Hearne: KFKF Tops May 2014 Radio Ratings, KCMO AM on Life Support

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 2.16.21 PMThe May 2014 radio rankings and ratings are in…

And by a slim margin country music station KFKF-FM continues to top the charts…even after a steady, three month decline. Speaking of country music, the combined ratings of the three top country stations in the market adds up to just over 18 percent. That compares to a combined 16.5 share for Kansas City’s three leading rock stations, supporting the contention that Country is King in Kansas City.

However the success of country is not limited to here in the hinterlands.


Rolling Stone magazine – the iconic bible of rock music – just came out with its “Country Issue” in which it announced the launch of a new website, RollingStoneCountry.com and the opening of a Nashville office. Serious stuff.

And check out the issue’s money quote by country crooner Eric Church: “If Bruce Springsteen came out now, he’d live in the country world.”

Meanwhile, back at the bottom of the barrel, KC’s five month old Adult Album Alternative station KRBG FM The Bridge is nowhere to be found, and not just in the top 20 stations. It isn’t so much as garner a mention in Nielsen Audio’s list of 16 “other stations located in the market.”

I know, I know, ratings don’t matter for not-for-profit stations, all they need to do is raise money via donations from listeners. To which I respectfully ask,  what listeners?

Anyway, on with the show…


russ johnson-thumb-200x300

Former KCMO AM personality Russ Johnson

Here are the ratings for listeners 12 and older, Monday thru Sunday, 6 a.m. to midnight.

1)    KFKF FM, country,  7.3 share (down from 7.5 April) with a cume of 342,400 listeners

2)    KCFX FM, classic rock, 6.9 share (7.3 April) with a cume of 468,000

3)    KPRS FM, urban, 6.7 share (7.0 April) with a cume of 339,700

4)    KQRC FM The Rock, rock, 5.9 share (5.4 April) with a cume of329,500

5)    WDAF FM, country, 5.6 share (5.3 April) with a cume of 369,500

6)    KMXV FM Mix 93.3, contemporary hits, 5.3 share (4.9 April) cume of 489,400

7)    KBEQ FM, country, 5.2 share (4.6 April) with a cume of 352,900

8)    KCMO FM, oldies, 4.9 share (5.0 April) with a cume of 431,200

9)    KMJK FM Magic, Urban AC, 4.1 share (4.2 April) with a cume of 190,900

10)   KZPT FM The Point, Hot AC, 3.7 share (3.9 April) with a cume of 417,900

11)   KJNW FM, Christian, 3.7 share (3.4 April) with a cume of 220,900

12)   KCHZ FM The Vibe, contemporary hits, 3.7 share (3.9 April), cume of 417,900

13)   KRBZ FM “The Buzz,” modern rock, 3.7 share (3.4 April), with a cume of 220,900

14)   KMBZ AM-FM, news/talk, 3.6 share (3.7 April) with a cume of 189,900

15)   KCKC FM (formerly Alice), adult contemporary, 3.1 share (2.9 April), 326,000 cume

16)   KCJK FM Jack, adult hits, 3.0 share (3.0 April) with a cume of 271,600

17)   KCSP FM 610 Sports, sports, 2.9 share (3.3 April) with a cume of 228,500

18)   KCUR FM, news talk, 2.5 share (2.5 April) with a cume of 154,100

19)   KCMO AM, talk, 1.0 share (1.4 April) with a cume of 84,300

20)   KANU FM, classical, 0.5 share (0.5 April) with a cume of 53,000

21)   KRPT FM, black gospel, 0.4 share (0.3 April) with a cume of 23,200

22)   KCMO-HD 2, sports, 0.3 share (0.3 April) with a cume of 33,700


51pdItZVfeL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_And OMG, take a gander at talk radio station KCMO AM!!!

The station is down to a lowly one share. How the mighty have fallen.

That’s the saddest commentary on local radio since WHB AM bought the farm…literally…when the legendary top 40 station was purchased by a Carrollton, Mo. concern to play country music and farm reports before being sold years later and going sports.

Mike Murphy, Russ Johnson, Dave Dawson – even Chris Stigall – and any number of other of iconic local talk radio personalities from KCMO’s glory days are rolling over in their graves over this one. They may even dig their ways back up zombie style and come after current management.

