Wade Williams: Dear Diary, Ethanol Sucks!

wadewThe Tree Huggers in Washington, D.C. won’t quit until every gas powered engine is rusted out …

You know, and we’re all are on bicycles, or better yet walking everywhere like in Europe.

Hey, it’s on the way – it’s happening now!

They want to rid the planet of fossil fuel and have pimped the government into paying farmers to grow corn to make a substitute fuel called Ethanol.

The process has begun; it’s being added to gasoline at filling stations and our engines are starting to rot and rust from within. Ethanol attracts moisture and turns to a corrosive substance. It rots the fuel pump, rusts gas lines, and clogs up the engine’s fuel delivery system.


So now the car won’t run.

Ethanol is worthless – it’s not even energy efficient, it uses more energy to make than it produces– and it’s causing billions of dollars in damages to cars, boats, lawn mowers, weed eaters, power washers and about just every gasoline powered engine it is put in.

They’re trying to keep this a secret but the EPA and Congress know they screwed up.

wwwwadeEthanol should be banned.

Quik Trip is trying to protect itself from  possible billion dollar lawsuits by offering “Ethanol Free”  gasoline at its pumps. They know what the deal is.

Why am I writing this?

Because two of my practically brand new power mowers, a weed eater and power washer would not run after being stored this past winter. Funny thing; the small engine repair shop said my mowers had bad crank shafts and the weed eater wasn’t even worth fixing.

All because I left some gasoline in them all winter.

They alerted me to the Ethanol Epidemic.

My classic car collection is another story.

Each car requires that the gas tank be removed, cleaned and coated and gas sender, fuel pump and lines be replaced. And that doesn’t even include the carburetors or fuel injectors…let alone the tow bill.

Lexus and most car companies I know will not include these repairs in their warranties, I’m told. Added to all that, Ethanol reduces the efficiency and mileage up to 40% in some cars.

The bottom line: We all should  stop buying gasoline with Ethanol in it and complain to our congressmen.

They do work for us still, don’t they?

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7 Responses to Wade Williams: Dear Diary, Ethanol Sucks!

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    It is a bad deal because it encourages people to plow up land which should not be farmed. Why? Because they grow one crop and then qualify for CRP aka pay-to-not-grow crops.

    Look what happened in areas like the Sand Hills of Nebraska as the greedy, welfare queens plowed through the 1/4-inch of topsoil and then watched it blow away.

    MTBE (ethanol is just ETBE) was the savior of unleaded gas. But it caused problems leaking into the groundwater. Of course this was because of it’s water absorbing quality and it raced past the benzene, tolulene and other ethyl-methyl-death substances in gasoline.

    The only “Green” in ethanol is to ADM, Monsanto and those farming in the corn-and-soybean ghetto of ‘Merican agriculture.

    Remember too that it was the government who raised the levels of MTBE (and now ETBE) above limits set to protect older vehicles and air-cooled engines.

    Consider that race cars use an alcohol-fuel but it isn’t ethanol but methanol.

  2. the dude says:

    Corn welfare corporations have shoved this down ‘Murica’s throat and it already killed my chainsaw and is attempting to trash my 70’s and 80’s motorcycles.
    Hy-Vee was selling ethanol free 89 but quit when they were told they would not be able to get any more by their suppliers. So much for protecting your citizens, Mr. gubment.

  3. Robert White says:

    Ethanol has been available in our area since the late 1970’s, and somehow life went on. If you read your owner’s manuals for any of those small engines, they would have told you to drain the tank or add a stabilizer before storing for the winter. It doesn’t matter if the fuel has ethanol or not, procedure is the same. Ignoring routine maintenance and guidance from the manufacturer is not the fuel’s fault. Ironically, I have been using ethanol in every engine I own for nearly three decades now, never had an issue. Not one. Quik Trip is trying the “ethanol free” approach because of the fear being spread by articles like this one. If people are willing to pay $.20-$.60/gal more for ethanol free, they will sell it. I would too. Today ethanol is selling for $1.17/gal less than gas. Simple economics. As for the net energy balance debate, haven’t heard that one in a long time. Only two people in the last 30 years have made that claim, an entomologist and a Chevron exec. Good people to trust with that type of information. The rest of the world agrees, for every BTU of energy put into producing ethanol, you get more than two back out. The same cannot be said for gas though. For every BTU of energy put into refining petroleum into gasoline yields 0.8 out, or a 20% loss. Maybe you meant gas when you said ethanol? What is worse… the two are heading in opposite directions, gasoline gets worse, ethanol gets better.

    • the dude says:

      Whatever Mr. Ethanol plant, continue to spread corn lobbyist lies.
      The rest of us knows it makes engines designed for regular (read: no ethanol) petrol run hotter, rusts steel tanks and eats rubber and plastic parts not formulated for ethanol.
      But please, keep up with your lobby propaganda BS, it is entertaining for us that know better.

      • Orphan of the Road says:

        Well, dude, a lie is as good as the truth as long as you get someone to believe it.

        First of all the refineries changed their gasoline storage methods about 10-years-ago. Today gas will stay “fresh” for around 30-days before it starts forming shellac. Indeed, drain or add stabilizer if you aren’t going to run the engine on anything.

        Second, your statements have no verification. Chew on this awhile.


        IF alcohol were to be a reasonable replacement for gasoline, it should be methanol. It could be captured from landfills, dairy farms and feedlots.

        Ethanol is just another piece of government cheese for ADM, Monsanto and those farmers who suck on the teat of government.

  4. Taylor says:

    I take it you realize that agriculture is what keeps Kansas, Missouri, and Kansas City in business. Ethanol is a small engine mechanics whooping boy. Any issue you have is to blame on ethanol, not that Stihl, Honda, Husquvarna, Weedeater are making cheaper made products. ( I own all the above products and the quality has dropped over the years) I’ve never had a problem using ethanol in any engine, including an engine made in 1957.

    QT marketing ethanol free gas is nothing but marketing. Enough people have been looking for an ethanol free product and they have delivered it. Kudos to them for being business savvy.

    Not draining gas out of an engine not being used is not ethanol’s fault, its yours for being lazy. At the very least even if using ethanol free gas you should use stabil. Maybe next time before publishing a story that is 10 years old you do some research first and admit to your own faults.

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