Whinery: The End of the World as We Know It – Jews, Russia, Rick Perry & McCartney

Protest in Manhattan over Israel's action in GazaYou may not have noticed but…

In the confusion and cacophony of everyday life we’re careening towards disaster. Go ahead, go about your business if you must, but chaos of the unbridled variety is just around the corner.

Right now, in the world we inhabit, the Israeli’s– MY PEOPLE- are at war in the Gaza Strip which is a disaster. And if the Israel defense forces are to be believed, 5 of their0 troops have already been killed. So its probably really five times that number.  And we’re ready for 23-1

What people fail to appreciate where this situation is concerned, is that after the Holocaust– all bets are off.

The Jews will resort to nuclear weaponry if pushed too far. 

And now there’s yet another Malaysian airliner, this one shot down as opposed to the one that “disappeared.”

And all this piling on with Russia is insane.

This is not some silly Third World squabble, this is for “all the marbles” and it’s not a place that people want or ought to go.

Polish-Remover-600x372And then, shhhhh! 

What is going on at the border? Texas governor Rick Perry is bringing in the National Guard– WOW!

Sir-Paul-McCartney-001And then lest we forget what really matters, Paul McCartney played for almost three hours and 39 songs at Sprint Center the other night.

You know, maybe he could bring peace to the world!

I may sound like a “dirty hippie” right now, but thank you – ALL THE POWERS THAT BE – for the Sprint Center.

It was a pseudo-religious experience  .

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14 Responses to Whinery: The End of the World as We Know It – Jews, Russia, Rick Perry & McCartney

  1. CG says:

    Rick I’m all for Isreal. If you are a Jew or American or enjoy freedom all would be of course. I doubt nukes will be involved. The Israeli military is more than capable of taking down all the Arab nations if need be by force. They did it before in six days. I’m sure the US would back them if it came down to that. Lets hope not. My guess is that the combat will end on this one soon with Israel winning.

  2. rkcal says:

    In high school, I had this civics class taught by an alcoholic contrarian. His entire lesson plan each day consisted of sitting askance at his desk, opening the newspaper and reading us the headlines along with sotted tangential stream-of-consciousness commentary. Thanks for the flashback.

  3. the Polar Bear says:

    “In the confusion and cacophony of everyday life we’re careening towards disaster”… words of wisdom no doubt.

    When the Polar Bear feels safer sitting in a streetside cafe in Harare, Zimbabwe than he does at the Classic Cup on the Plaza, something is bad wrong. Forget Gaza, Ukraine, or the Texas border. While those problems are real, Killa City has it’s own REAL problem. Will the Plaza recover from the invasion from east of Main ? Who knows. It’s quite obvious there has been a tremendous drop in Plaza business from late afternoon on, especially weekends. The Bear clan has enjoyed the Plaza dining and social setting for over 30 years…these day’s we avoid the Plaza like the plague. Hopefully Glen Stephenson and Highwoods Properties will steer Killa City leaders at 12th and Oak to address the issue with something other than “pizza parties and Brush Creek socials”. The days of being able to control the message coming out of the Plaza, thru the television and print media are gone. Now with cell phone video, blogs, and social media, Highwoods can’t hide what’s happening on the Plaza. Hopefully there will be change, but for many, it’s too little, too late.

    • rkcal says:

      Yeah! Forget all those world event sideshows-people who refer to themselves in third person code names are scared to go to the Plaza…..that’s the problem.

  4. SteelyDanMan says:

    Craig, BIG MISTAKE. I know you’re busy with the opening of your new Overland Park and all, but do some fucking research before you comment on the whole conflict. Fact: The State of Israel – not the Jewish people – are waging genocide on Palestinians. Big difference. Don’t understand? Government = Israel. People = Jews.

    According to CNN.com (don’t give a fuck if you call out a bias source or whatever), 70 percent of the 500 Palestinians killed in Gaza ARE CIVILIANS. This is no different than the Final Solution Hitler decreed on European Jews over 70 years ago. Israel has been systematically killing Palestinians in Gaza in increments over the past couple decades. To blindly follow and take the Israeli propaganda hook, line and sinker is very ignorant on your part. Research “Zionism” before you refute this comment – that is if Hearne or the admin decides to publish this. Jews are not, and will never be, the problem. But mark my words, Craig, this kind of taking sides thinking will eventually make Israel a scapegoat in some unforeseen conflict in the near future. Stop generalizing the entire Jewish race and realize there are some nefarious figures that operate the State of Israel.

