Hearne: Mizzou Draft Pick Michael Sam’s Loose Connection to ‘KC Mob’


Michael Sam and Vito Cammisano

Small world…

Amidst the hullaballoo about openly gay, Missouri Tiger defensive end Michael Sam’s draft day smooch with Mizzou swim star Vito Cammisano of Kansas City, one small detail went missing; that Cammisano is the grandkid of notorious KC mobster Willie “The Rat” Cammisano.

He’s also the son of Jerry Cammisano who did time for allegedly running an illegal sports betting ring.

“Normally cavorting with the son of an underworld gambling figure would get you investigated by the NFL,” wonders one gully KCC tipster.  “I wonder if they will look into the connections.  Then again maybe I’m wrong and there are lots of Cammisanos?”

There may be “lots” of Cammisanos, but according to Daily Mailnot the Huffington Post, ABC News, Washington Post or Kansas City Star – Vito is indeed that guy.


Willie “The Rat” Cammisano

“Online records indicate that he is the grandson of William ‘Willie Rat’ Cammisano,” the Mail reports. “The mob leader served time in prison for extortion and contempt of Congress in the 80sAfter a long rap sheet of crimes from theft to bootlegging, accusations of murder, and refusing to cooperate with a Congressional probe into the mob, he passed away in 1995, aged 80.

“After his death, his son, William ‘Willie’ Cammisano Jr., took over the reins but he was arrested in 2010 for running a $3.5 million illegal sports betting organization and sentenced to a year and a day in prison, according to a release from the Department of Justice.

Jerry and Vito Cammisano @ 2011 graduation

Jerry and Vito Cammisano
@ 2011 graduation

“His brother – Vito’s father – Jerry Cammisano, was also swept up in the family business and served 14 months in federal prison and ordered to pay more than $200,000 for his part in leading the sports betting ring, according to the release.


“Records show Jerry Cammisano began his sentence in February 2011, and photographs show him grinning beside Vito at his graduation ceremony last year, indicating he did not serve further time.”

There’s more…

In September of 2007  Charles Vito Cammisano – recognize the middle name? – was shot and killed inside a rental home in Riverside.

Among the who’s who cast of local celebrity pallbearers at Charles’ funeral: Vito’s father Jerry.

And while kids cannot be held responsible or implicated in any way for their father, grandfather or uncle’s misdeeds, it certainly does make for an interesting local connection.

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13 Responses to Hearne: Mizzou Draft Pick Michael Sam’s Loose Connection to ‘KC Mob’

  1. Harry Balczak says:

    Wasn’t the gay dude on the Sopranos named Vito also?

  2. CG says:

    Hearne you went way out to find this one…interesting though.

    • hot harley says:

      not really. sams was seen with vito weeks ago at jaspers. No secret to those
      in the know and who frequent jaspers once a week…..this is not news
      in kc…maybe nationally…but not here.
      hearne…yu migh want to enter the wpp real soon…as
      in witness protection program…..

      • admin says:

        Let’s see, Sam – not “Sams” – was “seen” at Jasper’s…and because of that its no secret that he’s dating a dude who is a member of a well-known family with ties to crime?

        Got it.

        Everybody eats at Jasper’s or knows someone who frequently does. Therefore since who wouldn’t recognize Michael Sams and/or Vito this is a non-story.

        Just making sure I’ve got this straight.

        • hot harley says:

          you got it wrong AGAIN hearne because you’re out of
          the loop
          several weeks ago….Michael sams was at jaspers
          with the young cammissano. I know many of the
          mirabiles from many years of going there.
          Word spread fast who was with who in the Italian
          community and it was confirmed at least 2 weeks ago
          by people in the know!!!!!!!
          go ask jr if this happened….not a big deal but
          go ask him if this dinner occurred and if the
          word about this was rolling thru kc.
          see hearne…you live in Lawrence (murder capital
          of the world) and don’t get to hear the real story
          about the things going on.
          this is really a non story…the uk mail was about
          3 weeksv behind the story…but people who know
          the family verified it to many people.
          not a big deal…but everyone knew this would get
          out to the public.
          when “the kiss” was seen all over the world it
          just blew up. Every sports show/gossip show
          was talking about it mondayso again hearne
          was late to the party with his “lifted” article from
          another newspaper dead media source.
          Next time I hear something i’l l relay it to you…
          because I am now the man with the contacts and
          the “in the know” people.
          Sorry…again you’re late. If you have any “inkling”
          of a story…contact me at my email address and I
          will be happy to give you the details.
          theres another major story brewing involving key
          players in kc….but you’ll have to wait til I can
          verify it. divorce is coming for major couple in
          kc….and its gonna be a doozy with big big big
          money implications.
          but I will make sure you are not the last to know.

          • admin says:

            I still talk to the Mirabiles…

            However, lawrence or KC, I never claimed to be all-knowing.

            Sometimes I stumble onto to something here and there, more often not. Most restaurant and bar people protect their customers and don’t want to risk offending. That hasn’t changed.

            They LOVE having famous people at their joints.

            But since you think the Free World – pretty much everybody but me, of course – learned of this fabulous couple having a fabulous dining adventure at Jasper’s, you must be right.

            It’s lonely at the bottom, H Man

  3. hot harley says:

    again…when Michael sams walks into a place in kc most people with
    sports knowledge will recognize him. When he walks in with another
    well known character (who shall remain nameless) its even more obvious.
    I wish both Michael and his man incredible luck in the future.
    As a mizzou alumni we have allsupported him 1000% in what he has done.
    He is going to win the the Arthur ashe award at the espys which will be
    a huge night for him.
    all mizzou fans (even those who follow our beloved chiefs) will be rooting
    for Michael and the rams.
    he will do well….they got a great deal I the 7th round….all mizzou fans
    are hoping he does well.
    thanks for the ink. I hope I explained it well enough for your mind to
    your friend

  4. mark smith says:

    Part time dishwasher doesn’t really count as a weekly visit to Jaspers.
    Since when does school janitor qualify one as “alumni”?

    • the dude says:

      Inquiring minds want to know.

    • hot harley says:

      funny….but be careful …the dishwashers and the cooks at jaspers
      are a tough crowd and would beat your a$$!
      great people….but they’re tough.

  5. mark smith says:

    is there anyone in this solar system that you don’t know personally harleytard? You are one entertaining wobble head, but its been my experience those who make outlandish claims, drop names, and pretend to be in every inner circle in the city, are actually compulsive liars with low self esteem. Hey, no offense H man, it looks good on you.

    • hot harley says:

      wrong again mark….I do know tons of people…probably have met
      if you need to know anything about life/business/economic//politics
      lets discuss it at my email address.
      you sound intelligent but you’re not very street smart or able to
      produce facts to back up your opinion.
      mirabiles…sam/leonard/jim/jr/ even shorty who makes the best
      Italian sausage!!!!!!!!

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