Hearne: Local Promoter Says Obamas Both Gay

michelle_obamaMove over Donald Trump

The divide between what prominent locals are more than willing to share with one another and – on second thought – what they are willing to attach their names to. Case in point a conversation I had yesterday with one of Kansas City’s best known promoters, who out of the clear blue sky informed me matter-of-factly that, “Michelle Obama is a man – look it up.”

Seriously, I asked?

“There are dozens of websites and movies made saying that she’s a man,” he responded.

Hold it, movies?

alaska_G_20080818113454“YouTube,” he shot back. “It’s all over YouTube; watch it right now. They have tons of photos of her with her Adam’s apple and her package.”

Come on, you really think that’s true?.

“I don’t think it,” he said. “Others think it.”

But your the one who brought it up, who noted it…

“Well, I noted that Hillary is a lesbian, too,” he said. “And President Obama‘s been rumored to be part of the bathhouse set in Chicago that’s all gay. Honestly, he’s totally gay.”

OK, time out.

MICHELE-BACHMANN-300x290Goofy as all this sounds, let me assure you that we’re talking about an upper crust, college educated, successful businessman – a happily married gentleman with a wonderful wife and several fine children.

Granted he just watches Fox News, thinks Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin got raw deals from the liberal media and and subscribes to any other number of questionable theories involving Bill Clinton and gosh knows what all.

But make no mistake, this is no backwoods loser.

1I continued.

So if Michelle Obama is a dude, where’d all those kids come from?

“They’re adopted,” he answered. “Where’d he (President Obama) come from? Nobody knows, because he won’t tell.”

Hoo boy, like they say on Fox, “We report, you decide.”

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24 Responses to Hearne: Local Promoter Says Obamas Both Gay

  1. Stomper says:

    “Granted, he just watches Fox News”

    ’nuff said.

    • the dude says:

      Just one glance at ol’ ‘crazy eyes Bachman’ in that photo tells me all I need to know about her. Did your buddy also tell you that Bachman’s ‘husband’ is fruitier than a fruit salad?

  2. Mysterious J says:

    You should totally give this guy a column here…he’ll fit right in!

    • admin says:

      Now J,

      We all may not be ultra conservation – you and me to name two – but when you have people of the calibre of Dwight Sutherland, who cares?

      Dwight dishes up a wide array of informative, thought-provoking columns.

      As for that Wilson guy, he’s just a big softy.

  3. Curtis Blow says:

    Hearne posting this trash, and giving cover to his trash unnamed source, is what trash does.

    You are a joke Hearne.

    • admin says:

      Hey, this is a sterling example of a highly respected local who actually traffics in this kind of stuff. I let him off the hook name wise because he told it to me outside of the bounds of journalism.

      The point being, this kind of thinking (if you will) exists. And not just among the low IQ set

  4. rkcal says:

    We live in a world where a black man with a Muslim name can be elected President (OMG-Twice!!!). That just ain’t right! It has to be a conspiracy! ANYTHING is possible…Fox News, please give me my pacifier and tell me white men are still in charge.

  5. chuck says:

    The reason there are so many mentions of Fox News in the article and in the comments, is because, sans Talk Radio, there is no other horse to whip. ABC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, HLN, the list is long and we are not even touching on Newspapers like the New York Times, LA Times, Chicago Trib, this is a one sided fight that is overwhelmingly won every day by liberals in the hearts and minds of Americans who are mostly preoccupied with the Kardashians. For deep sophisticated political discourse, we go the The Huff, for, again, pictures of the Kardashians and articles by actors in Hollywood.

    So why the incessant, butthurt insults to the journalistic integrity of Fox News?

    Oh yeah, our “Thought Leaders” can excite the base by the demonization of Fox News. The veracity of the news itself is destroyed by destroying the messenger.
    rcal, wraps up the package with the “Racisit” implication that fits right into the usual talking points.

    Here is a lady who tells it like it is, from CBS News.


    This column by Hearne, anecdotally pillorying an unamed friend for his “tin foil hat” views on the President and his wife, is conservative character assasination by proxy, a fun time for all.

    • Curtis Blow says:

      Good effort here at trying to deflect blame.

      But sadly for the racist/conservative trolls, the conservatives who are racist trolls just couldn’t help themselves and have spent the past handful of years building up their impressive hate-the-black-president resume.

      “journalistic integrity of Fox News?” Hahaha! Good one.

  6. paulwilsonkc says:

    I’m not the conservative Hearne tries to paint me to be, (but certainly the softy), and I’m sure not a FOX fan, but for the love to God, its pretty weak sauce to see them beaten over the head for their reporting and “bias” when its one of them against all the other news outlets.

    • Stomper says:

      Actually, Fox News is a lot closer to MSNBC in their views than they are to this unamed friend ( ” tin foil hat” great description, Chuck !!!) .

  7. admin says:

    Just a slice of life, ladies and gentlemen…

    I tried to talk the source into letting me use his name, but despite the fact that he has no hesitation whatsoever in hosting conversations on topics such as this, when it came right down to it, he thought the better of letting the general public in on the matter

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      If shes not a man, she missed a good chance to be! I’m really tired of, “The FIRST Lady… have you SEEN HER ARMS???” Geebus.

      • the dude says:

        She could probably rip off your softie arms and beat you over the head with them.

      • Curtis Blow says:

        You may definitely the authority on gender bending, as rumors tell it.

        My source knows of your proclivity for wearing custom dresses while inserting as many things as possible into your rear. He said there may be a few hospital bills floating around town for the times you took things a bit far.

        Such is the rumor.

  8. Curtis Blow says:

    I have it from a very good source, speaking on condition of anonymity, that Hearne loves to felate sheep.

    This comes from a highly known individual around town who knows these sorts of things but certainly I am unable to verify.

    We report, you decide.

  9. Stevo says:

    What the hell is a “promoter” much less a well known KC promoter? I doubt you could find 1 in a hundred people that could name a promoter. Regardless, the man, if indeed he truly is a man, is insane.

    Unlike Ms Palin or Ms Bachmann. They have accomplished more than Hillary (who well COULD be a man). I get you don’t like their politics. They still have been great moms, wives, and obtained electoral success on their own merits.

    And they definitely are not men.

  10. Mark says:

    Sounds like a backwoods loser to me

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