Hearne: Stanford’s Legends Closing July 1, Reopening in Overland Park

stanfordslookThis just in…

It’s official, after 8 1/2 years  Stanford & Sons will close its doors early next month at The Legends in KCK and reopen in August in Overland Park’s Rosana Square at 119th and Metcalf.

“Well, we moved here in 2007 and the hope back then – and it seemed believable at the time – was that the area around Legends in KCK would grow in proportion to the shopping and entertainment and sports district,” says Stanford’s main man Craig Glazer. “But unfortunately, in 2008 the recession stopped the housing market and plans for the area to add 50,000 people died. And eight years later, it’s grown almost zero.

“That caused the leadership of The Legends to become more family oriented and they got away from nightlife. So now they’re pushing morse retail shopping and daily oriented activities. And that seems to be working for them, but when we close on a Friday or Saturday night there’s no place to go. The dance clubs are long gone and there is no adult activity except for the casino which is a few miles away. So we’re the only thing here.”

Hence a move to higher ground…

“I decided over a year ago to begin to look for a more compatible location and considering that a large part of our audience is from Johnson County and the nicer parts of Kansas City, Missouri, that’s where we decided to go.”

Another reason for the move DUI checkpoints.

“It’s a long haul out here to Legends and people are and some people are afraid to drive this far to begin with and it’s a little scary if you’ve had a couple of cocktails,” Glazer says. “And though we weathered the storm out here, we just decided it was time to find another location with a denser population.

“Although I think Westport has turned the corner, but our connection in Midtown is broken and the population is stagnant. What’s really growing in KCMO is the urban core.”

epps-hcNot exactly Stanford’s target market.

As for moving to Rosana Square, “Look, when I saw everything that was going on at PrairieFire my jaw dropped,” Glazer says. “I was stunned. And there’s a big difference out at 119th Street today than even our old location above Hooters. So we’re going where the people are – we’re going where the money is – Johnson County. To 119th and met calf  at Rosan Square, right by Shawn McClenny‘s  Fuel and Kanza Hall. It’s the nightclub concept that’s been the most successful – not only in Johnson County – but in Kansas City period. Their numbers are staggering.

“Stanford’s will be a great complement to what Shawn’s doing. We’ll bring our restaurant and food service back. Our target date is August 15th for phase one, the restaurant and the club. In phase two we’ll have an outdoor patio that will open sometime this fall. And we’ll have a late night drinking club.

TJ Miller from Transformers 4

TJ Miller from Transformers 4

“And we plan to open with hot, big names. Like my dear friend T.J. Miller – who’s in the new Transformers movie – Dave Coulier and Carlos Mencia. Even Chris Tucker has volunteered to come back in. It should be an exciting thing for Rosana Square.

“I’ll miss our gorgeous showroom at The Legends, but I won’t miss the drive. I wish them well.”

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27 Responses to Hearne: Stanford’s Legends Closing July 1, Reopening in Overland Park

  1. chuck says:

    Mazel Tov!!


  2. rkcal says:

    Well reasoned and logical. Now use some of that sense when you pick your girlfriends. 😉

  3. tiad says:

    1. Dot-dash-dot-dot-dash…. Oh, sorry, just catching up on my MORSE retail shopping.

    2. The “casino” (Hollywood Casino?) is a few miles away?

    3. Craig: Since you’re looking for a “denser population,” I guess your new target audience is your former girlfriends?

    I’ll be here all week.

  4. Bob says:

    ““It’s a long haul out here to Legends and people are and some people are afraid to drive this far to begin with and it’s a little scary if you’ve had a couple of cocktails,””

    I read this as it is fine to get loaded in Johnson County and drive.

    “there is no adult activity except for the casino which is a few miles away. ”

    It isn’t even a mile away. However, I get your point. People that go to the casino and there to go to the casino.

  5. StillAtMyMoms says:

    That f’in casino owes me a $1,000. Screw Legends. Wise move, Glaze. JoCo is where it’s at. Even Gene and Paul set up shop there.

    On a side note, T.J. Miller is hilarious in HBO’s “Silicon Valley.”

  6. Dan Ryan says:

    Legends blows. The few people I know who like Legends are not comedy club types.
    Always thought Stanfords didn’t belong out there.

    They’ll do much better on 119th/Overland Park. Good luck to Glazer and Co. I’ll be there much more frequently as a result of the move.

    And bring back James Johan more than once a year.

  7. mike t. says:

    been years since I’ve been to your club, cg. but moving out there makes it much more convenient, and you’re absolutely right about the drive in my case. wouldn’t dare drive that far from where I live to the legends. but to 119th and Metcalf, eh, piece of cake.

  8. Curtis Blow says:

    Craig is over chasing black ladies so time to head to joco so you can chase some teenaged white girls.

  9. jon says:

    Thought you might be taking over that troubled jewelry store location that Hearne has been speculating about for months now?
    Come to think of it HC has been laying pretty low on it of late.

    • admin says:

      Yeah, no news is no news…

      The jeweler finally unpacked his miss mash of plastic and cardboard boxes and set up his inauspicious new digs in a very unimpressive new location.

      Hard to imagine what well-heeled customers will think when and if they lay eyes on it.

      But at the very least, we all go thru tough times.