    • Stomper says:

      SteelyDanMan; speaking of blindly following propaganda and criticizing lack of research, try doing a little serious research on Hamas.

      • chuck says:


        Here is a list of Islamic terrorist attacks in the last 30 years.


        Kill Hamas, their kids, thier goats, their families, their camels and every cockoach pos in the general vicinity.

        300 million of the 1.2 billion Muslims in the world, actively support terrorism. I suspect that another 300 million are ok with a “No Snitching” approach to radical violence. The 600 million or so that do NOT support terrorism are irrelevant. Who gives a fu*k?

        Islamic terrorists are now in our country by way of porous borders and liberal democrats who think the sound of them singing Kumbaya will drown out the noise of nuclear explosions.

        Liberals are worse than Muslims. Muslims hate our fu*kin guts and we know it. Liberals want you to resepct your executioners.

        • Stomper says:

          Geez, Chuck, your evil voices seem to be able to take control of your thought process mid sentence. Amazing how you trash all Muslims and then jump to ” Liberals are worse than Muslims”.

          What would you have Liberals do about our borders when the House, controlled by the GOP, won’t let the topic come up?

      • the dude says:

        There is plenty of wrong to be passed around on both sides.
        Terrorists funded by Syria, Iran and other Muslim countries are not helping most Palestinians. The Israeli’s Zionist agenda that includes unauthorized settlements in Gaza isn’t helping their cause either.
        It is a big circle of sad that does not seem to come to an end, just a rehashed beginning where more innocent people are killed.

  5. Stomper says:

    Couple of points, counselor, but rkcal beat me to the punch on both of them.

    First, you tossed out three really meaty topics ( Israel/Gaza, Malaysian airliner shoot down, and the Texas border) but then you just walked away without taking a position or offering any facts to support promote a discussion. Each of these topics alone could generate a minimum of 50 comments if written properly. Even the 3 hour McCartney deserved its’ own piece. I hold you to a much higher standard, counselor. You just mailed this one in.

    Second, ( and this is for Polar Bear) seems like we have been beaten to death with the Plaza issue lately. Heck, just scroll down a little and there are still two pieces about this topic to comment on. Why didn’t you offer your opinion there , Polar Bear. Seems inane to me to compare the Plaza to the 3 serious national/international topics that our esteemed Mr. Whinery offered up.

  6. Jack Springer says:

    You don’t care about how ISIS is persecuting Christians?

  7. artemmis says:

    America needs to build a Palestinian Holocaust memorial in DC..

    a “Museum of Tolerance” perhaps

    to honor the memory of the Palestinian victims of the racist, brutal atrocities committed by the zionist regime.

    Never again.

    • Markus Aurelius says:

      The innocent civilian Palestinians need to rise up and kick Hamas and the terrorist/freedom fighters out of their home and neighborhoods and not let them fire missiles from civilian locations. If they have no choice then they need to leave their home when this happens. If Pearl Harbor Part Deux fired up in KCMO and the Nat Guard started firing at kamikaze pilots from my back yard I’m pretty sure my family and I are leaving to find somewhere that doesn’t make an ideal target for the enemy. None of this is to say that it’s the fault of innocent civilians that they were caught in the crossfire but rather to point out that the blame lies primarily with the party who brought the war into their homes – in the current case that is Hamas/Palestinian rebels.

  8. harley says:

    sorry folks….truth be known that Harley has been to the region 3 times.
    this is nothing but a spat between people who have learned to live with each other
    and to sbusiste with each other/.
    The palestiniian s every day travel to isreal to work. that is their lifeblood.
    the Israelis have grown to understand the Palestinians and the life they lead.
    Jews have always been for the underdogs in life…regardless of color/race
    It is only the hamas who exist with the money that that they are given by
    other arab states to keep this violence going. I’ve seen it.
    Its time for a new state…its times for a new mental attitude…and isreal which
    in 10 years will be a arab majority nation must come to grips with the future.
    it is only those few who continue to hate and fight that keep this conflict going.
    god bless the children and innocent lives lost becvause of this conflict.
    god is watching. he is not happy.
    regardless of the god you worship…this is not what he intended us to do.
    god bless everyone in the region. May the kids and children live to see a better
    someone must stop this uselsess slaughter of innocent children of god.

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