Hearne: April 2014 Radio Rankings in the Books

KBEQ heavy hitter Mike Kennedy

KFKF heavy hitter Mike Kennedy

Round and round and round they go and…

The April 2014 radio rankings are in the books with country station KFKF still atop the heap – although slipping – and a surprise leap by classic rocker KCFX, the continued decline of News Radio KMBZ and another no-show by KCPT‘s new Triple A station The Bridge.

Check em:

1)     KFKF-FM, country, 7.5 share with a cume of 369,200 listeners, down from 8.8 and 9.0 in March and February.

2)     KCFX-FM, classic rock, 7.3 share with a cume of 461,700 – one of its highest non Chiefs season books in recent memory.

3)     KPRS-FM, urban, 7.0 share with a cume of 353,500 – down from March’s 7.0.

4)    KQRC-FM The Rock, rock, 5.4 share with a cume of 301,700  – up from March’s 5.0

5)     WDAF-FM, country, 5.3 share with a cume of 374,300 – up from  a 4.6 in March

6)     KCMO-FM, oldies, 5.0 share with a cume of 432,900 – down from 5.4 in March

7)     Mix 93.3 FM, CHR, 4.9 share with a cume of 502,500 – down from 5.0 in March

8)     Q104 FM, country, 4.6 share with a cume of 320,600 – up from 4.4 in March

9)     KMJK-FM, urban, 4.2 share with a cume of 193,700 – down from 4.4 in March

10)    The Point, hot ac, 4.0 share with a cume of 502,700 – down from 4.4 in March

11)    The Vibe, CHR, 3.9 share with a cume of 418,900 – same as March

12)    News Radio KMBZ, news/talk, 3.7 share with a cume of 213,200 – from 4.1 March

13)    Life 88.5 FM, Christian, 3.5 share with a cume of 135,900  – up from 3.2 in March

14)    The Buzz FM, modern rock, 3.4 share with a cume of 238,000 – up from 3.0 March

unnamed15)    610 Sports, sports talk, 3.3 share with a cume of 229,800 – up from 2.7 in March

16)    Jack FM, adult hits, 3.0 share with a cume of 279,300 – up from 2.5 in March

17)    KCKC FM, adult contemporary, 2.9 share with a cume of 333,800 – 2.7 in March

18)    KCUR-FM, news talk, 2.5 share with a cume of 150,500 – down from 2.7 in March

19)    KCMO-AM, talk, 1.4 share with a cume of 76,200 – down from 1.6 in March

20)    KANU-FM, classical, 0.5 share with a cume of 49,500 – down from 0.6 in March

21)    KCMO-HD2, sports, 0.3 share with a cume of 40,200 – same as March

21)    KPRT FM, black gospel, 0.3 share with a cume of 25,400 – up from 0.2 in March

Ratings are listeners 12 and older, Monday thru Sunday, 6 a.m. to midnight

3926547Speaking of The Bridge – KTBG 90.9 FM – to date it’s not even showing up yet on Nielsen Audio’s unrated, also ran list of “other stations located in the market.”

Among those ridiculously low-ranked signals are the guys at WHB’s, once upon a time talk station with Randy Miller, Hot Talk 1510 and regional Mexican station KYYS.

Anybody out there remember the latter letters?

KYYS were the call letters for legendary rock stations KY102 and 99.7 KY

Entercom parked them in Never Never Listen Land, presumably for sentimental reasons…and maybe so nobody could resurrect them competitively.

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13 Responses to Hearne: April 2014 Radio Rankings in the Books

  1. mike t. says:

    ah, good ol’ KY102. who knew entercom kept KYYS!?

  2. Kyle Rohde says:

    When did Mike Kennedy leave Q104 and go to 94.1 KFKF? And how in the world did 610 beat 810 that badly? This list would be easier to read with the frequencies listed not just call letters. Thanks Hearne.

    • admin says:

      Good one, Kyle…

      I’ll have to dock whoever wrote that photo caption a month’s pay!

    • admin says:

      No way 610 beat 810, Kyle…

      WHB doesn’t subscribe to Nielsen so their ratings are not made public. Only available to subscribers, but it’s a very safe bet that even with the jump 610 took (a small one) with the Royals WHB is likely waaaaaay ahead.