      Definitely laying low

  10. hLot harley says:

    smartest move you made(businesswise…don’t know much about your
    personal life…but now thatyou’re coming out to my neck of the
    woods….I’m excited).
    1. shawn is a very smart operator. he’s killing it at kanza hall.
    listen to him…he knows thearea…he’s been in thebiz since he
    was a child…and he knows how to run successful b usinesses.
    2. parking…on busy nights you might need more spaces..
    don’t know is you expect 400-500 people but they’ll probably
    have to park down to Metcalf on busy nights.
    3. talent: don’t know your seating but you’ll pack the place.
    true theres few places besides the 1000 sports bars….but no real
    night clubs. Are you opening a club too? You need to make sure themusc
    is condusive to the customers you want to bring in….I was in shawns dance
    place and didn’t see anyone in there.
    4. remember joco….its a weekend area…and despite what you hear or
    see…the 25-40 year olds in joco gravitate to cheap beer nights. That’s the
    only reason they do business….this isn’t Chicago or ny…its still joco…
    but you’ll be better off at 119 than at legends.
    5. food: you can’t serve spinach dip and crackers…food customers in joco
    are very very picky and once they get a bad dinner OR SERVICE the word
    spreads very very quickly. waitng for years for the flower pot bread !!!!!
    6. now that you’re moving south (which I recommended to you over a year
    ago)…clean up your life. No more strippers/hookers/one nighters.
    Theres a ton of 40 year old classy beautiful intelligent women out here..
    way too many for the goober guys in joco. It’s never too late to
    start fresh….and find the real gold diggers out south (lol)
    7. of course like all business moves it’s a big gamble. Smart business people
    have failed in joco. But I think you’ve become a very smart operator…you;’re
    one of the best p.r. guys in this city….and as much trouble as I give you
    for your sports picks (hey how about beating cards 3 out of 4…did you see
    that relief pitching????) I still think its a brilliant move and wish you much
    and I will be there quite often now. Reserve the front table for your
    good friend Harley!!!!!
    Oh…and think of all the jews that will remember Westport and coming
    to your place. You’ll have to have services on Friday night with all the
    jews coming in….!!!
    good luck

  11. hLot harley says:

    glaze…hopefully heading to woodside for the first time this summer on
    Saturday (if it doesn’t rain)
    I’m excited to see if its all you say it is….
    heard some wild stuff happening there.

  12. CG says:

    WOW now those were nice positive comments for once. Glad its a 100% agreed that this is the correct move. It’s always sad to leave a place you’ve been for years, but it was time. Legends just didn’t become what we had all hoped and you are all correct, its a haul for most folks. Thank all of you for the kind words I do appreciate them. I really do, moving is always stressful be it from your home, office or work location.

    Yeah getting away from Whispers on Highway 7 near Legends is a good thing. Seeing my girl out there late on weekend nights was wearing thin, and boy is that a haul at 230am on the weekend nights…talk about asking for it. I need to let that go too.

    Time to come back to town. To come home. Again I really do enjoy seeing such encouragement, even from a few folks who don’t always agree with me. See I’m humble. Sometimes. We will keep you posted on whats coming up. Still have big acts in June at Legends..so come see us there for the last times.

    • expat says:

      Yeah it’s a good move. You’ll be a lot closer to the rich white young yuppies who spend money at comedy clubs. It’s a shame the city is so stratified… Maybe you could put a pop-up club in Westport for raw/local/new talent to draw edgy hipsters.

  13. balbonis moleskine says:

    I like to tease you but I think this is a good move and long overdue. Beware though that a number of good concepts have gone under in Rosannadannadanna Square like the Velvet Room so there is a bit of a curse that needs to be overcome in that complex. Plus you can now house your Ho’s at Point Royal, home of recently divorced dads and the side beef for OP.

    Oh yeah and tell that drunk bogan Eddie Ifft to put yer podcast up on Talkin’ S***. He’s slacking majorly and hasn’t updated S*** since 3/31.

  14. Rainbow Man says:

    The nightlife scene at The Legends was never going to make it. All of the F&B out there has struggled. The only population surrounding the Legends is Wyanndotte County government employees that think they have hit the big time living in their Piper province… living large… knocking down that 60K at the street department, police, fire, etc. Plus the locals only patronize locally owned bars… and no one from the areas where people actually make real money will ever drive to Wyandotte County at night. JOCO seems to be on a resurgence, there are hotspot entertainment districts throughout… This is a good location… And the 10-10 Taxi has singlehandedly resurrected guilt free drinking in JOCO again….

  15. CG says:

    Boy these are welcome comments. Glad to hear that for once you guys agree with something we are doing. Makes me feel good. It’s always scary to move. Be it your business or home. Stressful. So thank all of you for the kind words. I mean that. I am humbled by your support. Thank you all. When we open any of you that comment can be on the guest list for opening nights.

  16. QuesCity says:

    Have you met calf ?

  17. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Agree with all the other posters here. Good move by CG, as Legends is in the middle of BFE and not worth the drive/risk. I would still like to see something in midtown or Westport…..

  18. bs says:

    I usually yank your chain, but this is a good move for you. there are actually taxis waiting at this place which makes getting a few drinks an easy option.

  19. Hot Carl says:

    It’s about time you got out of there. Joco is where the cash is. I’ll go to a few shows.

  20. QuesCity says:

    I met a calf at Rosan Square, but I haven’t been to Rosana Square yet.

  21. Trust me, I'm from Kansas says:

    As much as the economy may have affected their business, part of me wonders how much of it was Legends’ fault. A couple years back, they started kicking most of the bars and restaurants out of the main mall, deciding they wanted to focus solely on outlet stores. Some of these businesses were successful. Pin-Up Bowl I know made money, and had a good relationship with the other restaurants in the area.

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