Uh, they’ve been warned.


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13 Responses to Hearne: KFKF Tops May 2014 Radio Ratings, KCMO AM on Life Support

  1. hLot harley says:

    again hearne…terrible article.
    you need to understand the facts. the 3 country stations probably share
    a huge duplicated audience…especially when you consider that wolf and
    kbeq are pretty much the same stations.
    what is duplication..people who listen to another country station ….
    I’m gueesingg…that kbeq and wdaf in key demos share about 30-40% of
    their audiences…maybe more!
    so its not like their numbers are astronomical. If they share over 40% that’s
    huge…and that means the tru e audience that you think is listening to
    these country stations (andbased on the facts that you’re using 6 plus age
    group…another terrible way to judge a stations audience) that is probably
    besmaller than the rock audience.
    and the fact remains that country today is not what it was 10 years ago…
    its crossover music that traditional country listeners might listen to
    who really aren’t country fans.
    taylor swift is a great example. She’s played on multiple music
    stations because she’s considered a country audience byt i’ll
    bet her fans who filled sprint center never listened to her on
    country station or even listen to country period. those 11-18 year old girls at her concert…i’ll bet you money they don’t listen to country music stations.
    Pandora my man. That’s the future. Internet radio hearne. gonna kill it!

    • radio dude says:

      Harley…let me educate you.
      The 18% aqh shares are not duplicated listeners. If you add up all the shares of all stations from both inside and outside of our metro they will add to a 100% total shares.
      You are not wrong that the cume Ratings can and are duplicated…just like CHR S and Hot ACs share in the 50% range.
      The 18% stated is
      not duplicated.
      Regarding 6+ how many times do you have to make a statement so obvious. We all know this is not a buying demo, but it is the only number available to print without being a subscriber.
      How many times do you need to hear before you understand.

    • Radio dude says:

      Harley. One more response to your comments. Crossover fromCountry to pop is nothing new. Goes all the way back to Ray Charles, Kenny Rogers, Shawnia Twain and today it’s Taylor Swift. So you see, Country crossover is mothing new. Oh, the real duplication of cume listeners of KFKF and WDAF is 52%.
      Duplication of Mix 93 and 99.7 the Point is above 55%.

      • hLot harley says:

        thanks dude… as always I was correct. and I was ythe
        first to point out the problem as it stands.
        yes country is old…always has been.
        crossover is huge…
        surprised of the duplication between wdaf and kfkf…big.
        yes..i keep making it obvious…because its so
        wrong to do that.
        thanks for pointing. out that again…I am correct.
        read my post thoroughly and understand


        thanks for further substantiating my point.

  2. NotAtMyMomsNow says:



    Catering exclusively to “pop,” not country; a variation of rock. Especially when I was channel surfing and noticed Miranda Lambert’s bass player sporting a mohawk and Lionel Richtie – of the freaking Commodores – presenting the Best Country Album Award. Country is now rock come to think of it. Makes sense. Consider me a time capsule in my Eddie Bauer and Mossimo hat. Rock’s last decade.

  3. Kyle Rohde says:

    I continue to be shocked that 94.1 is the leading station in the metro.

    • mike t. says:

      they’ve always had a pretty strong showing.

    • Jack Springer says:

      I agree. I know of no one who listens to that station.

      It’s kind of like Oklahoma Joe’s being the top BBQ place in KC and the USA — I don’t believe it for a second.

    • rkcal says:

      The only thing I can figure is once you get out of the city, it dominates.

    • kansas karl says:

      Shocked? you must be fairly young, in the late 80’s/early 90’s WDAF 610AM had a AQH of over 30k at 5am and from there the ratings went up until David Lawrence went home at 10am. This is the middle of the country, there are more country flavored, can’t really call Eric Church country, music stations than any other kind, and more real (Hank still lives) country stations just 50 miles from KC in any direction, and most still have farm reports. Get over your shock it’s not real country it’s today’s rock, not rock and roll.

  4. Lazlo says:

    I am crazy or was 96.5 the buzz missed in there somewhere?

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