  3. jon says:

    No call letters were given for eight of the stations listed. As far Mike Kennedy he is still at KBEQ but apparently also oversees the other Wilks properties in KC

    • admin says:


      I listed just the “names” for some of the either more familiar radio stations and for a couple of the more obscure where the call letters might leave some readers wondering.

  4. John Altevogt says:

    I keep thinking that the morons at KMBZ are deliberately sand bagging their own station so that Entercom will give them permission to trashcan all of the conservative programming. Anyway it’s good to see that a station that glorifies sexual harrassment in the workplace and seems to be trying to grab that all important white trash niche is sinking. And, it would seem, looking at the winners, that country is the road to success in the Metro area.

    • The says:

      its your niche dude. conservative white trash. die and they’ll kill it off.

      so yeah: die.

  5. hot harley says:

    I have a watcheed kenndy at wilks do one hellacios job at wilks…but
    the guy running wdaf fm has done a great job too.
    kcfx with my long time friend skid had done good….but
    its about producing results for advertisers. Lew…pay this guy what he
    s really worth.
    carter comtitnues to carry on the good numbers of grand ma and grand pa and with
    his staff of tall blondes continues to bring in millions. whoa!!!!!!!! pay yourself
    at least 1 mill /year.
    whb is printing money with their lineup of top quality sports analysts.
    john dare hasit going on…especially headed into rockfest and his personal
    good charity events that make a huge differnecein every one s life.
    kmjk…god bless action Jackson who single handedly runs thqt station
    into big numbers. lew…he deserves at leath 150 k a year@@@@@
    mix 03;;;Teresa and ponch…its time to move to a million dollars a
    year market…jeff will nev3r pay you what you’revworth….
    and jeff wilkes…pay your talent what they’re worth…. playing golf in
    scotl;and mean wyoushould pay your peopletwice whatthey get now.
    alpert…pay johnny dare double what hs contract is or he’ll head
    to bigger pastures…and you cant afford to lose this guyt….hed
    make 2 million in another major market…write this che k with
    accout going to Harley at commerce bank #11102010….routing #1056780.
    I llmake sure johnny gets his cut.
    comeon kc…you’ve got too much talent to let it go,.
    these djys are making you rich…spreadao th4e weahtl.
    I can be reqchat law4lif31000 @yahoo.cp,/
    (I onlu charge 14%,)
    after 4 drinks watching the greatest local entertainer in kc…Lonnie mcfadeen…..\
    I’m ready to negtatione with david/david the jewish billionaire/and lew
    the price chopper…luve to all…harley

  6. radio dude says:

    Wake up dude…..type something coherent. You really do embarrass yourself with your posts,
    As far as Lew paying more money or Jeff Wilks fattening paychecks ain’t gonna happen. PPM has shown that air talent are not what drive ratings….it’s having a format genre that attacts listeners by playing the music that appeals to the masses. There Is one exception…Johnny Dare drives the ratings bus for The Rock. .but he has been reaping those rewards for many years. Entercom dishes out bigger bucks for Johnny than even top TV talent are paid.
    Go back to your hole and tell yourself how much you know. Your the only one who buys Your pile of BS.

    • hot harley says:

      radio dude…everything there is provable…..and if you think the
      rock would be the same without dare you’re a fool.
      If youthink mix 93 would be the ssame without the morning
      show you’re dumber than rocks.
      prove anything I have there wrong.
      You’re an old worn out radio guy who just shuffles from job
      to job…its obvious you’ve never really been in a position
      of importance.
      And if you were…you’ve forgotten whatever you once knew.
      good luck with all those “senior moments”!!!!!
      again…prove anything I write wrong…you can’t but youcan
      attack the one person who knows all!!!!
      good luck.

      • radio dude says:

        Harley Man
        We knew you couldn’t write well…but now I am not sure you can even read. I said “Johnny Dare drives the ratings bus” and he has been reaping those rewards for a long, long time.
        I am confused, last month I was a rookie and now I am having senior moments????
        Oh, a much improved posting as far as spelling, punctuation and grammar.

  7. PB says:

    I don’t give a damn about radio ratings, but can somebody plase confirm that the chick on the left side of that pic is indeed a mannequin?

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