ago the chiefs were super bowl bound
      now you’ve changed your mind again.
      good luck the rest of the season…..and please please do not mention
      MIZZOU under any circumstances.

  2. Kerouac says:

    “Like our pal K warned, another bad year for KC.”

    – right on schedule: ‘wait till next year, part 46’… oh the huMANITY!


    • CG says:

      YEP AND REID IS 3-7 AGAINST THE DIVDION IN TWO YEARS, not good. We just don’t have the talent to really compete. Schemes help and it worked for five weeks but the league caught on, no guards, no deep throws, one back that’s it. Where’s the Oregon Duck? Thomas…I’d sure get him the ball about ten times a game. Davis has also gone south.

      • Kerouac says:

        Too, the Broncos were without their/the best TE in pro football Julius Thomas, were missing one of the best CB’s same in Talib and were breaking in a new K recovered from an achilles injury, Barth. In KC, Sunday Night, a national television audience, with their season on the line… the Swiss just don’t have the horses.

        Kerouac has seen this act for 45 years, it comes as no surprise. The Swiss Chiefs are Cubs the NFL, the KU college football and Nebraska college basketball same. There is no point jumping on a bandwagon each & every year when the outcome’s a foregone conclusion.

        Nod HC, I have another post now awaiting moderation due a couple of links which addresses a problem ‘not’ unique to the Swiss Chiefs but one magnified due their lot football life – too many ‘I’ndividuals, too few ‘team’mates. In the spirit of said,
        Kerouac’s prima donna can hardly wait read His own missive.


  3. Kerouac says:

    Nod Erle Stanley Gardner

    Your counsel Kerouac with today’s episode – ‘The Severe Case of ME-ME-ITIS”

    KCindy is far too into the ‘I’ndividual thing, rather than ‘team’ – Kerouac noted that on several occasions a Swiss Chief would go through their physical gyrations variously, all while their own team was getting stomped, flushed down the crapper yet another year.

    houston on defense (what a joke, almost 400 yards surrendered) & charles on offense (35 yards rushing) were the most obvious and repeat offenders. Acting the fool – “hey, look at me everybody!” Yeah, take a good look… and then remember a guy from 1969 named Dawson, who, when the Chiefs scored by way a td pass said, “we got the ball to him.” ‘WE’ – not ‘ME’ – even though it left Len’s arm and arrived in whatever receiver’s arms, same. Lombardi’s “act like you’ve been there before” endzone protocol and even more recently Priest Holmes understated hand the ball to the ref and head back to the bench sans showboating linger still, memory.

    The fact that too many modern day NFL players suffer from ‘me-me-itis’ syndrome is apparent… that some have a cognitive fund so small, limited, they are more concerned with ‘posing’ for the cameras on a national tv game – while losing – speaks volumes.

    Listen to charles when he is being interviewed: the guy has trouble putting together a single complete sentence let alone one that doesn’t contain several ‘you know, man'(s); yup… we knows, man. Then there is houston, who got thoroughly dominated for most of the game by a new starter at RT for the Broncos, yet didn’t miss the opportunity to look around for a camera, pull up his jersey, and show us his… undershirt? What the?
    Yeah, resign that guy… give him as many Benjamin$ as he wants, same as you did for duh-wayne (points to the name on the back of his jersey) bowe… he don’t know nothin’ about catching a td pass, but if it’s all about the ‘show’, then yeah, he’s all go.

    Next year, and the year after, and the one aft that, the same players and different ones new, will continue to do the same. So, pop in a dvd, vhs tape or reel-to-reel and revisit the year 1970, January 11 to be precise, the last time and perhaps the only ever, you’ll be able to watch a real football ‘team’ in lieu “it’s all about me” modern day fare, farce.


  4. Kerouac says:

    One last backhand for the Swiss – what a HORRIBLE uniform choice last night. Those bloody-nose red pants (which should’ve been taken out a shot, before they were ever introduced, September 1968) deserved the pummeling they took… a God awful look. We’re apparently stuck (nod safety) the modern helmets, the face-masks and too the logo crazy(NFL/advertiser same) make a buck by plastering them all over uniforms & the stadiums, etc.

    So much for tributes a fellow player (over-hyped as the Swiss same), good luck having worn them the past with success beside the point. Lose the red pants & go all white all the time on the road, lose the sleeve stripes, the white road socks & return original red socks there same as home, return the larger helmet arrowhead of yore and too go back the black shoes look. Then – and only then – consider building a ‘team’ good as the ones late 60’s / very early 70’s.

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