Sounds Good: 420 Fest @ Riot Room, Ben Kweller @ Riot Room, Dead Mockingbirds @ Replay

Might be a good weekend for a road trip…KC's 8th Annual 420 Fest

Yep, this weekend is the annual 4/20 Fest in Denver, featuring a solid lineup of hip-hop, reggae, and rock, with headliner Wyclef.  But don’t head out there thinking it’s just a free-for-all, in terms of blazing in public.

“Our main concern is the safety of everyone involved,” police spokesman Sonny Jackson told the Denver Post, “both participating in the event and in the area, as well as officers.”

Um, OK, so maybe it is a free-for-all, so long as you blaze safely.  If you can’t do the drive, check out the Riot Room‘s version on Saturday.


Friday, April 18th

Ben Kweller at The Riot Room in KC

Once a wunderkind, now a seasoned veteran of the music and touring business, Ben Kweller’s never quite replicated the early buzz he received as a teenage pop-rock songsmith, telling stories about young love and lust.  But he continues to crank out accessible alt-pop with a wry edge to it, and his vocals have remained strong throughout his decade and a half on the road.  Check out his album Sha Sha before the show for lyrical gems like, “Sex reminds her of eating spaghetti… ” 

Saturday, April 19th

Dead Mockingbirds, ACBs at the Replay in Lawrence

Another Texas band in the area this weekend, the Dead Mockingbirds play a familiar brand of indie garage rock that is heavy on fuzzy guitars, with a little flair of 60s pop harmony.  Along for the ride is KC’s very own ACBs, a whispy pop group that features sky-high falsetto vocals and tremelo guitars for their 3 minute, catchy tales of 20-something slackerdom.  They rock, by the way.
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  1. i ate a dozen russel stover eggs now Im sick says:

    You mentioned the day of the week but a reminder to peeps that the “4/20 fest” is being held on 4/19 aka saturday

    • admin says:


      Hey, you don’t celebrate Christmas on December 26th because it’s a Saturday. 420 Day is on 4/20

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